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Calling all Sam Drake/Uncharted 4 Fans!

So I make custom funko pops and sell them online. So I’m pretty into collecting them too. But if I’m not mistaken, they haven’t made a Sam Drake funko! Like WTAF is that about? I need one in my life!
Anyway, I am pissed about it, so I’m gonna make one of my own to sell on etsy, but I figured I should ask and see if you guys have a particular Sam you would like to see. Like which outfit from the game is your favourite?
I’ll make the most popular one and pictures will follow when he’s done!
So yeah! Please get in contact some how and give me your opinion. It’s very much appreciated!

(I’m gonna tag some of the uncharted blogs I follow on my main blog because I’m curious as to what you’d think? If this doesn’t interest you, don’t feel like you have to answer if you don’t want to. But thanks if you do!)

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