uncle croc's block

Uncle Croc's Block

Today in the OCDictionary, we look at a series that appeared for a short period on ABC in 1975….Uncle Croc’s Block.

This was a series within a series about the host of a children’s tv show. Uncle Croc was a disgruntled host of a children’s series who was played by Charles Nelson Reilly. He introduced various parody chest stars, such as the $6.95 Man, Captain Marbles and Junie the Teenage Genie. 

With his assistant, Rabbit Ears (Alfie Wise) and director, Basil Bitterbottom (the incomparable Jonathan Harris), he suffered through day after day at his job.

Also in this show was several cartoons….MUSH (a canine parody of MASH), Wacky and Packy (a caveman and his mammoth) and Fraidy Cat, a cat who is on his last life while being haunted by his past lives.

This Filmation show only lasted one year, and then was lost in obscurity. But recently a few clips of the show became available on YouTube, so be sure to check them out for a trip into…The OCDictionary!



Uncle Croc’s Block starring Charles Nelson Reilly