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Kitty Pryde Costume Parade by the incredible Kevin Wada featuring an array of Kitty’s costumes over the years, including (1) my favorite of the batch inspired by Dazzler from Uncanny X-Men #149, (2) her space pirate ensemble from Uncanny X-Men #167, (3) a variation on the traditional school costume from Uncanny X-Men #168, (4) an instant classic in green and brown from Uncanny X-Men #169, (5) an outfit that can only have been inspired by Flashdance from Uncanny X-Men #175, (6) her skating costume from Kitty Pryde & Wolverine Limited Series #1, (7) the Shadowcat costume from the Excalibur era, and (8) her costume from the X-Men Evolution cartoon.

Speaking As a true fan

For those who are new fans, let me give you a few hints of who Lorna Dane is and her amazing history. Please know that one of the biggest points of personal ethical responsibility for me is that I don’t use assumptions nor speculations or expectations (or anything out of context) and act like everything Marvel does to Lorna is bad. Note that all Marvel’s characters have had their bad moments and worse. Everyone in Marvel has some area of their characteristics that needs to be improved. Lorna has improved significantly. She was explored by many amazing writers. As an educator, I try to cultivate a passion for learning about my Lorna Dane and pass it on to the community :)

if you are not familiar with Lorna, then you can catch up on her interesting X-Men history. The character debuted back in October 1968 in X-Men #49. Arnold Drake, Don Heck, Werner Roth, and Jim Steranko were the creative minds behind the character’s creation. When she first appeared she was introduced as the Queen of Mutants as well as Magneto’s daughter in X-Men #50 (way before we knew Anya and the the twins were his but since the twins are no longer his, they don’t count, sorry).

here is where Steranko redesigned the book’s original logo with a new 3-D masthead that virtually screamed excitement and energy. Beneath it was what has since become a classic Steranko Image:

Lorna Dane hovering in the air like a Green Goddess, her arm outstretched in regal command as energy crackles all around her. Beneath her, poised as if in fearful reverence, are the X-Men. A full-length shot of Lorna Dane in all her curvaceous grandeur is a knockout and the nice team profile of the X-men reacting to her is good too :)

The daughter of Magneto, Lorna Dane, aka Polaris, aka Mistress of Magnetism has been in tons of comic series and a key members of a number of superhero teams. Lorna’s characterization has been progressively getting better in every book I read with her starting from 1968 (and that’s including with Havok). She is instantly recognizable by her green hair. Lorna has spent most, if not all, of her time in the employ of the good guys. She’s been associated with the X-Men and some of their affiliated offshoot groups. Polaris originally served with X-Men and X-Factor, two groups centered around the composition of mutants. She has never lost her place as one of the X-Men. She has been in and out of X-Men lore. Polaris is really quite a simple girl who always been characterized as wanting to lead a normal life like most mutants. She went to school, college, earned a Master’s degree in geophysics (you can’t be “idiot” or “crazy” when you have a MASTER’S DEGREE). She enjoys leading a peaceful life and spending her time with the love of her life. Many times she wanted to wash her hands of the X-Men’s business, but every time they needed help she would definitely be there for them even if she had her reservations. She is a great helper and a valuable asset of the X-Men. She does believe in Professor-X’s cause for coexistence, which explains why she did work with the X-Men in the first place. I guess the never-ending fights have worn her out, but that has not stopped her from being the X-Man she is today. The only difference is that sometimes she needs to get away from the chaos and madness of the cruel reality. Has she been important to the X-Men mythos over the years?  Yes, she has. Is she a well-defined character?  Yes, she is.

Thanks to Len Wein, Lorna was instrumental in defeating Krakoa in Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975). Polaris interacted with the Earth’s core and created a magnetic pulse so strong that she was able to launch Krakoa into outer space.

When Chris Claremont took over the X-Men after the relaunch in 1975, he was left with a team of six mutants (Polaris included). These were the original X-Men… The Silver Age. From 1975 to 1991, Claremont was the defining voice of the X-Men franchise (that’s about 16 years). As soon as Claremont took over, he gave Lorna Dane a code name. Because of Chris Claremont, Lorna Dane becomes Polaris, and the name stuck. He also gave her a new costume when she joined the Shi’Ar (while being brain washed by Eric The Red).

So there you go. Few good things to point out. Another good thing is that he made Polaris one of the Marauders’s new leaders with another new costume.

Malice was a very interesting concept during the Inferno arc. Using her as an antagonist in his story and separated her from (X-Men) Havok. During that time (aside from when she first appeared), Polaris became more valuable :) It was crystal clear Polaris didn’t need Havok in order to carry a story.

Because of Chris Claremont, Lorna developed the first recorded case when the concept of Secondary Mutation was first introduced. When she lost her original powers, she gained some new ones. Her body mass increased, along with her strength and resistance to injury. Also the ability to develop negative emotions in anyone around her. Lorna then regained her original powers and her secondary mutation vanished. It was good to know that out of the whole Marvel Universe, she was the first to experience this previously unknown stage. Claremont gave her another costume as well.

If I’m being perfectly honest, his (Claremont) old stuff wasn’t that great. I just think he did some memorable stories during a time when the X-Men weren’t getting a lot of memorable stories (but the actual credit should go to Len Wein and Dave Cockrum who revived the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby mutant team X-Men back in 1975. Claremont owes a lot to Len and to Dave certainly on the X-Men). Anyway, we’re not in the era of Claremont. We’re in the era of the Millennials. Therefore, only new readers will go to the new stuff and since Marvel announced a while ago that they will be relaunching everything anew (so there is no need to bring old stuff to make a point that doesn’t exist but in the mind of the OLD readers). While this is true, I hope Marvel brings back the X-Factor where Peter made Lorna Dane one of the main characters :)

Because of Peter David, Lorna became not only the predominant leader of the X-Factor, but also a predominant mother figure of the X-Factor for almost 8 straight years. Peter David wrote the perfect first issue with X-Factor #71.

Then Peter David brought them back and Polaris and Havok took the reins of X-Factor Investigations! There they led for almost 2 ½ years.

Some of the most memorable moments in this run were Lorna’s origins in X-Factor #243 (yeah, after decades, but she got it).

I personally thoroughly enjoyed her origins. Peter David finally puts an end to the speculation and ambiguity. He stated that an entire issue of “Breaking Points” will be dedicated to Polaris’s past, and not the question of whether or not Magneto is her father (he is, David says). Taking story elements that go all the way to 1968. When Polaris was introduced it was revealed that she was Magneto’s daughter, firstly by Mesmero in X-Men #50 (1968). I wouldn’t call it a “retcon” as she was introduced to comics being Magneto’s daughter, the retcon was that she wasn’t his daughter.

When the X-Factor came back as an All New X-Factor (2014), they were like never before and was led by mutant Mistress of Magnetism, Polaris.

This was the first and most important step for Lorna in the establishment of her stability. David’s still got a strong handle on Polaris-as-leader where she was on her own, leading a complicated and interesting team. The whole line-up was intriguing. Peter David has a knack for taking B-list mutant characters and turning them into A minus characters. He did it with his previous runs on X-Factor and all were a perfect choice in characterization and interaction. It has a great line-up for a team book, a mix-and-match of some of the most difficult mutants to get along with in the Marvel Universe. It also doesn’t hurt that David takes an opportunity to remind us that, despite the presence of three high-profile mutants (Polaris, Quicksilver and Gambit), Lorna is the team’s true powerhouse.

The fact that Peter David chose Polaris as the leader of the group alone sets up a myriad of story possibilities. Truly she gets her moment to shine throughout the series. I don’t have complaints about any of the series and to be honest, there were no problems with issue #2 - #6. This is where Lorna started to have her moments. How can I be mad when Lorna was such badass between issues #2 to #6 and on? Those of you who haven’t gotten to this book yet, buy it and I will let you be the judge. Entirely worth reading just for the amazing roster. I recommend it. I would also recommend the story of Vulcan (Havok and Cyclops’ long lost brother) written by Ed Brubaker.

This is where a brand-new era for Uncanny X-Men begins. Fresh off X-Men: Deadly Genesis, Ed Brubaker takes the helm of Marvel’s mighty mutants. A story that won’t just affect Earth, but will rock the foundations of the entire galaxy. Uncanny X-Men: Rise & Fall of the Shi'ar Empire #475-486. Here is when Polaris was recruited by her friends and vowed to joined the X-Men (for the hundredth time) to stop Havok’s brother from destroying the lives of billions. They ended up going to space and that’s where the adventure began.

After Brubaker left Uncanny X-Men, Christopher Yost took over as writer beginning with the X-Men: Emperor Vulcan mini-series #1-5. Here’s where the Uncanny X-Men stand leading into Emperor Vulcan: Vulcan has taken over as Emperor of the Shi’Ar and Polaris, Havok, and Rachel have joined the Starjammers (led by Polavok) to aid Lilandra’s resistance against Vulcan.

Specifically in issue #4-5, Lorna stood on her own leading the Starjammers when Havok went on a mission all on his own to face his Brother, Vulcan. Christopher Yost also took the opportunity to remind us that Lorna was the team’s true powerhouse. In this mini she shields the Starjammers’ ship against the attacks from the entire regiment of Shi'ar (soldiers) warbirds. With one single blast she blew up a HUGE starships.

Christopher Yost follow up X-Men: Kindbreaker and it’s set immediately after the conclusion of the mini-series Emperor Vulcan.

During the mini-series against Vulcan, Lorna was rather competent and strong. The fight scene pitting Polaris up against Vulcan was extremely awesome. She was even holding a whole ocean on her own. Brubaker and Yost provided us with a lot of good moments where Lorna was pretty much shining through the whole era of Vulcan’s Origins. They made her one of the most powerful mutants in space. Lorna clearly was their sources of influence and inspiration. I liked that we got to see the X-Men (Polaris) off planet :) After this event, War of Kings came along.

The six issue limited series crossover storyline written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning was another amazing book. This is an action-heavy event comic. This book is exciting, sure, but Abnett and Lanning seem to be aiming quite a bit higher than that. At lease to me when it comes to Lorna. Both Abnett and Lanning were glad to let’s us know that in their story, Lorna (still) is the powerful mutant who was able to summons her gifts.

Lorna looks gorgeous with her glowing eyes. The story is about a war between the Vulcan led Shi'ar empire and the Inhuman led Kree empire. Lorna and the Starjammers played a large role in the War of Kings storyline. She appeared throughout the crossover of War of Kings. Starting from War of kings main series #1-6, War of Kings: Ascension #3-4, War of Kings: Warriors #2, War of Kings: Who Will Rule (one shot), and War of Kings: Guardians of the Galaxy #13. Whooo, that’s a hell of a lot.

Let me remind you this is where we see Lorna interacting with her “niece” Luna and “sister in-law” Crystal. This was a very cool interaction that they have given Lorna and Crystal and were befitting both characters. They were talking about Crystal’s wedding, Lilandra, the new outlook the Inhuman race has taken, how fortunate would be if Crystal gets to join Polaris’s crew to help with the situation with Lilandra etc etc. While Lorna was playing with her “niece” and how cute they were. After the Accuser was hurt, Lorna plays an important role in regaining Kree popular support for the Inhumans by making sure that Crystal’s humanitarian acts towards the injured Kree civilians are broadcast all over the Kree networks. She stood by Crystal the whole time supporting her and advising her.

PS: I like the part where Lorna grabs the communicator away from Havok and announces to the Kree that she is Crystal Amaquelin Maximoff’s sister in-law attempting to attend her wedding. The kree Immediately open the shield. Funny because when Havok was trying to hail the kree to open the shield, they ignored him, lol.

Lorna is now under Cullen Bunn’s pen and I’m just glad she’s in good hands with Wells. When Magneto’s own book first debuted, we saw Polaris during Secret Wars (not to mention, through most of the Secret Wars books), trying to help her father stop the world from being destroyed.

Then she had a small significant appearance in Uncanny X-Men #12. Under Cullen Bunn’s pen, Lorna surprisingly appeared in Deadpool and the Mercs for Money #7-8. Not to mention, a menacing leader just like her father.

She then returned to X-Men Blue in full force and she immediately stood out ever since. She’s back not only as a member of the new X-Men but also as the (leader) teacher of the new X-Men and as the daughter of Magneto, of course.

What I’ve seen out of Lorna interacting with Magneto is that it highlights all the great qualities Lorna has to offer. Working with Magneto gives her an opportunity to learn new tricks with her powers, and often Magneto’s roles lead Lorna to chances she can be in real positions of power that truly test her intellect and skills. There are still more to come under Bunn’s pen.

Soon we will see Polaris on screen in the upcoming tv show called The Gifted. Be ready for this show because she’s going to be introduced as “a strong-willed, brave and loyal mutant who has the ability to manipulate magnetism.” and as Magneto’s daughter.

Polaris was given a lot more freedom than just being an X-Man. Her character was chosen as a nod to the passionate community of fans she has cultivated over the years. Christopher Yost , Chris Claremont, Peter David, Mike Carey, Cullen Bunn, Ed Brubaker, Chuck Austen, Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and so many others have given the fans what we wanted. There are few more of Lorna’s writers that I would like to talk about but I’ll leave it for some other time. Know this is part of the history of Lorna Dane. I will continue on another post :)

In my experience and achievement:

Speaking from my experience as a person involved for a long time and as a true fan (oh believe me), I have done more than those who are considered “valuable fans” Don’t think I’m sitting here faking my ass as a Polaris’s fan because I have done everything I can. Even yelled out LOUD to Marvel/writers to hear my prayers. Why do you think Polaris is becoming more popular now? Certainly not because of those who kept complaining and denigrating her for decades. Otherwise, she would have been famous a long ago. I feel though, that ever since I started making all those post, defending Lorna with all “those” who attacked me previously and trying to break me (little did they know… they made me stronger) so I can somehow give up my fight with my favorite character. You don’t see me complaining about my favorite characters and repeatedly stating  how bad Marvel/Claremont/etc are treating Lorna. You will always see me in the contrary. Stepping up for Lorna while others are trying to downgrade her. Check in here @bitchybeautyboy and see for yourself with the many “people” I had to face to defend Lorna. You’ll be surprised.

What I said about Marvel being involved in this upcoming new tv show, The Gifted, It’s true. Marvel is involved in this tv show and ever since, Lorna is emerging. Now she’s treated as on a high pedestal and (again) certainly not because of those who are “valuable fans”. More likely because of me and a few other people out there that I know… who care about Lorna DEEPLY. Now that Polaris is becoming more recognizable, I feel those “other fans” who tried to sabotage her relationship with many characters she interacted with and tried to destroy her repeatedly… now they want to take credit simply because they felt stupid their whole life. It’s kind of too late to say Marvel is going to or “might destroy” Polaris because she has been promoted more than any other character would have (on screen) for this show.

I had a great experience with some good people out there as well as with some bad ones. The bad ones are the ones that made me stronger. So, if you’re a new fan… take some notes and learn so when they come after you… doing the same thing everywhere you go… you’ll be prepared for then.

I love Lorna Dane and am proud to be a Polaris’s fan. Just remember this is not the end. You will see more from me and read a lot more from me. I will leave you guys here for now… until then.

(For those who starting liking and rebloging this, sorry this was not complete. I posted this last night at 3am and was going to continue today. I was extremely tired and didn’t have the time to correct a few mistakes and post some images. Now it is complete. My apologies)

Where to start reading Laura Kinney/X-23?

Let’s start with her first appearance in NYX #3

  • X-23 vol.1
  • X-23: Target X
  • NYX #3-7
  • Uncanny X-Men vol.1 #450-451
  • Marvel Team Up vol.3 #5-6
  • X-Men vol.2 #165
  • Uncanny X-Men vol.1 #455-460
  • Captain Universe/X-23 #1
  • New X-Men vol.2 #20-22, 23, 24-27, 28-32, 33-37, 38-41, 42-43
  • Messiah War crossover
  • X-Force vol.3
  • X-23 vol.2
  • X-23 oneshot
  • Daken & X-23 ‘Road to Hell Prequel
  • Avengers Academy #22, 29-31, 32-33, 34-37, 38-29
  • Avengers Arena
  • All New X-Men (starting from #19)

Where to start reading Pixie?

Let’s start with her first appearance in New X-Men vol.2 #5

  • New X-Men vol.2 (especially #12-15, 21, 23-25, 27, 35-43)
  • Messiah Complex arc
  • X-Men: Divided We Stand #1
  • Secret Invasion: X-Men
  • X-Men: Pixies & Demons #1
  • Uncanny X-Men #500-503
  • X-Men: Manifest Destiny
  • Uncanny X-Men #505-507
  • X-Infernus #1-4
  • X-Men: Worlds Apart #3-4
  • Uncanny X-Men #509-515
  • Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Utopia
  • X-Men: Legacy #226-227
  • Dark Avengers #5
  • Dark X-Men: The Confession #1
  • Dark Avengers/Uncanny X-Men: Exodus #1
  • Dark Reign: The List - X-Men #1
  • Nation X #1-2, 4
  • Uncanny X-Men #516, 521-522
  • X-Men Legacy #230, 234, 248, 250
  • X-Men: Pixie strikes Back
  • X-Men: Second Coming arc
  • X-Men: Second Coming - Revelations: Hellbound #1-3
  • New Mutants vol.3 15-21, 24
  • Uncanny X-Men #530-534, 536, 541-542
  • X-Men Vol. 3 #1, 3, 4, 11-14, 15.1, 16-19
  • Generation Hope #11-13, 14
  • Uncanny X-Men vol.2
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  • X-Men vol.3 #28-37, 40-41
  • Wolverine and the X-Men
  • X-Men Legacy vol.2
  • X-Men vol.4 #1-3, 11-13
  • Inhumanity: The Awakening

If you think I missed something let me know :)


1) The Last Phantom #12. Cover art by Alex Ross

2) Spider-Island #2 variant by Gabriele Dell'Otto on Tumblr

3) Lantern City aka Star Wars: Dark Times: A Spark Remains #1 by Benjamin Carré

4) First page from Uncanny X-Men # 186 | Art by Barry Windsor-Smith (thanks ungoliantschilde!)

5) Thor by Bill Sienkiewicz

6) Dylan Dog by Luca Maresca

7) Daenerys Targaryen by Yang Bilong

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