unbreakable playlist


Captain Swan 

  • cs playlist —–> Jemie Scott - Unbreakable

    “When you lose your way and the fight is gone,
    Your heart starts to break
    And you need someone around now.
    Just close your eyes while I put my arms above you,
    And make you unbreakable.
    She stands in the rain, just to hide it all.
    If you ever turn around,
    I won’t let you fall down now.
    I swear I’ll find your smile,
    And put my arms above you,
    And make you unbreakable.”

what does your favorite part of JJBA says about you

phantom blood: you watch many shows and read many books but almost never to completion

battle tendency: you are a MEME LOVING FUCK

stardust crusaders: you live in america or love fighting games

diamond is unbreakable: your spotify playlist is filled with queen, david bowie, and pink floyd

vento aureo: you have always wanted to have 500 boyfriends

stone ocean: you are a massive lesbian

steel ball run: you had a dinosaur poster on your wall in middle school

jojolion: hol your horses it isn’t finished yet

Unbreakable / A playlist for the Inquisition

Can’t Kill Us The Glitch Mob / Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Dimond Saints Remix) Lorde / Into the Darkness The Phantoms / Stabat Mater Woodkid / Supremacy Muse / Breath of Life Florence & The Machine / Death Valley Fall Out Boy / Ready Aim Fire Imagine Dragons / Blood Hands Royal Blood / Seven Nation Army The White Stripes / In One Ear Cage the Elephant / Pressure Youngblood Hawke / Die Together New Politics / Very Good Bad Thing Mother Mother / Centuries Fall Out Boy / I Cut Like A Buffalo (Gramatik Remix) The Dead Weather




[ UNBREAKABLE ] – a playlist for those with an unbreakable heart and spirit

the third playlist is inspired by yixing’s resilient soul and his undying love for his group, fans, and art. regardless of how exhausted he gets between endless flights between china and korea, he always puts his passion first. he is someone who’s capable of great love, and nothing can ever make him lose sight of the people and things he hold close to his heart.