some mooore painting practice, mostly looking at natural skin tones. Like, even in the most basic, neutral of lighting, your skin isn’t just a deeper version of your tone– shadows have greys and reds and purples, and light tends to be yellow. SO KIND OF A STUDY OF THAT??? highkey a redraw of one of the renders of Cassie Drake but also, not, because I painted it differently, aaaaaaaa

super mega ultra shoutout to @kinsara for giving me some really helpful tips on this, I was going to scrap it and start over but a fresh set of eyes really helped me fix a bunch of problems!!! THANK YOU!!

People who are like “Nathan Drake is an irresponsible Manchild and Elena Fisher is his wife/mother who follows him around cleaning up his mess” completely misunderstand their dynamic and both of their characters. Like… Elena takes just as many risks (e.g., following Nate to the ruins after she gets ditched on the dock in Panama, going to an active warzone to follow a warmonger, finding a tiny isolated village in Nepal to find Nate and stop Lazarevic, flying to Madagascar on a hunch her husband was lying, buying a salvage company spur of the moment) and Nate can be just as cautious (e.g., making Elena stay behind at the airfield, not taking the Malaysia job) and they do a lot of crazy shit together, which is like the focal point of their relationship- they both find the drowned city and El Dorado, both go to Shambhala, both tear shit up off the coast of Madagascar, both start a treasure hunting business, etc.)

Anyway, stop using that tired and sexist trope where an immature man has to be parented by his beleaguered wife for these two. They don’t deserve that.