seoul fashion week: k-pop to double eye lid surgery

a british model tries to figure out korea; their obsession with beauty, fashion, celebrity ideals and it is the most interesting thirty five minute documentary i’ve watched in a very long time

it’s very rare for a non korean to be able to interview such people, especially when not everything about it is complimentary; there’s so much censorship in the entertainment industry of korea, and any fan will know how corrupt it is - things you might be especially interested in

  • interview with ha sang baek, who’s been in charge of shinee’s fashion since their debut: commentary on the varied responses to sherlock’s concept, in particular, taemin’s sexual appeal and the hate he received because of it (fans still thinking him a cute baby) 
  • interview with infinite that was abruptly cut off at the first mention of girls or ‘girlfriends’ - this brings to mind a freelance journalist who was able to interview shinee, i read his article over a year ago and it was so shocking to me back then - he thought it was ridiculous, the manager was watching them and would pass over questions if deemed questionable, he wasn’t able to veer from the screenchecked questions, and was also cut off when he tried to flirt with other topics (also at how these idols turn 'on’ and 'off’ so quickly, look at their expressions before and after when they’re getting into position)
  • interview with d-unit: the translations aren’t on point in the documentary, but one of the girls easily says that she thinks plastic surgery is a great invention … a bit of information about how the appeal of being sexy draws the audience in, but is also about female empowerment

i found all the commentary by the model spot on