uncle dai and his niece

From right to Left. Lance’s Sister in Law, married into the family. She’s super stuffy in public but she’s the first one to throw potatoes during the family food fight. Lance’s Older brother. He’s an Engineer like Hunk and met his wife studying aboard. He’d loud, obnoxious, and the kind of guy that challenged Lance in all aspects making him the cocky asshole we know and love. Lance’s PawPaw (Mom’s Dad). He’s your standard old timer with a fun streak. Whoopee cousins and fake throw up. He scared the hell out of Lance when he was younger when they were playing and he pretended to be dead. Learned a little limit to his jokes. Lances MawMaw (Mom’s Mom). MawMaw makes the best pies and spoils Lance. He was the baby of the family and therefore her special boy. He got the first piece of every pie, special grandma kisses and he still got a hand knit Christmas sweater sent to him at the Academy every year. Lance’s Mom. Best Hugs. She is supportive and kind and soft. The Kind of mom that never raises her voice and instead gives you that quiet look and whispers “When we get home…” She loves her three kids with all of her heart. Lance’s Father. Daddest Dad to ever Dad. “Hi Hungry I’m Dad.” Lance never through he could say anything else. A rough houser, a hugger, a certified goof ball and bleeding heart. He takes care of baby birds with broken wings and is the first to cry at the sappy movie. Lance’s Nephew. He’s missing his two front teeth and he plays pilot with Lance. Which is just him sitting on Lance’s shoulder and giving him directions where to run to. He’s gonna be the best fighter pilot one day, just like Lance. After Lance goes missing he asks when his Uncle is coming back every day. Lance’s Niece. Number Two Tough Girl. Doesn’t take no for an answer. Liable to kick shins if people don’t take her seriously. Lance taught her to never, ever let a boy hurt her and make sure they know they are dealing with a McClain when they are dealing with her. Lance’s Older Sister. Number One Tough Girl. Lance was put into more head locks and Indian burns by her than anyone else. Grade A torturer and  could put both of her younger brothers into a crying fit with one knuckle cracking fist. Lance’s Brother in Law. He’s your standard cool guy and Lance took a lot of cues and hints from him. From his patented hair flick to his sparkling cool guy smile. He was around a lot trying to court the scariest sister in the world when Lance was younger and if he could win over his sister than he had the moves Lance wanted to learn. Even if he thought he was crazy for picking his sister of all people.

the kids start crying when uncle gaara quotes mufasa because they saw that movie, they fuckin know what happens to that lion

so he never does it again

Uncle Carl Philip attempts to save the day by capturing his niece, the Professional Wild Child, Princess Leonore during the Swedish Royal Family’s surprise summer photocall. However, five seconds later, Leonore escaped again, and was later captured for good by her mother, Princess Madeleine, and the Royal Family was finally able to pose for their family photo.