Once a Thief: Black Market Auction (Part 3)

(What’s up guys! It’s holysamuel so here is part 3 of Once a Thief. Just to remind you again, read part 1-2 to understand the story so there is no confusion lol. In this part, things will get serious and nail biting. Remember, this is your perspective as a character being in the situation. As the main character, you have feelings for the handsome Samuel Drake and you are working with your peers around you and have some obstacles in your way, in the time of being. Hopefully this is will excite you to read more!)



Chapter 3

Rafe wanted me to listen to their conversation and I told him to keep Sullivan busy. I made my way to the balcony. I looked at the way down and all I could see was numerous windows that had pipes connected. A long way down I thought. I grab my rope I had under my dress and hooked it around the pole.I made sure it was secure. I then took off my heels and thought to myself, I looked so damn hot, and without my shoes there is something missing from my outfit. But hey, at least my dress isn’t that long to cover my toes while climbing. That would be bad. I said goodbye to my shoes and to climbed down.

As I made my way down, I jumped to the nearest window and then unhooked the rope with one hand. I wrapped the rope around my waist and tied it while my fingers were grasping on the edge of the window sill. I then leaped forward to the next window.  Getting closer, I could see there was a couple of poles I had to jump to, to get to the other side.

I made my way to a far window, and stopped. I didn’t know if I could make it, but had to give it a try. Alright, here goes nothing. I breathe in and out again and just before I know it, I pushed my feet with full force from the wall. My eyes  widened and the wind started to blow my hair into my face. I couldn’t see. My arms were reaching far out to grab the pole. I lucky made it. I almost slipped back there and my heart beat went rapidly. I’m the next Lara Croft I thought knew I was a pro already.  I wiped off the dust on my dress and waited until my heart beat to slow down. After it slowed down, I started to jump back and forth to go on the next poles. 

 As I was about to make my last swing, I see a broken pipe tilted of half it gone. It seemed like it went into the ocean. It would have been perfect to swing on there and climb up to the building. But a thought crosses my head. This might mean, Nathan was just here and I’m just a step closer to him. There is no way I can make my jump from where I am to there, but thankfully I had my rope. I unwrap the rope around my waist and tied it around the pole. It started hanging. Before I proceeded,I gazed at the beautiful view and loved how the breeze blew over my face. A job like this, can give you a nice view of things.

Then I placed my hands on the rope, grasping it tightly. I started to swing back and forth while moving my legs and core. I could feel the intensity of my muscles getting tired, but I kept going. The distance was getting closer to the ground of the balcony, and I started to let go. I could see I was really high and felt like Tarzan.I landed on the ground. Thank goodness I landed. I slowly got up, dusting off the dirt while fixing my hair and face. I checked my reflection of the window. Still looking good as before, I say to myself and proceeded forward. Wouldn’t want to do that again. 

Suddenly, I started to hear the auctioneer in my ear piece. “In a few moments, we’ll begin bidding on our next item an inlaid wooden crucifix from the Trott Estate.” Time is running fast and Rafe started speaking. I started making my way to the power room.

“Just hold on, Sully. How’d did you find out about it?”

“It? Now what is that, Rafe?” Sully started to act like a wise ass. “Nadine, I think your partner here has had too many Bloody Mary’s.”

A loud shattered glass was knocked by Rafe. “Cut the bullshit, old man. Now I don’t know how you scammed your way in here. But if you think about bidding on Avery’s cross, I can tell you exactly how you’re going to be leaving in a goddamn body bag.”

“Rafe!” Nadine stopped him.

Rafe started to chuckle. “Well, you get my point.”Sullivan said it was good seeing them and left. I cannot let him down.

After a couple of minutes of silence, Nadine spoke, “You at the power room yet?” 

I started making my way to the door and tried to open it. “Yes, but the door is locked.”

“Goddamn it.” Rafe started to get agitated.

I started to think of something. “Wait, I have my knife. I can open the lock.” I started to grab it under my dress and put it into the key hole. The lock started to open.

Rafe started to chuckle. “I knew there was a reason to have you on board.”

I laugh. “You can count on me. Lets get this done and grab the crucifix.” I started to open the door and suddenly, I saw Nathan by the panel. I hid by the wall before he saw me.

He started to look around. “I’m gonna need a minute before I can reach the panel.” He turned around listening to what his partner was saying. He looked  concerned.

“Wait, what? Rafe? Rafe is here? Well, outbid him.” He continued to listen. “Sully, we are stealing it, remember?… He won’t.” He paused. “Sully, I need you to buy me more time. Trust me.”

Rafe started to speak. “(y/n) Sullivan is bidding. I might have to kill him if he goes any further.”

“I’m on it.” I turned off the ear piece.

“Okay.. just have to smash the lock.” Nathan starts to look around for an object to break the lock. It’s my time to show who’s boss.I made my way towards him and put the gun behind him.

“Hands in the air. Mate, you aren’t supposed to be back here.” He raises his hands and turns around slowly.

“Don’t British people say that?” He started to be funny. “Haven’t heard mate in years since that guy almost killed himself and I.”

“Ah what a shame, he seemed like a funny guy. Too bad I don’t get to meet him too.” I smile.

 “Now we could talk about this.”

I stepped closer, putting the gun close to his forehead. ”Yea you’re right. Lets grab coffee and talk our hearts out.” I smirk.

“Well that is a thoughtful way to do it.”

“Trying to use sweet talk. Aw, that isn’t gonna work, but nice try.”

Nathan rolled his eyes. “What do you want?”

“Why do you think I am here. For you not to pull the panel that will lead you and your friends to grab the crucifix, when the lights are out.” 

“Nice try Lara Croft, but I’m just here to fix the panel. Thats my job. And say, you look awfully familiar. Oh, you’re the waitress? Ha. I remember. No wonder there was something shady about you. You are working with Rafe.” He takes a step closer to me.

I smirk again to look at the ground and back to him. “Smart thief. Now step aside Nathan Drake. First off, you are not a technician, and second, you are a thief. Doesn’t those two differ? Now I am giving you a chance to abandon this plan of yours and leave.But if you don’t.” I reloded the pistol and placed it back to his forehead. “You’ll see what comes next.”

He looked away and laughed. “Sorry princess, but I don’t play with amateurs.”

“I can say the same to you, but I have gun and you don’t. So who is the real winner here?” He moved the gun slowly away from his head, leaving my arm to follow back.

“You are right. Why am I doing this? I’m retired for crying out loud. I can have a normal life back at home.” He started to take couple steps back and started to surrender. His expression started to change. “But why would I do that?” He pulled something out of his pocket and my eyes started to widen. Just before I was about to shoot him he dodged behind the wall and the room started to quickly develop into smoke. He threw a smoke bomb! I couldn’t see anything. I grabbed my knife and held it over my left hand where I was holding my pistol on my right. I started to walk around the room and wherever I heard noise, I started to shoot and knife in the air. I quickly stood by the panel to block off the entrance, so Nathan Drake wouldn’t come near it.

“Fife hundred thousand! Lets get this show on the road here.” Rafe is bidding.

“Uh.. Thank you. We have fife hundred thousand euros in the room. Does the gentleman wish to bid again?”My heart started beating fast. Where this is Drake!? I moved to find him. I need to finish him.

Rafe’s voice started to tone calmly. “Had me worried for a minute Victor, thought I might have to kill you!” As I heard Rafe talking, I heard something in the corner and proceeded to walk further. All of a sudden, I heard another noise by something getting smashed opened!

“Gotcha!” I quickly follow Nathan’s voice and started shooting. Then it seemed quiet.  I did not hear his voice. Huh, he’s dead alright. I started to reload my gun and heard a shutoff. The lights go out. What?

“Oh no.” I whispered to myself. The smoke started to wear off and saw no body on the ground.

“Ladies and gentleman, please remain calm.The backup power will come on shortly.”

What am I gonna do? I tried to flip the power back on, but it wouldn’t work. Then I heard gasps.“Its gone!”  I froze in panic.

“So who is the real winner here?” I turn around to see Nathan having a flashlight by the door. I got furious and ran after him, but he closed the door. He shut it and locked it. I start pounding on the door. I felt a heavy object block the door.

“Don’t worry, I’ll send you pictures!” His voice started to fade in the distance. I tried to break the lock, but couldn’t get through the door  Great, now what? I went to find another way to follow his tracks.

I heard Rafe getting angry. “What’re you doing? You are letting him get away! Do you speak-?” It seemed like the bodyguard stopped him. 

“Fine.” Rafe started to get annoyed.

“Rafe, they have the crucifix! I’m finding a way to stop- 

His voice started to act differently, a tone I couldn’t explain.  “(y/n) you disappointed me. Might as well have you dead!” 

I didn’t know what to say after that. 

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