uncanny x men v1

x-men for babies pt.1

the “i dont know a damn thing for starters pre 2000s list”

- uncanny x-men ( #1 - #10 ) (1963)

- x-men: first class v1 & 2

- the gentleman’s name is magneto: uncanny x-men #104, #112, #113, #114 (1978)

- phoenix saga ( uncanny x-men #101 - #108 ) / dark phoenix saga ( #129 - #138 ) (1980)

- the new mutants (1983) (100 issues)

- x-factor volume 1 (1986)

- magneto (1993) (origin story, important)

- x-men (1991) (113 issues)

- x-men ‘92 (2015) (10 issues)

- generation x (1994) (75 issues)


Marvel Heroes vs Monsters comic covers (Happy Halloween!) 

- Captain America v1 #276

- Iron Man v1 #101

- Spider-Woman v1 #6

- Uncanny X-Men v1 #291

- Daredevil v3 #33

- Doctor Strange v2 #19

- Thor v1 #332

- Avengers v1 #353

Where to start reading Legion (David Haller)?

His first appearance was in New Mutants v1 #25

  • New Mutants v1 #26-28, 44
  • Uncanny X-men #254-255, 257-259, 269, 278, 280, 524, Annual #15
  • X-Men Forever #2
  • X-Factor v1 #69-70, 108, Annual #6
  • X-Men v2 #38-39
  • Legion Quest (X-Factor v1 #109, Uncanny X-Men #320-321, X-Men v2 40-41)
  • X-Men Omega #1
  • Excalibur v1 #121
  • New Mutants v3 #1-6, 14, 20-21, 24 
  • X-Men legacy #244, 247-253
  • X-Men Legacy v2 #1-24

We were recently asked by shinyalice if we could put together a list of all the shippy appearances of Kitty and Illyana, and after a few days of sorting through comic books older than we are, we bring you this reading list. Not all of it is romantic, and some of the encounters on the list occur between different versions of Kitty and Illyana, but we believe all the interactions in the issues listed below are very important to their relationship, as friends or more. Some of the issues we’ve included have only a panel of two, where one is thinking about the other,but others are more consequential. We’ve also tried to list everything in chronological order and included brief descriptions of what is happening to each of them at this time, so those who read only these issues won’t feel lost. If anyone sees any discrepancies in this or thinks we’ve missed something, please do let us know.

Prior to this, Illyana was a six-year-old very occasionally seen 
with Kitty, where Shadowcat read to her before she went to 
sleep. No really shippy things occur, given the age difference 
and the briefness of the appearances. 

Uncanny X-Men v1 160 (Kitty follows Illyana into Limbo. The two are rescued by the X-Men, but Illyana is recaptured by Belasco, and returns to the X-Men a second later, seven years older)

Magik: Storm and Illyana  001-004 (set during Illyana’s seven years in Limbo. Illyana meets an Alternate Universe version of Kitty Pryde, called Cat)

Illyana is back in Earth-616, and is roughly the same age as 

Uncanny X-Men v1 168 (Kitty and Illyana go dancing together)

Uncanny X-Men v1 171 (a couple of cute moments between Kitty and Illyana; they fight when Belasco turns up in the Danger Room programming)

New Mutants v1 014 (Illyana contemplates her relationship with Kitty)

New Mutants v1 015 (Illyana comes to Kitty’s rescue after she is kidnapped by Emma Frost)

Uncanny X-Men v1 183 (Kitty finds out that Piotr has been with someone else, and Illyana comforts her)

New Mutants v1 021 (Illyana wonders if she’s Kitty’s best friend)

Uncanny X-Men v1 203 (Illyana disappears from existence and her Soulsword goes to Kitty)

New Mutants v1 030 (Illyana manifests Darkchylde for the first time while battling with the Beyonder, and Kitty is with her; continuation from previous UNXM issue)

New Mutants v1 036 (Kitty takes back her dark half to save Kitty)

Uncanny X-Men v1 210 (Kitty, Illyana and Piotr find and rescue Kurt)

New Mutants v1 045 (Kitty and Illyana get jealous of other people being with them)

New Mutants v1 046 (Kitty is stuck intangible after an fight with the Marauders and Illyana thinks she may have to watch her die)

New Mutants v1 063 (more cute scenes between Kitty and Illyana)

New Mutants v1 065 (Illyana goes to Kitty to ask for her help avenging Piotr’s death)

God Loves, Man Kills (this 65-page event contains a lot of cute scenes between Illyana and Kitty; mostly out of continuity, but best placed here)

Kitty has left the Xavier Institute and now lives in London and 
trains and fights with Excalibur, while Illyana remains with the 
New Mutants under Magneto’s tutelage, until she is de-aged 
following the events of Inferno.

Excalibur v1 008 (Kitty mourns the loss of Illyana in the aftermath of Inferno, and has a brief encounter with de-aged Illyana)

Excalibur v1 010 (Kitty and Rachel return to Excalibur’s lighthouse and find Illyana’s Soulsword embedded in a rock, only able to be removed by Kitty)

Illyana, still a child, contracts the Legacy Virus.

Excalibur v1 068 (Kitty contemplates Illyana’s inevitable death from the Legacy Virus)

Illyana dies to the Legacy Virus

Excalibur v1 074 (Kitty mourns Illyana’s death from the Legacy Virus)

X-Men Unlimited v1 037 (Kitty mourns Illyana’s death from the Legacy Virus, and encounters an Illyana from an Alternate Universe)

A lot of time passes between these two issues, and a lot of 
thing happen to both Kitty and Illyana, with them barely having 
contact with each other. Illyana is brought back to life by 
Belasco in Limbo, without her soul. Kitty leaves Excalibur and 
goes to college in Chicago, before she is invited back to the 
X-Men. Kitty becomes trapped in a bullet that was meant to 
destroy Earth. Illyana is imprisoned on Utopia for killing the 
Elder Gods and endangering her teammates. Kitty is brought back 
to Utopia, and has limited contact with Illyana. When she does, 
she is fairly  rude to her, and arguably out of character, so we 
have not included it here. Our list instead picks up again 
following Schism,  and at the conclusion  of Battle of the Atom, 
where Kitty and Illyana reunite with Scott at the New Xavier 

Battle of the Atom 002 (Kitty leaves the Jean Grey School with the help of Illyana)

Uncanny X-Men v3 018 (Kitty checks out the New Xavier School with Illyana’s help)

All New X-Men v1 018 (Kitty trains the Original 5 with Illyana’s help, and they cuddle in the snow)

Uncanny X-Men v3 015 (Girls Night Out, ft. Kitty and Illyana) [yes, this chronologically occurs after UNXM v3 018, which is mainly a flashback to a time during Battle of the Atom, but which makes more sense read following the conclusion of BotA]  

All-New X-Men 025 (technically out of continuity, contains a noteworthy two-page spread of Kitty and Illyana in a possible future AU, but nothing else of relevance)

Hulk v3 009 (Kitty and Illyana help the Hulk remove a tumour from his brain)

**Also look out for Uncanny X-Men v3 033 (according to the cover and issue descriptions, Illyana and Kitty will be fighting demons together)