Guang Hong Appreciation

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Y’all know that YOI is breaking barriers but I cannot stress how PROUD I am of the barriers it is breaking for Chinese people. 

Growing up in China in one of the very traditional and old families (we have a genealogy that is traceable to the Tang Dynasty), the first thing that you are indoctrinated with is that boys are almost always better than girls. Girls are the ones given up for adoption. Many doctors are even forbidden to reveal the sex of an unborn baby because if it is a girl, it is immediately aborted for many people. Girls are inferior because they will be “married off” or become the “property of another lineage”. Girls are trained from a young age, especially in poorer regions, to be wives (that’s literally all that we’re good for). This said, boys are treasured and are also expected to act a certain way. They are burdened with the pressures to be manly or to provide for the family. A “girly” boy is absolutely unacceptable because girls are (as previously stated) inferior. It’s seen as embarrassing and dishonorable for a boy to engage in traditionally feminine activities or like them. There is a HUGE STIGMA of opposing gender norms in China esPECIALLY FOR BOYS. 

So let’s talk about Guang Hong. Guang Hong opposes all of that. Not only does he have frilly pink curtains in his room, cute decorations, and very well-manicured (slightly tinted???) fingernails, he takes suggestible selfies and doesn’t even attempt to hide his beauty. Guang Hong is EVERYTHING that a traditional Chinese son should not be. From his aesthetic to his personality, he is feminine as FUCK. 

But does anyone in the YOI universe give a shit? No. 

Guang Hong is defined by his talent, his drive, and his courage. His cuteness is an asset and not portrayed as something disgusting and that is literally SPITTING upon the traditional expectation for boys to be masculine in order to succeed as a man. Victor’s impression of Phichit’s selfie skills include Guang Hong striking that SEDUCTIVE pose, which is seen as POSITIVE. YOI is an amazing show that literally gives zero fucks about your gender, sexuality, and everything norms. It is shattering barriers and making history. I cannot stress how proud I am of their team and everything they have helped reshape so far. 

Can we talk about how white boys in my class were laughing at my friend’s tears

Can we talk about how said friend was planning on coming out to her parents if Hillary won but now she’s terrified because she’s scared they’ll send her away

Can we talk about how when I told my friend that I’m scared for my life and my friends’ lives I heard a group of boys on my bus mimic me and laugh and tell me to “cry about it”

Can we talk about how Pence has confirmed that Trump will be an anti-lgbt president and they both aren’t even in the White House yet

Can we talk about how my other friend’s uncle was apologizing to his unborn baby when he heard the news that Trump would be our next president

Can we talk about how that same friend was hugging me and almost in tears because he didn’t know what would happen to his boyfriend if his parents found out he was trans

Can we talk about how poc, women, and members of the LGBT+ community are terrified and don’t know what’s going to happen to them now

While most rich, white, cisgender, heterosexual males I’ve come across today are cheering and happy, there are other people of all kinds around America that are terrified right now.

Just let that sink in.


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Request:  Could you do one where the reader is pregnant with newts baby and going into labor in the chest and not being able to climb back up? I love your blog by the way!

An imagine where the reader and Newt are married and she goes into labor, she has complications while she’s giving birth to the twins, one boy and one girl but at the end everything turns out fine and a happy ending. Please make it fluffy.

You were wandering around the case, heavily pregnant with twins. All the beasts had become very protective of you and the unborn babies, which you loved. It was nearing the due date and Newt had told you to stay in your bedroom out of the case, in case (lol) something happened. You sort of blew him off, said everything was going to be okay. This was going to be your last day down with the creatures and who knows when you’d see them again. Your worst fear was that you’d die in child birth and never get to say goodbye to them so that was what today was for. You were currently with the Bowtruckles. Pickett was with Newt, who was feeding Frank and you were just talking to the Bowtruckles. “So, as you guys know, I’m going to have my own babies and today is the last day I get to see you before I have them. I just want to say that in case, in case I die in childbirth then I want to say good bye to you lot, I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t.” You said tears dripping down your cheeks. You always had a soft spot for the Bowtruckles and you had your little friend Greg who was one of them. You walked away but you heard a splash. You looked down to see that your water had broken. “Newt?” You called. He dashed towards you and immediately carried a worried expression.

“What? What’s wrong? What’s happened?” He asked frantically.

“My water broke.” You said awkwardly.

“Oh. Oh! Well we have to get you upstairs, to St Mungo’s!” Newt panicked. He started pacing. You felt a contraction and had to sit down.

“Newt! We don’t have time to get upstairs. I can’t get upstairs now that I’ve started having contractions.” You said, wiping a bit of sweat off your forehead. “We have to apparate.”

“No! I’m not letting you apparate! What if you splinch?!” Newt thundered.

“I don’t know, I can’t just have the babies here Newt! Come on!” You reasoned.

“I’ll set up a blanket and you can just, I can help you-”

“No! You aren’t going to birth our children, I’m apparating.” You said finally. Newt sighed but held your hand while you apparated to St Mungo’s. You were immediately rushed to a hospital bed where the nurses put your legs in the things. (You know the thingies lol) After a long four hours in labour you finally had your twins in your arms. Rose and Hugo. After a couple of days you were allowed to appparate home, something you didn’t really want to do with two babies. You were successful though.

“I want to show our babies to the babies down in my case.” Newt said excitedly. You smiled and nodded.

“Me too.” You said smiling like an idiot.

“Just apparate down.” Newt said, and then was gone. You apparated and were greeted with Frank nuzzling the babies with his head. You smiled and gave him a pat. You went and showed all the weird and wonderful creatures you babies, which they all took to be new members of their family. It was a lovely moment for all four of you. You and Newt had a wonderful family.

So everyone is all about being the voices of the voiceless.

Animal rights are a big deal to a lot of people. They speak up about animal cruelty and the killing of animals. Most people support this cause and agree with it.

But what I don’t get is why voiceless animals are more important than a small voiceless unborn baby. It is alive from conception and has a future. That baby could do great things when it gets older. I really don’t understand why not eating meat is more important than the protection of a human embryo. Like, I don’t care if you, reader, are pro-choice or not. Think about this. People care more about protecting animals than protecting our own species. And don’t try that “it’s not human” argument. If it isn’t a human, what is it? It’s not a fungus or a cat or a fruit. If you plant a seed and watch it grow, is the sprout not still a plant? Anyway, I digress.

The fact that saving animals’ lives seems to be more important to people compared to saving unborn children who are actual human beings and a part of our species is pretty alarming. Just my opinion.

All I can do is love.

I will love my Hispanic, Black and Muslim friends.
I will love the handicapped and disabled.
I will love the beauty of women.
I will love the LGBTQ community.
I will love the babies unborn.
I will love the insulted and offended.
I will love the unrepresented.
I will love the terrified and the rejoicing.

I will love because Christ tells me to love.
I will love, because my nation has chosen to hate.

ptolemy wrote that the sun radiates most emphasis ages 20-40. during the 4th month of pregnancy, the unborn baby is ruled by the sun because this coincides with heart development. the sun is the right hand. so people with unusual aspects made to sun-uranus or sun-mercury can be left handed

I’m so terrified knowing that… the country my family came to, the country built on freedom and expression, may be led by a man like Donald Trump.
Who want people like my hard working family gone because to him, we’re not “American”.

Freedom is why people come. Freedom from oppression, and from already terrifying situations. And to know that the freedom this country was so known for is in the hands of a complete sexist, racist bigot is scary.

It’s so scary that I can’t breathe. That my mom is sitting beside me, holding my dad’s hands so tightly that her knuckles are going white. That my sister is so afraid of what the future of the United States is going to be like for her unborn baby.

Today is a day I’m sitting with my family, ashamed, afraid and terrified of the very high, possibility of Donald Trump being president.

This isn’t freedom. Nor is it the American Dream.

Honestly, the only way I could be disappointed with acowar was if Sarah made Feyre pregnant towards the beginning or middle of the book (in other words, outside of an epilogue.)

This is just because Feyre and Rhys already had the talk of when they wanted children—if ever. Feyre wants to know what it’s like to be immortal and independent with her mate before she has children, and Rhys is okay with that.

You just don’t see a lot of thought out pregnancies in YA novels. It normally isn’t even discussed. It just happens as a ‘whoops I got pregnant’ thing.

I don’t want Feyre to be pregnant because it would take away from the action. And I’ve seen people say they want her to be pregnant because Rhys said he was unsure of what he’d do if his mate were pregnant in the time of war—which essentially sidelines her character. Feyre is strong on her own. She can fight with nobody babying her. But a baby—unborn or no—would get in the way of that.

I’d just be happier if Feysand babies were saved for (hopefully) a happily ever after.

idea for pete nowalk, the "shocking value" master

- kill off laurel (or maybe now that her life couldn’t get any worse make her commit suicide?)
- but before that pls make sure laurel aborted her and wes’s unborn baby
- then maybe also kill annalise??? for shock value
- also annalise is the core and the heart of the show that’s exactly why killing her off feels right
- make frank delfino the leading role, he’s got so much potential
- make the show about frank and bonnie going on murder sprees and having sex
- you know who didn’t get enough screentime? POOR BABY CONNOR. make him another leading role
- make a whole episode dedicated to connor sitting on wes’s grave complaining about his life and still blaming him for everything
- never make connor or michaela’s life about anything other than their love interests. who needs a life without them? right?

So my cousin and his wife lost their unborn baby a couple months ago and my other cousin (his sister) who has a 14 month old and just told us Christmas Day that she was pregnant again went to the doctor today and called my mom this morning and told her “I’m not pregnant anymore.” Please pray for her and our family because that’s two so close together and she was so excited.

Most people who see nothing wrong with abortion have that belief because they don’t think an unborn baby is a person. They don’t even like the term “unborn baby” because it lends to the idea that what’s in the womb is a person. They usually stick with the term “fetus” because the emotional response generated from discussion of killing a fetus is more palatable than that of killing a baby. But even if they were right about the absence of humanity in a fetus, it doesn’t change the fact that aborting a fetus is a horrific, senseless tragedy.

Just for the sake of the argument, let’s use the term “fetus” and disregard that a quick overview of basic human embryology tells us fetuses are people. But before we can move on, we need to classify fetuses as something else if they aren’t people. So if a fetus is not a person, what is it? Fetuses are alive, no one can deny that. They’re obviously not plants, insects, or bacteria, so the only possibility left is that fetuses are animals.

So, let’s pretend a fetus is a non-human animal. Now that it’s settled, allow me use an example to demonstrate why killing a non-human animal in a similar fashion as one used in a human abortion is still deplorable.

Let’s say I have a puppy but I can’t afford one at this stage in my life (lack of money is a common reason for wanting to abort). What do I do with this puppy?

Since it’s still small, I’m going to cram it in a blender while conscious and liquefy it to a bloody soup, disposing of the concoction in the trash.

That might work for a small puppy, but what about an older dog? It won’t fit in a blender.

How about this then: Without using anesthesia, I’m going to chop each of the dogs legs off, one by one, with a pair of bolt cutters. But the dog is still alive at this point, so the job isn’t over yet. Now, I’m going to pick up a giant rock, slam it down on the dog’s head to crush it, and then throw the dog’s mangled body in a bio hazard bag.

Do you think the methods of getting rid of the dog were disturbing? Who wouldn’t?

If I got caught getting rid of just one dog with either of the two described methods, not only would I be jailed because it’s illegal, my mug shot would be all over the internet accompanied by hateful epithets demanding my torturous death. In my defense, I could argue that it was my right and choice to kill my dog. I could say what I did to the dog was none of the government’s business. I could say the dog was better off dead than leading a less-than-ideal life. However, not one of those excuses would sway a single person.



Exactly the point I was trying to make with some of my earlier posts but they said it better. I respect animal life as much as human life to begin with. I find it so sad when I see “pro choicers” still using the logic that a fetus is not human or not human enough. Their logic makes no sense.

patron-saint-of-smart-asses  asked:

If a pregnant woman receives communion, does her unborn baby receive it too, or somehow affected by its consumption? Or does the baby not get affected at all?


I’m sure anything that is deeply spiritual, moving, and meaningful for the mother must affect the baby. In what way? I do not know.

However, in my opinion, the baby is not receiving Communion. Only after being born, I think, can a person begin to receive actual graces—beginning with their baptism when Original Sin is washed away. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel