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My Check, Please! Survey Paper has finally been completed (and graded 0_0)

thank you again to all the contributors, some of the stuff you guys wrote genuinely made me cry. the way you all opened up about your feelings and life experiences just reminds me why we all love this comic so much. 

the good news is… i got a 95%!!! and my professor recommended that since this paper had a 5 page limit (i still wrote 6 *cough* nerd *cough*) i should revisit the topic for a senior seminar paper once i have the chance to do some even more extensive research!! remind me again how i lucked out into a major that allows me to do research papers on our gay hockey hell?

anyway, i *THINK* i have everyone on this list (except for a few people who for some reason i wasn’t able to tag and will be DMing), so if i forgot anyone i am incredibly sorry and i still appreciate you!!! here’s the list of bloggers who answered my survey questions, and the paper is below the read more. let me know what you guys think, and what i should talk about in my next paper! 

@des-zimbits, @itsacpsideblog, @omgpieplease, @tdkeh, @bittysbetterbootybureau, @ittybittyzimmermann, @thehockeyhaus, @kent-parsons-cowlick, @star-of-the-anime, @ladymajavader, @tahleeur, @thatlittleauberginebitch, @accidentallyblah, @emilyisabadger, @freelancertexas, @dragonsspire, @piesandfalcs, @long-live-the-crystal-princess, @cryingfandomtrash, @irritatedismymiddlename, @miscgays, @myonetruebutt, @beejohnlocked, @chilldexie, @striffyisme, @tomuchfangirling, @silverthroatednightingale, @taeldonkyriin, @cabeswaterswolf, @mycroftholmesiscuteaf, @offbrandratatouillemovie, @welcometothebakaparade, @addicted-to-t-e-a, @whothehellisjessicajones, @oonabashed, @blushing-bumblebee, @fancychopsticks, @melancholydandelion, @dauphinedolphin, @bubblegumbaseballboy, @ravenofathena, @believememylove, @bittybaking, @enzoctopus, @thequeerkhaleesi, @earthbender-nursey, @jewishtango, @wetwellie, @sadquebecois, @peypeymh, @awfulruby, @mkaybuddy, @redporkpadthai, @jazzisabatmanfan, @connor-mcbaevid, @klimpaloon-loves-superwholock, @eve-baird, @bakingsouthernbelle, @ohjustletmewriteinpeace, @omg-bannana

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Theoi and the Senses- Dionysos

Dionysos’ hand is the feeling of grass on your feet as you run through the forest.
It’s the feeling of grapes grown heavy and sweet in the sun resting in your hands.
It’s a feeling of unbridled enthusiasm and joy.

Dionysos’ kiss is the taste of sweet dark wine flooding your mouth.
It’s the taste of an energy drink downed to wake you up after a night out.
It’s the taste of madness that sends you wandering in the streets in the night.

Dionysos’ heartbeat is the sound of steady beat of ritual drums.
It’s the sound of too-loud laughter of you and your friends leaving your favorite bar.
It’s the sound that drives you to ritual ecstasy and madness.

Dionysos’ face is the sight of drama masks adorning a stage.
It’s the sight of someone who has struggled with their mental health and overcomes it day by day.
It’s the sight of Meanads running through the woods in ritual frenzy.

Dionysos’ skin carries the scent of cigarette smoke lingering in bars.
It’s the scent of rich spices and casks of sweet wines being opened for the first time.
It’s the scent of memories of drinking on the beach with friends and of eternity.

fandomsfanman  asked:

Hey! I found your page and thought it would be fun yo reqeust something. The S/o and their lover decide to go skydiving in door. So headcannons for that with Hanzo, Soldier 76, Sombra and McCree? Thank you dear!

No, thank you lovely for my first request! Greatly appreciated though this is my first try at writing some head cannons so please be patient! These took quite a while as I wanted to get them right. Hope you enjoy :)


He was definitely hesitant when you first brought it up

  • “Are you sure this is…safe?”
  • But as soon as he saw your unbridled enthusiasm he relented.

As you were getting into the jumpsuits required, you were the one who began to worry whether he was right all along

  • This made Hanzo chuckle to start with which you glared at him for
  • He quickly took you in his arms and kissed the top of you head reminding you of all the safety precautions you had previously been lecturing him with

Once in the chamber, both of you enjoyed yourself more than you thought you would

  • Lots of laughing, hand holding and showing off when you learn how to do some minor tricks
  • When you thought the instructors weren’t looking, you’d quickly kiss Hanzo, much to his obvious embarrassment

Soldier 76

He, like Hanzo, wasn’t enamoured by the idea at first

  • He hadn’t actually even heard of ‘indoor skydiving’ before (of course)
  • When you explained it he seemed slightly less opposed but since he was such a stubborn old thing he claimed he was ‘too busy, sorry honey’

Since you knew that wasn’t true, you decided to surprise him

  • Covered his eyes as you guided him into the building
  • Uncovered his eyes with a flourish and watched as his face fell into a scowl
  • He never really liked surprises
  • To start with

You took the grumbling throughout the safety briefing and changing

  • He would not stop moaning
  • “You could have at least told me, Y/N”

Once you got into the chamber he tried desperately to stay angry

  • His little pouty face making it incredibly hard for you not to laugh
  • Eventually he cracked and began enjoying himself as he got used to it
  • Afterwards he pulled you into a side-hug and asked when you were going again
  • You just smirked at the fact he had basically just admitted that you’d been right


Unlike the previous two, she was more than up for it

  • Let’s be honest, it was probably her suggestion in the first place
  • When you agreed, she booped your nose in appreciation before telling you to get changed quick because she’d already booked for that afternoon anyway

When you got there, she was running around like a mad person

  • Asking the instructors so many questions they had to pull you aside and ask you to calm her down
  • You tried
  • You failed
  • But you couldn’t be mad because her excited face was just too cute

When you both got in the chamber she was a natural

  • Flipping around here, there and everywhere
  • Honestly you could hardly keep up
  • Every time you passed each other she’d give your hand a squeeze

Afterwards, on the way home, she was still buzzing

  • Practically skipping on the pavement, holding onto your arm
  • “Thank you so much for experiencing this with me, Y/N!”


McCree hadn’t heard of indoor skydiving either

  • As soon as you described it to him however he’s up for it
  • “Whatever makes y’ happy, darlin’”

Secretly, however, he’s pretty nervous (ok very nervous)

  • Doesn’t like the unknown at all
  • But feels like he has to be manly in front of you and so tries to pretend you’re the one who’s scared
  • Grabbing your hand during the safety briefing and rubbing his thumb over your knuckles
  • Hugging you from behind when he’s in his kit before you are
  • You see right through it, of course, but haven’t the heart to admit that to him

You pull him aside just before you go in the chamber

  • Kiss his temple gently and remind him of how safe it is
  • He just chuckles
  • “’M fine darlin’, no worryin’ bout me.”
  • But he still gives your hand a final squeeze of appreciation

Once in the tube, he’s flying and loving it

  • Chuckling to himself the entire time
  • “Don’t know why y’ were so scared, Y/N.”
  • That earns him a good-natured and yet warning swat to the arm

Afterwards, in the cab home, you cuddle in the back

  • His head on top of yours, arms encircling your entire body
  • He murmurs how much he loves you and your clever little ideas like this in your ear
  • You cannot stop giggling
Softening the Edges - Betty/Jughead

Part II
Part III: Liking “Like That” 

“Left alone with my heart
I’m learning how to love you”

Their alliance was now officially established, and Betty had taken to seeking Jughead out. He found that he was also helpless to stop it from happening. He couldn’t be blamed really. She had this magnetism - she pulled people toward her in the gentlest way possible. It started with her coming out and sitting on her front porch while the two of them were waiting for Archie. He’d be standing off in front of Archie’s house all awkward and quiet and she’d bawl out:

“Whatcha standing over there for? Come over!”

Jughead was very hesitant at first. He wasn’t quick to trust anyone, and he found himself to be agonizingly shy around Betty. It was a difficult hurdle to overcome in the beginning. The true defining breakthrough moment when he knew that he could trust her was her reaction to Hot Dog, and his reaction to her.

Archie had already thoroughly gotten the Hot Dog seal of approval, and the dog was just as much a regular to the Andrews household as he was. Fred Andrews had nearly dropped dead from a stroke when he looked out the front window one day to see the boys struggling halfway up the climb to the tree house with Hot Dog’s huge bulk mashed between them, terrified, and the two boys teetering dangerously to falling. He rushed outside to break up this instance of madness and promptly ranted on the safety dangers of this, but Archie’s guilty and mournful expression stilled his lecture.

“But dad, he wants to come up. He cries when we go up without him and he’s down here alone. We feel bad. We can’t leave him down there, he gets so sad.”

This lead to Fred Andrew’s hysterical patented dog pulley method in which one boy would attach a harness tied to a piece of rope to Hot Dog and the other would  scurry to the top with a rope and pull the sheepdog up.

Needless to say, anyone who was going to get in with Jughead and Archie would have to be Hot Dog approved.

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Pera goes right over to you, he’s like, “Xion… Xion!” And he just gently touches your lips and lets out the smallest little flame, the smallest one he can, and it rolls down your throat and you wake up, coughing. And he just throws his arms around you. 

I’m currently in the process of listening and getting up-to-date on Godsfall (I’m in the midst of The Union arc of season two at the moment) and oh my goodness I am in love with this podcast and super excited to seek out other fans I can talk to once I’m all caught up. If you’re at all into immersive D&D podcasts with amazing worldbuilding and attention to detail and LGBT representation in both its players and characters, definitely check it out, you’ll love it. 

Xion and Pera are the absolute heart of the show for me right now, followed closely by Torrvic and his piglet companion Oinkers, and Dorro and his unbridled enthusiasm for turtles, teleportation, and life in general. There are a lot of moments I want to eventually draw (pssst, this show needs a ton more fanart!) but I needed to start off with this tender moment with our adorable adventure couple and Pera’s healing flame. 

see I like lush in concept but in practice it terrifies me like the employees are all so high energy it seems like one of the few places where we can’t all be neurotypicals Karen might actually apply…they are there screaming at me and I’m just an autistic with a naturally low voice i can barely even look them in the eye let alone match their unbridled enthusiasm but it comes so naturally to them I feel like they resent me for it


Request: Please :) Imagine getting ditched in a corn maze by your friends and hooking up with ___ who is has also been separated from his/her friends. (TRASH FOR OCTOBER/FALL FESTIVITIES!) My go to is Harry but I left it blank because I wanted you to pick. Thank you!

Travelling half way between Star City and Central City really wasn’t something you had planned to do that day, but when even Oliver Queen is on board for a social outing, there really isn’t that much you can do to argue. The route was more than somewhat familiar, but then, working with both team Flash and team Arrow had meant more than the occasional drive between the two cities. What you were less familiar with, however, was actually stopping along the way.

Things had actually been going pretty well when you first arrived at the corn maze, in fact, you were even open to the idea that maybe, just maybe, Felicity was right, and it would be a good team building exercise. But that was all before…

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Things the Signs Shouldn't be Insecure About
  • Aries: Their unbridled enthusiasm. Without their encouragement we'd never get as far as we possibly could.
  • Taurus: Their persistence. Without them pushing us through we'd never overcome our obstacles.
  • Gemini: Their wit. Without their wit we'd never be able to keep a serious situation light.
  • Cancer: Their clinginess. Without their clinginess we'd never know how to rely on others in times of need.
  • Leo: Their melodrama. Without their melodrama life would never be as exhilarating as it could be.
  • Virgo: Their inflexibility. Without their inflexibility we'd never learn how to compromise.
  • Libra: Their love for all things. Without that, we'd never find as much beauty in the world.
  • Scorpio: Their intensity. Without their intensity we'd never find the depth in the world around us.
  • Sagittarius: Their restlessness. Without their restlessness we'd never learn to keep moving on.
  • Capricorn: Their pessimism. Without their pessimism we'd never know that sometimes things won't always work out and that it's ok.
  • Aquarius: Their eccentrics. Without their eccentrics we'd never know that it's just fine to do our own thing.
  • Pisces: Their idealism. Without their idealism we'd never know just how much drive a dream can give.
How I(NFP) know that I'm not an ENFP
  • INFP: *laughing out loud at joke in head*
  • ENFP: What's funny?
  • INFP: Oh, um nothing, sorry...
  • ENFP: Tell meeee.
  • INFP: Ok... *insert weird shit*, haha it's only funny in my head, stupid really, I'm so weird...
  • ENFP: OMG, what an amazing thought! Imagine a story about that, no, a book! There could be a whole series, gaaah this is the best idea ever! We so have to do this, you can write the music to the coming films based off of these books-
  • INFP: That we haven't written yet...
  • ENFP: -And we can totally illustrate this long book series, create a spinoff musical and live in an eco farm house as writers together with all of our friends in the future, saving the world!!!
  • INFP: That sounds great, we'll just have to build a time machine to have time with this and the other five million projects that you have suggested this week.
  • ENFP, INFP: *laugh*
  • ENFP: I'm serious though, it's a good idea.
  • INFP: ... Huh?
  • ENFP: What are you thinking about now?
  • INFP: Oh, um nothing.
  • ENFP: Tell me, tell me, tell me!
  • INFP: *Too tired to deal with this much enthusiasm but also enchanted by ENFPs unbridled enthusiasm and appreciation amongst the cynical masses* Ok...
Karasuno Slumber Party Part 1

Karasuno. The once labeled “fallen powerhouse” had just beaten one of the most difficult teams they’d faced yet, during a practice match against the elite school “Aoba Johsai”. It was around 11:00 PM, and as is any city at such an hour, it is considered dangerous to roam alone. Daichi considered himself responsible for the safety of his fellow teammates, so he took it upon himself to invite his cohorts to stay at his house overnight, since his parents were out of town on business. Like usual, Hinata, Nishinoya, and Tanaka responded with unbridled enthusiasm, while the remaining team members went along with the flow. Before they knew it, everybody was settled on Daichi’s bedroom floor, their bags and shoes set aside.

“Are you going to give one of your famous post-game pep talks, Captain?!”, asked an enthusiastic Hinata.

“He gave one before we left, Dumbass Hinata”

“Shut up, Bakageyama”, replied the shorter first year.

“Stop it you two, we’re about to play a game”, snapped Tanaka, while making one of his signature intimidation faces.

“Hm? What are we playing?, inquired Yamaguchi, who jumped into the conversation while curled in the corner with Tsukishima and a small MP3 player.

"Truth or Dare!”, said Nishinoya, beaming excitedly.
“Tanaka and I thought it would be fun, so we conspired on how to get everybody to play on the bus ride home”

“And how do you plan to do that…?” questioned Suga, in an increasingly concerned voice.

Tanaka reached into his bag and pulled out a comically large bottle of sake, with the word “juice” written on the front.

“How did you even fit that in your bag?!” shouted Hinata.

“That’s not what we should be asking right now!” screamed Daichi.
“Where did you get that?!”

“Saeko-nee chan gave it to me! She said that she wanted us to have a ‘fun time’ after the game!”

Daichi sighed and gave up hope, ensuring Suga with just a glance that once the others got excited about something, they weren’t going to stop anytime soon.

“I guess it can’t be helped”, sighed Kageyama, with a tinge of uncharacteristic excitement.

The whole team, excluding Asahi, who felt the need to go on a snack run, and the non-regular players who stayed home for the practice match, gathered into a circle in the center of the oversized bedroom, and placed an emptied bottle of green tea in the center in order to decide who plays first. The bottle spun for a few seconds, and came to a rest with the open side pointed at Nishinoya’s ankle.

“Score! I get to ask first!”, he cried, before being quieted by Daichi for fear of waking up the neighbors.

“Suga-senpai, Truth or Dare?”

“I have a bad feeling about your intentions, so I’m going to go with truth”, responded Suga.

“Wise choice”, whispered Nishinoya, who stopped fumbling with the bottle of wasabi in his bag that he brought to season his lunch. Hinata giggled like a child half his age.

“What sexuality do you consider yourself?”

The team fell silent, but picked up their chatter quickly since Nishinoya had, officially, broken the ice.

“I guess I would consider myself bisexual”, said Suga without hesitation.

Daichi blushed, and then clambered for a bottle of water, hoping that his teammates didn’t notice his cherry red face.

“Alrighty then, my turn!”, said Suga.

“Tanaka, Truth or Dare?”

“Dare, obviously”, Tanaka retorted.

“I dare you to pour everybody a shot of sake, and then drink the rest yourself.”

Hinata gasped with a mixture of envy and excitement to see his teammate completely hammered.

Tanaka responded without hesitation, and quickly downed the bottle, after pouring the others fair sized cups of sake, which should last them the rest of the game and give them a decent buzz.

(Hi!! So this is my first Haikyuu fanfiction, if you have any questions shoot me an ask. I’ll probably continue this if it gets an ok response)

I am bad at being bad at things, like if I’m not good at something I want to quit but I just started taking gymnastics and y'all I am having so much fun. I’m bad at it, because I’m a beginner, like I am learning the basics as a 27-year old adult and everyone else in the gym has been doing this stuff since they were kids. But I found an adult class and I’ve always wanted to do gymnastics so I did it. And I went alone today because my friend couldn’t make it, which is out of character for me. I like the comfort of a buddy. And maybe it’s my unbridled enthusiasm but I did not feel judged at all, everyone was actually really encouraging. I feel like I’m starting to not let fears and insecurities hold me back and it is freeing.

anonymous asked:

can i request a scene where nigou help aomine,kagami and kise to hook up with their crush?


“Man, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you don’t like Tetsu,” Aomine says to the small ball of black and white fluff in his arms. “but there’s no way that’s true, right?” He chuckles a little. His disgruntled, slightly irritated expression was nowhere to be found as Nigou barks in what he assumes is agreement. “Right, well, let’s get you home then,buddy.”

“Aomine-kun?” The basketball ace freezes, looking up from the mammal in his arms to see (L/n) (F/n), the Seirin manager, the cutest damn thing to ever exist, though he would never admit that out loud.

“U-Uh,” crap, he thought, he was usually much cooler than this. Why did have to meet them of all days? Their (e/c) gaze falls upon the dog in his arms, wagging his tail and barking happily at them.

“Oh, there you are!” Another confused “uh” is Aomine’s response as Nigou wriggles out of his grasp to paw at their school uniform, panting happily as the puppy nuzzles the adorable manager while the dark skinned ace continues murmuring like an idiot. “Silly puppy ran off while I was walking him for Kuro…ko…Aomine-kun? Are you alright?” A petite hand on his forehead has Aomine brought back to reality. He shakes his head to relieve his stupor in the same manner that a puppy would shake itself free of water right after a bath. His feigned ennui returns to his disposition, as he smirks and shrugs.

“Yeah, don’t sweat it.”

“Well, since you really helped me out, could I treat you to dinner?”

“Eh?” Their cheeks light up as they glance away from his cobalt gaze, their lips poking out in a slight pout.

“Sorry, that sounds like a date invitation, doesn’t it? Though, I don’t mind…”

He really loved that little fur ball.

Kagami: Poor Kagami didn’t know what he was more afraid of: the chances of the coach returning and performing her Boston Crab move on him for slacking off during practice, or of the furry little black and white monstrosity that was currently chasing him down with an unbridled enthusiasm.

“G-Get away from me! No!” In a last ditch effort, deciding that he would rather brave the wrath of a cruel brunette and a bespectacled captain than face this beast, Kagami throws the door open to exit the gym.


“Wah!” Kagami instinctively sticks his hand out to brace himself for the fall, his hands coming into contact with something pliable and soft to the touch while his knees collide with the concrete floor. The toc toc toc of plastic meeting the ground comes shortly after, and Kagami swears that the entire world is just against him today. He opens the eyes he doesn’t remember closing, making eye contact with the familiar (e/c) that he often found himself getting lost in whenever the manager engaged in conversation with him. Their eyes were widened slightly by the shock, but it takes Kagami several minutes to realize just what kind of situation he had put himself in.

When it finally occurs to him that he is on top of them and looks like some kind of deviant he of course leaps off (F/n) with a cry, reeling backwards right into the door that had closed.

“K-Kagami-kun…” The concerned expression on their features has his heart racing, and he could hardly keep his composure, knees shaking for a completely different reason.

“S-S-Sorry! I’m sorry! Did I hurt you?” A smile graces their rosy lips, and they shake their head.

“No, I’m fine. Are you alright?”

“Yeah, don’t worry about m-me.” He rubs the back of his head. He starts to pick up the fallen water bottles they had been carrying, feeling bad. “L-Let me help you out with that.”

“Oh, no, I-” Their voice stops when their hands brush against each other. Kagami freezes like time had suddenly stopped for him. After what felt like eternity (which was only a few seconds,) he allows his eyes to drift upwards, meeting (e/c) with wide eyes and rosy cheeks.

“U-uh…” Their eyes leave each other almost immediately. The water bottles soon become forgotten props on the stage of this little soap opera.

“Kagami, after school, do you want to come to Maji Burger with me?”

“EH!? AH, EH, uh I mean-no, I mean, no I don’t mean no, I mean y-yes! Yes!” His response is musical laughter that sends his heart aflutter.

“Alright, then let’s hurry before Riko gets back!” Once all the fallen water bottles are back in their rack, Kagami walks with (F/n) back into the gym, passing by a suddenly well behaved Nigou, who barks happily at them. There was a little sparkle in his eye that told Seirin’s ace that this little puppy had planned this right from the beginning.

Kise: (I love hate my sunshine bby)

Kise is not a religious man, but if there is a deity up there, he was ready to convert. This good fortune could not have come about if there was no life after death. How convenient could things get until they were just flat out the result of divine intervention?

This is all he could think as he watches (F/n), one of Seirin’s managers, play with the adorable white and black Kuroko lookalike on a park bench beside him. What were the chances that he would find Kuroko, (F/n), Kagami and Nigou all at a street court just down the street from his modeling agency? What were the chances that Kagami spill Maji burger ketchup all over himself and have to leave? Okay, maybe Kuroko leaving to buy them drinks was predictable, but still! Whatever the cause of this great fortune, Kise Ryota could not let it go to waste!

“Ah, say, (L/n)-cchi, I was thinking…” Kise gets distracted when the adorable, beautiful, perfect high schooler looks to him with this doe-eyed expression that makes him want to hug them tight and never let go. “Ahaha, I-”

“Nigou!?” His attempt at flirtation are dashed when the small pup suddenly bounds out of their lap, and (F/n) leaps out of their seat, failing to see that NIgou’s leash was wrapped around their ankle.

“Wait, look ou-!” Kise reaches out and leaps out of his seat to grab the back of their shirt, but miscalculates his own trajectory and plants a hand firmly on their ass, resembling almost a coquettish slap akin to the ones that scum on the streets would administer to a poor unsuspecting woman crossing the street. Kise turns red and yanks his hand back like it’s on fire, helplessly witnessing them tumble to the ground with a loud ‘oof!’

“A-Are you okay…?” Before Kise can make a heroic or gentlemanly gesture, he suddenly notices two shadows looming over him. He feels the murderous intent. When he manages to meet Kurokocchi’s eyes, he knows that the bluenette thought nothing of the worst of them. Kagamicchi looks ready to throttle him, and his crush is sitting on the ground, face red and contorted in mortification. The only happy contributor to all this chaos sits near a discarded, greasy Maji Burger wrapper, having licked it completely clean in the short amount of time it took for Kise to have his reputation dragged through the mud.

But when (F/n) rises, he soon realizes that they were not mad. Embarrassed? Oh, horrifically so. But they sit down beside Kise once more, offering a calming voice and rational words to combat Kise’s shocked terror. As they’re calming Seirin’s Shadow and Light, one smooth, careful hand covers Kise’s, and he notices they’re still blushing.

Kise was not a religious man, but somehow he knew something out there really enjoyed messing with him.