Things about Marisa Chase that people don’t know or forget
  • She’s so far the youngest protagonist (if you want to be more precise – deuteragonist) in the series. While we never get the actual information on her age, she claims that she was around treasure hunters her entire life due to her grandfather (Vincent Perez) working in the archaeology field where the contacts with such people are necessary. But in the game we obtain information that Perez was with IOA Organization for a bit over 20 years, thus making Marisa’s age range from 18 to 22. 
  • Marisa wasn’t a tag-along damsel in distress that some people picture her to be. Well, yes she was a damsel in distress due to her character and inability to defend herself properly through ¾ of game because of her personal reasons, but she’s not as bad as people picture her to be. She is, in fact, someone who pieces the story of the game together, helps Nate in great ways and also is studying to be an archaeologist! She at times kicks butt, and by the end picks up a gun two shoot off mercenaries, and even kills one of the antagonists when Nate can’t do it. 
  • She’s also underrated by Dante to point where he doesn’t expect an attack for her, and her righteous fury doesn’t kill him at that moment (oh how I wish she did), but dunks him into river full force. As in, take a moment to sink – Jason Dante, armed and having Nate on the mark and ready to pull a trigger and shoot him, just backs off, shocked and unable to form a sentence, when Marisa Chase attacks him with both fists and words. In the end even Chase is surprised (and almost falls into river after Dante): ‘Oh my God I didn’t mean to do that’, like. God bless her fury.
  • She is, if you play/watch this game after all the other ones, a clear mirror to Nate’s character. When trying to climb down one of the unsafe ropes and then jumping over the gap that Drake cautions her about, she laughs that she started free climbing when she was fifteen. And when we first see Nate as young teen? In Uncharted 3 flashback, he’s fifteen. Nate also for the first time picks up a role of someone being a mentor, in a way alike to Sully’s role in his own life. He worries about Marisa in the same ways that Sully probably worried about her, like when she jumps over giants gaps, or when she goes off alone – ‘I checked this room before! See, I am learning!’ ‘I just hope you don’t learn the hard way’ – and when she for the first time picks up a gun. Nolan North’s voice even changes a bit into same tones that Richard McGonagle has! It even paralells in the scenes where Sully bickers with Nate the same way Nate bickered with Marisa just a few chapters before.
  • Marisa is also in a way a mirror to young female players for the franchise! She’s relatable in a sense that it’s her first real adventure, she has troubles alike to our own, heck, even in what she wears it’s shown that she’s a child of her era! And also she actually has that ‘everyman’ feel to her, struggles with morals and handling weapons and killing people, like most people in the word. And it’s shown in the game!!
  • Chase constantly battles with herself and her own morals. A big point in her character is her growing in ways of understanding her own rules and what she can allow, and by the end she even picks up a gun to help Nate, even if she’s scared as fuck about it. 
  • Marisa Chase is most known for the Nice Girl trope, but I swear on my everything, she can also stand her own in Snark Battle, and at some point I shed tears of joy at wits she shown which could battle Harry Flynn sarcasm. Bless her, honestly. Hope she grows that sarcasm mode into one that outwits everyone in series.
  • Examples, though mostly they feel like sarcasm when spoken: 
    • That bloody repeating gag with ‘Strong hands!’ GDI this is like both my favourite and most hated one quote from GA. 
    • Nate: Jeep’s gone, Dante must’ve taken it!
      Marisa: And left yooou stranded here? Ohhhhh no, he wouldn’t do thaaaaat *in the most sarcastic voice ever*
    • The most classic example of dialogue than consists only of ‘Fine? Fine! Fine, fine’ between her and Nate
    • Nate: Alright, hurry, but–
      Nate and Marisa, together: Be careful! 
    • ‘Oh yeah, you’re not walking [away], you’re running
    • Nate: *gushes about ancient cities and architecture*
      Marisa: I’m not Dante, you know?
      Nate: …what?
      Marisa: I mean I think I know they didn’t have backhoes in 16th century.
      Nate: I wasn’t lecturing, you know :\
      Marisa: MHM. >:)
    • Marisa: Oh, let me guess: you want me to do the three (out of seven kymira symbols) easy ones while I do the rest? 
      Nate: There’s not such thing as ‘easy ones’ in charcoal rubbing! Kinda, you-you rub too hard and the paper tears!
      Marisa: Ohhh, is that right? :D
    • All the times she backtalks Guerro.
    • Nate: Marisa, hang on!!
      Marisa: Hang on?? *yanks the rope she’s trapped on* REALLY?!
    • ‘’Shoot her, shoot her!’ You know guys how much am I tired of you guys saying that?! You wanna shoot me – go right ahead! Since when you’re done we will all be dead anyway!’ AND THEN SHE WALKS AWAY BACK TO MERCENARIES LIKE DAMN
    • Last talk between all three of them (Marisa and Nate with Sully), it’s a masterpiece on it’s own to be honest.
  • Good judge of character, one might even say that she’s an empath, the one who actually feels the person for who they are. 
  • Is so emotional and fierce and has fire in her eyes when talking about history and her grandfather’s research and adventure! Is also so happy 
  • Hugs fiercely and makes you want to full-body hug her back, in all the scenes and especially in one she’s all muddy and angry and then THROWS herself at Nate and he just hugs her back happily, like please, someone let me hug her too!!
  • Is not actually afraid of death or authority, fights both antagonists both with words and fists, walks with her back to mercenaries that were ready to shoot her because she felt it was right. She’s gold, my friends.
  • Wears a heavy, full-packed backpack almost all the times, so heavy that it knocked out main villain Roberto Guerro out cold! Also kicks really hard, couple of guys from Guerro’s army can’t have children anymore.
  • She kills Jason Dante, buries him alive with Quivira by detonating the whole place with explosives that Guerro’s men placed. Again, back to morals – her grandfather and now also she were almost obsessed with this Golden City, but at that moment? She abandons it all because the gold is irradiated and scum like Dante and Guerro will try to use this gold and the city itself for no good. It’s also the first time in series when it’s not Nate who destroys the ancient city, but his companion.  
  • And the last but not the least – Marisa Chase is the one who inspires Nate to stop going only for profit, like he did for about last 10 years according to both Dante and Sullivan. Quote, Nate Drake + Victor Sullivan, word for word: ‘Her grandfather spent years searching for it, and to see Chase’s passion for his work, it’s… *touches Francis Drake’s ring* I dunno, Sully, I guess I just got caught up in it. […] Sully… you remember how I got… into all of this? Why don’t you tell me why I’ve wasted so many years working crap jobs for guys like Dante?’ ‘So the business can get a little rough once in a while–’ ‘See? That’s it. That’s just business to us. But it’s not for her.’
  • tl:dr; Marisa Chase is an amazing human being and an awesome character in Uncharted series for many reasons, not to mention that she is the character that reminds Nate of his Drake heritage and why he started being a treasure hunter, to point him gaining interest in starting El Dorado adventure; and I won’t let anyone talk shit about her or make her underappreciated, especially Naughty Dog.

beltsquid  asked:

The Quiviran mythology for Golden Abyss is more than likely created whole cloth by Sony Bend, as the Quivira as described by Coronado wasn't real (what he told may have described a meeting w/ the Wichita people of the Great Plains, however). In flipping his journey from north to south, it looks like they concocted their own Meso/South-American mythology. However the Kuna/Guna are mentioned in the beginning & live in modern day Panama and Colombia.

So more of a “here’s what the game said, here’s the real thing” comparison post for Quivira, then! I was right to put this in the “help needed” bucket :D

before u are saying i accidentally fell in love with jason danteand golden abyss in general let me explain u a thing