unchangeable things

Nazis hate people like me because of unchangeable things about who I am. My being.

I hate them because of their belief that I am inferior to them and need to be expelled or exterminated.

How can you ever believe that that hate is equal? That their judgement of my being is the same as my judgment of the content of their character?

Eren's singing voice (Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou)
  • Eren's singing voice (Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou)
  • Eren Jaeger

I tried to put together Eren’s singing voice in Shingeki! Kyojin chuugakou’s ending because is just asdfghjkl  (*/∇\*)キャ but I suck at editing ¿?

“Those stars in the sky today are the same stars that our ancestors looked upon many generations ago.”
Kagome calmly raises her hand in the air with a nervous grip around a pencil. “Were they the same 500 years ago?”
The professor peers at her student from over her gray eyeglasses and thinks about it for a second. “Should be.”

Tokyo has a lot of light pollution and makes it impossible to see the stars at night.


So Kagome rides a couple of hours out into the country by herself and finds a quiet observatory that is by and large run on a volunteer only basis.
The few people there watch her with curiosity as she ambles to a corner all alone to lay down and look up at the clear dotted sky.
They shrug their uniformed shoulders and assume she’s passionately into astronomy.


But really she’s just trying to hold onto the last tangible unchanging thing that tethers and connects her to Inuyasha.

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tips to be more positive? (I get emabarrased of being a happy and silly person idk why)

I’m very enthusiastic about everything and with this whole culture of being “extra” or it not being cool to care, I know that’s not the ‘norm’. I’m the opposite of cool, but it makes me happy. Especially in high school, everyone loves to act tough and unchanged, detached from things happening, but it’s so much more fun to find silver linings, get excited about things, and help to make others happy too.

But you know what I’ve learned
Pretending not to care, or acting like you’re above something, or can’t act silly… that is a sad and boring life!!!!

Learning not to care what other people think is the single best thing I’ve ever done for my confidence

I care what my family and friends think, I want to be a good person, be authentic and make my loved ones proud, but anyone who tries to rain on my parade or bring me down is just not worth my time.

My positivity, optimism and love of the little things in life is not a weakness, it is a strength

So are yours

They are superpowers

They mean we get to experience joy one hundred times a day, even if at something that would make someone else roll their eyes

I’ve decided not to hide that part of me anymore. Never be ashamed of being positive, silly or positive :)

Are there any published books out there about modern day polytheism? Like, reading myths in their historical context is great and important, but sometimes I’m like “what does this mean for me, living in the modern world?” I know that connecting these stories to your life is incredibly personal and different for everyone, but it might be nice to have a kind of overall guide.

Also, if these types of books were published and available in common bookstores, it might help non-pagans/non-polytheists realize that there are still people who are polytheists, who follow and respect the deities and customs that most consider to be from “dead religions.” And, I feel like if books like this became commonplace, people would stop seeing these myths and legends as just an unchanging historical thing to study, and begin to see them as a living thing that changes as culture changes, just like Abrahamic religions.

Pyrophobia [Fenris/Hawke]

for @loquaciousquark

What do you do when you cannot go back but the place you left still haunts you? When you try to make a home but the fire in the hearth become the inferno that took everything?
And winter inches closer, its chilled claws reaching for her.

So you cover her eyes in the night and you quench the flame before she wakes.

She says she wants to burrow herself in the earth to rest. And forget.

“I’ll be here when you sprout flowers in the spring.”

She trusts you to tend to her while she heals and you secretly marvel how, despite everything, she still believes in you. Her faith in you never wavered, ever unchanging. The only thing that has changed is that you trust in yourself now, too.

Seasons come and go, winter stays. But if there’s anything in the world you possess, it is time.

And then one day you wake… and the room is warm.

She sits in front of the fire and smiles when you embrace her.

You cannot return but you continue onwards, side by side.

“You two having a nice time?”

Pearl you filthy liar you were totally spying on them I’m up to your games you snooty mom.

And now that we saw Future Vision the writers don’t have to hide anymore the fact that Garnet has that power, which is good.

I guess weather is one of the constant, unchanging things that you can see with future vision.

“That’s the 411 yo’”

Amethyst you’re already my favorite you don’t have to be so wonderful all the time.

“What transforms this world is — knowledge. Do you see what I mean? Nothing else can change anything in this world. Knowledge alone is capable of transforming the world, while at the same time leaving it exactly as it is. When you look at the world with knowledge, you realize that things are unchangeable and at the same time are constantly being transformed.”

Yukio Mishima, The temple of the golden pavilion.

Clannad and Autistic Characters

As promised, here’s the post about how/why I see Nagisa, Fuko, and Kotomi from Clannad as autistic. These are my personal headcanons and reasonings, and I have no issues with alternate interpretations. 

Nagisa Furukawa 

From the start, Nagisa is shown talking to herself and trying to comfort herself in the notion that things can’t stay unchanged. The first thing she says is a food name, which she later says is something she does to calm herself down; saying the name of a food she really wants to eat, and knowing/hoping she can eat it later. Many autistic people have what could be considered unusual calming techniques. 

Not long after this, Tomoya is trying to teach Nagisa how to make friends, as she has none (since she is repeating the school year due to previous illness), and/or how to convince people to join the Drama Club. Nagisa struggles with this, which is another potential autistic trait; difficulty with social situations and customs. However, when Tomoya asks about something she likes, she spills everything she knows about it (the Big Dango Family) without prompting and even sings the song. It stands to reason that the Dango Family/song are Nagisa’s special interest. 

When Nagisa and Tomoya decide to play basketball, it ends up raining that day and school is cancelled. On a hunch, Tomoya goes out to the school anyway to find Nagisa waiting patiently in the rain, and she comes down with a chill afterwards. Autistic people often follow plans and schedules even when it may seem unreasonable unless otherwise notified. 

Nagisa is also often prey to Tomoya’s joking around, not understanding sarcasm and dry humor, another common autistic trait. Despite learning later his penchant for making such jokes, she continues to fall for them even when they’re not directed at her. 

Fuko Ibuki 

From the start, Fuko is shown carving a wooden starfish, which she refuses to stop doing despite hurting her hands with the carving knife and splinters. She barely notices Tomoya when he calls out to her and only pays attention when he gets closer. Autistic people often become absorbed in enjoyable and/or repetitive tasks (in ADHD this is called hyperfocus) and it becomes clear that starfish are Fuko’s special interest later, as the mere mention of one can send her into a happy daze thinking about them which is difficult to snap her out of. 

Fuko is also very childlike, speaking in the third person and preferring childish things over more adult things. This could be another telling trait, as many autistic people are viewed as childlike at certain times. 

Like Nagisa, Fuko is also easily tricked and doesn’t understand sarcasm; Tomoya used this to his advantage to play jokes on her like pretending he had turned into a girl and squirting milk up her nose (during one of her starfish-induced dazes). 

Kotomi Ichinose 

Kotomi is perhaps the most obvious example of an autistic character. She spends all her time sitting quietly in the library, in the same spot on the floor, sitting with her legs in a strange position and never speaking, only reading. She never looks up from her book unless Tomoya specifically calls her by “Kotomi-chan” rather than “Kotomi” or another variation. Autistic people will often only respond to certain words or phrases, esp. if in a focused state such as that. 

When Tomoya takes Fuko to meet Kotomi, Kotomi is able to recite by heart facts about the starfish, including the English name and the scientific name. It is later shown she is quite good at memorization like this, knowing odd facts and being able to calculate trajectories at the drop of a hat. This trait is common in autistics, i.e. knowing unusual facts and being able to recite them when prompted. 

Tomoya later needs to teach Kotomi how to greet people and make friends. From there on out, she introduces herself the same way to everyone: “Hello, my name is Kotomi Ichinose. I’m from [class]. Will you be my friend?” Kotomi also needs encouragement at first to hold typical conversation, and also needs guidance on making jokes, which she practices on her own like a stand-up comedy routine; however, the jokes she almost cries laughing at are ones that no one else understands. Having an unusual sense of humor can also be an autistic trait. 

Kotomi also loves to play the violin, but being out of practice, she sounds horrible. Despite this, she thinks she sounds great and even insists on holding a concert. Enjoying noises oneself makes even though no one else does can be an autistic trait, esp. with sensory issues. 

Despite that Kotomi later becomes proficient at conversation (if not jokes or violin), social skills are often something autistic people have to practice, since they don’t come naturally. 


you know how bucky didnt recognize steve or show any recognition whatsoever until later in the film, even though hes seen steve several times? of course they couldnt really show the recognition because they wanted a big reveal of his identity, but STILL. the first time bucky shows any recognition or the slightest expression of remembrance is when steve SAYS something to him. as in, hes seen steves face before, but its when he says bucky’s name that something starts to click.

and that got me thinking. like, whats the thing that pulled bucky out of it , that grounded him, when steve pulled him out of the hydra facility in cap 1? yyeah it was steve saying his name. because if he were just looking at his body he wouldnt recognize him, but he heard the VOICE of the boy that he grew up with and he knew him. its the only thing unchanged by the serum.

and so yeah. idk if it was intentional or not but yeah.

“Imagine something going wrong,” she says. “Imagine this road choked with corpses. Imagine the security team gunning down refugees as they try to force their way onto the ships. Imagine cars from here to the horizon— ” those stupid old-fashioned cars everyone still owns, because the strange uneven advancement of this post-Traveler world leaves some things unchanged.

Cynicism is not bravery

Take it from a (somewhat) reformed cynic: cynics are invertebrates. Cynicism is our impenetrable exoskeleton, our (outwardly) perfect and impervious shell. The ideal hiding place for the scared little kid who lives inside us.

The terrified child who knows, with the certainty that children have, that hope is pointless and everything is terrible, and that nothing in this world will ever be good or joyful or happy, because life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

Cynicism is the armour that we wear to protect our fragile selves from disappointment.

So when the bus is late?

Public transport, what do you expect?

Someone lets us down?

Oh, we say, that’s just typical. Just goes to show: trust no one.

Someone was mean to us, or someone else, on the Internet?

The Internet is a cesspit of horrors too disgusting to name, why are you surprised? Why would you rail against such an obvious and unchangeable thing? Just ignore it.

Cynicism, in short, is a defense mechanism against a world that is too often cruel or capricious or violent.

But that armour, that exoskeleton, that shell we have constructed or grown…it’s too small for an adult. If we stay in there, we cannot grow. There is no room.

No room at all.

And yes, maybe it protected us, once, from horrors we could not deal with. It will continue to protect us from some of the pain in the world, if we stay inside it. Not all of the pain. But some.

But our insulation will come at a price. And that price is growth, and change, and ultimately joy. We cannot really live, or love, or grow, inside that shell. Eventually it will stifle us.

Freeing ourselves is hard. It requires bravery. But more than that, it requires vulnerability.

Because it’s true, the world is often a harsh and cruel and uncaring place. But it is also a beautiful and joyful and loving one. Stepping out means acknowledging that we will get hurt. It is a certainty.

It also requires that we grow a backbone to take the place of the shell.

Too often, when people say “grow a backbone”, what they mean is, “Man up! Don’t let anything affect you!”

But that’s the shell talking. A backbone won’t mean that the hits glance off us. But it does mean we can bend with them. Things will still hurt. Maybe they’ll hurt more. Maybe that pain can be channelled into something productive. Maybe not.

But cynicism is not bravery.

Cynicism is not brave.

Trust is brave.

Growth is brave.

Change is brave.

Cynicism is not bravery.

So crack the shell. And be brave.

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"I think thats what love means that you can Forgive anything" "Love doesnt Conquer All.. It ends.. Then begins again" These quotes are from Dawsons Creek it fits there love triangle and how in time they overcome the hurt and betrayal to just wanting each other to be Happy no matter who they ended up with...

Yet again, lovely quotes that fit Stefan and Elena. Their love has always been forgiving in nature and the idea of it ending and starting again would be very fitting for them. That’s what so many seem to forget. Just because Stefan and Elena’s romantic relationship/love ended, doesn’t mean it can’t be rekindled. Love isn’t a solid, unchangeable thing, it’s constantly evolving and whilst it can decrease in intensity and revert back to platonic love as Stefan and Elena’s has, it can also grow to be romantic once more. Love isn’t a given, it can leave, it can die, but likewise it can come back stronger than ever. It’s not a singular quantifiable, definable thing and the one thing that never changes with Stelena is that they never stop loving each other. Regardless of whether it’s romantic or platonic love, their love continues to exist and that’s very important. 

Quietly Content | OPEN

Sometimes people were exhausting. Everyone came to this conclusion once in a while and Elise was not immune to it’s grips. She needed a break. Something other than studying, or fixating on things unchangeable by her hands. With her brother busy, and her forensics study book shut firmly in front of her, Elise was left to her own devices.

This was how she found herself sitting with a large cup of coffee (with plenty of needed sugar) watching people go about their business. It was her second top up, coffee being the safest fix for her addictive personality. She sipped it, glancing up as something or someone stepped into her light, to shadow her.

Say it with me now!

Feminism isn’t telling men/women that they are less entitled to be apart of the feminist movement due to gender or opinion!

Race equality doesn’t mean putting down other races (even white races) because thats not equality! (even tho some races are terrible to others!)

Putting people down due to their gender/sexuality/race and other things unchangeable makes you a bad person! Even if said person you were insulting is white cishet!

Generalizing any race is bad!

If you put down men you are not a feminist you are a misandrist! You are the reason why people generalize feminism and make girls “anti-feminist”!!

Abelism is bad whether intentional or non intentional! But that doesn’t mean  that a person who unintentionally is abelist is a bad person! They might not understand!

People with mental disorders don’t need to be told “Ur a sparkly star rainbow unicorn” or whatever, they may want reassurance that their feelings are valid, and understanding!

Kin types are fine! Nounself pronouns are offensive to trans people occasionally and should not be treated in the same nature as trans pronouns as it makes some people think of the trans rights movement as stupid!

Thoughts on being Goth

The differences between us old Traditional’s and the younger Goths. 

I honestly believe that the attitude of the older generation of Goths towards the youngster killed the scene in South Africa.  The illusion that because I was listening to the original “uber”, classic goth bands from the 80’s,  somehow makes me an “original"  Goth is ridiculous.  It just makes you old and unchanging. 

Things that don’t change or adapt die.  Stagnation is not a valid excuse to keep the past alive,  change is.  Imagine if you could only be considered a rock fan if you solely listened to Elvis.  All the enriching subgenres would never have emerged.

Stagnation equals death.  As mentioned, this described closed minded attitude lead to the demise of the once booming Goth subculture in South Africa. The old trad Goth guys only accepted the young nu goth ladies into the fold.  Ultimately the reason for allowing the young and fairly easily influence ladies in was motivated by the potential of sex.  These women, however, were encouraged to listen to the original Goth music or be ostracised. Nu goth guys were seen as a threat.  They liked the newly emerging genres of goth.  Stuff not accepted by the older regime. Thank the gods for the fact that the young women entering the scene invited the younger nu Goth guys to stay. To support the change in the scene new innovative heretical music was being produced that was accepted by the younger generation as Goth music.
Old Trad’s had to let these upstarts in. However, you were considered Uber Goth only if you listened primarily to the early goth music.  Clicks started forming and the scene slowly started its decline.  DJ’s found it hard to keep the floors pumping.

It’s a joke because the music the nu goths introduced actually evolved Goth into what it is today. They breathed new life into it and slowly new sub-sub genre’s emerged.  Far too many to mention here.

The Traditional’s became older and less "uber”.  In any scene, the older want to cling to the original and the young want the new.  Let’s face it both are still relevant.  Today both can fill a dance floor if mixed correctly.

One of the other main changes that revitalised Goth was the scenes move 
away from a set genre defining the subculture.  Slowly personality, choice, likes or dislikes started to influence what defined Goth. 

As mentioned before,  I am a much older Goth. However, I gave the “batlings” the chance they deserved. I watched the punk and metal movements closely.  Any culture or subculture needs acolytes.  Therefore, the Goth ’s scene needed these youngsters,  it needed the new. They will carry it on,  even if and while redefining it.  They are its future. The black ichor, flowing through the bat caves. Out into society to shock,  confuse,  horrify and subtly seduce. 

The new definitions of if you are goth or not are now extremely personal.  Music is now only one of many indicators.

Goths across all ages share, as a foundational principle the sexually alluring! Pushing against the existing conservative fashion, dance and music norms.  
Goth drips sex appeal in every way.  From the scanty dressed skin Goth  to the immaculately styled Victorian Goth.  Each unique outfit translates the Goths personality.  Her or his inner happiness, exuberance, inner turmoil,  pain and fear are artistically ensembled.  The style,  selection of clothing and accessories are arranged in such a manner that,  if you take the time to look,  exposes the Goth through the act of wearing their internal identity coded into the ensembles they create.  The irony is that black and the few other hints of colour are used to communicate the wearer’s current emotional state in and to the world.  Each item of clothing or accessory is used to tell their story.  Good and bad parts of their individual history are placed in plain sight. Communicating to those in the world who stop and actually look, see and interpret. Who that Goth is at that very moment. It is my story, my emotions,  my strengths and my weaknesses. On show for all to see.  Yes, I am a freak,  yes I look different than the norm and,  yes I am a unique individual who loves things others might shun. 

I have been accused that the black we Goths wear is just another uniform.  My answer to this is that it is actually more similar to medieval armour.  Also partially a unique uniform,  however, it acts far more as protection.  If you take the time to decode what my clothing and accessories represent. If you look deeper at how I wear them and why.  Then maybe I will actually let you in.  If not then acquaintances we can remain. 

The outfit along with the various accessories define that goth moment to moment. As songs change, moods change and so does the outfit and  the behaviour.   Dance styles shift, conversation with kin jumps to new topics. Alcohol and/or other stimulants imbibed may stop, increase or change.  All is subtle for one bat, yet drastically obvious for another. Often this is related to introvert or extrovert tendencies.  It also depends on past negative or positive experiences. destructive treatment by alleged friends or family may at times lead to some self-destructive behaviour, that is part of being Goth.  I have the right to destroy myself. Others don’t even have the right to buy me a drink until they put in the effort to decode me. No one else will ever be allowed to harm me again.  That’s a right I reserve for only myself.

Darkness and black are synonymous with the Gothic subculture. Darkness with all its shadows,  depth, and eternal complexity is what entices the average Goth in. The self-expression through the wearing of mostly black still defines a large portion of the subculture.  Though this is changing with some of the newer Gothic subcultures such as hippy-goth.

Darkness is not the lack of light, it is so much more. Layers of the mystery form the darkness which has and holds secrets only the skilled should go looking for.  The creatures of the dark truly exist. Ask experts such as Stephen King. He has no doubt that things are under your bed or in the cupboard, hiding in the dark of night. 

The beginner interested in venturing into the occult of darkness is advised to tread with caution and find a more experienced guide. Someone skilled in walking in deep shadows. Not all Goths are drawn to the occult.  However once you start to grasp the truth of the night,  darkness and shadow most are slowly drawn in. 

Along with darkness often comes the morbid overwhelming curiosity about death.  The level and type of fascination are unique to each Goth.  Please note that the subculture frowns on, murder,  kidnapping,  necrophilia and causing harm to others. This includes grave robbery, disturbing cemetery stones, or any form of graveyard vandalism.  Graveyards for many are our sacred space. A place that can be shared with the dead.  Goths respect and venerate those that have passed.  The reasons for this fascination are defined by each individual.

Death is an alluring topic,  mesmerising,  philosophical,  poetic,  emotional and still mostly a mystery.  Goths are constantly bemused, intrigued and fascinated by the topic.  What happens next?  Why is it still such an enigma? Obviously along with death comes the fascination with the undead…  Vamps,  zombies,  and any other creature that comes back from the other side.   How,  why,  when and where?  They search for any real secrets of how to accomplish the Dr.  Frankenstien obsession.

Goth is a constant expression  of deep personal emotions,  past and present,  fear, anger, pain,  love, surprise, beauty, lust, sex, happiness,  friendship,  loss,  hate, forgiveness, light,  darkness,  smiles with eyes closed,  motion in darkness,  lost deep in club smoke, lost in the songs moment.  Caught up in a mind instant of connection with everything or nothing.  Being Fucked out of your mind on nothing or everything and suddenly seeing the truth of the glare darkness possesses.  The myriad of shades black and darkness emit. Seeing the role that light and dark fulfill in our incarnation. Obtaining some knowledge of the occult and the link to darkness and polarity.

The music beat leading building, stopping,  dropping,  climbing-climbing-climbing to the ecstatic,  orgasmic,  cataclysmic minuscule moment of the BREAK.  The soul Goth moving in the poetry of motion,  suddenly comprehending alone in the smoke and darkness.  Enlightenment only revealed by you, the rhythm and the god-like DJ.  A DJ who just took you to deaths door  left you hanging on a cliff of despair and hope.  Flooded you with industrial love. Then in one moment lost you in a paradigm of pure music, emotion, and motion. All coming together as one.  A rare,  primordial,  ancient,  spiritual experience. The darkness, intimate and personal.  Just you and your preferred music. 

Passing huge amounts of restorative energy deep into a dark walker’s inner energy reserve. At times ripping apart the veil between this world and others.  Allowing the viewer information critical to them. On the mild side, the energy could effect day or night dreams,  passing on information needed at that moment.  All of this is what it means to be Goth.  A subculture open to the darkness, embracing black, accepting of the outcasts and freaks. Simply because you are one yourself.

The darker,  negative side of life needs to exist in our creation based on duality.  Goths recognise the side that is most ignored or feared .  Darkness if approached correctly can be a friend and powerful ally.  Also understanding that a key role of a dark sider is to clean up messy dark energy left by others.  Either by an accident or deliberately.  Dark siders (not all of them Goths)  are energised by negative (dark) energy just left lying around. Most of this energy is created by light siders (mostly non-Goths). They are over stressed,  angry beyond “ normal”,  sad or depressed.  Highly negative emotions can leave traces of negative energy.  If a light sider by accident picks this up it will effect them negatively. Goths and other dark siders naturally absorb this negative energy and use it every day in more positive ways. 

It looks as if we need to steel ourselves to survive the next wave of Commercialization of Goth fashion. This is slowly taking place in society right now. Goth is a subculture that like punk holds up our middle finger to convention. As  Goth Like heavy metal, rebels against the “norm”. 

However look at “hair metal” and the damage it did to the metal subculture. I don’t think Goth could survive a complete mainstreaming of the subculture.  The levels that we as Goths would need to go to be considered freaks could be hectic.  Fortunately, mainstream is fickle and will move on to something new quickly. 

Please remember that being Goth is not a phase.  It’s a lifestyle that should last a lifetime if it fits you. Stay with it,but never force it. I’m an old dude by most standards.  I have been Goth since the age of 16. I am now well into my 40’s.  I still wear black.  I revel in the night and darkness is my ally.

Most importantly the choice of music no longer defines me as a Goth.  I am one because I have a love for the darker things in life,  the macabre, dark humour, night time,  dark clothing.  Most importantly I am a freak who is at home when surrounded by others of my ilk. I’m at home in the subculture referred to broadly as Goth. 

Things Unchanged

Author: @xerxia31

Rating: G

More a ficlet than drabble :)

Our house is quiet when I get home from work, which is strange. Katniss’s car is in the driveway, but she’s not puttering in the kitchen. I imagine she’s out on the deck, enjoying the last of a truly gorgeous spring day. So I grab two beers from our fridge and make my way back to join her.

She’s curled up on the ridiculously overpriced (but admittedly comfy) loveseat she insisted we buy, reading, a soft smile teasing her perfect peach lips.

She hasn’t noticed me yet, so I pause a moment to watch her. Her bare legs, toned and tanned, are slung over the arm of the couch, painted toes swaying. She tucks a strand of raven hair behind her ear as she laughs at something on the sheets of paper she’s clutching.

Katniss is utterly captivating, her beauty exceeded only by her kindness and her loyalty. We have been best friends since we were children, and housemates since college, but I’ve loved her forever. She, however, has never given me any indication that she thinks of me as more than her best friend. And that’s enough, it really is. But I can’t change how I feel about her. God knows I’ve tried.

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You don’t have to know a lot of things for your life to make a lasting difference in the world. But you do have to know the few great things that matter, perhaps just one, and then be willing to live for them and die for them.

The people that make a durable difference in the world are not the people who have mastered many things, but who have been mastered by one great thing.

If you want your life to count, if you want the ripple effect of the pebbles you drop to become waves that reach the ends of the earth and roll on into eternity, you have to know a few great, majestic, unchanging, obvious, simple, glorious things—or one great all-embracing thing—and be set on fire by them.

—  Don’t Waste Your Life // John Piper