Oberyn whirled cat-quick, and ran at his fallen foe. “EEEEELLLLLLIIIIIAAAAA!” he screamed, as he drove the spear down with the whole weight of his body behind it. The crack of the ashwood shaft snapping was almost as sweet a sound as Cersei’s wail of fury, and for an instant Prince Oberyn had wings. The snake has vaulted over the Mountain.


I am not blind, nor deaf. I know you all believe me weak, frightened, feeble. Your father knew me better. Oberyn was ever the v i p e r. Deadly, dangerous, unpredictable. No man dared tread on him. I was the g r a s s. Pleasant, complaisant, sweet-smelling, swaying with every breeze. Who fears to walk upon the grass?

But it is the grass that hides the viper from his enemies and shelters him until he strikes.


“I will not fight you,” Princess Meria told Rhaenys, “nor will I kneel to you. Dorne has no king. Tell your brother that.”
“I shall,” Rhaenys replied, “but we will come again, Princess, and the next time we shall come with fire and blood.”
“Your words,” said Princess Meria. “Ours are Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. You may burn us, my lady … but you will not bend us, break us, or make us bow. This is Dorne. You are not wanted here. Return at your peril.”
Thus queen and princess parted, and Dorne remained unconquered.

// Ila Arun as Meria Martell, Rosamund Pike as Rhaenys Targaryen

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game of thrones meme - five houses [4/5]

house martell

“House Nymeros Martell of Sun-spear is one of the Great House of Westeros and the ruling house of Dorne. When the warrior queen of the Rhoynar of the eastern continent, Nymeria, came with her people to Westeros, she took one of the strongest of the Dornishmen as her husband: King Mors Martell. Combining their strength , the two managed to unite all of Dorne under their rule; House Nymeros Martell has reigned since.”


               what   is   our   heart’s   desire?

v e n g e a n c e. his voice was soft, as if he were afraid that someone might be listening.

j u s t i c e . prince doran pressed the onyx dragon into her palm with his swollen, gouty fingers, and whispered, 

                                           f i r e   a n d   b l o o d .