uncharted drake's fortune


Naughty Dogs at play!

At last, the full photoshoot set of not-your-daughter and myself from Northwest Fan Fest as Ellie and Nate from The Last Of Us and Uncharted: Drake’s Deception respectively! Like I said in the previous post, Sam and I once did a shoot together five years ago as Elena and Nate from Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (and yes, I know I said seven last time, I forgot how to math).  Over that time we lost touch a bit and came back in touch rather coincidentally through a thing I posted on Tumblr that later got shared by fuckyeahuncharted.

It has been kind of a crazy path, with a lot of crazy crap on all sides for all of us, but hey, if it means every now and then we get to do stuff like this? Well… it helps a bit, I suppose?

Downtown New Westminster was kind to us and gave us some beautiful shooting locations… which were also kind enough to give me a ton of concrete dust with which to dirty myself up. Because Uncharted.

So again, thanks to The Will Box for the photos, thanks to Naughty Dog for making some games that have taken up far too much of our time and minds, and of course, thanks to Sam’ for being such a good sport every time I went “hey, can I pick you up for a sec’?” You made my day, baby girl!