“vote for hillary to defeat trump” true, yeah

“the apocalypse is nigh and i’m going to source an irrelevant, uncited, unreliable poll that’s more than a month old to incite fear and panic to berate everyone into trump-induced anxiety instead of giving them the resources to track the election themselves & have some understanding of how it works” no, stop

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i just remembered how harry was posting some cute tweets, like quotes, and we knew that louis said those things :( it was so adorable!

Yes I loved that!! Let’s flashback to some of the best ones:

True classics. We miss you, uncited tweets

star wars has always drawn heavily on classic/ mythological structures, so i really like that one of the main purely non-borrowed-from-ep-4-or5 concepts/ dynamics in ep7 is the rey/ kylo thing. whether they’re meant to be read as related or romantic or whatever*, their structure is very Death and the Maiden/ Girl in the Underworld which are tropes that’re Classic As Fuck.

some bullshit uncited mythology/ star wors talk below, like honestly this is NOT coherent or even necessarily totally correct

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what makes people go “this news is so important! i know, i’ll inform tumblr by posting a screencap of some random person’s tweet paraphrasing what was presumably a headline from some uncited article or post of questionable legitimacy! this will be much better than googling it and posting an actual link to actual information”

and then what makes tens of thousands of people reblog that

why are we the way we are

Well, huh.  I was curious about various attitudes on suffrage restrictions in the early US–looking for race and income specifics–and kept running into an uncited but repeated statement that, while he was in the New York state legislature, Aaron Burr submitted a bill to allow women to vote.

So I asked my ~~personal connection~~ at the New York State Archives to look this up, and he found nothing of the kind going through the 1784-1785 records of the Assembly, which is when Burr was in the NY state legislature. 

So, welp, don’t believe everything you read on Wikipedia, etc.

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I just saw a fatphobic commercial that was telling parents to never give their children soda (it literally said NEVER), because "One soda a day makes your child gain TEN POUNDS in ONE YEAR!" It stressed this fact by (photoshopping) 10 pounds of bricks into children's backpacks and showing them play. They were suppose to be struggling, but weren't. I have no strong feels for or against soda, but I think it has worse side affects than making your child supposedly gain an uncited amount of weight.

Okay, I just had to look this up because I cannot believe this for a second.

I found this quote:

Soft drinks are the leading source for calories in America and are one of the primary reasons why there is an obesity epidemic. Now we find out that only one can of soda pop a day will cause you to gain about 15 pounds a year. Think about how that will add up over a few years.

“One of the primary reasons why there is an obesity epidemic.”

Except… there is no obesity epidemic?




Even peer reviewed studies, while agreeing obesity has some risks correlated with it, believe the obesity epidemic is made up: http://www.csicop.org/si/show/obesity_epidemic_or_myth

So already, we can see this source isn’t quite accurate. But let’s continue.

The typical American drinks over 60 gallons of soda every year, and you simply can’t be healthy doing this. 

Um, this might surprise you, but thin people drink soda too. It also might surprise you that a lot of health risks of soda have nothing to do with gaining weight.

Fortunately, stopping soda is one of the easiest health habits to make for most people. 

Soda has caffeine! Caffeine is a drug! Soda is addictive! Quitting an addiction is not that easy!!!

Of course it can be done, but that doesn’t make it some magical super easy process. 

I can’t think of any good reason to drink one.

Because it tastes good? And costs less than water? And again, is addictive? And because I fucking want to?

Like seriously let people make their own choices. God damn.

However, some “experts” believe it’s absurd to place the entire blame for obesity on soft drinks…  

And what makes you a real expert, hm?

Did you consider that obesity has many different factors, and it’s not just about sitting there drinking 60 gallons of soft drinks in a day all the time??

Even some diet and health websites agree that obesity isn’t just about action. For example (and don’t read these is fitness and diet talk are triggering):



I mean, come on…. They think it’s absurd because it is absurd.

Maybe our health guy, G, will have more to say.

As for me, I need a soda.


Lore book is NOT available on the NA store yet

As of 9:30am EST

Since the posts going up saying that it IS aren’t specifying what region and some people are scrambling and confused when they can’t find it.

According to someone in this reddit thread, some uncited sources have said it wont be available until 10 (PST, I am assuming).

I’m gonna punch someone because I’m going to be in class then. Legit already pissed people off with poor planning for the merch booth at FanFest and now this