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Surrender (Sam Drake x Reader)

hello everyone i figured in between chapters of wanted i would upload this idea that i had. special thanks to: @unchxrted, @jociemamacie, and @dragonjedihobbit for being angels and helping me develop this idea further and sending me deeper into the pits of hell <3 

Summary: An AU during the 60′s, Sam gets drafted into the war. 

WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: This is kind of a war fic, so there is some graphic imagery and scenes within. Blood mention, death mention.

Words: 1,310

Sam sat at the table anxiously, listening to the radio static.

He tapped his fingers against the table. They were announcing the dates. 

He bit his lip, saying silent prayers that his birthday wouldn’t be called. 

You walked into the dining room, drying your hands with a rag when there was a pause between the dates.

They called out his birthday.

Your eyes met with his. They were blank, glossy, heartbroken. 

Sam slowly shut the radio off, setting his head in his hands. 

Neither of you had words to say. 

You laid down your rag on the table, stepping behind him and putting your hand on his shoulder.

He stood up and walked into the bedroom.

Sam went to bed early that night, but he didn’t sleep. 

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