Tobin Heath

Nicknames: Tobs, Toby

Age: 27

Position: Midfielder

College: UNC

First Cap on NT: 2008

Number of NT Caps: 107

NWSL Team: Portland Thorns

Current Status: Playing for NT and NWSL

What You Should Know: Is the Queen of the Nutmeg (x).  Likes to travel. Never Stays anywhere for too long (x). Played for PSG with Lindsey Horan (x). 1/3 of the New Kids (Tobin, Amy, and Lauren). 1/3 of Talley (Tobin, Kelley, and Alex). Is good friends with Alex Morgan (fandom calls them Tallex). Has two Gold Medals and one World Cup.


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Ashlyn Harris

Nickname: Ash

Age: 30

Position: Goalkeeper

College: UNC

First Cap on NT: 2013

Number of NT Caps: 8

NWSL Team: Orlando Pride

Current Status: Playing for NT and NWSL

What You Should Know: Once slapped someone with a fish (x). Has one World Cup. Is good friends with Whitney Engen (x). Is good friends with Ali Krieger (fandom calls them Krashlyn). Loves to surf (x). Loves tattoos. 


Tselha, a Tibetan living in New York City, shares her thoughts and concerns on the Panchen Lama. Earlier today Tselha emailed this video message to UNCED.

You can do the same. Send us your own video message! 

Heather O’Reilly

Nickname: HAO

Age: 31

Position: Midfielder

College: UNC

First Cap on NT: 2002

Number of NT Caps: 228

NWSL Team: FC Kansas City

Current Status: Cut from Rio Qualifying, but still plays in NWSL

Family: Married to Dave Werry (x)

What You Should Know: Known for her Game Face (x) (x) (x). Earned her first cap on the NT at 17. One of the most capped players in the world. Assisted Alex Morgan for a crucial goal against Canada in 2012 (x). Took over number 9 when Mia Hamm retired (x). Ranked 6th on the NT for assists. Named one of the top 10 Most Charitable Athletes in 2015 (x). Has three Gold Medals and one World Cup. Broke Lori Chalupny’s hand with her rock hard abs (x). ½ of the Irish Soul Sisters (Kelley and Heather).


Speaking of fast goals… 3.9 seconds.

Meghan Klingenberg

Nickname: Kling

Age: 27

Position: Defender

College: UNC

First Cap on NT: 2011

Number of NT Caps: 51

NWSL Team: Portland Thorns

Current Status: Playing for NT and NWSL

What You Should Know: She is the shortest on the team, but made one of the greatest saves during the WC (x). 1/5 of the Department of Defense (x). Loves Pittsburgh (x).  Brittani Bartok is her Creative Director. Has MEGisodes (x).  Has a third degree black belt in taekwondo (x).  Has one World Cup.

(UN) UNCED: Earth Summit 1992 by George Hunt. - YouTube

This is  a 37 minute video that blows the lid off the CO2 scam that, unfortunately, many of my liberal friends are still clinging to for various reasons.  Most of these are invested in this mind-control propaganda program because their livelihoods depend upon it, or because they have donated money to its ends.  They don’t realize that the big money supporters promulgating this scam are into exploiting their fears about “global warming” for their own power and control over governments and their representative process of decision-making.  Some are even, sadly, poisoning children’s minds with this garbage.

I ran into one of these women the other night, and naturally when I pushed back about what a crock the CO2 scam is, she called me a conspiracy theorist and starting quoting data that had been bought and paid for by entities that George Hunt discusses in this video.  Like most liberals, she doesn’t check into the fine print, the methodologies of these studies etc., she gets them second hand from progressive “front” groups which are usually funded by foundations like the Carnegies, Rockerfellers, Ford, Pew, McArthurs, et. al. so as to “launder” the insidious origins of the programming (Democracy Now! is a perfect example, getting much of its funding from the Ford Foundation).


External image

 [Remember this scam, Diana?  Did you buy this one, too?]

If this isn’t enough to de-program you, here is a podcast with George Hunt recently recorded by Gnostic Media, and Michael Rivero’s excellent info-pac on Climategate (which woke me up out of my global warming trance) can be found here (scroll down to chapter 4 to get to the meat of his presentation).  He provides lots of links and other documentation to snap you out of your mind-control.

It took me two years to realize what a scam this was, so I understand those of you who are still invested in falling for this very devious, decades-long, public relations juggernaut.  Don’t take as long as I did to break free. 

UPDATE: Thanks to social media, it looks like many are breaking free from the AGW scam.

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[Humans contribute less than one-third of one percent of CO2, and yet it’s our fault?]

04-3 ○国連気候変動枠組条約


World Water Day 201122 Mar 2011 - 22 Mar 2011 
Cape Town, South AfricaInternational World Water Day is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. 

An international day to celebrate freshwater was recommended at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). The United Nations General Assembly responded by designating 22 March 1993 as the first World Water Day.

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More Information

Message from Secretary-General message on World Water Day 2011 @here


Whitney Engen

Nickname: Whit

Age: 28

Position: Defender

College: UNC

First Cap on NT: 2011

Number of NT Caps: 20

NWSL Team: Boston Breakers

Current Status: Cut from Rio Qualifying, but still active in the NWSL

What You Should Know: Has one World Cup. Only field player on the 2015 WC roster to not get any playing time. People in the fandom refer to her as Britney because Jill seemed to forget she existed during and after the WC. Ashlyn Harris can get her to break rules (x).