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AU PROMPT: Ten x Rose, college, blind date :-)

Title: Double Blind

Summary: James Noble has been asking Rose out almost from the moment they met at Uni. Tired of being asked, and even more tired of her friends pushing her to say yes, Rose finds an unconventional way out.

I expect this to be 3 parts, possibly 4. There’s a slight Valentine’s theme later on.







Ch 2


Ch 3


Ch 4

Double-blind: a study in which neither the researcher nor the subjects are aware of critical details regarding the experiment. Done to eliminate the possibility of bias influencing the results.

“Rose! Rose Tyler!” The blonde in question put on speed, hoping to get to her flat before her persistent classmate reached her, but once again, his long legs made up the distance between them far too easily.

Rose didn’t even try to mask her sigh when James Noble fell into step beside her. “Come on, Rose, you don’t even know what I’m going to say.”

“Not exactly, I suppose.” Rose switched her books to her left hand so she could unlock her door with her right. “But I’m willing to bet it starts with, ‘Will you go with me to…’”

“Something like that,” he admitted, shoving a hand into his already artfully ruffled hair.

“Then see, I was just trying to save us both time,” Rose said brightly. “My answer is the same as it’s been every other time. No.” She closed the door in his face before he could argue.

“I don’t know why you won’t go with him at least once, Rose,” Martha said without looking up from her thick biology text book.

Rose rolled her eyes. “If you’re going to tell me again how we’re perfect for each other, I’ll just go to my room where I can study without any unwanted commentary on my love life.”

“You don’t have a love life,” her roommate pointed out calmly.

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