Just "Friends" | Calum Hood | (requested)

-Y/N’s POV-

“Ugh why can’t we just go together?” I groan through the phone.

“The media will practically blow up if they see us together again. You know how our fans are, one wrong move and BAM, the rumors start again.” Calum replies.

“Yeah but we’re not actually dating.” I roll my eyes even though he couldn’t see.

“We know that but they don-. Alright I gotta go I just pulled up to the party. Remember to arrive 20 minutes, not a second before. Got it?”

“Yeah yeah yeah. I get it.”

“Okay babe I’ll see you inside!” He says and the line goes dead.

After 20 solid minutes of driving around, we finally pull up at the party. I quickly unbuckle my seatbelt and grab my purse, eager to get out.

My driver pops out and opens my door, guiding me through the crowd of fans and the dozens of paparazzi who were all shouting the same thing, ‘Are you and Calum Hood dating?’

As soon as I get inside the party, my eyes immediately search for Calum, ignoring all the celebrities and alcohol that lined the club.

“Y/n!” I hear Calum call my name and I rush over towards him, him engulfing me in his arms.

We pull away and he smiles down at me.

“Come on, the guys are over here.” He intertwines his fingers with mine and leads me over to the VIP lounge section.

I look down at our hands and smile to myself. Even though we aren’t dating I’ve always had a thing for Calum and I can’t help but think he has a thing for me too.

But then again, he’s THE Calum Hood and I’m just… that supermodel who occasionally walks the runway for Dior in Paris.

We’ll never be compatible. It’ll just never work out.

A guy with a tray full of shots stop me as we reach the boys.

Calum motions for me to go ahead as he goes to sit down next to Luke and I’m left to chose between Tequila and Vodka.

After I get my starter and go to sit down I notice there are no more seats left.

“There’s nowhere to sit.” I say to Calum and he smirks, patting his lap.

I let my heart speed up for a second before taking up his offer and casually sitting on his lap.

The vibration from his laughter from what one of the boys said shakes me out of my thoughts.

“Looks like Calum and y/n are getting some tonight.” Ashton laughs, obviously intoxicated.

Michael shakes his head. “By the way y/n looks, I might just take her home myself.”

And on cue, Calum wraps both of his arms around my waist. I can’t help but grab one of hands and he immediately intertwines them.

I focus on not applying too much weight on him and getting my breathing in order.

Oh god he probably thinks I’m a weirdo.

Calum isolates himself from the boy’s conversation redirects his attention to me.

I turn my head to side and stick my tongue out at him, only for him to do it in return. We both laugh and ‘ew’ each other as our tongues almost touch.

“I could’ve gotten coodies.” I pout.

“Not from me babe, I can promise you I’m coodies free.” He laughs and lightly kisses my cheek.

“Ew now I need to go to the doctor. I’m sick.” I wine.

“I’ll make you feel better.” He leans in and I freeze at his actions.

Was he actually going to kiss me?

Our lips brush then he quickly move his mouth away to my nose and peck the top.

“Tease.” I huff and turn back around, crossing my arms in front of my chest.

“Only for you baby girl.”

He pulls me closer to him and nuzzles his face into my neck and I completely forget how to breath, and my heart threatening to beat out of my chest.

It’s too much that I unwrap myself from Calum and abruptly stand up, trying to search for the air that Calum stole from my lungs.

“Are you okay?” Calum asks and I notice everyone’s eyes were now on me.

“Y-yeah I’m fine. I-I just…um. Gotta stretch my legs, you know, the fun life of a supermodel.” I lie and Calum tilts his head at me.

He has this amazing superpower of sensing when somethings wrong.

He pulls me over to a corner and I find myself staring at something behind him. I’ve finally gotten myself to calm down a little bit and looking at that angel himself would just make me go into cardiac arrest.

He uses his fingers to tilt my head up and I notice how close we actually are.

My heart speeds up yet again and I find him leaning in again.

I let out a sigh and he freezes.

“I swear to go Calum if you do this again I won’t talk to you ever again.” I whisper and he lets out one of those god-like laughs.

I don’t get to reply before he presses his lips against mine.

He pulls away and looks me in the eye, moving a few strands of hair out my face.

I was actually 100% sure right then and there I was actually dead because I wasn’t breathing at all and my heart was moving so fast I couldn’t comprehend it.

“I thought we were friends.” I break the silence.

He smirks, “Baby you knew full well we’d end up like this.”

He pecks my lips again. “Let’s go home.”

“Do I have to wait 20 minutes again?”

“No I think they’ll be fine.”

We say bye to the boys and lead ourselves outside where the car was and once again, the screaming, flashing, and questions arise.

“Are you two a thing?” One paparazzo shouts.

“No we’re just friends!” I laugh as we enter the car.

As soon as the door shuts Calum pounces on me, forcing his lips against mine and digging his hands through my hair.

Because, you know, we’re just friends.


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The Road Ahead Part 2

Description: After the fun ride home with Dean. Both the reader and Dean cannot wait to get there hands on each other as they finally arrive home. 

For:  lolzmuffinz365

Pairings: Female ReaderXDean Winchester 

Triggers: Smut and fluff

“Shhhh”, Dean whispered. Laughing slightly as he grabbed your hand, pulling you into the bunker. You had finally arrived at home after the interesting drive. The excitement was still lingering strong and you knew what was about to go down. Quietly you stumbled into your room, it was the furthest away from Sam’s room, not wanting him to interrupt any thing good. As soon as the door closed Dean rushed towards you, grabbing the back of your head, he kissed you deep and long. He moaned as you trailed your fingers down, unbuckling his pants. He mimic your notation and pulled your shirt overhead. Kissing your neck he whispers, “ now it’s my turn”. He lifts you up and a tiny giggle escape your mouth. He finished removing his clothes but he took his time removing your jeans. Slowly slipping off your panties, rubbing his hands along the inside of your thighs. He looks up at you as if asking for permission, you nodded trying not to look to eager. Dean spreads apart your legs, kissing your belly. This made you arch your back in pleasure, you could feel the smile as Dean took his time going lower and lower. He knew he had you, he wanted to take his sweet time, making all the right moves. “Ugh”, you moaned. A shock of pleasure consumed your body as his lips kissed you there. Dean’s tongue quickly began to fill you and waves of tiny moans and groans left your mouth. One of his hands began to work on your breast which triggered unexpected orgasm. Lightly pulling his hair, holding him in place as you arrived was like being on a cloud. After a short while you came down releasing your grip on Dean’s hair. This motioned him to creep slowly back up until he was kissing your neck again. “We’re even now”, Dean said in between kisses. “Shut up”, you lightly punch him in the shoulder. “It’s true but I’m not done with you yet”, he lifts his head to meet your eyes and a smirk appears on his beautiful freckled face. “It’s gonna be a long night, (y/n)”, he finishes as he turn you over for another long road ahead.    

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ok so I need to know. who's good at dirty talk and who absolutely sucks at it? who THINKS they're good but is rly awkward? who sucks but tries their best anyway? dirty talk is my jam, man

Cait: Anything that comes out of her mouth is dirty. She’s good at it, doesn’t have to try. But it’s not outrageously obscene.

Curie: When Sole asked her to talk dirty to them, she began explaining the dangers of bacteria and the necessity of washing your hands with soap and water. They stopped her, attempted to explain it, and it just still didn’t click. She tries. She really does.

Danse: Terrible. He’s terrible. At least he starts that way. He can’t find the words half of the time. He starts to get the hang of it eventually, but he still is just okay. Sexiest thing he ever said to Sole was when he began unbuckling his belt and said “On your knee’s, soldier.” (on a seperate note please for the love of god read this fic it makes me weep from laughter)

Deacon: Doesn’t dirty talk a lot, but when he does it’s a fucking delight to listen to. He’ll purr it right into Sole’s ear while he touches them. Sometimes he kills the mood though. Like the time he began saying nothing but Guy Fieri catchphrases. He started calling Sole’s genital’s flavortown.  

Hancock: A beast. An absolutely beast. The things that come out of his mouth would make the filthiest of people to a double take. He could make someone cum just by whispering into their ear. He probably has. Likes to come up behind Sole and begin whispering what he wants to do to them while he feels their inner thighs. Did I mention he likes to do this  i n  p u b l i c? He’s a monster. 

Kent: He tries, he really does. It’s sort of endearing when he attempts it. It’s weird when he does it well. Sole and him decided dirty talk wasn’t for Kent in  the end.

MacCready: Can hardly do anything but moan during sex. But if you are luck, and he manages to stop whining like the little whore, he’s pretty decent at dirty talk. Not on Hancock’s or Deacon’s level, but still pretty good. 

Maxson: Oh, he’s good. Very good, actually. Tells you when he wants. Tells you if you are doing a good job. Tells you what he’s going to do. The phrase “You like how my cock feels inside of you?” has been used more than once before. What people don’t know, is that the first time Sole tried talking dirty back, he turned as red as a tomato and literally came then and there.

Piper: She is horrendous at it and she knows it. Everytime she tries, she and Sole will end up laughing or making a weird face. “Maybe next time.” “Yeah, next time.” A good sport about all the jokes Sole makes about it.

Preston: The stuff he says isn’t dirty, but god almighty he knows just what to say in bed. “You feel amazing.” “You taste so good.” Unending praise. The one time he tried to really incorporate some dirty talk, it was a disaster. Sole ended up sobbing with laughter on the floor while he sat with his face in his hands. The laughter woke up Sanctuary. Deacon, Piper, and Hancock ran into the room because they thought someone had been hurt. Preston will never live that day down.

Valentine: He doesn’t do dirty talk. He doesn’t need to do dirty talk. The stuff he says to Sole in bed is just plain sexy. The way he purrs thing into Sole’s ear when he touches them is sensual as all hell. 

X6-88: His dirty talk isn’t soft and sweet like Preston’s is. It’s absolutely vulgar. Hancock over heard Sole and him in bed and spat out his drink with shock. 

Modern AU: A New Neighbour.


Logan Barnett drove behind the moving truck. The window open to let the afternoon summer wind run through his hair. The radio blaring. Is Irish terrier, Roger, in the passenger seat. This only family at this point.
He had lost everything. His friends, his parents, his whole life.
That’s why he was moving into a town called, The Commonwealth. He had never heard of it, knew no one there, and no one knew him.
He continued to follow into the town. Seeing the welcome sigh and then the local stores and other public buildings. Soon they were driving into the neighbourhood, and he saw many personal touched homes. It made him smile, he had a feeling he was going to like to here.
The truck stopped in front of his small home. It was a simple, single level house.
He parked and unbuckled Roger. He then got out and walked around to open the door of his dog.
Roger jumped out and sniffed around a bit before settling beside his owner. Logan locked his car and walked over to the truck.
The driver was opening it, revealing his furniture and boxes of items. He walked up to the drive and flashed him a smile.
“Thanks. Why don’t you go relax while I unpack. We’ve been driving all day.” Logan said to the man, friendless seeping in his voice.
The man blinked at him. “Really? Thank you.” He said sincerely. Then he started walking down the sidewalk, stretching his legs.
Logan smiled and jumped inside the truck, taking out his boxes and placing them on his new front lawn.

🐵 was the first to go.
Aware of what sadistic things his co-sub might inflict back on him, the small little 🐒 is content with just a little stripping and a whole lot of cock polishing. After awhile, 🐵 felt that the cock was not accessible enough and begun unbuckling the belt for further access

First date

Sitting in the car Oz gripped the steering wheel with both hands. Taking deep breathes he tried to calm his racing pulse. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Looking up at the house he finally unbuckled, opened the door and forced himself out. Sheer muscle memory brought him up the walk and to the door where he knocked before his brain could over process and send him back to the safety of his car. Fiddling with the end of his tie he looked down at his ratty converse sneakers and chewed on the inside of his cheek. He had a plan, a secondary plan and a backup plan for that. Theo had already agreed to meet them at the bowling alley if he couldn’t take it and Pip was on stand by for a movie should she not want to go to dinner or bowling. Seconds felt like hours as he waited for the door to open. His heart pounded in his ears didn’t drown out the sound of the lock disengaging which made his breath catch in his throat as the door opened and he came face to face with Bea. His smile wasn’t forced but it still felt awkward on his face. “Hi.” he managed without puking.


What Would Your Favorite American Horror Story: Hotel Character Read?

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part 2 to the mgg road trip ?? xx

Yes!  Yes, yes, and more yes.  Here is Part 2 to Road Trip, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 1  Part 3)

After 2 more hours of driving, and lots of light knee squeezing, you finally approach your first exit that has both food AND lodging.

“There!  Turn there!” you yelp, pointing your finger at the exit.

Barreling towards Matthew as he rips the car to the right, he slows down as he takes the exit, pulling into the 24/7 diner at 10:43 PM.

“I.  Am.  Starving,” you enunciate as you unbuckle your seat-belt.

“And exhausted,” Matthew adds.

“Coffee it is, then!” you yelp as you thrust your fist into the air.

“Coffee at 11 PM?” Matthew chuckles as he furrows his brow.

“There’s nothing better than cheap diner coffee,” you muse, getting lost in your collegiate memories as he shakes his head.

“Alright.  Breakfast and cheap diner coffee it is.”

Walking into the diner, not a soul in sight, you fiddle with your purse as you pull a few quarters out from the bottom of the bag, sticking them into the old jukebox as you pick a few songs to play.

Sliding into the booth, Matthew on the other wide, you smile at each other as a waitress comes to your side, smiling wide as she sets menus in front of you both.

“Hi,” she says cheerfully, “what can I get you two?”

Watching her as she stares at Matthew, you chuckle lightly as she looks your way.

“Oh my god, it’s both of you.  Here.  In this diner.  Oh my god, I ship you guys so hard!”

Furrowing your brow as you look over at Matthew, his slitted eyes looking up at her from his rounded glasses as he nods and smiles, he glances over at you as he whispers, “It’s when someone really wants our characters to get together in the show.”

“Oooooh!” you exclaim, looking back up at the waitress and smiling, “Well, thank you!”

“Oh, no, no!  Not your characters!…though they would be awesome as well, I meant the two of you!  In real life!!”

Listening to her squeal over you two was a first.  If you weren’t on set, you were snaking through back roads to get back home.  You ditched the photography whenever you could, still very uneasy with the whole scenario that came with your new job position.

“Really?” you ask, looking at her stunned as she nods her head quickly.

“You guys would be perfect.  The two of you are quirky, and have the same kinds of glasses frames.  And Y/N loves coffee and books,” she says to Matthew, “…and MGG loves coffee and reading to others,” she says as she looks back at you.

“MGG?” you mouth to Matthew.

“I’m so sorry,” the girl says, “what can I get you guys to eat?”

“Uh…” you say, looking down at the menu.

You could tell he was just as stunned.

“Coffee for us both,” Matthew says as he looks at the menu, “and I’ll take some hash-browns and a grilled cheese along with a slice of sweet potato pie,” he says as he hands his menu back.

“That…actually sounds amazing,” you say as you look back up at the waitress, “I’ll have the same.”

“See!?  Ohmygod…perfect,” she exclaims as she takes your menu from you.

As she walks away, Matthew’s gaze turns back to you, his torso leaning forward slightly.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you wear glasses,” he murmurs.

“I look dorky in them,” you snicker as you look down at your hands.

“What’s wrong with that?” he asks.

There was a lot he didn’t know about you.  Like the fact that middle and high school was horrendous.  Your collegiate years?  A bit better.  You fell into a group of 3 other girls who were just as insecure as you were, trying to find yourselves while getting an education.

You don’t think any of you had succeeded, but you all graduated with honors and great grades.

Preparing your diner coffee as you sip it, Matthew’s eyes glued to your ever expression, he sees the slight waft of sadness as you relish in your memories.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it,” he says.

“No!  No, no…you’re fine,” you say, your gaze coming back up to his, “I’m just not as comfortable with my dorky side as you are,” you state.

As he smiles kindly at you, you take another sip of your coffee.

“I mean, you own it, and it’s become a part of why your fans enjoy you so much.  I tried for years to bury it because I didn’t deal with the bullying throughout school very well, and instead of rising above it, I allowed it to fester and…and change me in ways that, to this day, I still don’t realize.”

“It’s still weird for me,” he says as he picks up his coffee and settles back, “being the object of affection for so many people.  The thing that helped was the people I did end up finding that accepted, and even loved, my weirdness.”

“Yeah, well…the three gals in college that I did find were like me: trying to bury their quirks to appear part of the masses.  To us, not standing out at all meant we weren’t teased.”

You felt the pangs of tears hit the back of your eyes as you flutter them down to your coffee again.

“I’m so sorry,” Matthew muses.

Sipping your coffee in silence, you smile thankfully when the food is set in front of you, going straight for the ketchup as you slather your hash-browns in it.

“Ketchup on your hash browns?” he asks.

“No different than ketchup on your french fries,” you rebuttal.

“Huh,” Matthew states.

“I have an idea,” he says with a mouthful of grilled cheese.

“And what is that?” you reply after swallowing hard.

“Don’t wear your contacts anymore for the trip,” he says.

Staring at him blankly, you snicker incredulously.

“You’re kidding,” you say flatly.

“No.  I’m not.  I’ll wear mine the rest of the trip, if you wear yours,” he says.

“I don’t look sexy in them like you do, Matthew,” you say.

As silence permeates the table, the girl behind the counter squealing at what you had just said, you begin to blush at your statement as Matthew bows his head and chuckles.

“Thanks,” he says.

“No problem,” you mutter, closing your eyes as you take another bite of your hash-browns.

“You know, I didn’t have a goal for this trip.  Just to get out and away from California and get to know you better.  But now?  I think I do,” he says.

“And what’s that?” you ask meekly, looking up at him as your face continues to redden with embarrassment.

And as he reaches over the table, taking your hand and squeezing it just as the waitress snaps a picture of it on her phone, a smile cracks the side of your face as Matthew says, “We’re gonna find you.”

girls are not meant to fight dirty / 6

biiig thanks to @professor-maka and @dollypopup for looking this over for me! ♥


Uncle Frank lowers his newspaper and plucks the cigarette from his lips. “Well, well, well.”

Maka finally trips over her heels and ends up stumbling through the doorway, nearly taking her father’s potted plant with her on the way down. She shrieks, flailing spectacularly, as she grasps at the door frame with one hand and slaps the other over her galloping heart.

“You scared me!” she gasps.

He chuckles and flicks the cigarette. “Does your mother know that you’re out?”

Her brows furrow. She’s halfway through unbuckling her heels and kicking them off when he grinds the cig into a nearby potted plant and sits up straight. “ABBA reference.”

Maka blinks. “Aunt Marie?”


“I was going to say,” Maka says, hobbling into the living room to lean on the couch, rubbing the arch of her foot. “I haven’t talked to Mama in a few months. I don’t see why she’d care if I was out or not–”

“It was a popular song. I think.” He blinks sluggishly and watches her take a seat on the arm of the couch. “But that’s not the point, I suppose. You were out awfully late for someone who’s grounded. Spirit sent me to make sure you were in bed and not up watching movies.”

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Jin Takes Your Daughter to the Beach for the First Time

  Gravel crunches against the tires of the car as Jin pulls into a parking space by the beach.

“Here we are!” you excitedly tell your four year old daughter. This is the first time you and Jin were taking her to the beach and you both had your fingers crossed that she would like it.

“Yaaay!” your daughter yells as Jin unbuckles her car seat and puts her on the ground. “Don’t run off now. Wait for mommy and daddy.” he warns her and grabs onto her small, chubby hand.

“Hurry up!” she whines at you as you pull out the beach blankets and cooler from the trunk of the car. “I am, I am.” you convince her as you shut the car doors and lock them. Jin takes the cooler from you and the three of you make your way to the sandy beach.

“Oh My God! This is so soft!” your daughter exclaims as she feels the sand under her feet. Jin gets dragged down to the water by your overly excited toddler, so you decide to set up the beach blankets and then join them in the waves.

    After a long day of water fights, castle building contests, and chasing down the ice cream truck just to have your daughter’s ice cream fall and daddy having to buy the sobbing baby another one, the three of you settle down to watch the sunset.

    You and Jin talk about the upcoming album release and the inevitable tour that goes along with it, while your curious baby girl keeps her eyes on the now orange sun, not quite believing that it would completely disappear.

You and Jin quiet down as you start seeing less and less of the setting star. Admiring the beauty of the sunset, Jin puts his arm around you, pulling you close while your daughter climbs into his lap, still intently staring at the sun.

Slowly but surely, the sun completely disappears from sight, causing your baby’s brown eyes to grow round as she spins around to face the two of you.

“It’s gone! It disappeared!” she yells, astonished. “Yes baby, it’s gone.” you laugh. “But don’t worry darling,” Jin tells her, “It will be back tomorrow.”

“Really?” she questions, still unable to comprehend what she had just witnessed.

“Of course it will!” he convinces her. “Just like every time I have to leave for tour.” Jin turns to look into your eyes. “I will always come back, just like the sun, because the two of you mean the world to me.”

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First Impressions

Words: 2542

Fandom/Pairing: Supernatural/Dean x Reader

Warnings: AU, Dean is a complete nerd, Sammy is a hotshot, it ends with a cliffhanger

Tagging: @etiquette-faux-pas (send me an *off anon* ask if you want me to tag you)

Author’s Note: This is part one of my Make Me Wanna Die series. I hope you guys like it.

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Caryl - things you said when you were drunk

thank you! :)

“I don’t want to talk about it,” she said as they moved down to the basement of the church, the sacred wine coursing through their veins and warming their blood.

“I just want to forget it,” she said as she unbuckled her pants, her boots, her shirt, letting the clothes slide softly down her arms and legs as Daryl did the same with his.

Help me forget it,” she whispered into his mouth as she dug her fingers into his oily, greasy, sweaty, beautiful hair and pulled, falling back onto the surface of what had once been a Sunday school teacher’s desk once upon a time, pressing her fingers into the scars on his back and clutching him to her with every ounce of strength she had within her.

In the dark, with the voices of their family muffled above them, and Daryl’s breath hot and wet against her pulse, he did as Carol asked. 

Nerves of Steel (Zico)

“What if he doesn’t like me” Zico asked as he pulled into your parent drive way. “What if he says you can’t see me anymore?”

“Seriously we’ve been over this how many times now? I am an adult, he really has no say. You’ll be fine. Besides he saw the Very Good video, So he already thinks your strange.”

Zico mouth dropped, “you showed him that!”

Shrugging you responded, “Well he asked what it was you did for a living. He wanted specifics when I said ‘music industry’”

He groaned and banged his head against the steering wheel. “Let’s get this over with.”

You unbuckled your seatbelt and got out. He walked around to where you were and grabbed your hand, squeezing it tightly. “Just breathe love.” You comforted him.


The door swung open before you could even reach out to knock. Of course your father was staring at you guys through the window. “Welcome home sweetie.” He yanked you away from Zico to hug you.

“Hey dad.” You pulled back, “This is Jiho” You said gesturing to the nervous wreck that was your boyfriend.

“Hello sir.” Zico held out his hand. Your father glared at him for a few seconds before finally returning the gesture, shaking Zicos hand.

“Dad please don’t be rude.” You rolled your eyes.

“I told you I will hate every guy you bring home no matter what. This one is no exception.”

Zico’s eye looked like they were about to pop out of his face as he looked from your father to you.

“Don’t worry babe so far you’re doing good. He hasn’t tried to scare you yet.” You laughed and put your arm around him guiding him into the house.

“What does he do to scare people?”

“uhhh. Well.. He does collect weapons.”

Without missing a beat Zico turned around and went to walk back outside. Before he reached the door it was slammed shut by your dad who was doing the creepiest grin you knew he could manage.

“Dad.” You warned

“He’s not leaving until I’m convinced. End of story.”


A/N I based this dad off of my dad… because the last person I brought home he legit had half of his rifle collection out and was “cleaning” them. I’m also a HUGE daddies girl :/ 

For the anon who wanted a scenario of bringing home Zico to meet your father ^^

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My mom asked me to wake up Rebel because it was her first day of college. When I go went to wake her she was still sleeping and refused to get out of bed. It was my responsibility to get my step sis out of bed and I had somewhere to be. She told me she was scared because everyone has sex and doesnt know if shes good at it. Then Rebel told me she had idea - to fuck her! She begged me to fuck her as she unbuckled my jeans and swallowed my cock whole! I bent my step sis over and drilled into her pussy with her clothes still on since we had places to be. It wasnt long until her tight pussy made me explode! http://bit.ly/1OZTEHL

Two (94line Special)

*Special Note: Thank you all for following :) Please enjoy ;)*

You sat on the couch and watched them. You invited over your boyfriend, Hoseok and his friend, Namjoon.

You were immorally needy, wanting anyone’s attention. You outline Namjoon’s figure, sometimes he would catch you staring but brush it off.

You loved Hoseok and how he could please you but you wanted more. Something fresh. Or someone.


“Mhm, what is it?”

“You want him, don’t you?” He said blatantly, and you nodded absentmindedly. You got up, taking a seat in between them. They both had their eyes on you, watching what you’ll do next.

“What do you want him to do to you,baby? Tell me.” You bit your lip, unbuckling both of their pants swiftly.

“I want his hands on my body, touching me all over. Leaving kisses on my neck, playing with my breasts.” Your hands moved to their boxers, grabbing them both simultaneously. You played with them a little, Namjoon growling lowly against your neck.

He did as you said, and you continued.

“He would play with my pink clit, sliding his long fingers in and out of me.”


Namjoon’s hand touched your clit thought your shorts. Hoseok kissed you, as you continued to pump him. You almost forgot the man who was now pulling down your shorts and panties.

“So wet and pink, huh?” You spread your legs, letting him touch you more.

“I wonder what you taste like?” You felt his finger enter you, curling int you and hitting the spot.

“Ahh-” Hoseok lifted your shirt over your head, and unhooked your bra. He immediately sucked on your nipple, knowing exactly how to work them.

“So shameless, being such a good little slut spreading your legs for Namjoon.”

Your body was numbing to how Namjoon was eating you out, his finger had multiplied and his tongue was licking you like ice cream.

“Shit.” You grabbed his hair in effort to make him go harder.

“Don’t you dare cum, Y/N.” You nodded, and Namjoon removed his fingers. They both stood up, taking off any remaining pieces of clothing. You were on your knees and their cocks were on either side of you.

“Go ahead, baby girl.” You took Hoseok’s dick in your mouth, earning yourself a throaty moan. He pushed your head, making you take more of him and you controlled your gag reflex.

However, you didn’t completely ignore Namjoon. You tried your best with your hand to jack him off. Their moans were low, music to your ears.

“Don’t ignore me, Y/N.”

Unwrapping your mouth from Hoseok with a pop sound, you began to work on Namjoon. You maintain eye contact with him, as you blow him.

You played with his balls, him moaning loudly in response. You loved every part of his reaction, he would try to hold back by biting his lip. Something you’ve done plenty of times. His mouth would form a small ‘o’ when you let him hit the back of your throat.

“Shit, Y/N” He fucked your face for a bit, taking it because you knew what comes next. Hoseok sat on the couch, you immediately straddling him. You sink slowly onto him, still getting used to his size.

“Blow him like a good girl for me.” You obligated, continuing the blowjob. Hoseok slammed into you, his hands on your ass to keep you bouncing on him.

You moaned with Namjoon in your mouth and made your hips move in sync. Your body was still sensitive due to Namjoon eating you out.

“H-Hoseok.” You manage to say in between. He cupped your breasts and you keep sucking off Namjoon.

“Fuck, I love that pretty little mouth of yours.” He came in your mouth, the salty taste overriding your senses. You swallowed it and shifted your focus to Hoseok. You licked your lips, the sight of Hoseok always turned you on more.

“B-baby.” You kissed him, muffling moans that still could be heard. Your tongue overlapped each other in this heated kiss. When you pulled away, you felt yourself coming near.

“Let go, baby.”

You came, exhausted but you had to prepare yourself. Namjoon looked at you, expectantly and you stood up.

“All fours.”

You were on your hands and knees, and his hand was on your ass cheeks. He was inside you immediately after and you could feel him filling you up.


He was exceptionally slow, torturing you at this pace. You moved your hips, just to give yourself some kind of simulation.

“Give it to me, Namjoon. I want it.”

“How bad?”

“So bad that I can’t walk, Hopie would have to wheel me around.”

These words were enough to get him slamming into you. He pulled your hair as he continuously thrusted into you.

“Holy shit.”

“You little slut having two thick cocks to fuck you with.”


He kept this fast pace, the pleasure increasing with every thrust. You couldn’t hold back any longer, the familiar heat being welcomed to your body once again.


He played with your clit, which brought you to your second climax. Namjoon came on your ass, and you three were heavily breathing.

“We should do this again sometime.”

anonymous asked:

"Kookie kiss me" "but baby weve been making out for 3hours" "No i mean... kiss me" "oh" jk bites his lip & starts kissing minnies stomach ultil he reaches his belt & unbuckles it "ill kiss u alright baby" minnie whimpers & turns his head to the side

OK!!!! Imagine if this was fem!Jimin. 

Like jikook just chilling with the t.v going and they get bored so they start making out. Then 3 hours later they pull apart but Jimin feels wet between her legs because Jungkook’s hand wonder to much but not enough at the same time. So when Jungkook toys to pull away Jimin wraps her fingers in her shirt and looks at Jungkook.

“Kiss my lips.” She whispers, and Jungkook looks a bit confused like.

“Noon, we’ve been making out for over 2 hours now” and Jimin just blushes as he traces Jungkook’s collar bone.

“No.. I mean kiss my lips.” she smiles as jungkook’s light up in understanding and can feel the heat coming off of him. 

“Oh, I’ll kiss you noona.” Jungkook will say, shifting so he kiss down Jimin’s neck over her clothed breast down her stomach to her pants “I’ll kiss you all night”

Fuck Tae with her older boyfriend ideals, younger lovers are the way to go.