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bahahah when you are playing FF7 while listening to music on your computer, killing bad guys with ridiculous overkill. 

And then Cid nails the timing. because of course he does.


Regulus blinked once and then twice again. He couldn’t believe his eyes. Was he seeing things or maybe that was the wrong person, not the one he was looking for? Regulus leaned forward a little, still hiding himself behind the tree. Earlier, he was send by the Pope on a very important mission. Information had reached to the Pope’s ears that Hades had gained a new ally, a very powerful one. This person was very powerful and evil even though her name was such a normal sounding name. He was supposed to find this Tea to see if the information was true and find out as much as information as he could. He was told not to engage the person and not made himself known at all. He had no idea why he was send to this kind of mission since usually these missions were usually send to his uncle or El Cid but he accepted it. It took him a while to find this person but he finally found her. He was still in disbelief. He was still wondering if he had found the wrong person. There was no way this powerful and evil person would be sitting alone in the middle of a field and making a flower crown. Regulus took a step forward and then another one. He knew he was told not to make himself known but he just wanted to be sure. There couldn’t be any way that she was Tea and it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Finally, he stood in front of the woman, still staring at her with a confused face.

“Hi…uh.” For the first time in his life, he had never felt so awkward. He never had trouble speaking to people before but this situation was different. “Are…are you Tea?”  

You walked here in a blizzard to get your hot chocolate but you forgot your wallet at home. Here, let me buy your drink for you, AU.

I came across this list of AU’s and thought that the first was cute so I wrote one of my favorite pairings. Enjoy! 

Genesis Rhapsodos sighed as his gloved fingers wrapped themselves around his freshest cup of coffee. Cobalt-colored eyes idly watched as the cream he had poured into the steaming cup mixed with the dark liquid inside it. The bookshop owner had been sitting in a faux leather booth for close to three hours now with nothing to do, as he had forgotten his beloved copy of LOVELESS back at his store. It wasn’t like he couldn’t talk to the people around him, but most of those there were teenagers while he himself was in his mid twenties. That and he doubted that those there appreciated his favored brand of literature.

The redhead was regretting the fact that he had decided to take a fifteen minute break to walk two blocks to get a cup of coffee while business was slow. The reason he was trapped inside? An unexpected blizzard had hit the city of Midgar and now everyone was trapped indoors until it finished, which could take hours and perhaps days if the storm was bad enough.

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Older dude Cloud mechanic getting hit on by the poly supersolider boys!

Elbow Grease and Enthusiasm - part 1 - more to come when genesis decides to cooperate.  also featuring: crabby mechanic uncle Cid from a recent headcanon post. 

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