uncle blaze


Concept sketches for a possible comic project next year about the No Zone universe.

Zamy - Head Chief/commander of the No-Zone police force. She rules with an iron fist and has no time for failure. She is feared by most No-Zone officers (and people in general).

Zhadow - A sleazy defense attorney with no morals. He’s a sly talker and he’ll do anything to win a case.

Ziona - Part of the No Zone medical staff. A sweet nurse with questionable bedside manners.

Zhuck - The No Zone judge. He believes in quick and speedy justice… if that will get him out of the courtroom faster.

Zlaze - A No-Zone officer who’s a bit of a show off. She’s more concerned about her stellar reputation than capturing criminals.

Zails - An eager young No Zone cop in training. Despite still living at the academy, he manages to find ways to sneak along dangerous missions alongside his hero, Zonic.

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Uncle Waldo told us to pose like we were afraid of Sabor:

Then, it roared at us. We were not expecting this.

When we realized it was just a recording:

Take a gander at this picture!

Uncle Waldo is a bit… Marinated. Perhaps it’s time to go home!

Who You Should Fight: Penn Zero Addition

(Consider this my Anniversary gift, since I haven’t made the art I wanted to make yet)

Who Wins: No one
Penn could probably beat you, seeing that he’s a dancer, so he probably has fairly strong legs, and unpredictable movements…but would you REALLY want to fight Penn? Look that boy in the eyes and tell me if it’s worth it to fight him, you monster.
Who Wins: Sashi
Girl could break your spine in a million different ways, three of which by simply touching you, and one of which involves just looking at you. Fine, fight Sashi, but I’m not paying for your funeral.
Who wins: You (at your own risk)
Boone is easily distracted, you could probably take him down easily, but on the other hand, it wouldn’t be a fair fight. You’d look like a jerk. Penn and Sashi might come to his defense. Would you really want to start that shit storm up?
Who wins: No one
Who wins: You
He’s all talk, and rather asshole-talk while he’s at it. That british accent is so smug, it could just anger you right there. He spits on puppies, bullies children, and seems to get joy from it. PLEASE fight Rippen.
Who wins: Phyllis
Why would you fight Phyllis. Honestly, what is wrong with you. You think SASHI could kill you? Hahaha, Phyllis could kill you with even less effort than that. Honestly just don’t even fuck with Phyllis. Just don’t do it.
Who wins: No one
Blaze could probably put up a fight, but he’s far too chill to do you any harm. He’s just not like that. It’s easier to just go out for a drink or something with him. He’s a cool dude.
Brock and Vonnie Zero
Who wins: Them
Hero team? Check. Experience? Check. The two of them could kill you, hide the body, and get away with it. Don’t even fuck with them. Just don’t.
Uncle Chuck and Aunt Rose
Who wins: No one
They’ll probably do their usual silliness, which would distract them, but they’ve shown they’re capable, so it’d probably end in a tie. A rather unsatisfying fight.
Who wins: Alex
Ah yes, the class president that everyone voted for and loves. If you fight him, he’ll beat your ass, and then pay your medical bill. Everyone loves Alex more than you. Your parents love Alex more than you. You love Alex more than you.
The Elder Referee
Who wins: No one
Why would you ever harm that blob of squish?? What has it done to you? The Elder Ref means you no harm. Leave the blob of squish alone. Give it a hug, but don’t harm it. What is wrong with you.



Shiro Yoshida as “Sunfire”

Shiro was born in Kyoto, Japan and was raised by his wealthy parents. His grandparents both suffered and eventually died from the radiation poisoning resulting from the bombs dropped on Hiroshima. His uncle, Tomo Yoshida, was a man hellbent on destroying America for the deaths of his parents. Tomo could sense Shiro’s dormant powers and started at a young age to manipulate and train Shiro to become his ultimate weapon for revenge. The strain of training, had activated Shiro’s X-gene at a very young age, granting him the ability to absorb radiation and solar power to generate fire.

Tomo decided to send 7 year old Shiro into the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo and raze the building. Shiro was about to enter the building when his father attempted to stop him. Fearing that his brother would ruin his plans, Tomo shot Shiro’s father from behind, killing him. In a rage, Shiro murdered his uncle in a blaze of fire, and attempted to get help for his dead father to no avail.

Shiro has since developed a cold and hateful exterior, blaming himself for being manipulated and for the death of his father. However, he decided to become a superhero, and began using his powers for good. As a young, superhero, Shiro went by the name of “Sunfire” and was celebrated in his region. He was then approached by Scott Summers aka Cyclops to join the Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning, which Shiro accepted.

At the school the students are divided into 3-person squads to train with. Shiro, codename “Sunfire" is currently in the student squad called the Exemplars which is composed of the most cunning and ambitious of the students, specializing in stealth. The team is mentored by Instructor Ororo Munroe and consists of Sunfire, Maxwell Wang aka Quill, and Betsy Kusanagi aka Psylocke. Shiro had a hard time opening up to anyone at the school but has slowly developed a few friendships, particularly with Victor Borkowski aka Anole, who’s chipper personality helped draw Shiro out of his shell.

Design Notes: I really hate most incarnations of Sunfire’s costumes (except his Age of Apocalypse one) so I decided to combine his original costume with the AoA one and got this haha. Hope you guys like it!