The accusation of plagiarism is over this sentence (uncited): 

"The first observation Wood makes about the development of capitalism and the theoretical perspectives surrounding this theory is that most theorsits have viewed the market as a result of a certain liberation of economic activity." 

Mind you thats a topic sentence to a paragraph that explains that idea in specific contexts with 5 fucking citations in it… I didn’t cite that sentence because its a topic sentence and that argument is not on a single page but a whole chapter that i went on to cite 5 times!

in what world is that plagiarism….

anonymous asked:

I see lots of quotes from lynz on tumblr talking about art, finding yrself and the root canal story and all sorts but never know the source? Dyou know if there was a specific place where shed write things like that or is it all just picked out from interviews etc or are the quotes genuine at all?? sorry if this is confusing/doesnt make sense x

i think i know what you mean! yeah there are a lot of the really popular quotes from her that arent cited but I think at least most of them are genuine because a lot of them come from little kerrang/magazine text interviews (I think the root canal came from one of those) - a couple from twitlongers from her, video interviews, but a lot of the uncited ones are most likely from some tiny little magazine no one knows where is anymore

i know there is a popular fake gerz quote that came from a fanfiction that people thought was real, otherwise I imagine most of the popular ones came from somewhere since they’re all the same words/not variated

I have accomplished a lot today. I don’t thing I’ve ever managed my time more effectively.

And I accidentally got extra! extra credit because I was the only person in this online class to think of emailing the professor about the content for this week being inaccessible.

Working two closes leading up to class on Wednesday. And all I have to do is a quiz, a discussion board post, a mock grad school application essay (which is giving me anxiety and will be the last thing I do) and my weekly synthesis. Basically 3 pages of mostly original and uncited writing and a quiz.

But if I am mostly MIA until Wednesday afternoon, this is why.

Why do I still have my Tea Party relatives on my FB. 

Trying to explain why hating all Muslims because only a small population are terrorists to their friend is tiring

Almost as tiring as listening to him jusitify his hate by saying that US troops were ordered to kill all Germans during WWII (not even sure if that’s true) because of the Nazis who were a small percentage of the population according to the uncited inphographic

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