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I know I would sound crazy to share this…. But Im not ashamed to say that: I DREAMED EVAN TURNING INTO A PUPPY.

It all started as a good ol’ fashion dream, when suddenly because of delirious’ mysterious no face cam that’s been driving us insane, turned Evan into a puppy that looked like the puppy from my uncles’ half chow chow half japanese spitz

Long story short. because I love dogs in general I volunteered to look after him >.< alongside Ohmwrecker~

then started a bond like I never wanted to leave my head.

10 random facts about me

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1. When I was in 6th grade (11 yrs old), I got in trouble for bringing inappropriate imagery to school. it was Brian Froud’s Good Faeries/Bad Faeries book, i wasn’t punished, but my teacher thought a call to my mother would humiliate me - lmao. it didn’t.

2. I have a scar on my left pinky from when I was 8. I got it after I took a burning hot pan of brownies out of the oven. The pan was awkwardly balanced and my pinky shot out from underneath the pot holder to help keep it from falling - immediate 3rd degree burn, but I was able to place those brownies on the cooling rack before I laid on the floor and cried. 

3. On 2 separate occasions I have chased down and caught my families errant dogs while wearing slippers. One was my uncle’s German Shepard/Chow mix, the other was my father’s Pit bull mutt. Those dogs thought they could escape me? They were wrong.

4. I’ve only crowdsurfed once and it was lots of fun but I’m not sure the groping and the black eye were worth it. 

5. Working as a hotel maid was the worst job I’ve ever had. And I’m not talking about the actual cleaning, though that got gross, the people. People can be the worst.

6. I will sweat and suffer before I will sleep without some kind of covering because effing monsters okay.

7. I used to love and dread The Star Dome that would visit my elementary school as child (big blow up silver dome, on the inside they had a projector that projected the constellations) because inevitably they told Roman mythological stories. And Orion? His story always featured Diana. everyone looking at me, omg, 5 year old me wanted to die

8. My ID picture is literally 12 years old but they haven’t made me change it yet so!!

9. When I was 6 and I made wishes, it was almost always “I WANT A LOT OF GEMS” because 1. pretty rocks and 2. I think I just liked thinking/and or saying the word “gems”

10. I would stay in the pews with my parents when the other kids went to Sunday school as a kid because I had horrible separation anxiety.

I have spent way too long on this, but if any mutuals cruise past this and feel like they wanna share some facts, please tag me in them so I can read ‘em!