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Crucifix toad (Notaden bennettii)

The Crucifix Toad is an Australian, fossorial frog. It is one of the few Australian frogs to display aposematism. It is native to western New South Wales, and south western Queensland. The Crucifix Toad is the most distinctive species of frog within the Notaden genus. Whereas most Notaden frogs are dark brown in colour, the Crucifix Toad exhibits many bright colours. Its dorsal surface is bright yellow, with a cross of many colours centered on the back. The cross is outlined with large, black dots, and filled with white, black and red dots. Males reach a length of 6.3 cm, and females a length of 6.8 cm. The Crucifix Toad is a ground-dwelling frog which inhabits the arid areas of western New South Wales and Queensland. To survive long periods without water, the Crucifix Toad will bury itself underground and encase itself in a cocoon. Upon very heavy rain, they will emerge from the ground, and begin breeding in temporary ponds. The males call from within the pond to attract the female. The call is a “woop”. The frog exudes a tacky and elastic “frog glue” onto its dorsal skin when provoked. Its purpose is uncertain; it may be intended to confuse and deter predators such as snakes, or to trap biting insects.

photo credits: wiki, Tnarg 12345

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Ayee, kinda hella sloppy ask. Also I'm cool if you don't wanna do this type of one, idk if you still do these. But maybe a suicidal Patton, logicality, honestly idc about the plot I just have a weird obsession with sad Pat, maybe someone walking in on him doing something? Idk, I just really like your writing

Okay, sorry this took so long. I thought I would have trouble coming up with something, but then I ended up writing like 8 pages in google docs. Whoops!

Summary: Patton keeps hearing voices and they won’t leave him alone. He begins to accept that they are his own intrusive thoughts and that there is nothing he can do to stop them.

Warnings: suicide attempt, intrusive thoughts, defibrillation, heart problems, drowning.

He couldn’t take the voices anymore.

He had promised himself that he would stay strong for them. His family.

But did they think of him that way? Was he family?

Patton wasn’t so sure. The voices didn’t help, they only made him more uncertain about his purpose.

What are you? What are you to them? They don’t love you. They don’t need you.

He shook his head, trying to get rid of the unpleasant words. He could never tell if they were really his own thoughts or someone else’s.

You know it’s true. They only pretend to accept you out of pity. Do you know all the problems you cause? All the pain?

“Tha–that’s not true.”

Isn’t it? You were never the embodiment of happiness, but just the embodiment of pain. They know it. They feel it. No matter how much you try to keep it inside. No matter how strong you pretend to be, you are weak.

“N–no, you’re wrong. I don’t know what you are, but this–these aren’t my thoughts,” he insisted.

Oh, but we are. We are a part of you and you can’t escape yourself, unless….

“No. No, shut up. That’s not even an option.”

It’s always an option.

Patton shook his head once more and hastily moved to the door, he couldn’t take anymore of this. He knew he had to get out of there, it was his only hope. The thoughts seldom followed him outside of his own room. They would find him later, they always did. But he needed to get away before–before he started agreeing with them again.

He practically ran out the door, accidentally crashing into somebody. He fell backwards in surprise.

“Ow! What? Who? Oh uh….are you okay, Pat?”

Patton glanced up and saw that he had bumped into Virgil, who was now eyeing the moral side in concern.

“Uh yeah. Yeah, I’m alright.”

Virgil scrutinized his face with an inquisitive look, “No you’re not.”

“What? Don’t be silly. I was just surprised is all. I didn’t expect to see you, kiddo,” Patton smiled reassuringly.

The anxious side stared at him in disbelief, “You–you’re crying, Pat.”

Patton slowly raised his hand to his eyes. Sure enough, there were fresh tears there and they were still falling down his cheeks like rain.

“C’mon,” Virgil offered his hand and helped Patton up off the ground. “You can tell me everything or–if you want to–we can just hang out until you feel better.”

Patton nodded gratefully as the anxious side led him to the common room of the mindscape.

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some genyatta fluff

Some genyatta stuff I speedwrote like 3 days ago when I was really passionate about the genyatta stuff. Posting it because why not.

It’s a first kiss, start of relationship sort of deal, because those are my favorite stories to hear and tell. So, ye. Here. If I publish this somewhere im probs gonna call it “It Was Easy” because my titles blow.


It was obvious that Genji was exhausted. His breath came in heavy pants long after he sat down next to Zenyatta. He said he’d been soaked with sweat for the past hour— which wasn’t something anyone on the outside could be aware of with Genji. Zenyatta felt some guilt for working him so hard; but then, Genji had asked. It seemed he had some kind of plan that required him being at his best, but he wouldn’t share it with Zenyatta beyond that.

That was fine. Zenyatta was his master, his teacher, not his confident or family. Genji could have secrets.

That logic didn’t stop Zenyatta from worrying.

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What should one do, when what they want to be isn’t what they’re best at? Everyone fights, searching for the correct way to live their lives. What do they seek by fighting? How ought they live? No one can say. All we have is the right to waver. Like stray dogs that have hit rock bottom.
—  Dazai Osamu to Kyouka, EP. 12//EP. 24 – If I may shed my burden now

Algy selected a spot conveniently close to a life-saving device, just in case he should experience a mishap while studying what was going on in the water below, and leaned back on the hard stone wharf in the sunshine. Looking around he thought that he had never seen such a jumble of odd-looking stuff of uncertain purpose; it was piled up higgledy-piggledy all over the place, and Algy reflected that humans were undoubtedly a great deal untidier than Nature…

[Algy says that if you were unable to spot him in yesterday’s post, this one should help you locate him 😀 ]

Has there ever been a legal or moral system that accepts attempted murder of a witness to your crimes as self-defense? Especially when that witness is a child, and you are a guest in his home. […]

Concerning those crimes, what has Jaime really done to redeem himself? He’s lost a hand which has given him some much needed humility, but countless other people lost much more in the war who were not partly responsible for starting it so my sympathy is thin. He’s stopped being Cersei’s lover, but that was more her decision than his.  He’s done nothing to put right the line of succession or to repay Bran Stark, unless you count sending Brienne on an extremely vague and tardy quest to find Bran’s sisters for uncertain purposes. […]

It’s true that confessing to incest would have meant [execution], but that’s a problem entirely of his and Cersei’s own making. If you’ve dug yourself into such a hole that there’s no way out, that doesn’t mean you get to do anything and it’s OK.



“If you’ve dug yourself into such a hole that there’s no way out, that doesn’t mean you get to do anything and it’s OK.”

me: *vomits some Odincest at my dash*

Yeah if anyone wants to read this and provide some manner of encouragement so that I can actually finish it tomorrow, please do. Like I’m gonna do it anyways because Birdie has requested it and I can’t deny her anything but like. The more the merrier?

Also I am SO not here for your incest hate, these are consenting adults, not blood relatives, and moreover, fictional AND mythological figures. That horse that Odin rides is technically Loki’s son, okay? Adoptive-brother-incest is tame and I don’t have time for your BS. Don’t like? Don’t read!

(There be spoilers for the end of the Thor: Ragnarok under the cut. Yeah, I’m taking a stab at *that scene*. So sue me.)

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tag yourself: cryptid-like pictures of my puppy edition

a soothing, mysterious and unwavering presence. her purpose is uncertain but her presence is constant and instills comfort and warmth

a sleepy, dreamy ghost. soft and warm, she blankets you in her round furry form and soothes you with her soft snores

a shook baby cryp! she is often confused and unaware of how to go about day to day life, but she tries her best and that’s all that matters

a bug eyed nervous beast baby. this cryptid is often unsure of herself and her magical abilities but she is full to the brim with Untapped Raw Energy! do not doubt yourself you got this!!

Why Does Frisk Kill?

So, I’ve been nursing a thought, and I think I’m getting a bead on why Frisk might initiate and push to the end of a Kill-All … They had a great mentor. Think about Asriel/Flowey for a minute. What was their goal? What did they want?

When you spare Asgore, he says, ‘you haven’t learned a thing.’

If you kill him, he says, ‘so you finally get it.’


And if you kill him after the Omega Flowey fight, what does he say … ? “I KNEW YOU HAD IT IN YOU.”

He claims he’s not interested in regicide, aka, killing Frisk. That he’s found something FAR more interesting. But what? What could he want from them, if not that?

Asriel is lonely. In Frisk, though, they think they recognize someone who … even if they aren’t like him yet, COULD be. So they undermine them at every turn, they rip happiness away from them, they teach Frisk … No happy ending sticks … This world is Kill or Be Killed.

And every time Chara resets, uncertain of their purpose, they get dropped right back here, in front of the SOULless goat boy who, with their memory of salvation erased, wants nothing more than for Frisk to become like them.

Through loveless trial and error and trauma, Asriel learns that this world is kill or be killed.

Asriel teaches Frisk.

Frisk teaches Chara.

And together, these three are caught in a horrible dysfunctional death spiral. Somebody, save these kids from themselves …


water, eyestalk pokemon

“Scientists are uncertain what purpose its ridiculous appearance serves, some think it is to cause predators to laugh hysterically, allowing them to escape. They are poor swimmers and make ludicrous “raspberry “ noises with their mouths”

evolves via level up to


water/dark, abyss pokemon

“these deadly predators typically dwell in the deepest ocean canyons and caverns, though they sometimes rise to search for food near the surface at night. The bioluminescent parts of their body turn red when they are hunting their prey

hey yall, here’s my magikarp/gyarados line, goes from silly to scary, based on the deep sea draginfish and their absurd stalk-eyed larvae


British Private Purchase / Non-Regulation Cutlass

A private-purchase naval cutlass. These are rather enigmatic swords, whose purpose is uncertain - I have only ever seen four of them. The prevailing theory is that they were made for yachts and other private sea craft to carry for self defence. The design is very pleasing, featuring a light but sturdy 24 inch blade (which in this case has been sharpened and remains sharp), mounted with a brass shell guard and backstrap. The wooden grip would originally have been leather covered and wire-bound, but is bare wood now. The blade is solid in the hilt and this is a really nice handy little sword. If I didn’t already have another then I would probably keep this. Perfect for small boat defence (historically of course)!

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to secret: who are you really??

Secret: I am not real, nor am I fake. My purpose is uncertain. I was once a being with a terrible curse. Only now I make others suffer far worse.