unchecked capitalism


Selling a dragon with art/lore, trying something a little different:

A bitter dryad doomed to slowly wither away from the toxic wastes that polluted their home. They are the sole remnant of a once lush forest, a haven for their kin. Now all that remains is a poisoned land, barren and unsurvivable. They too, will one day rot away like their fellows. But before that day comes, there is something that they must do. They desperately search for something before their time is up, but what? What is it?


Shadowrun: Hong Kong is a good game because most of the time it’s a game about cyberpunk renengades struggling to survive under the oppressive boot of unchecked capitalism but some times it’s a game about punching vampires until they agree to shut down their Cyber-Youtube accounts.

conradricamora: Yeah. What Ninoy said. We have to be informed and educated about politics now more than ever. Know where you are spending your money and if they support LGBTQ/BLACKLIVESMATTER/UNIVERSALHEALTHCARE/UNIVERSALEDUCATION. So much of what Ninoy stood for - paid public education/healthcare -is at stake. Let’s push back against unchecked capitalism that creates elaborate, difficult to understand tax laws that let the richest people (like the person we just elected president who was the first candidate in 40 fucking years to not release his tax returns) pay no tax. Watch out to see if we are going to be told once again that tax cuts for the rich are going to create more jobs for regular Americans - which we know does not work - it results in more yachts and mansions for very few, not well paying jobs for the middle/lower class. Let’s push to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr. Make sure we follow through with de-privatizing the prison system so that people stop making millions$ on the mass incarceration of black men in the US.  WE HAVE TO BE MORE VIGILANT AND MORE INVOLVED AND MORE INFORMED THAN EVER BEFORE.  HERE LIES LOVE is also more important now than ever before. Imelda Marcos blinded and distracted the entire Philippine nation with her excess, drama, and glamour while she and her husband robbed the country of BILLIONS of dollars and violated human rights. I’ll be playing rebel leader Ninoy Aquino again at @seattlerep April 7-May 28th 2017. Come be a part of the people power revolution. #riseup #herelieslove

Here’s the underlying issue: capitalism, as it is now, is a fucking disaster. The people who do not want to change it are the people who benefit the most from it. When someone like Bernie Sanders who has 40+ years’ experience comes along and says, ‘hey…this shit doesn’t work,’ there needs to be a lid put on capitalism by way of regulation. People like Hillary who obviously benefit from unchecked capitalism become threatened. They start shit talking. They claim that Bernie’s ideas are a fucking pipe dream… hmmm. Seems to me this nation was at its peak when unions were strong and the wealthiest were taxed at rates significantly higher than now. The claim that Bernie doesn’t have a clue is false, as a lot of what he talks about adds up to things that have already been done and have been done successfully. Regulation is the key to longevity, and establishing better equality is also key to the overall strength of this nation.
—  @shouldntseethis

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  • Trad: Christianity isn't about following your conscience, it's about obeying your superior and rules!
  • Pope Francis: This economy kills. Too many are being sacrificed at the altar of money. Women should be paid the same as men. Oh how I wish the Church was poor, for the poor. Unchecked capitalism with multinational corporations and their greedy practices are destroying the world and the poor.
  • Trad: No, not like that.

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Why do people think Hollywood has to show accurate representation of minorities? They've never claimed to be all if inclusive, nor is it their job to be. They're just making money.

because unchecked and unquestioned capitalism is always a good idea

please read into the numerous studies that show the profound effects that lack of or negative representation has on marginalized groups

the team fortress 2 economy didn’t crash itself, unchecked capitalism crashed the team fortress 2 economy

now the way to fix this isn’t team fortress 2 austerity. that didn’t work in greece fortress 2, and it’s not going to work here

what we need is aggressive, ground up reformtress from a strong socialist base where the govalvement keeps a firm hand on the economic actors and ensures that 

okay you know what I’m done I can’t do another pun the basic gist is we need socialist reform for a microtransaction based casual video game