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Carolina - Duke: The Greatest Rivalry in Sports

The tradition continues tomorrow.

Black tumblr Cookout

So yugenpharaoh and I would like to see if we can make this happen for the summertime blackout date, June 21st. We want to invite all of black tumblr far and wide out to get down with yo bad self and enjoy the sun on the skin god gave you!

On June 21st, we will be out in DURHAM, NC at Cook Road Park. We will be bringing charcoal and a bit of food and drinks for everyone to enjoy, taking photos, and whatever else we can do on a beautiful day at a public park. We’ll most likely start setting up and be out there by 12pm so anyone is welcome!

Piedmont Triangle (North Carolina) Gothic
  • “Duke or UNC?” your teacher asks you in kindergarten. “Duke or UNC?” the children ask, mimicking her for years to come. There is no right answer.
  • There are plantations everywhere. Everyone knows there were slaves. No one acknowledges the fact. It wouldn’t be right.
  • “Sweet or Unsweet tea?” your server asks. “Sweet,” you answer. Did you ever really have a choice?
  • It rains. You blink. It’s still raining but now it’s sunny. “That North Carolina weather,” the man next to you says jokingly. You nod, he nods. You’re both afraid of what might happen next.
  • It’s August and you cannot remember a day when it did not thunderstorm in the afternoon. 
  • “It’s just the humidity,” they say. “It would be nice if not for the humidity,” you reply. The humidity lingers, reveling in your fear.
  • You hear a southern accent. Ten miles away no one had one. 
  • Driving down the road, you watch for deer. And the people walking on the road because there are no sidewalks. The road is for us all. 
  • The lane markings are disappearing from the road. Were they ever there? No one knows. 
  • “Voter fraud,” the governor says. You’ve never heard of a case. “Voter fraud,” the governor repeats. It makes sense, you think. “Voter fraud,” you say with him.
  • The confederate flag in your neighbor’s yard has always been there. It’s there waiting for the South to rise again. You don’t know when it will happen, but you still live in fear.
  • Shots ring out. It’s not hunting season. Suddenly you wish it was.
  • Your parents aren’t from here. Is anyone who lives in Chapel Hill truly from here?
  • The word y'all pervades every corner. There is no escape. You will use it. It finds us all one day.
  • You could swear this place looked different three years ago. How fast everything changes, you tell people. They nod. There is nothing but change.
  • They’re building something in downtown Chapel Hill. There’s no more room, but they keep building things. There must always be construction.
Rolling Stone Ft. Cadillac CAT - SoundCloud

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