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“Are you mad at me" Namjoon

“Are you mad at me?” -namjoon

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It’s been a frustrating day since your boss have been chewing at your ass about something your coworker had messed up, and you were blamed for. Taking responsibility and staying in for the extra hours, you furiously entered inside the apartment of yours and your boyfriend Namjoon’s. 

“Hon?” Namjoon calls out from the living room when catching the light turned in that mini hallway at the door. “You’re home late today,” you hear him say.

“Well does it look like I wanted to be home late?” You irately speak without thinking. 

Namjoon’s back stiffen at your sudden anger and stands up from the couch once you entered the living room tiredly. You haven’t glanced his way since making way towards the kitchen. Pouring yourself a cup of water, you gulped it all down and angrily toss the plastic cup inside the sink.

“Hey, what did the cup do to deserve that?” Namjoon asks when noticing of your heated nerve.

“Namjoon, I have no time for jokes right now, okay?” You slightly yell when pushing him aside and plopping yourself on the couch. 

“Are you mad at me about something?” Your boyfriend questions out of curiosity, since he has no idea why you’re so angry for.

After taking in a deep breath and seeing Namjoon’s pang and confused expression, you quiet break down and spill about your workplace being a pain in the ass. You let out a goof twenty minute cry, and you were thankful that Namjoon was here to give you great comfort. 

“Jobs are like this, okay? Don’t sweat it. And if your boss continues being an ass, I’ll beat him up for you,” Namjoon says immediately, causing you to laugh quietly at him.

“Thanks Nam. I’m sorry for taking it out on you,” you apologize once more.

“Hey, it’s okay. If you ever need to rant about something, I’m here for you always,” your boyfriend kindly says before pecking your side temple and holding you warmly in his embrace.

Rising With The Morning Tide: Chapter 3, Uncharted Waters

Summary:  Kronos takes ten years longer to wake, and, as Fate would have it, Percy Jackson escapes the prophecy. While Percy is grateful to get his shot at a normal life, Annabeth is left longing for the fame and glory she’d envisioned as a child. As Fate would have it, they find each other, just in time for things to get messy, and fast. :: adult au

Tags: AUadult auPercy has a daughter and she’s adorablePercy never made it to camplowkey girly Annabethhighkey hot mess Annabethparentingdemigods being trash

Notes: This story officially cleared standard novel length, 40k, this week!

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Limited Edition Uncharted 4 Console Announced

Sony has announced a limited edition PlayStation 4 bundle for Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated action game, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

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list 10 favorite character’s each in a different fandom 

1. Nathan Drake (Uncharted)

2. Fiona (Tales From The Borderlands)

3. Chris (Until Dawn)

4. Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)

5. Geralt Of Rivia (Witcher)

6. Desmond Miles (Assassin’s Creed)

7. Cassandra Pentaghast (Dragon age)

8. Ashley Williams (Mass Effect)

9. Oerba Yun Fang (Final Fantasy 13)

10. Catherine Chun (SOMA)

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