It really bothers me that the key defense of Planned Parenthood (besides “the videos were heavily edited,” when they were only excerpted to show the key points and released alongside the full footage) has been “nothing portrayed in those videos was illegal, so this is all a big nothing.”

I think it’s evident that the videos depict illegal actions - but all right, let’s say they don’t. Let’s say that not one action shown in these videos is against the law. How infinitely more horrifying. That means we’re content to live in a country where pulling apart an unborn baby and dragging his disintegrated parts around in a little dish to find the valuable ones is legal. That means we’ve all accepted this as a mundane condition upon which our reality hinges. That is a million miles from something to brush aside as if it’s a technicality to be debated in the abstract, like whether someone violated a traffic law. 

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Honestly if it was a real baby, we would never ever know about it this early. We probably wouldn't have found out until long after it was born and suddenly pictures of louis pushing a stroller around la like "what up, lookit my baby!!" came out. They would never allow the media to make fun of a real unborn baby and run around linking him to harry every chance they get! especially not with how larry was like banned from the media for so fucking long. like pls. this is just not on for a real bby


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I have a mental checklist of all the people who have touched my bump without asking, and I really wanna hurt them (I wont, but...). I do NOT like being touched by ANYONE except my SO, and everyone who knows me knows how much I hate being touched. I despise their sense of entitlement to my body and my unborn baby. Just cause I'm expecting does not mean you are allowed to just feel me up. I've even had people grab my butt and breasts, commenting on how big they've become!

That is so out of line for them to just touch you like that! You have every right to be pissed off about it. I didn’t have many people that weren’t family try and touch me, but I know it is a very common occurrence. If someone had grabbed my boobs I’d want to punch them in the face for real, that’s way past the line. The only thing you can really do about it is ask people not to touch you.
Any mom as with solutions?


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It doesn't matter if you use the term zygote, embryo, fetus or unborn child/baby as umbrella term - all of these are stages of human development. Using them doesn't make the individual growing inside the uterus any less human and abortion anything else but the termination of a human being. Also, dehumanization is a psychological strategy murderer/abuser use to distance themselves from the thought that their victim is human. Abortion supporter appear to do this a lot by dwelling on medical terms.

It is a medical term though. A fetus is an unborn offspring. Fetuses are human, as they contain human DNA, but that doesn’t make them people. Babies are people. That is the difference. Abortion is not murder, and I am not a murderer or an abuser. I understand that anti choice supporters use “baby” as opposed to “fetus” because it conjures up different, more emotionally attaching imagery for people, when in reality “baby” is NOT something that is unborn. “Baby” specifically refers to the young offspring, and the recently born, while “fetus” refers to the unborn. Saying “unborn baby” is a literal oxymoron, while saying “unborn fetus” is simple redundant.

Fetuses contain human DNA, but are not human beings as they have not yet been born. A zygote is not a human being either. Abortion is not termination of a person, it’s termination of a pregnancy. It’s a legitimate medical procedure to treat a medical condition. Plain and simple.

Fifty Shades Freed--Chapter Twenty (Part II) [SPORKERS: GEHAYI and KET MAKURA]
Chapter Twenty (Part I) | Table of Contents | Chapter Twenty-One

In which Grey finds out that Ana is pregnant, and proceeds to yell, pound things, blame Ana for conceiving, scream about lack of control, walk on on his wife, get drunk, call an unborn baby an invader, wail that Ana will choose the baby over him, and be horrified by the prospect of possibly having a *gag* daughter. 

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I'm adopted & my parents are the best thing that ever happened to me. One time a coworker said to my dad "oh I thought she was your real kid haha" my dad said "she is, & if you insult my family again I'll punch you in your REAL face." It was epic 😊


I haven’t even adopted yet and we already get “not your real kid” too much. I’m trying to smile and nod through it right now because we’re in this very weird zone where we kind of need to be calm and reasonable even when we shouldn’t be in order to have people want to help us with the adoption. (Like refer us to friends/family who may be considering an adoption plan.) So I can’t really go around throat punching people yet. 

But I can tell you that when I hear my pregnant friends talk about how much they already love their unborn baby even though they don’t know them yet, that is the same way I feel about my not-yet-adopted child. That love is just as real for me. 

And I’m glad your dad told that fool what was up. Everyone deserves parents who would be willing to slap some ignorance out of someone for being rude to their kids. 


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1. It is a staggering spectacle - baby or no baby. I'm genuinely surprised Louis has gone along with it. His mom being a midwife & him being close to her, there's no way he doesn't know how sensitive baby news is. And his stepdad went through a really difficult stillborn situation with his ex. And his dad Mark has made some odd statements on Twitter about the 'souls of unborn babies'. He grew up in a house where babies were held pretty sacrosanct in other words. Even the fact of his bio dad >

2. abandoning him as a baby. Why would he agree to be portrayed as someone who makes a baby like it’s no big deal with no intentions of staying with the mother like Troy did? Or use a real or fake baby for cheap publicity like Troy has with his own son? I’m just so sad that Louis would sell a piece of his soul for whatever this turns out to be.


I had forgotten that about Dan and his previous wife…and yeah it all just sort of seems a mess.


So because no one on facebook gives a fuck anymore about rants i guess i’ll post it on here where no one will read it either *lmao*

So let’s say there’s a polar bear rescued due to health concerns, never to be returned back to the wild, and it is pregnant with 2 cubs. The zoo program can afford to take in 1 more bear, but not it’s unborn cubs. Zoos in the area are full and can’t any more in. Because the zoo doesn’t have the funds to take care of the babies, should they kill them before they are born? Anyone with a heart would say of course not, they’re adorable little creatures and deserve life even if the zoo can’t afford them. I can quote anyone as “They should do whatever is necessary to keep them alive”

Why is abortion any different than this? People will jump on anything involving animals, but when it comes to a human being it changes.. I’m not advocating pro or anti anything, but if you feel sorry for the unborn polar bear and not an unborn child.. well, you need to reevaluate things.. *rant over thnx*

Most people who see nothing wrong with abortion have that belief because they don’t think an unborn baby is a person. They don’t even like the term “unborn baby” because it lends to the idea that what’s in the womb is a person. They usually stick with the term “fetus” because the emotional response generated from discussion of killing a fetus is more palatable than that of killing a baby. But even if they were right about the absence of humanity in a fetus, it doesn’t change the fact that aborting a fetus is a horrific, senseless tragedy.

Just for the sake of the argument, let’s use the term “fetus” and disregard that a quick overview of basic human embryology tells us fetuses are people. But before we can move on, we need to classify fetuses as something else if they aren’t people. So if a fetus is not a person, what is it? Fetuses are alive, no one can deny that. They’re obviously not plants, insects, or bacteria, so the only possibility left is that fetuses are animals.

So, let’s pretend a fetus is a non-human animal. Now that it’s settled, allow me use an example to demonstrate why killing a non-human animal in a similar fashion as one used in a human abortion is still deplorable.

Let’s say I have a puppy but I can’t afford one at this stage in my life (lack of money is a common reason for wanting to abort). What do I do with this puppy?

Since it’s still small, I’m going to cram it in a blender while conscious and liquefy it to a bloody soup, disposing of the concoction in the trash.

That might work for a small puppy, but what about an older dog? It won’t fit in a blender.

How about this then: Without using anesthesia, I’m going to chop each of the dogs legs off, one by one, with a pair of bolt cutters. But the dog is still alive at this point, so the job isn’t over yet. Now, I’m going to pick up a giant rock, slam it down on the dog’s head to crush it, and then throw the dog’s mangled body in a bio hazard bag.

Do you think the methods of getting rid of the dog were disturbing? Who wouldn’t?

If I got caught getting rid of just one dog with either of the two described methods, not only would I be jailed because it’s illegal, my mug shot would be all over the internet accompanied by hateful epithets demanding my torturous death. In my defense, I could argue that it was my right and choice to kill my dog. I could say what I did to the dog was none of the government’s business. I could say the dog was better off dead than leading a less-than-ideal life. However, not one of those excuses would sway a single person.



Exactly the point I was trying to make with some of my earlier posts but they said it better. I respect animal life as much as human life to begin with. I find it so sad when I see “pro choicers” still using the logic that a fetus is not human or not human enough. Their logic makes no sense.

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Unborn baby and human fetus are synonyms. Ignorance is thriving here...

“Unborn baby” is an emotional term and is used to play with people’s feelings. Fetus is scientifically correct.

It’s not necessarily wrong to use the term “unborn baby,” when discussing a pregnancy, but in a debate about abortion you need to use correct, non-manipulative terms if you want to be taken seriously. 

Taylor Swift's New Album Is Able To Make Unborn Babies Dance And Here's The Proof

Meet Jencita. She’s nine months pregnant and a massive fan of Taylor Swift.

Like most Tay fans, she rushed out last week to get her hands on the singer’s new album ‘1989’ and this pretty awesome t-shirt.

She then decided to play her unborn baby Taylor Swift’s song 'Blank Space’ and this happened.

(via Jencita)


Taylor saw this and she literally died. #RIPme.


— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13)

November 3, 2014

Seriously, she was in tears.

She’s @_Jencita_ if you want to go tell her how cute she is and how precocious and dancy her baby ALREADY is. I’m not crying I’m not crying

— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13)

November 3, 2014

Jencita is pretty happy that Taylor spotted her video as well.

Just want to say thank you to everyone who has sent nice and wonderful things! Can’t wait for baby Madison to be here! :) I love you all!

— Jencita ツ ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀ (@_Jencita_)

November 3, 2014

So happy that she provided this dictionary definition of the word “precocious”.

For those wondering what @taylorswift13 meant when she said my baby was precocious :) basically talented early on! pic.twitter.com/lWcFVTGu8I

— Jencita ツ ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀ (@_Jencita_)

November 3, 2014


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one time i jerked off in the gym showers at like 2am and someone knocked on the door just after i finished and in a hurry i forgot to clean up properly so now it still haunts me to this day if they noticed the millions of my unborn babies on the floor

1. Planned Parenthood is illegally trafficking human body parts.

2. Planned Parenthood is openly political and an arm of the Democratic Party.

3. Planned Parenthood employees aid and abet pimps and sex traffickers.

4. Planned Parenthood fails to screen for coercion and covers up sexual abuse of minors.

5. Planned Parenthood supports sex-selective abortions.

6. Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, was a racist who wanted to improve the human race through selective breeding.

7. Planned Parenthood targets black women for abortion.

8. Planned Parenthood is America’s largest abortion provider and it wants to keep that title.

9. Planned Parenthood does NOT provide mammograms and provides primary care for only a very small percentage of its clientele.

10. Planned Parenthood deceives women into thinking an unborn baby is just a “fetus” or a “blob of tissue.”

Read in full:

Julie Roys, 10 Reasons to De-fund Planned Parenthood 

If unborn children are nothing more than a "blob of cells and tissue" please explain to me why the unborn have functioning kidneys, stomachs, livers, hearts, taste buds, brains, fingers, toes, eyes, lips, and bone?

If a miniature human is just “a ball of cells” then that is what we all are. We are all made up cells, stuck together in one large mass.

Should it be legal to kill a 20 year old man, then? He’s just cells and tissue.

Fact: Human adults and fetuses are exactly the same (with the exception of sexual maturity and size)

Fact: an unborn child can feel pain

Fact: an unborn child can hear, taste, and feel

Fact: an unborn child has it’s own unique human DNA sequence and fingerprint

Fact: The only difference between a human adult and an unborn human is the fact that the adult is allowed to have choices and the opportunity to live, love, and make mistakes.

Fact: abortionists claim that the death of fetuses counts as “women’s rights” but they fail to acknowledge that while the child lives inside of its mother for nine months, the child has its own body and mind. Therefore it shouldn’t be said that “oh, it’s the mother’s body” when it’s the child’s body that is dissected and sold like kibbles n bits

Unborn Unloved Baby

Dear Mommy,

I don’t know what I did

I’m so sorry for upsetting you

I’m not sure why you hate me

I mean you haven’t even met me yet

so how do you know that you wont want me

what if I was to be a great person

what if I could have a cure for some illness

what if I was to change the world

how could we ever know

you have taken my chance at life away

why do you feel the need to kill me

my world was doomed from the beginning

I never got to see the world

or anything for that matter

all I am is a cluster of cells

just the beginning of a living person

but I will not miss anything

for I do not know anything in which to miss

well it’s time

I feel myself dying

I still love you mommy

even though you never loved me

well I have to say goodbye now

for I am almost gone

and now I’m leaving

Please leave comments I’m considering publishing some of my work but would like feed back first. Thank you.