Callum hummed softly to himself as he unbottened his jeans and pulled them down. He knew that breaking in the schools locker room to change wasn’t his best idea since but it was pouring with rain he couldn’t get undressed in the nearby woods since his clothes would be soaked in a matter of minutes. Plus, no one would be here on a friday evening. At least that was what he thought when the door suddenly opened

            Without pants and an open shirt he swirled around and gasped. Well, damn…

        ever   since  he  realised   that  being  co-captain  meant   having  jackson  on  his  ass  practically  24/7,  scott   had   decided   to   put   a  bit  of   an  effort   on  training   lacrosse  as   just  human;  no  wolf   senses  or  reflexes  ——   reason  why   he  was  alone   on  the  field  on  a  friday  evening  trying   to   figure   out   ways  to   ‘train’   by  himself.   which   was   unfortunately  interrupted   by   the   sky   pissing   down   nonstop.   with   wet   &&  dirty  clothes   he   made  his  way  to  the   locker  room,  figuring  a  hot  shower   while   the  rain  stopped  would  suit  him well.  what  he   did  not  expect   was   to  find  someone,   let   alone  a    stranger,  almost   naked  in  the  locker  room.   “   huh….     who    are   you  ?   “