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Coco is beautiful

Just got back from seeing it with my mom, and I nearly cried. It was so good.

We both loved the attention to detail to Mexican culture, from the food, the designs, the little Spanish phrases here and there, the mannerisms, the message, everything was just a love letter to Mexico. My mom (born in Tamaulipas, from family out of Zacatecas) caught on to a lot more than I did, and pointed out some references to me after the movie.

It also made me teary-eyed because her dad, my grandfather, was also a musician. He was a professional violinist who played with a few mariachi groups in his youth. And my uncle was a guitar-player. Both are gone now, but I miss them every day. I think I miss them more now. Sometimes, at family gatherings when I was little, they would play a song and I would dance to it. Little moments like that you take for granted.

Never forget to make every moment count, and tell your loved ones you love them. Cherish every second.


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Request: Imagine your Happys Old Lady and Abel has a crush on you

Note: Ive written this where Tara doesn’t exist cause.. its Tara 😂 Hope you guys don’t mind!!! 😘 #teamWendy

The sweet sound of a child’s laughter filled the air.
You walked into the TM lot, a smile on your face as you watched Happy and Tig chasing Abel.
Abel spotted you and ran towards you.
“(Y/n)!” He screamed, a huge grin on his face as you lifted him onto the air.
“Hey little man!” You smiled at him.
You walked towards your old man, Abel resting on your hip as you pressed a kiss to Happys lips.
Abel squirmed in your arms and you put him on the ground and he ran into the clubhouse.
Happy threw his arm around your shoulder and you walked with him to the picnic table, where Tig now sat with a cigarette.
“Hey sweetheart.” He smiled at you.
“Hey Tiggy.” You said and kissed Happys cheek before walking inside the clubhouse.
The smell was a comfort to you, this place had become your home. You didn’t have much family of your own and the club had welcomed you with open arms.
You walked to the bar, where Jax and Wendy sat, Abel on Jax’s knee.
“Hey girl.” Your best friend said and you hugged her before taking a seat.
“We have a favour to ask you (y/n).” Jax said, and you looked at his puppy dog eyes and laughed.
“What do you want, Teller?”
“Do you mind looking after the boys tonight? I’m taking Wendy out for dinner.”
You rolled your eyes cheekily, a smile on your face.
“I suppose I could.” You said as you reached out and tickled Abel, making him laugh.
“Thank you darlin.” Jax said, his famous smile on his face.
You grabbed Abel and lifted him to your hip, placing a kiss on Jax’s cheek as you stood.
“Thomas is with Gemma in the office, thank you babe.” Wendy smiled at you.
You nodded and squeezed her hand before leaving the clubhouse.

Later that night you sat on the sofa in your house, Thomas asleep in bed and Abel cuddled up next to you. Happy sat in the armchair as you all watched cartoons.
You ran your hands through Abels blond hair, his eyes glued to the tv.
“You want one?” Happys voice interrupted your thoughts and you looked at your old man, a smirk on his face, his eyes sparkling.
You raised an eyebrow at him and he gestured towards Abel.
You laughed and looked at him.
“Killer wants a family?” You asked, smirking at your old man.
He didn’t say anything, just stood and lifted your face towards his.
His lips pressed against yours and took your breath away. That man had a way of doing that to you.
You pulled away from him, and he smiled at you before he walked towards the bathroom, heading for the shower.
You looked down at Abel. His arms were crossed and he had an angry look on his little face.
“What’s wrong little man?” You said to him, your voice low.
“I wanna go home.” You frowned slightly at his words. He usually loved spending time with you.
“Daddy will be here soon, Abel.” You kissed his forehead and stood, going to the kitchen to clean up and leaving him to the cartoons.
A little while later you heard a knock at the door. When you opened of you saw Wendy and Jax smiling at you, his arm around her shoulder.
Abel ran to the door, pushing past you and reaching his arms up.
Wendy lifted him, frowning slightly at his grumpy expression.
“What’s wrong baby?” She asked him, Jax raising an eyebrow at you.
You shrugged your shoulders as Happy walked up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist.
Abel glared at him before speaking.
“I wanna go home.”
“Okay baby, let’s go.” Wendy left the doorway, taking him to the car and loading him into his seat.
Jax followed you inside, as you walked towards the spare room where Thomas was sleeping.
“What’s wrong with him?” Jax asked as he followed you through your house.
“I dunno” you sighed frowning slightly.

The next day you walked into the clubhouse, Happy hot on your heels.
You saw Wendy and Jax sitting round the table, Abel in Wendy’s lap.
You walked closer and greeted them, ruffling Abels soft blond hair as you passed.
He grinned up at you and you smiled as you headed for the kitchen.
Happy followed behind you, tickling Abel as he went.
“Stop!” Abel yelled, crossing his arms.
Happy frowned and shrugged his shoulders, heading into the kitchen behind you.
Wendy and Jax exchanged a look.
“What’s wrong, baby?” Wendy asked, her voice soft.
“I hate uncle Happy.” Abel said grumpily.
Jax frowned and leaned closer to his son.
“Abel, why are you saying that?” He asked, his voice low and serious.
“He stole my girlfriend.” Abel said grumpily.
Jax looked away to hide his smirk and Wendy stroked his hair.
“Is (y/n) your girlfriend?” Wendy asked, a smirk spreading on her face too.
You walked out of the kitchen, hearing your name and Happy stood behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist.
“Not anymore. I have a new girlfriend now.”
“You really are a Teller.” Wendy smirked.
You met Wendy’s eye and you covered your mouth, trying not to laugh at the innocent boy.
“And whose that, buddy?” Jax asked playfully.
“Lylas my new girlfriend!” Abel told him, grinning up at his dad proudly.
“Well, I got some bad news for you son.” Jax said as Lyla walked into the clubhouse, Opie holding her hand.

She’s A Little Young

 Requested by: cherieann-2001 Hi! How about one where Presley who is 5 has a crush on Abel and Kenny and Chibs, Jax, and Opie Reactions to it!

 Chibs sipped his beer, laughing and cutting up with Jax, Opie, and Opie’s son Kenny. They were in the garage cleaning up from painting the nursery. Hearing (Y/N) pull up, he smiled, looking out towards the drive.  

 His girls had been out most of the day shopping for baby items, he just wanted (Y/N) out of the house and away from the paint fumes. He rushed out to help her, get Presley out of the vehicle, and the the things that they bought.

 Seeing that Presley was sound asleep, he smiled as he took her out of the car seat, and carried her into the house. He gave (Y/N) a warming look, as she started to gather the bags up to carry them into the house. “Don’t even try!” He whispered.

 She rolled her eyes at him, and huffed; he raised his eyebrows at her sending her a silent message about being sassy. He came back out, once he got Presley settled, wrapping his arm around (Y/N)’s waist he pulled her to him. “We’ll talk later about your sassiness!”

 She laughed slapping at his chest. “Help me in with your child’s things, then go play with your friends!” He growled at her bringing her close, kissing her.  Once he had carried most of the bags into the nursery, and had (Y/N) settled, he went back out to the garage.

 He was leaning against his work bench, drinking a beet, when the door opened. Presley came running out, he knelt down to get a hug and a kiss, but she ignored him completely, going to the man next to him.

 “Uncle Jax! Uncle Jax! Did Abel come with you?” He knelt down, smiling at her.

 “He’s at his grandma’s sweetheart!” He patted the top of her head.

 Presley’s eyes filled with tears, her little shoulders slumped, as she turned away, to go back into the house.  Chibs swept her up on his arms kissing her. “Why so sad hen?”

 “I love Abel, I miss him. I’m going to marry him when I’m ten.”

 Then other men chuckled at her declaration of love. “You can’t leave me, so my love. I’d miss you. Remember you can’t date until you’re eighty five.”

 “Da, we’re going to live my tree house!” Presley laid her head on his shoulder.

 Jax walked over rubbing her back. “I’d miss Abel if he lived here.”

 Presley huffed, and lifted her head. “Well Uncle Jax, you could come visit.”

 Presley squirmed to get down, Chibs placed her on the floor and she ran inside.

 Opie chuckled. “You’re going to have your hands full with her!”

 Kenny smiled, looking up at his dad. “I guess that means, I’m not her boyfriend anymore.”

 Opie slapped his son on the back. “It’s the Teller Charm.”

 Jax smiled at Chibs. “Guess our kids will really make us family. “

 Chibs smiled secretly thinking how he could keep the Teller boy away from his little girl.


 Later that night Chibs crawled into bed, wrapping his arms around (Y/N). “Did you know our daughter is in love with Abel? That she wants to marry him?”

 (Y/N) laughed, rolling over to face him. “They’re going to live in her tree house.  It’s really cute….he’s so protective of her.”

 “You knew about this and didn’t tell me?  A Da should know stuff like this, even if she’s only five. She’s a little young to be starting this, loving boys!”

 (Y/N laughed again, caressing his face. “Filip, I was about her age, when I first fell in love. It was with an older man.  I promise I’ll tell you about the next crush!”

 His hands caressed her stomach. “I hope this one is a boy, I don’t think I can handle another girl and dealing with boys.”

 “So you’re wishing for our child to be some other man’s nightmare? I actually hope it’s another girl, it might be entertaining to watch you lose your mind. There are two Teller boys after all.”

 He let out a groan. “Ugggg…..”

 “I love you Filip, you’re an amazing father and you will handle dating. You only have about nine years before you have to really worry about it.”

 “She’ll only be fourteen….I said eighty-five….”

 (Y/N) chuckled and rolled over. “I love you, good night.”

 “I love you too.” He mumbled as he tried to go to sleep, with thought of a teenaged Abel Teller dating his daughter.


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You're Underage


“Am getting to old fur this lassie” Chibs laughs as he runs after you following your half naked self around his house.

“Yeah tell me about it, I thought you where going to have a heart attack or something when we where screwing last night” you tease while standing on the other side of the sofa so he couldn’t catch you.

“Oh I don’t think so sweetheart yer the one who was screaming my name, I was debating on weather or not I should shut ye up. I mean if the neighbours herd I’m sure they’d be wondering why Unser’s daughter was screamin ma name” you send him a playful glare squealing in delight when Fillip moved quickly and caught you in his arms. He was right though if any neighbours had called it in to the cops it would have been quite awkward for your father to show up and find out that a outlaw biker was screwing his 19 year old daughter.

“Let me go Fillip” you yell while trying to get out of his grip

  “What was that? You want me ta tie you up and have ma way with ye? Okay lassie if that’s what you want” He had a smug look on his face, you could sense it in his voice. By now you knew him good enough to be able to tell. He was on his way up stairs and back to the bedroom when the door bell rang and Chibs being his stubborn self didn’t put you down. Probably thinking that he would have to try and catch you again.

“Fillip! Put me down! All I’m wearing are your shirt and my panties my full ass is on show” You argued my voice taking a serious tone

  “And what a fine arse it is my dear.” Is all he says before he yanks open the door and You can feel his body tense underneath you. This wasn’t good.

“For fuck sake Chibs! Really Wayne’s daughter really! She’s 19 for god sake” You flinch at Gemma’s voice as Fillips grip tightens on your thigh “what in the name of god possessed you to fuck Unsers kid?” You could just imagine Gemma’s hands place firmly on her hips when she said this. Chibs took a few minutes to decided on an answer and when he gave it I curse to myself, he should have said nothing.

“Are ye kiddin me! Have ye seen this lassies arse!”


“Oh come on baby just let me come over” The seductive voice of my old man comes through the phone to meet my ears causing a smile to form on my face

“You know I can’t Tiggy I’m watching Able, Tara and Jax could be back any minute” I smile at Able as I enter the room with bowl of ice cream in my other hand which wasn’t holding the phone.

“Look babe, we haven’t had anytime together in two week and besides Jax might not be home till morning and Tara won’t be home for another few hours since she’s in surgery, come on baby girl.” Handing the bowl of ice cream to Able I sit down next to him on the sofa before turning to face the tiny Teller.

“Hey Able, how about Uncle Tig comes over to play. Would you like that?” The little kids blue eyes immediately light up at the mention of Tig

“YA UNCLE TIGGY!” Abel yells excitedly before remembering about his ice cream and taking a huge spoon full, placing all of it in his mouth. The smile on his face was wider though because of my mention of Tig coming over.

“I’ll take that as a yes, you can come over” I quickly continue before Alex can make a suggestion about what we would do when he got here “it’s nothing more than a member of the club coming to check up on his presidents son and the beloved baby sitter - well that is until Able goes to sleep” I could practically hear the smile in his voice when he spoke again.

“I’ll be their in twenty minutes” and with that he hangs up. A content sigh leaves my lips as I snuggle down with Able and continue to watch the kids movie.

After almost exactly twenty minutes their is a quite knock on the door followed by Alex who walks straight into the living room. He shoots me a smile before his eyes land on the sleeping figure next to me. “Hey baby, when’d the kid knock out?” He moves to kneel in front of the sleeping four year old

“About five minutes before you got here, better take him to bed-”

“I got it babe, you stay here I’ll be back” and with that Tig picks Able up and begans to walk into his room and before I know it Alex is back and seated next to me on the sofa.

“Hello” I giggle as he gives me a look which tells me exactly what’s going to happen and sure enough before I can get another word out Tig’s lips are on mine and my own respond immediately. I humm into his mouth the feeling of his lips against mine is great after not having it for a while. He moves his attention away from my mouth and begins to move his way doesn’t my jaw and then continue to my neck.

“We-e really shou-uld not be d-doing this” I say with my words coming out breathless as the moment heated “I mean-n I’m only 17 and-”

“Don’t remind me doll and incase you forgot age isn’t exactly a problem to me” after that I can’t continue to have a discussion anymore and let him have his way with me. His large hands on my body, clothes thrown to random places in the living room, wet open mouthed kisses, bare skin and a lot of noise. We where down to Alex only having his pants on and me only with my shit and underwear on, when suddenly the front door opens revealing a very surprised looking Jax and Tara

“Oh my god” Tara’s voice comes and we both freeze. I quickly recover and scramble to put my pants on as Jax has a smug look on his face while Tara and Alex look quite embarrassed along with myself.

“I knew their was something going on between you two!” Jax laughs making both mine and Alex’s face burn red. Grabbing the rest of my stuff I grab Alex’s hand and make my way towards the door moving past Tara and Jax.

“Thanks guys see you later” I shout over my shoulder while guiding Tig to his bike

“Bye, oh and I better not hear any daddy moans coming from your apartment in the clubhouse Tiggy!”

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“Oh guys come on can we drop this now!” The argument had been going on for months. Ever since the guys had found out about Juice and Y/N it had been a constant argument about the age gab and the general disapproval of the relationship.

“Juicy Boy she’s 16! I mean come on she’s only a kid and still in high school, she’s got you helping with her maths homework fur god sake!” The other guys watched on as Chibs took his turn at laying into Juice about his underage girlfriend.

“We have had this conversation a million times, and for the millionth time I’m dating her and that’s the end of it” Juan’s voice was tired as he sat down exhausted on the barstool. Chibs sighed obviously seeing the stress this was causing his younger brother. He walked over to him placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

“Do you love her?” Juices head shot straight up and his eyes immediately wanting to pull away from the intensity of Chibs eyes which it was met with. He didn’t pause and he took less than a second to answer.

“Yes” the bar goes quite, so quite that you would be able to hear a pin drop. Brown eyes search brown eyes as Fillip looks for answers. He needs to make sure that Juice makes the right choice and after a few minutes Chibs pulls away sighing heavily while giving Juan a sceptical look.

“Aye okay, go yer lassie and bring her here. She needs to be properly introduced ta the club” the shock is clear on Juices face and Chibs laughs sightly at this. “ are you waitin fur me to change my mind Juicy?”

“No, no, no! I’m going okay I’m going! I’ll be back in twenty minutes with Y/N” and with that Juice is out the door within minutes his bike is pulling out do the lot.

“And why did you let him go get that 16 year old?” Bobby asks with a tired voice with having been fed up with the bickering days ago.

“The kid wants young pussy, the kid can have young pussy. It either works out or it doesn’t” Tiggy answers for Chibs and they all nod their heads in agreement.

“Stupid bastard that lassie will batter the shite outta him if he fucks up”

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“Oh Daddy” You groan loudly before collapsing onto the bed next to you old man Happy. You had only been together a few months but where still in the sort of honeymoon phase which involved a lot, a lot of sex.

“That was fantastic” happy speaks still breathless from his release turning head to face you

“it was great” you giggle slightly

“mean where the hell did you learn to do that because if what you told me was the truth then I am the second guy you’ve had sex with and you are great” he wears a questioning expression as you drag fingertips up down his bare chest a small smile playing on your lips

“I must just be a natural” after a few minutes of silence you speak up again

“better get going” but when you try and get up you feel his grip tighten on you

“Stay” you’re stunned by what he says but quickly recover

“at the clubhouse yea that’s a great idea happy and while your at it just go declare to the whole town that we are fucking” an amused smile comes into his face when i say this pulling my body against his once again


“But I-”

“Stay” I sigh giving in not having enough m energy to argue

“You win I’m two tired to argue” i practically whisper against his skin as happy pulls my body close. His hands lightly running over the soft skin of my body.

The next morning I’m woken up to Happy standing next to the bed with only his boxers on and an angry look on his face. “What where you thinking man she’s 17!” Jax yelled gesturing to me without realising that I had woken up

“I think I know that since we’ve been dating for 6 months Jax! I wouldn’t be with her if I didn’t love her, you know I don’t do complicated and dating a 17 year old sure as hell ain’t the easy road!” A defeated sigh escapes Jax

“you can man if you love her me or the guys aint gonna stand in your way” and with that he leaves leaving happy alone

“You know that I love you right?” Happy asks startling me but I don’t hesitate

“I love you too” >

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“Well, well, well…”

Thomas turned from his coffee, finding himself staring up at what might as well have been a ghost,

“Look who’s returned home,” Abel smiled that familiar crooked smile.

“This isn’t my home Abel,” Thomas shifted in his seat trying to give a light hearted smirk,, “you know that.”

Abel’s smile widened, sliding in across from his brother, “So serious little brother,” he joked, grabbing a strip of bacon from Tommy’s plate.

Thomas eyed his brothers kutte, distorted fragments of past memories flickered through his thoughts. Abel caught sight of his brothers lingering stare,
“Keeping the legacy alive Tommy,” he shoved the last bit of pork into his mouth, “one of us had to…”

Thomas sighed.

“Speaking of which,” Abel’s crooked little smile twisted in amusement as he leaned in,
“What are the feds doing in Charming anyways?”

Thomas held back the shock that played at the tip of his tongue, trying to remain professional, he had to remind himself that his brother was as smart as he was deadly.
“I don’t-”

Abel’s smile dropped and his blue eyes turned sinister, “Drop it Tommy, it’s almost insulting that you didn’t think I would find out.” He leaned back and his lips pulled into an amused little smirk, “My brother,” he scoffed, “FBI.”

Thomas took another sip from his mug before leaning in, “And my brother the outlaw.”

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Being Tara younger sister who is in love with Happy would include:

Author: Johannah

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✦ Tara being a little taken aback, as she didn’t think Happy was your type

Tara: Oh! Well that’s - um, that’s great, Y/N! A-Are you sure that’s what you want?

You: I’m sure Tar. I swear.

✧ Comparing your crow tattoos together

✦ Waiting for your men while they’re inside

✧ You and Happy being the coolest Aunt/Uncle to Abel and Thomas

✦ Tara being your maid of honour at your and Happy’s wedding

✧ Being torn between your family and the club on many occasions

✦ Appearing on Tara’s doorstep with a bloody and bruised Happy and a hopeful kind of grimace

Tara: Come on inside. I don’t even wanna know

✧ Happy referring to her as ‘Doc’

✦ She pretends she isn’t, but Tara is like a tiny bit freaked out by Happy sometimes. She welcomes him as one of the family though