Tobin Heath's Official UNC Player Bio

About Tobin…
Academic Major at Carolina: Communications
Career Plans: Follow Jesus
Hobbies: Doing anything fun with friends
Athletes I Most Admire: Rafael Nadal, Messi
Biggest Sports Thrill: It’s a thrill to be on this team
People with the Greatest Influence on my Athletic Career: Jesus, family, friends
Favorite Book: The Bible
Favorite Foods: Eggo waffles
Favorite Movie: Searching for Bobby Fischer
Favorite Class I Have Taken at UNC: Public Speaking
If I Could Travel Anywhere, It Would Be: Wherever my family is
What I Would Do on a Saturday Full of Free Time: Play Outside
If I Could Play Another Sport at Carolina, It Would Be: All of them
What I Like Most About Coach Dorrance: His honesty

Ashlyn Harris' Official UNC Player Bio

About Ashlyn…
Academic Major: Communication Studies
Career Plans: President of the United States of America or America’s next top model.
Hobbies: Getting crazy with the girls, laughing with my best friend (Whitney) until my stomach hurts, going out, and laying out at the beach.
Athlete I Most Admire: Anson Dorrance
Biggest Sports Thrill: Winning the National Championship for Kelly Muldoon. RIP, she will be in our hearts forever.
People with the Greatest Influence on my Athletic Career: My family and friends.
Favorite Book: I read so much I love them all. Reading just soothes my soul.
Favorite Foods: Steak and macaroni and cheese.
Favorite Movie: Knocked Up
Favorite TV Show: The Hills
Favorite TV Show as a Child: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Sport I Would Play Other Than Soccer: Sumo Wrestling
Superpower I Wish I Had: Harry Potter’s magic broomstick and wand so I could fly and cast crazy spells on people.
Place I Want To Live For The Rest Of My Life: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20500
I Can’t Live Without: The one, the only … Tom Sander; My family.


Tselha, a Tibetan living in New York City, shares her thoughts and concerns on the Panchen Lama. Earlier today Tselha emailed this video message to UNCED.

You can do the same. Send us your own video message! 

Class of 2017:

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I’d love any advice!

Hey Everyone!
So i want to throw out there again that I’m totally going to start reading for real human dollars since I’m not only good at it, but I love doing it, which is rare for me. My pricing is going to be really low since I’m just starting out into the community but that doesn’t mean your reading isn’t high quality!

5 Minutes = $5 (Three card spread)

10 Minutes = $10 (Five card spread)

15 Minutes = $13 (Eight card spread)

20 minutes = $15 (Celtic Cross/10 card spread)

25-30 Minutes = $20 (Celtic Cross and an extra five card spread)

I’m on UNCW’s campus, so if you’re a student we can meet up Starbucks! I will also be doing Skype and FaceTime for those who don’t live in Wilmington, NC.

All payment will be directed to my Paypal account!

Thank you in advance to everyone!


07.14.16 // {3/100}
Working on college info sheets and making checklists!
• • •
I’ve been so indecisive, but I think I’ve finally picked the colleges I’m applying too 😌 (still might add Vanderbilt, but I’m not sure yet).
As of right now I have UW and Penn State as safety schools, UVA and UNC Chapel Hill as matches, and UCLA as a reach school.