uncle bubba

Tiny Tikes with Tears

Dean x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Daddy Dean fluff

A/n: I literally woke up at 5am because I had a dream about this and I instantly started writing it. So I hope you enjoy my 5am sleep deprived fic.

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“Try and get some sleep, sweetheart.” Dean reached into the backseat, covering your tiny body with his leather jacket.

“Daddy, where’s my Bubba?” Resting your head on the cool leather seat, you looked up at your dad in the most innocent of ways.

Dean sighed, knowing who you were talking about. Cas was the only one you ever referred to as “Bubba”. But Cas was gone. Not dead, just on the constant move.

Every angel and demon alike had their eyes peeled for his appearance. And the appearance of the angel tablet. He’d been gone for two months so far, but to the little five year old girl in the backseat…it felt like two years.

“Bubba’s out on a hunt.” Dean never knew how to reply to this question. It seemed every night you asked him about Cas now.

“Why is the hunt taking so long?” You half yawned, trying to fight off the sleep. “You and Uncle Sammy never take this long.”

“This hunt is…” Dean paused, letting out a deep breath. “it’s a hard one. The hard ones take longer.”

“But Bubba is a Feather.” Angles and demons confused you, so you just called angles Feathers. “Why doesn’t he use his special powers to fight the bad guys away? Doesn’t he want to come home to me?” The small break in your voice made Dean realize how sensitive this topic was. And how much you missed Cas.

With ease, Dean opened the back door and climbed in with you. Leaning his body against the door while you snuggled into his chest.

“Bubba loves you so much baby. Of course he wants to come home to you.” His hand rested on your head while his thumb drew little circles on your forehead.

“Good, because I love Bubba to the stars and back. His snuggles are my favorite.” You giggled slightly, remembering how Cas would let you play with the highest and least ruined feathers on his wings.

“What?” Dean acted half offended. “My snuggles are the best.” His voice ran into your ears and vibrated your laugh even more.

“No, Daddy. Your snuggles are the stickiest.” You laughed, covering your sides as Dean tickled the small ribs that held your frame.

After calming down the two of you just lie together in the backseat. Drifting further and further away into a dream land.

“Daddy?” Your voice was slow and steady like your heartbeat. “What’s S.W and D.W mean?” You recalled where the long forgotten memory sat. “I saw it in the door when you were fixing Baby.

“It’s mine and Uncle’s names. Because we’re family.” Dean spoke with his eyes closed, yet a hand still unconsciously rubbed your back.

“Bubba and I are apart of the family too, right?” You innocently asked, yawning and rubbing your heavy green eyes. “Can we put our names in Baby like you and Uncle?”

“When Bubba gets back, Daddy will help you put your name in there.” Dean smiled lightly. Opening his eyes for a second to envision the scribbled in letters.

Glancing down at your your dirty blonde head he realized you were fast asleep. But he realized so much more than that. No doubt you were a Winchester…no doubt you were the best damn thing that could’ve ever happened to him.


Remember that one time the Season 2 DT family actually got together? Except for Donald. By that time, Donald was long-forgotten. Has anyone ever theorized that between Season 1 and Season 2 Donald might have been lost at sea? There’s a fan-fiction story for ya.

I’m guessing Duckworth took the photo. Think any of the family members wondered where Fenton was?

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ooooh, open prompts! I'd love to see something with the leverage ot3 and "My roommate borrowed your contraband hotpot and managed to set it on fire"

So, anon, I also got another anon asking for “something with leverage and the ”‘i can’t cook for shit and my mother keeps telling me i’ll never become anything if i can’t even make a proper meal and i somehow stumbled upon your food blog" au (preference is for ot3, but w/e floats your boat really!)“ and somehow these two prompts have combined into something that isn’t quiiiiite either of them but which hopefully satisfies both anons anyway!

And for anyone wondering, the chicken marsala thing is because I had a reread of Jennifer Crusie’s Bet Me earlier.

Hardison thinks maybe his first mistake is showing up with a state-of-the-art frying pan (and he did his research, he checked like sixty reviews to find one that’s awesome but not so expensive that it would make someone suspicious about where exactly two supposedly broke twenty-somethings are getting their funds) as his opening gambit, because it makes 4C growl at him.

“Your girlfriend did something to my frying pan.”

“There may have been a small fire and … well, you can see the remains.”

4C closes his eyes like the world is against him and maybe he wants to punch someone in the face about it. Hardison shifts back as subtly as he can. “I just got that pan perfectly seasoned, damn it.” He opens his eyes again and gives Hardison and the package in his hands a suspicious look. “And what is that?”

“The internet said it was good? And I kind of thought, well, Parker messed the old one up, we should be the ones to replace it.”

“You two are goddamn menaces, seems like every time I come home it smells like burnt food.”

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Preference #94 Birthday Party

“Happy birthday, Whitney!” the guests sang as the birthday girl, cheered and blew out her candles. Your daughter clapped her hands and her blue eyes sparkled the way Niall’s did. She was an exact replica of your cheeky Irish lover.
“So, Whit, what’dya wish for?” Niall asked, expecting her to give him an answer. She turned to look at her father, confused.
“But dada, if I tell you then it won’t come true,” Whitney pouted.
Both you and Niall laughed at her response; for being only 3 she sure had a way with words. Whitney started to squirm in your arms, signaling for you to let her go. She jumped off and quickly ran to her little friends. You and Niall watched as she sat at one of the small, round, pink tables with the boys’ daughters as they continued their tea party. You observed Whitney and her features, the way she looked exactly like Niall with her long, golden hair decorated with a small, shiny tiara, glistening azure eyes, and pale skin. She may have looked like her dad, but she sure acted and talked like you.
“Babe, she reminds me of you, ya’know?” Niall said breaking the comfortable silence you shared together as you viewed the little human you both had created, exactly three years ago.
“Oh really now? And why is that?” you asked curiously.
“She’s like a carbon copy of me but it’s amazing how she moves delicately and speaks so softly,” he explained.
You smiled in awe and glanced at your daughter again, realizing it was true. Whitney held the teapot carefully, pouring tea into the small cups and distributing it to her friends. Her movements were fine and feather-like, surreal for her age and Niall loved that.
“Y/N?” Niall spoke interrupting your thoughts.
“Hmm?” you hummed in response.
“What if…you know,” he suggested. You raised your eyebrows, signaling for him to continue. “We start trying again? For another one? I mean…if you don’t want to it’s okay, I understand. I can wait,”
You smiled at your husband thinking maybe it was time for another mini-you or mini-Niall running around the household. “Well, Ni. Why not?”
Niall smiled at you like he had won the lottery, something you didn’t see often unless he was filled with so much glee. “Actually, I saw Whit’s birthday list, she wants a sister you know. Thought it would be a cool idea,” he said and pecked the top of your head. “Thank you, babe. I love you,”

For almost a year now, Michael had been begging you both for a brother or a sister as a present. Back then, you and Liam weren’t very sure if you could handle another child, but a week before Michael’s birthday, it seemed like his wish was granted. You were throwing up most days and having morning sickness all the time, and as soon as you took the pregnancy test, it read positive. Liam suggested keeping it only to yourselves and to family members before telling Michael and the boy’s. The timing now seemed to be perfect. Out of all the presents you two got for Michael, this was probably going to be one of the best.
When the day of Michael’s third birthday party was finally there, he flew around the room in excitement, bragging about his new batman costume, as he gleefully welcomed all of the guests. He reminded you exactly of Liam. The doorbell rang and your son dashed to the door, leaving some of his friends in the yard while he fetched the newest arrivals.
“Happy birthday, bud!” Louis greeted as Michael jumped into his arms. Louis was Michael’s favorite uncle. He handed the boy a colorfully wrapped box with a smile.
“Thank you uncle Lou!”, Louis was then cut off from saying your welcome as Michael took both Drew and Leighton to the backyard where the rest of the kids were. Soon, the rest of the boys arrived with their wives and children and everybody seemed to be having a blast.
“Hey Y/N! Wasn’t there something you were going to announce?” Niall’s wife reminded you.
“Oh! I completely forgot!” you gasped as you looked at Liam, who was sitting beside you. Liam looked confused for a second until he remembered, “Oh gosh, yes! Guys there’s something you need to know…”
“Wait are you guys splitting up?!” Harry interrupted, completely alarmed. “What?! No!” You responded.
“Oh, Jesus! Harold!” Niall laughed. “So what is it you two lovebirds have been hiding from us then?” He questioned, wiggling his brows.
You took a deep breath and whispered, “Well, we’re having another baby…”
Before anyone could react, Liam made sure to warn the boy’s, “Shush! Michael doesn’t know yet!”
“Well why don’t you tell him now?” suggested an impatient Louis. Before you and your husband could protest his request, he had already waved at your son causing him to dash toward his uncles.
“Bubba, what’s your birthday wish this year?” Louis asked.
“Hmmm,” Michael pondered. “Well, I really, really, really want a brother or a sister, but Mumma says it’s not very easy to get one of those.” Your heart sank as Michael pouted and you couldn’t contain the news any longer, “Well we have some have news for you bud, Mumma’s pregnant!”
The kid’s frown turned into a huge smile, causing all of you to laugh at his reaction.
By the time the party had ended and everyone had left, you took time to scroll down your twitter feed when you realized everybody was congratulating you. You were confused at first but it turns out, Liam took a video of your son’s precious reaction and you were beyond grateful that you could relive the moment anytime.

Leighton and Drew always counted down the days before their birthday. When the twins were about to turn five, they both decided on wanting to throw a birthday party. The problem? Themes. Drew wanted a superhero-themed party while your daughter, Leighton wanted a girly, Barbie-world. There was not a day they didn’t discuss their upcoming celebration, let alone fight about it. You and Lou were tired of seeing them not get along so you both suggested one that they immediately loved, under the sea. Gladly, they were quick to agree. It took weeks of planning, Louis and you agreed to all of the things the twins wanted no matter how crazy they were. When the day finally arrived, the party’s venue was packed with kids, including the boys’ children to finish out the guest list. The room was filled with decoration well suited for the theme. You and Louis were proud of yourselves, pulling this off.
“Hey mate!” Liam greeted as Sophia pecked your cheek. Niall and Harry soon followed with their wives to say hello as well.
“Did you do all of this?” Sophia gasped and you nodded in response.
“Wow, Tommo! Who would’ve imagined you two to be like this, quite the master party planners!”, Niall chuckled. It wasn’t a secret to everyone, especially the boys that you and Louis were a more carefree and mischievous pair, it showed from your younger days as a couple. The two of you never usually took things seriously, until now.
“Glad the two of you turned out to be the cool parents, let alone, half decent parents,” Harry joked causing you to playfully smack his arm.
“Well, mate. What can I say? We’ll do anything to make those two happy,” answered Louis as he pointed to the twins who were having so much fun.

Nothing else completed Harry’s day more than being with his family and seeing his mini-me with a smile on his face. It was Eric’s birthday, and the kids were enjoying the mass array of party games. You were seated beside your husband at one of the huge round tables set up in the corner of the room along with the boys and their wives.
“I just wish sometimes, that they could just stop growing so quickly, you know?” Harry expressed. “For God’s sake, he already wants a girlfriend, might I remind you, he’s 5!”
The boys laughed at you and Harry who pouted as everyone teased him.
“And we don’t even know who it is!” you continued. “He won’t tell us… he says he’s waiting for the right time!”
“Sounds to me like something Harry here would say,” Louis chuckled.
“Oi, Niall! Didn’t you tell me something about little Whitney having a crush on Eric?”, Liam quickly blurted out.
“Oh yeah! She said something about wanting to get married. Harry, better watch out for that kiddo! He better not hurt Whit, or else,” Niall joked and glared playfully at Harry and you. You turned around to look at your little birthday boy when suddenly, the small crowd of kids started teasing both Eric and Whitney.
“Eric and Whitney sitting on a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g!” they sang as they surrounded the two blushing kids.
You all just laughed talking about how silly they were when out of the blue Niall mentioned, “You know, Y/N, I wouldn’t really mind them being together in the future, Kinda look good together y’know?”