unbreakable connection

Until one has loved an animal,
a part of ones soul remains unawakened.
—  Anatole France

it actually does not surprise me one bit that Fitz didn’t wake up just because he and Simmons finally came face to face

and it has nothing to do with their love not being enough but everything to do with extenuating circumstances and manipulations

everything he feels for Simmons in the real world, he feels for Ophelia/AIDA in the framework - so think about it, if FitzSimmons is this undying unbreakable love connection in the real world, then it only makes sense that nothing would make Framework Fitz betray or abandon Ophelia inside the Framework - Fitz’s love is there, AIDA has only found a way to direct that towards herself and then add that in with a fake father relationship and having Fitz hear that father die and knowing Simmons did it, all of that would have ensured Fitz would never actually wake up for Simmons - AIDA has made Simmons a stranger, re-directed Fitz’s love, and put the father as an extra safe guard. Nothing short of Radcliffe shoving him through the backdoor would have worked.

Simmons may have been able to have a chance before, but the father was the extra safe guard and once that was triggered, there was no turning back.

and really, tbh, no one did truly wake up either, even Coulson and May didn’t wake up with memories but was rather simply woken up to Hydra’s crimes, and Mack definitely didn’t wake up - Fitz had no chance of waking up to Hydra’s crimes, not when his love is directed towards AIDA and not when Simmons just killed his father.

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Joseph, I just noticed that 'Shizuka' sounds a little a feminine version of 'Caesar'... coincidence? Also, do you plan on teaching her hamon when she's old enough?

JOSE: “Holly just said it meant ‘quiet’, so… Uh, what was the other question? Oh, right! Haha, nossir, I’m in no shape to be teaching anybody anything. To be honest, I’m just worried about living that long, period…


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PROMP: you and Chris have been best friends for years, but the jealousy can bring a lot of things out.

PAIRING; Christoffer Schistad x reader



‘’Earth calls y/n’’

Eva’s voice interrupted the stream of your thoughts.

‘’Eva, sorry, I was not listening’’

You apologize a bit embarrassed, you were very distracted. Christoffer Schistad was staring at you from the other side of the room, his eyes fixed on your figure, his lips curved in a smirk, typical of him. You had been his best friend for years by now, but something was in the air in the last period and you were dying to find out what was that.

‘’Too busy talking with your best friend, I don’t know how you two can do this’’

Eva was staring at Chris too, the drink in her hands almost finished and her lipstick on the edge of the glass.

‘’Do what?’’

You asked while pushing a boy definitely too drunk away from you. The room was filled with people, the pre-drinks at William’s place were always crowded and loud, and you loved it.

‘’Are you fucking kidding me, y/n? You two speak each other with your eyes, everybody can see it’’

Said Eva, her eyes fixed on you. Before you could answer, someone touched your shoulder.

‘’Plus, William is included in this strange magic’’

Said Vilde, taking part in the conversation, you just shrugged your shoulders but a smile appeared on your face. It was true, you couldn’t deny it: you, Chris and William were a trio, an unbreakable bounding had been connecting the three of you for years, you were simply best friends.
You were their age and, when the boys started to invite Eva’s group to the parties, you immediately became friend with them.
In that moment, William attracted your attention: he was smiling at you vividly while Noora was dancing with him. You smiled back, knowing what he meant: he was happy to show you that, finally, he managed to make Noora his girlfriend. You couldn’t be more satisfied with that, you were well aware of how much your best friend wanted to be with that amazing girl so you soon started to ship them.
You turned your face toward Chris and he was still staring at you, his hair a bit messy and a beer in his left hand; he moved his head in a way to make you understand that he wanted you to go to him. Before you could take a step, someone spilled a cold drink on your leg. You turned around with all the intentions of yelling at that idiot but what you saw made you stop: and handsome boy, probably younger than you, with blue eyes was staring at you and looking not so sorry.

‘’I’m so clumsy, my apologies’’

Said the boy putting a hand on his chest, his voice woke you up from the surprise.

‘’Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal’’

You said with your flirty voice. It was not hard for you, to get what you wanted. Being the boys’ best friend it was quite usual to be with the Penetrators for you, so you just learned all the tricks to be a fuckgirl. Someone in school also used to say that you were a female version of Chris, but, unlike him, you never used to be presumptuous about it.

‘’How can I make amend?’’

Asked the boy, you faked a shy smile but you took his hand and started to walk away from the people.


Chris’ voice made you turn while you were on the stairs; you looked the boy at your left and then you smiled in triumph at your best friend. He inspired and then nodded, he seemed quite disappointed. You were so confused by his reaction that you almost had the temptation to go to him and ask what the hell was going on, but the boy you were with started to walk toward an empty room.

‘’Shall we?’’

He asked with a mesmerizing smile, you smiled back and he took it as a ‘yes’. William’s room was almost your room because of the great amount of time you had spent in it, watching movies and talking with him and Chris.
Chris. His face was all you kept thinking about during all the time that the boy kissed you, your body pushed against the wall and his hands on your ass. He was a good kisser, nothing to say about it, but you were not involved.
‘y/n, what is wrong with you?!’ You yelled at yourself internally while the boy was torturing your neck with bites and kisses.


You couldn’t handle it any longer; the boy stopped kissing you and looked at you in disbelief and confusion.

‘’I’m sorry, I’m not feeling well, to much alcohol’’

You lied, he shook his head.

‘’I thought you were the biggest fuckgirl in town’’

He said, disappointment and irritation in his voice, you almost laughed, you knew how to deal with the assholes; you pushed him back, opened the door and, before leaving the room, you turned toward him with your most polite smile.

‘’My dear, I’m just not interested in fucking you’’

You said, he didn’t say a word while you were coming back to the party. Your eyes were searching for your best friend. The party was almost at the end, the house was quite empty and people were too high or drunk to even talk.

‘’Will, have you seen Chris?’’

You asked to him, your best friend gave a quick look around and then looked at you.

‘’He probably left, he said he was tired’’

He answered, you nodded and hugged him, was time to go for you too.

‘’I can drive you home’’

Offered William, you freed yourself from the embrace and gave him a kiss on his check.

‘’Don’t worry, Jacob said that he will drive me.’’

You reassured him, Jacob was one of the Penetrators boys you were closer with, even if you used to get along with them all.
While you were saying goodnight to the girls and Jacob was driving you home you couldn’t stop thinking that Chris seemed so strange that night, you tried to keep him away from your mind but it was practically impossible.



You called your best friend at the end of the school day, he seemed to be in rush.


He answered turning to you, his voice was quite bored.

‘’You left yesterday’’

You said carefully, you knew how complicated was to make Chris talk about his feelings, his problems… making him open up was practically a mission, every time that something was wrong you and William had to give him space and be patient.

‘’I was tired, I still am’’

He said running his hand through his hair, you bit your lower lips, you knew he was lying.

‘’Chris, are you coming?’

William’s voice made him turn left and you saw it: on his neck there was a big purple hickey.
In spite of the fact that you had no right to feel jealous, that’s how you felt in that moment. You were constantly informed about the sexual life of the boys, you also used to help them with the girls when they were not that good, you experienced the birth of the Penetrators and you never felt like this. Chris was sleeping around and William either, period, that was the normal condition; but in that moment, you felt like someone else touched something you wanted to call yours.
You couldn’t resist and you touched it, retiring your hand a second after that. This contact made him look at you.

‘’Yes, I imagine that you must be very tired’’

You said sarcastically, your voice lower than how you planned it to be; he rolled his eyes, he seemed more sorry than bothered.

‘’Why are you acting so strange? You have always talked to me about the girls you screw as I’ve always told you about the boys I hook up with, why did you lie?’’

You were staying calm, of course you were; it was a bad idea to yell at Chris, you had learned it by seeing him when he was mad at his friends, he was not a tempered person.

‘’I just needed a distraction’’

He said biting his lips, he was holding back.

‘’First of all, you don’t have to give me explanations, the girls you sleep with are none of my business. Second, distraction from what?’’

You asked, your voice suddenly full of rage and your hands gesture matching your words. He seemed to be so in conflict with himself, a thousand of thoughts crossing his mind, then he gave up.

‘’A distraction from you’’

He admitted, his left hand covering his mouth, he looked so tired and sad. You opened your eyes and looked at him in total surprise.

‘’Chris… d-does this mean what I think?’’

You asked hesitating, you wanted to be sure. He nodded and made a step forward, now you were closer.

‘’I’m not good with this shit, you know that, y/n, but I suppose I have feelings for you. Yesterday night, when you arrived you were so stunning I just wanted to kiss you. When I called you I wanted to tell you the truth, I was tired of looking at you from the other side of the room and wanting you without having the possibility to have you. Then you went upstairs with that boy, I just could not handle it. A girl kissed me randomly and I decided to bring her home, but all I could think about was you. I’m sorry, really.’’

It took a moment to you to assimilate all of the new information, then a big smile lighted your face up. You thought you had never saw Chris in that way, but you wanted to kiss him so bad in that moment.

‘’I know, I screwed up our friendship, I..’’

He couldn’t finish his sentence because you were kissing him. You never expected to feel such a rush of adrenaline while kissing Christoffer Schistad, but your heart was beating so fast you were scared he could feel it. Chris was nothing like you imagined: he was calm, his hands were delicate and his touch cautious, like you were something precious. You crossed your hands behind his neck and ran your finger through his hair, your lips opening and letting his tongue in. Suddenly, the kiss became more desperate, more passionate. He moved his hands on your hips, caressing them under your t-shirt, you felt shivering going down your back and attached your body to his, you wanted more.

‘’Okay, I suppose I can leave, then’’

William said from his car, he was laughing. Chris interrupted the kiss and turned his head toward his best friend.

‘’Bye, William’’

He said, his voice bothered and amused at the same time. He turned and looked at you, you smiled on his lips and waved at William while he was leaving. You caressed his check, your body still close to his.

‘’I wasn’t expecting that’’

He said smirking, you rolled your eyes but you were still smiling at him.

‘’So, Penetrator Chris has a heart’’

You said touching his chest under his hoodie, he smiled and looked at you so intensively that you felt like he was undressing you with his eyes.

‘’Don’t try to ruin my reputation, babe’’

He said giving you a quick kiss on your neck, you closed your eyes and moved your head back to make him continue that.

‘’God, we already are at the part where you call me babe’’

You teased him touching the back of his head; he stopped kissing your neck and looked at you.

‘’y/n, I want you to be my girlfriend. No games with you, no tricks.’’

He said in a serious tone, you almost were surprised to hear this voice, you never saw him like this before.

‘’I feel flattered by the offer, I shall think about it’’

You answered trying to stay serious; he smiled and brushed his lips on yours, his hands were still on your hips.


He asked softly biting your lower lip, the look of triumph in his eyes while you gave up.

‘’Okay Christoffer, you can call me babe from now on, I’m definitely your girlfriend’’

You answered; he smiled vividly and touched your hair. Before he could kiss you again, you stopped him.

‘’Chris, I wanted to tell you, I didn’t sleep with that boy, I couldn’t stop thinking about you yesterday’’

You confessed, your checks going a little red while he looked at you in total relief.

‘’That’s better, I’m the only one allowed to make you feel pleasure’’

He said, his eyes filled with lust. You gave him a smirk and slowly touched his neck.

‘’I can’t wait for that’’

You teased him with your hands running down his chest. He looked at you, his lips barely touching yours and he said.

‘’Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long, but I want to do the things in the proper way’’

He caressed your left check and gently brushed a strand of your hair behind your ear, you looked at him, the curiosity shining all over your face’s expression.

‘’So, what’s your next move?’’

You asked laughing a bit and looking at him in his eyes, he smiled before asking you:

‘’Y/n, will you go on a date with me?’’

You laughed in surprise, your eyes wild open and your stomach already upside-down because of the happiness.

‘’Really? Christoffer Schistad inviting a girl on a proper date?’’

You teased him, there was no meanness in your voice, just sarcasm and pleasurable surprise. He took your hands in his while smiling and intensely looked into your eyes before saying in the most serious tone:

‘’You have no idea of the things I would do for you, y/n y/s’’

Center of Gravity

Summary: A small scene about the aftermath of Betty’s and Jughead’s kiss. Takes place after they find Jason’s car and notify Sherriff Keller.

(I’m not neglecting you prompts, I promise!! Just this idea came to my head and I had to write it! Hope you all like it!!!)

They are at the police station and the air is filled with questions and disapproving looks towards both of them but mostly towards him, the boy with the jet black hair and the funny looking beanie. He gets it; being the son of Forsythe Jones isn’t really appreciated in the Riverdale police department. But he is here to help, both of them are, so the Sherriff has the good sense to offer them some hot tea and two blankets to warm their soaked forms as they explain again and again how they knew about Jason’s car, who told them, why they went there, where this there was.

The off the record interrogation is finally over and they are let alone in the small office, watching from the semi glass wall as Sherriff Keller is pacing up and down in his own office across them, giving orders to some deputies, making calls and writing down theories and facts. Jughead steals a small glance at the blonde next to him, slouching at the very end of the olive green leather couch, uncharacteristically away from him and his personal space, clutching her mug on her freezing hands and having her green eyes focused on the man across them, studying his every move. She fears that he’s going to involve her parents again, that he will let them now about their daughter’s Nancy Drew activities, but what she fears more is how involved in this will be her sister; the last thing Polly needs right now is police officers marching on her room and pestering her with questions during her grieving state.

Jughead brings his own eyes to examine his fingers. Is she shocked by what they found in the woods? Is she bumped that she didn’t have the change to fawn over Archie on stage? Or, worse, is she avoiding him? He had sure blown it. He made a move on her way too fast, she probably isn’t even over Archie yet and definitely she sees him as a close friend and nothing more. Stupid Jughead with your stupid urges and your stupid hopes getting up for nothing.

He doesn’t regret it. If anything he got a glimpse of what it is to have a taste of the perfection that is Betty Cooper; to catch a small moment of raw intensity and brush his fingertips against the edges of his long-term fantasy about him and her sharing the same level of affection. He felt alive in that kiss, like a new man, exhilarated and born again, like all those years before her didn’t exist, like he was just living in grey and that moment he got drowned in colors. What he does regret is this feeling of bitter emptiness that fills his chest at that very moment and it stings badly, even though he felt it a lot of times in the past and even though part of him was prepared for facing emotional rock bottom once again.

He steals another glance; she still looks focused on the action out of the small room they occupy. He hates the silence; he of all people hates the silence. He wants her to say something, even reject him and his earlier confession of heart. That way he will have something concrete, something that will shutter his heart in million pieces but at least it would make him stop thinking and overanalyzing and being in that constant loop of thinking that he knows everything but in the end he knows nothing.

“I’m sorry I ruined the moment.” Her words come crashing down between them and Jughead gets startled by her soft voice that breaks the unwanted silence and disrupts his sea of thoughts.

He opens his mouth to say something but he feels a chock paralyzing his tongue so he just nods curtly, hoping to not appear as hurt as he feels.

“I wish we had that kiss at another time, in another place.” Jughead finds her voice rather steady and sure and he thinks that she doesn’t have second thoughts about maybe giving him a chance. There is another nod from his part; he was never good with spoken words and right now even a pen and paper wouldn’t help him express the rollercoaster of emotions he is feeling.

“Because truly that was the best kiss someone could experience in a lifetime.” Her voice breaks at the end of her sentence and it throws him off, sending his head flying to face her for the first time since they had set foot in that ugly colored room.

“You think so?” he doesn’t even recognize his voice, small and softer than it was earlier in her room, the emotions giving it an odd thickness. His heart flatters as he waits for her next answer and at that moment he knows he is doomed, a hopeless victim to her breathtaking green eyes and their hints of blues and greys. Their color is a mystery to him, his feeling for her the same.

Betty only nods, chin wobbling and head dropping to the floor, as two tears form a straight line from her eyelashes to the rusty tiles that lie underneath her ankle boots. “I’m so caught up in this bubble that’s seconds from being popped violently and that seems to make me pass out on things that are big events in my life.”

His heart flatters again at the description she sets for their electrifying moment. She is definitely the biggest event in his lonesome and boring life. But big is everything around them right now, big secrets, big scandals, big revelations and big scares them both, two sixteen year old kids trying to find themselves in a world that everyone labels as big. “We can go small, timid. One step at a time, even half if you want.” He proposes with soft eyes gazing her profile and, for the first time it seems that life decides to offer him a smile in the form of an agreeing nod from the girl that, up until now, only got to have in his wildest dreams.  

“You keep me grounded, Juggie. Just like gravity; you’re pulling me to your safe place when everything is madly twirling around me.” Betty looks him in the eyes and he understands. There’s a pull, an unbreakable urge to stay connected and he relishes to it, even if the heavy feeling against his chest scares the hell out of him. “When you’re in the room, it’s impossible for me to look away.” Yeah, he understands that very much so.

“I wanted to kiss you for a very long time.” The raven haired boy confesses and sends her one of his signature glares, those intense ones that he only keeps for her and they cause a gorgeous chaos of intense emotions inside her chest.

“Now I came to understand that I did want that too, badly.” She shivers and it’s not from the cold or the clingy wet clothes she wears; it’s from his stare and the rerun of their first kiss inside her head. She finds herself closing the space that she had left between them on the couch and brings her hand on his cheek, caressing the cold skin and brushing away some dripping black waves.

He keeps staring down at her and he isn’t sure what to do. His body is telling him to go for it once again but his mind interferes and advices him to hold his horses, be timid as he promised. He feels the feather light breath of hers against his lips and his eyes flatter close, and if he still had a heart he would swear that it will jump off his chest and escape. But his heart is on her hands now and he prays that she is delicate with it because he doesn’t know how many more plasters and stitches it can handle.

She finally closes the inch between them, soft lips meeting sore and chapped ones, and the feel is indeed magnetic, like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly with each other. It brings a tiny whine on Betty’s lips and Jughead sighs all his nerves and his frustration away, slender fingers coming to dance over her waist lightly, him testing the waters and wanting to touch her, to confirm that she is real. She loves it and her thump brushes lightly over his cheekbone, both angling their heads and sharing some sweet, loving pecks with each other.

“My very own center of gravity…” Jughead murmurs inside the kiss and he feels her hum on his thirsty lips, a pleased smile curling her rosy bubblegum ones and being the sight Jughead comes across as he decides to step back into reality and open his eyes. They put their love on hold once again, the world around them revolving in spinning circles and leaving them no choice but to hop on for a ride, but this time they are going to be ok.

Gravity is an unbreakable force.


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Couples who break up and get back together all of the time may be dysfunctional, may be unhealthy, may be toxic, but there’s also something beautiful and genuine about it. They will always be drawn to each other and they will always have that damaged, but unbreakable connection. It won’t always be happy, it won’t always be exciting, and it won’t always be easy, but that’s okay because the pain’s only a reminder that you truly care. It also shows how strong they are and how they’re willing to fight for one another because a real relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other. Sometimes, you have to walk away to realize what you’re leaving behind. Sometimes, you have to let go in order to remember why you held on for so long. Sometimes, you have to lose someone so you can find their worth and value again. There will days where you won’t deserve each other, there will times where you’ll hate each other, and there will be moments where you’ll feel like you’re truly done. But in the end, your heart will always be in the right place. Your mind might not always be in the right place, but your heart always will be. Everybody will judge and have their opinion on it, but as long as you two understand each other and know your relationship, that’s all that matters. It’ll never be perfect, it’ll never be ideal, but it will last because they both know that even if they leave each other from time to time, they’ll always find each other again.
—  Teddy Nguyen
Feels Like Home

Just something I wrote for the @stbigbang! Huge shout out to my beta, @the-fandom-obsessed-girl, and the artist, @promiseleven! Check out her outstanding edit of this fic (to be posted)!!

Summary: The day after Eleven returns from the Upside Down, Mike conjures up the confidence to spend a little quality time with her. Later on, the kids finally get an opportunity to make up for lost time, and they make the most of it.

Mike Wheeler’s eyes snapped open at the sound of his alarm clock. Instantly, he jumped out of bed, tripping over his covers and racing towards the bathroom to get cleaned up. Today would be an exciting day, as Eleven had returned from her year long absence of being in the Upside Down. The previous night had been a wild one as well. Will had called up the boys on his Supercom, informing them that she had appeared in Castle Byers, and they all set out on their bikes to reunite with their long lost friend. Mike had never felt such a mixture of pure joy and reassurance in all of his 13 year old life.

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Rosy, I am Bellarke fan all the way. No way Bellarke are platonic. For one look at the flirting in the rover scene. Bellamy was full on flirting with Clarke. He said it's a good decision not to shoot him then smiled. He is in love and nothing can change his feelings for Clarke. Clarke couldn't shoot him, and I think this made Bellamy realise that Clarke loves him. She killed Finn but couldn't kill him. He looked at her like he knew she loves him. But Goddammit, I need a kiss and confession soon.

Same Anon. Rosy nothing is platonic about Bellarke. Abby’s line ‘Take care of each other’ is something that parents would say to married couples/boyfriend/girlfriends. How do I know? My fiance’s aunt said the same thing to me at the time. She wanted us to be good to each other and not let fights or disagreements get in the way. It was his aunt’s way of passing on a little bit of advice and wisdom to us. Likewise, Abby sees the unbreakable connection between Bellarke. Abby ships Bellarke.

You think Clarke sparing him over the fate of humanity finally clued him in to how much she loves him? That would be interesting. 

And Abby telling them to take care of each other was definitely approval. Not Bellamy taking care of Clarke, but both of them. Together.

Yeah, we’re gonna need a kiss and a confession. 

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Why is touken your fav tg ship? Like what's specially apealling in their interactions to you in a personal way? (example: I like ships with X factor, ect). Because there's a lot of ships you like in tg but even so you go with touken (just curious)

that’s very true, there are lots of ships in tokyo ghoul, however, touken is my favorite one. I think it all started with the comedy? they had a lot of chemistry in the beginning, she was super grumpy and he was super clumsy and that combination was a fun thing to read, how everyone (especially Yoshimura) would always put Touka in charge of Kaneki like “yeah, Kaneki-kun, Touka-chan will help you with that” or “Touka-chan, you go with him” and they were always put together in certain situations and that was really funny in my opinion, Touka was always annoyed that she had to “take care” of him all the time, but I love how both helped each other through their nature? because although Kaneki was a ghoul he had a very human personality and Touka helped him to adapt to his new life, besides I love that Ishida took a lot of time to develop their relationship, they had a slow-build, their romantic dynamic doesn’t happen out of the blue, and that’s something I truly appreciate because I hate when romance pops in out of nowhere. You can clearly see the moments in where Touka starts to develop feelings for him and what got me it’s that when their relationship was slowly growing into something else, drama comes in and fucks everything up. I love drama, and seeing how it affect them was very interesting. I ship them since the start but I think the moment in where I said “this is my favorite ship” is when Kaneki saved her from Ayato and told her that he would never leave her alone, and then he did, and then both spend months apart missing each other terribly. Touka holding her parent’s ring and thinking about him, Kaneki remembering her birthday and buying something for her, I think there’s a lot of romantic tension between them and that’s something I love when it comes to ships, if two characters get together so quickly it just ruins the relationship for me, they spend years apart and they never forgot each other, even when Haise didn’t have his memories, he had a very intense reaction when he saw her for the first time, I think their connection is unbreakable, no matter what happens in their lives (and many shitty things happened to them) it’s like they’re always meant to be, they’re always meant to recross their paths no matter how long it takes, I think it makes a lot of sense now that Ishida said that both came as a set. They travel the same road and even when their paths turn different ways, they always meet at the end. It’s as if they have the red string of fate or something lmao. Besides, I love this whole concept that Kaneki has of her, that “she’s cruel” and that she has a strong influence on him, and that she claims that she knows him better than he knows himself. It’s interesting because Kaneki is always so lost and doesn’t know where to go or what he wants, so the fact that she “knows” him is important because she can help him to remind him who he is and where he belongs. 



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Sea Witch’s Make Love Last Spell

Intent: To strengthen your existing relationship and make it last. Make your bond permanent. 

Ingredients: Clam shell, both halves (of a whole) - love, purity, the goddess Venus

A shell/small object to represent you and one to represent your partner - OPTIONAL, but nice; if applicable, you can go off of gender. Cowries represent femininity and augers represent masculinity.

Cockle shell - (can be replaced by rose quartz); love, friendship

Conch shell - (can be replaced by blue lace agate); communication

2 Roses or rose buds - love, passion

Rosemary - sea witchcraft, Venus, protection

Hibiscus - love, passion

Thyme - loyalty

Lavender - peace, love

Pink candle - love, friendship, care

Red candle - love, passion, lust

White candle - positivity

2 satchets for the herbs

Red string - love

Procedure: Cast a circle, cleanse, and/or ground as desired. Light the canldes, charging each with your intent. Annoint them with corresponding oils, if desired. Separate the two halves of the clam shell. If using shells to represent you and your partner, charge them with your association. Meditate with them and tell them your name and your partner’s name. Place them in one half of the clam shell. Then, place each herb into the shell, focusing on its intent. Do the same with the remaining shells/crystals and place them next to it. Close the two halves of the shell and hold them together, close to your heart. Focus on the fact that they are one shell but in two halvevs. Wind the string around them, binding them together, while imaginging an unbreakable connection forming between the halves. Imagine a magnetic force keeping them together. Once you have done this, let the shell charge by the candles and other shells until you feel it is ready to open. When you open it, do so slowly. Unwind the string but feel the energy of the shell still holding itself together. Feel the magnetic force holding it closed. Once you are sure of this, open it and separate the herbs and shells inside the shell into the two satchets. Cut the string in half and use it to tie them up. Keep one half of the shell and one satchet for yourself and give the other to your partner.