uncharted graphics

  • Me: wow this landscape is gorgeous where is this i wish I could go th...
  • Me: *squints*
  • Me: this is a video game isn't it

Have you guys noticed this?

Sam snatched the cigarette from the waiter’s fingers…

…then, he punched him…

…and he smokes the cigarette xDDD

lol Sammy you classy asshole <3 Nice swift moves you got, babe  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

+ bonus:

ahem excuse me, but that’s such a fine ass and those pants are good.
jesus, he’s not even real.

The Lost Treasure (Teen Wolf Uncharted AU) - CelestialVoid

Off the coast of Panama, treasure hunter Stiles Stilinski and historical journalist Derek Hale uncover the coffin of the infamous Sir Francis Drake, only to find it is empty and the only thing inside is a journal that will lead them to the legendary El Dorado.