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In Aztec mythology, Coatlicue (”she with serpent skirts”) is the mother of the 400 stars in the sky, and one daughter, Coyolxauhqui (”she with bells on her cheeks”). When Coatlicue becomes pregnant illegitimately (by touching a tuft of hummingbird feathers - this sort of stuff happens a lot in Mesoamercan mythos), her children become both embarrassed and enraged. But none more so than her daughter, Coyolxauhqui. Together with her 400 brothers, she launches an attack on her mother, but it is foiled when her mother’s unborn son Huitzilopochtli (”the hummingbird on the left”) springs forth from her womb, armed for battle.

Huitzilopochtli dismembers Coyolxauhqui, and flings her head into the sky where it becomes the moon, so that her mother might look upon her always.


Word Becomes Flesh (2011)

First performed by Marc Bamuthi Joseph in 2003, Word Becomes Flesh returns to the stage, re-invented with a new generation. A series of performed letters to his unborn son, Word Becomes Flesh uses spoken word, dance and live music to document nine months of pregnancy from a young single father’s perspective. Now performed by a six-member ensemble, this choreopoem critically, lyrically and choerographically examines fatherhood in the black community.

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“Dean, don’t run away from me!” You barged into the motel room right as Dean threw a lamp. He hadn’t meant for it to happen, but it did. The base of the lamp caught you hard in the temple, knocking you unconscious. 

“Fuck, Y/N, no!” Dean was instantly at your side, turning you from your stomach to your back and cradling you in his arms. He grabbed his flannel from the bed, using it to apply pressure and stop the bleeding from your head. “Come on, sweetheart. Wake up!” 

Hot tears dripped onto your face as you stirred, a small groan coming from the back of your throat. “Y/N/N I’m so sorry.” Dean pulled you to his chest as soon as he saw your eyes open, crushing you against him. “I never meant for you to get hurt. That’s why I ran. You can’t be around me like this.” 

“It’s ok, Dean.” You murmured against his chest, repositioning yourself around him, running one hand through his hair and running the other over the angry red mark on his arm. He tried to pull it away but you tightened your grip, refusing to let him pull back this time. “I’m the only one who can make this better. You heard what Cain said. You won’t hurt me. Not on purpose.” 

Dean pushed you back, looking into your eyes. “No, but I already hurt you. Look at you.” He ran his free hand over the bruise forming on the side of your face. “I can’t do this to you.” 

“It was an accident. I’ve had worse.” You laughed it off, rubbing your hand absently over the mark to calm him. It seemed to be working, his muscles relaxing as you touched him. 

“How did you find me?” Dean questioned. 

“I always find -” Your voice trailed off and you stared straight ahead, eyes fixed on one spot.

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” You couldn’t answer and Dean panicked as he watched your eyes flutter and roll back in your head and your body drop to the ground in convulsions. “Y/N!” Dean screamed, trying to hold you down to stop you from thrashing. “No, no, no.” Dean begged you. “Stay with me. Please!” 

After several minutes that felt like hours the trashing stopped and Dean scooped you up, running to the Impala and speeding to the nearest hospital. “I need a doctor!” He screamed, carrying your still limp body through the emergency room doors. “Please! She’s not breathing!” He sobbed uncontrollably, tears streaming down his face, dripping into your hair as he laid you on a gurney and the doctors rolled you away.

Dean Winchester had never felt so helpless as he did the moment you and his unborn son disappeared behind the gray double doors. 

Part 2

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Build me up, Buttercup

Characters/Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Pregnant!Reader

Word count: 2313

Warnings: A/B/O dynamics,smut, slight breath play, knotting (mild?), foul language, labor inducing sex, water braking, NO labor, Fluff.


This one here is my first ever a/b/o piece and I think last, and because of that I didn’t want get in the middle of the messy (but super hot) stuff. So this is about a stablished coupple who already been through all that.

This is my entry for a compìlation of 4 different challeneges first time doing that too, so I hope this makes sense.

  1. @dr-dean A/B/O Challenge, song prompt: ‘Build me up, Buttercup’ by The Foundations.
  2. @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname Orion’s 1k Celebration Challenge, movie prompt: ‘That’s your problem, Ray. Your ideal girl… is you. With tits!’ FAQ about time travel.
  3. @babypieandwhiskey Cam’s 200 writing challenge, Prompt: ‘Can I please con to the bathroom alone.’
  4. @impalaimagining Smut-entine’s day kink challenge, prompts: Pregnancy and Breath play.

A big THANK YOU to my bitch Orion @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname and to Jen @winchesterprincessbride For being amazing and the beta work of course!

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Build me up, Buttercup

“Some girls are into science fiction!”

“That’s your problem, Ray. Your ideal girl… is you. With tits!”

Your lips move in sync with the movie and you laugh at poor Ray; Pete will never stop being an ass. You feel the slight annoyance again and that familiar pressure on the bladder. You turn off the tv, with a puff and an eye roll you get up, gently, bit by bit and walk down the hall to the bathroom, for the fourth or fifth time tonight.

The toilet lid is cold, making you shudder. Looking down at your feet, you realize you can’t see anything past that sticking-out belly button; it looks so weird and dark, and every time you cough or laugh it goes even further out.

On the way back to the bedroom you yawn, bare feet stumping against the tiled floor, sounding heavy.  Hating the fact you walk like a doped duck, you stop to catch your breath.

With a sigh, you sit back on the edge of the bed and stare at the bright red light on the night stand, 2:44, carefully enough not to wake up the sleeping alpha on the other side, although he wouldn’t wake up because of you plopping down next to him.

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Hey is there any canon evidence that Stoke targetted Ben in the womb?

I’m going to quote @luminousfinn, since she is more well-read than I am in the new canon: 

Short answer: No, it’s entirely made up by fandom.

Slightly longer answer: There is one instance in the last Aftermath book . the one titled Empire’s End - where Leia senses a Dark “presences” observing out fer her and her unborn son. That’s it, all of it.

Literally the equivalent of a mother spotting a creepy dude as she’s taking a stroll while in the last trimester and Creepy keeps giving her the eye.

There is literally nothing whatsoever to support the ludicrous theory that Kylo Ren was manipulated from before he was born, except fandom’s desire to turn a genocidal white dude into a victim for some reason.

IMO, even if it was true, there is no correlation to reylo (not that you asked about that, but everyone I’ve seen passing off the womb thing as fact ships reylo). Like, Rey might have sympathy with Kylo if he had been manipulated since before he was born by the Dark Side (and there is plenty of evidence that he acts on his own free will both in the books and TFA), but that doesn’t automatically mean she’d fall in love with him. Even if they’re not related.

ETA: There is more evidence for it than I thought – more here.

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Hi, so I was wondering if I can get a head cannon of MC and rfa losing a baby and then maybe finally having one eventually? I lost my baby when I was a lil over 5 months and it crushed me. I've come to peace with it, but I'd love something to read and emotionally connect with. You're an amazing writer so I'm excited to see what you can do(:

Oh my goodness anonny you’re an amazing and such a strong person to have gone through that! I sincerely wish you happiness and love, I’m so happy to hear that this game has helped you overcome such a tough time! Thank you so much for your patience, I wanted to take my time and give you a well-thought out response plus I kind of got carried away when writing these! I truly hope that you enjoy, if you need me to change anything please don’t hesitate to ask!! :)

Side Note/Warning: I decided to get rid of the under the cut thingie since I had a few people message me about it not working plus it wasn’t working on my mobile. So this is a warning. this headcanon talks about pre-mature child deaths and I know that this cane make some people uncomfortable so please skip this one if you feel this way. Anyways, there’s my warning and I hope that the rest of you enjoy!! ^^


  • You and Yoosung were elated to see that your pregnancy test came back positive
  • The two of you had been trying for a while now to become pregnant and now that you finally were, Yoosung couldn’t stop tears of joy from flowing
  • You and Yoosung moved out of his small apartment and into a larger family home, immediately preparing for the baby’s arrival
  • The two of you even crocheted a tiny baby blanket together, Yoosung said happily that you both sewed it with love
  • Everything seemed to be going fine with the pregnancy until one morning you woke up and shrieked as you saw blood between your thighs and a sharp pain in your lower abdomen
  • Yoosung jumped out of bed and drove you as fast as he could to the doctors, trying to calm you down but deep down he knew what the truth was
  • When the doctor told the two of you that the you had a miscarriage, you sobbed into Yoosung’s shoulder as silent tears slid down his cheeks
  • Yoosung helped calm you down enough to take you back home but your crying started again when you walked past the nursery
  • Every night you and Yoosung would lay your crochet blanket in between the two of you, whispering ‘Good night’s’ and ‘I love you’s’ to your unborn daughter
  • It took a while, but after enough time of mourning for your daughter, you and Yoosung decided to try for another child
  • And when you became pregnant again, the two of you cried tears of happiness for two hours straight
  • This time, Yoosung studied regular medicine along side his usual veterinarian medicine to ensure that this child would be born happy and healthy
  • When it came time for the delivery, Yoosung was extremely nervous that something would happen to either you or your child but the birth went without any flaws
  • Yoosung held his newborn son close to his chest, kissing his tiny head as tears littered all three of your faces
  • You and Yoosung would constantly be with your son, giving him all of the love and attention that he deserved
  • The little Kim even inherited his older sister’s crochet blanket and when he would cry at night, Yoosung would wrap his son in the blanket which would immediately stop his crying
  • Yoosung would rock his son back and forth, telling his son how much you, himself, and his unborn older sister loved him and how she would always watch over the three of you


  • After establishing a relationship of love and trust, you and Zen decided that you both wanted children
  • So when your pregnancy test came back positive, you and Zen couldn’t be happier as he peppered your face with kisses and twirled you around
  • Preparing for the baby’s arrival would be a fun yet challenging time for the two of you
  • Zen became increasingly nervous about being a father but after much reassurance from you, he started to believe that he could be an amazing dad for his child
  • He even told his family about the pregnancy and while they still didn’t accept Zen back, his mother gave him a pair of his old booties for his child to wear
  • As your due date approached, Zen couldn’t help but notice how you didn’t seem like your tummy was growing big enough to support s baby, but he didn’t want to worry you so he kept his mouth shut
  • It wasn’t until one day at rehearsals that Zen received an emergency phone call from an ambulance driver that you were in the hospital that Zen felt true panic within himself
  • Zen rushed to the hospital to find you lying in bed, crying your eyes out as the doctor explained that your baby didn’t survive
  • To Zen, it felt like his entire world was coming crashing down but he knew that he didn’t have time to wallow in his own self-pity, he needed to take care of you no matter what
  • Every night Zen would have to calm you down from waking up with nightmares, you’d have to cling onto your husband’s old booties that were meant to be given to your son as Zen would softly sing or hum until you fell back asleep
  • Only when he knew for sure that you were asleep did Zen allow himself to cry for the death of his unborn son, not realizing that this process would be so painful
  • With time, both you and Zen healed and when the time was right, you both mutually agreed to try for another child
  • Zen broke down into a crying mess when you told him that you were pregnant, vowing that o matter what he would see his child be born
  • He was there with you every step of the way during this pregnancy, especially when you squeezed the life out of his hand during your perfect delivery
  • Zen looked down to be greeted with a pair of crimson irises as tears filled his own eyes as he looked at his son
  • He became extremely protective of his new son but still very loving and caring over him, especially when he wore his unborn older brother’s booties which he would always become a happy baby when he wore them
  • When your son outgrew the tiny booties, you, Zen, and your son would visit your eldest son’s grave and placed them onto of the grave as they talked to him
  • As Zen held his second son in his arms, he’d silently tell his first son how much he and you love him and how Zen knows that he’ll always watch over the three of them


  • It had always been your dream to have children and you couldn’t have though of a better partner to have a family with then Jaehee
  • She always had a motherly aura to her so when you brought up the idea of having children with her, she agreed
  • After much consideration, you and Jaehee had decided to go with a sperm donor from one of your close male friends
  • As your tummy grew bigger and bigger, yours and Jaehee’s excitement grew as well when the doctors told you that you would be having a daughter
  • Jaehee showed a newfound love of crafting and with your help, made a tiny pink floral headband for your daughter
  • All seemed to be going well with the pregnancy until you felt a sharp pain in your tummy so unbearable that you couldn’t even stand straight
  • Jaehee rushed you to the hospital only to hear the worst news imaginable, that you baby girl no longer had a heartbeat and had to be removed
  • Tears poured down your cheeks as Jaehee gripped your hand tightly letting her own tears fall
  • When the two of you got home, you clutched the small headband that you and Jaehee made for your daughter to your chest, with fresh tears falling
  • It hurt Jaehee seeing you this upset, so she wiped her own tears away and became your shoulder to cry on
  • After a while, you shakily asked Jaehee if she wanted to try for a child again, telling her that this is your dream and you know that she’d make an amazing mother
  • She immediately agreed so the two of you went to a different sperm donor, a friend of Jaehee’s
  • In a couple of months, you became pregnant again, much to both of your happiness and this time, Jaehee constantly reminded you to take your vitamins and to let her know if you feel any pain
  • Jaehee was there with you every step of the way, giving you lots of encouragement as you gave birth to a healthy baby girl
  • Your little girl was bombarded with love from you and Jaehee, even dressing her up with his unborn older sister’s headband which always seemed to make her smile
  • Jaehee would hold her daughter at night and would tell her how much her mommy’s plus her unborn older sister loved her, the little girl would grow up knowing that her family loved her and would always watch over her


  • After the two of you got married, Jumin was eager to finally start a family with you
  • Once you came out of the bathroom with a positive pregnancy test and happy tears, Jumin felt his heart sing with joy as he tightly embraced you
  • The two of you had so much fun decorating the baby’s room, often having debates on the color of the wall, what the baby should wear Jumin wanted cat onesies and what kind of toys the little one would have
  • While the two of you did disagree on most things, you and Jumin bought a little cat stuffed animal for your child, one thing you both agreed they needed
  • As your tummy grew, you started to feel more and more pain, one day it became too much and had Driver Kim take you to the hospital
  • Once Jumin was notified, he stormed out of his office and rushed to your side only to find you sobbing that your baby boy’s umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck
  • Jumin was stunned, begging the doctors to do something, anything to save his child but he knew deep down that his son was no longer here
  • You would cry every time you walked past the nursery with Jumin gently holding your shoulder as you sat in the rocking chair, holding the cat plushie as you told your unborn son how much you loved him
  • After a while, you and Jumin decided that you both wanted to try for a child again
  • This pregnancy went as smoothly as any pregnancy could go since Jumin hired the best doctors, chefs, and caretakers
  • Jumin couldn’t stop his smiling when he saw you deliver a healthy baby girl into the world, holding her close to his chest as he fell to his knees from happiness
  • Your daughter inherited her unborn older brother’s cat stuffed animal, always seeming to laugh and smile when she held it
  • Jumin would hold his tiny daughter at night, softly singing to her and telling her that her unborn older brother would always watch over them and that he’d always protect her


  • Seven had always dreamed of having a large family with you
  • So when you excitedly showed him your positive pregnancy test, Seven fell to the floor holding your still flat tummy, thanking you repeatedly as he kissed your tummy
  • He tighten his security system, especially in his baby’s room and went to building so many robo cats
  • But Seven wanted to give your child something that the two of you made with love together so you both agreed and created a space and cat themed mobile for the top of their crib
  • Life seemed to be going so well for Seven until one night when the two of you were watching a movie
  • You suddenly gripped his arm as he saw blood trickled between your thighs as you said that you were in a lot of pain
  • Seven raced you to the hospital, praying that everything was okay, but they were far from it
  • The doctor informed you and Seven that your baby was no longer alive, with you immediately bursting into tears and Seven feeling a crushing weight in his chest
  • When the two of you got back home, Seven laid you down in bed, gently hushing you until you fell asleep in his arms
  • That was when Seven let himself cry, asking God why he hated him so much to take his son away from him
  • The two of you got through the mourning process together and eventually, you and Seven were ready to try for a child again
  • As if God was listening to Seven’s prayers, your pregnancy went flawlessly, the only thing was Seven needed to have his hand checked out by the doctor since you squeezed it so hard
  • Seven held his son close to him, gently putting his ear to his son’s heart, hearing the beats made him cry tears of joy
  • The little Choi had his unborn older brother’s mobile and would always seem to stare at it in wonder when it slowly spun
  • Seven would hold his son at night, gently telling him that even though he would never meet his older brother in this world, someday you, Seven, the little boy, and his unborn older brother would meet and become a true family

Alien abduction experiencer, Suzy Hansen, recalls an episode as a child known to her as “the Grandfather,” a Grey alien mentor that she continually interacted with while on alien craft. She says, “The Grandfather told me he was about to transfer a “book” (a large amount of information) into my head. I could not access the “pages” of this book yet, but he assured me it would open up one day all by itself and I would be able to “read” the pages (the information would emerge into the conscious mind). However he assisted me to understand the information pertained to specific people I would meet in the future, and tasks I might complete with them.“ Part of the information conveyed to Suzy related to her unborn son, whom she was allowed to meet before his incarnation into a body-as a vibrant blue orb of light.

Source: ‘The Dual Soul Connection: The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement,’ by Suzy Hansen. p. 101-103


On Christmas Eve of  2002, Laci Peterson, who was eight months pregnant with her first child, went missing. Later that evening, her husband, Scott Peterson, returned home from fishing and noticed that she was missing. It was reported that he ate pizza, did the washing, cleaned the kitchen, and took a shower before calling Laci’s sister, Amy, to see if she knew where she was. The police were called that evening and a search party was set up. Foul play was immediately suspected as it was very out of character for Laci to just disappear, particularly on Christmas Eve when the family had Christmas plans. The search and investigation was unfruitful and it seemed as though Laci had just disappeared into thin air, until 13 April, 2003.

A couple walking their dog discovered the decomposing body of a late-term fetus in Richmond’s Point Isabel Regional Shoreline Park, in San Francisco. The autopsy reported showed that there was nylon tape around the neck of the fetus and a large gash on his body. The following day, the body of a recently pregnant woman washed ashore just one mile from where the fetus was found. The body was so far decomposed that the cause of death could not be determined but the body had been dismembered - both forearms were missing, as  was the left foot and the left leg. The autopsy showed that she had received two cracked ribs before she had died. DNA testing confirmed that the bodies were Laci and her unborn son, who she had planned to call Conner. 

Laci’s husband, Scott, refused to speak to the police following the discovery. It was soon discovered that Scott had been cheating on his wife with multiple women. He had told women he was a widower before the bodies were even found. Police discovered enough evidence to convict Scott and he received the death penalty. It was theorised that Scott wanted to life a bachelor lifestyle, even telling one mistress that  he didn’t want children “because they would get in the way of his lifestyle.“


Healing. It was a task that Michonne and Rick were perfecting. Life falling in love, it had crept up on them, slowly at first, then appearing all at once, as though it had been simply lying in wait the whole time. It began in the unlikeliest of places, when both of them were at the lowest of lows, staring at each other through a prison fence. They had carried their guilt like a yolk, each of them bearing the weight of what this world had become, what they had become to survive.

It began with the physical, a stitched bullet wound, cuts and bruises patched up until they faded into scars. He had saved her life and she returned the favor, limping away from the battlefield time and time again until she’d lost count of how many cycles they had been through. Fight. Win. Repeat. It became a fact of life, the price you paid for surviving at the end of the world.

The stakes were higher now. They weren’t just fighting to live, but for a life, for a future for the children they raised together, for Glenn’s unborn son or daughter. Losing was not an option; death was not an option. She wasn’t leaving Rick alone in this world, no matter what enemy came knocking at their door. So, she fought tooth and nail, certain that Rick was doing the same. When she won, he found her, bleeding but breathing, their son by his side.  

Now the healing began.

Michonne awoke to find Rick still beside her, clutching her hand as though it were a lifeline, his fingers slack within her own. The pleasure of a newly found mattress was diminished significantly without Rick’s body pressed against hers. She wondered if they could manage it.

“Rick,” it hurt to even speak, her face swollen to what she was sure were incredibly unflattering proportions.

He stirred immediately, his blue grey eyes almost glowing in the dark as they flickered open and immediately toward her.

“You ok, hun?” his voice was a raspy whisper, heavy with sleep and concern. She smiled, only managing to lift the corner of her lips.

“I’m ok,” she assured him. He sat up, groping for a pitcher of water at his side. He enticed her to take a few swallows, the lukewarm water cooling her parched lips, before sipping some himself.

“What hurts?” he asked, seizing her hand again.

“Nothing,” it was a bold-faced lie, but she had taken worse pain.

“You sure?” he wasn’t fooled, leaning forward to inspect her in the low light. “Can I get you something?”

“Come here,” she tugged gently at his arm, doing her best to scoot over in the narrow bed, making as much space as she could manage.

He followed her lead, trying not to wince at the wound on his waist that he was attempting to downplay. Michonne guided him beside her, arranging the blankets so that he could fit. It was warm in the room, the windows closed to the cool autumn breeze just outside, the temperature almost stifling to stave off the possibility of fever. Rosita lay indisposed just a few feet from the couple, Tara at her side. Rick settled quietly on the mattress beside his wife, his eyes flickering briefly at the two young women before moving back to Michonne’s face.

“How’s your hip?” she wished she had the wherewithal to lavish him with the attention he had given her the past few hours. She would not know the extent of the damage until she saw it with her own eyes.

“I’m fine,” he insisted, smiling in the dark.

“It doesn’t hurt?” she pressed, reaching for him.

“Nothing I can’t handle,” he brushed his lips against the back of her wrist.

“You should take some medicine,” she suggested, glancing at the bedside table where the pain pills sat.

“So should you,” he looked amused at her assertion. Michonne had to admit that he had a point. She did not like the way the medicine made her feel, as though she were filled with lead– not in pain, but unable to move. Numbness was a feeling she was well-acquainted with, and one that she was unwilling to revisit.

“Half,” she compromised. Rick rolled over, securing the pill and the pitcher. He maneuvered them both up, breaking the chalky tablet apart between his thumb and forefinger. He coaxed one between her lips, then placed the other half in his own mouth, swallowing it dry. Michonne did not lay back down again until he’d taken a gulp of the water.

Within minutes, the pain began to dissipate, the heaviness washing over her like a wool blanket, pulling her to sleep. There wasn’t much time to rest; the war had just begun. Still, she allowed herself the luxury of one night of vulnerability.

“Go to sleep,” Rick’s lips were at her ear, his voice authoritative, even as he lost the battle to his own exhaustion.

She fell asleep in his arms, feeling content despite the discomfort. Whatever this world was now, she still had Rick beside her.

They were going to win. It was only a matter of time.

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Funny How It Goes

Written by: @thestuckinbed

Prompt 26: A drabble where Peeta is from the Seam and Katniss is a Merchant but he’s still the one with the crush??? Sorry if it’s too specific ahah i just never read something quite like that ” (sent to me many moons ago via anon). [submitted by @titaniasfics]

Rated: T (for mention of underage sex and prostitution)

Author’s Note: I got a late start and this got out of hand, so it’s going to be the first part of a new wip(!). This is unbeta’d and there are verb tenses that I’m not sure how they got there. I don’t own the Hunger Games. Thanks for reading :)

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Pairing: past Dean x Reader, past Sam x Reader, Cas, Hunter (OC)
Word count: 1,181
Warnings: angry!Sam, slight angst

Part 6 of Dean’s Soul Mate

Thankfully, your trip to the store was quick, as you knew what type of shoes he preferred, and there was no need to browse. You also grabbed some men’s body wash and shampoo, figuring it was the least you could do. You were dreading that night when you went to bed. Once you were alone, and the house was silent, you would break.

Sam was the first one up that afternoon, making his way to the kitchen just after one. Yawning, he looked around, feeling weird. It was still hitting him. He had a kid- who was much closer to being a teenager than just a kid. While he understood why you did what you did, it was killing him. He wanted to have a serious talk with you, soon, sans Dean. Having him around did nothing to make it easier.

Opening the fridge, he sighed, honestly not that hungry. He shut it, debating on going back to bed, or what. Finally, he got curious. Moving quietly through the rooms of the first floor, he found himself in the living room.

His hazel eyes took time soaking in each picture- Hunter blowing out the candles on his last birthday, Hunter ripping open presents on Christmas, beaming, a frame with all his school pictures, and his newborn picture on the middle, each one adding to the pain he felt. His eyes watered and he let out a breath. The very last one he saw was the worst- a younger you, lying in the hospital bed, holding a newborn Hunter. You were looking down at him, lovingly, your hair slightly messy, the flush still on your cheeks, and a sheen of sweat on you. And you were still beautiful.

But you weren’t his, and you never would be.

The urge to hit something took over, making his jaw clench. He couldn’t have you, he wasn’t there to raise his son, he wouldn’t be there for his first day of high school, or his prom. He wouldn’t be there to see him graduate, either. Milestones that he’d be far from- just to keep him safe. It killed him, but he knew that’s what he needed to do.

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margarittet  asked:

Okay, I've been looking at Misha's pics today (because reasons), and it struck me again how they ugly him down for the show? Admittedly they do it to most characters except maybe Crowley, but Cas... Misha is a really gorgeous man, you can see on his Twitter and during cons, but when I watch season 12 I feel they make him look older and more tired than he really is. And don't get me started on the new coat! Any ideas why they do it? Is it the narrative or something else?

Hello, my lovely! How nice to hear from you! Oh, there are always reasons for Misha-picture looking. I know those reasons well. My, my, here’s one right here.


And yes, I am in total agreement with you - this gorgeous man is lumped into a weird-ass coat and an oversized tie that honestly make him look like… I think I read the term “potato” somewhere - could very well be a @tinkdw quote - and it is rather frustrating because HE IS NOT A POTATO. (I refer to the above smoulder of If I Asked You To You’d Get Naked Right Now I Know You Would) (yes) (yes I would) 

So why make him look like a spud rather than a stud?

I have this friend who I discussed this with rather recently **Tink** and she said that it must be a conscious choice by wardrobe to make him look just a little out of place, a little uncomfortable, a little left off-centre. Because he does, doesn’t he? This whole season has dealt so much with “belonging”. For Mary, but especially for Cas, because where Mary found a place for her hunter-self with the BMoL, Cas has more or less just drifted. (until now, thank you Lucifer’s unborn son) 

So yeah, I believe it is the narrative informing wardrobe. And the narrative this season especially has dictated that Cas is not content, is not certain of where he belongs or even where he wants to belong (he sort of knows where he wants to belong, but he’s not convinced he does belong there), and he has been depressed about this the whole season: hence the seeming tired, despondent, lost. He has been so, so lost. He’s shedding all of this baggage now, though. 

I mean… 


(Sidebar: that dead body in the background, guys. *scrunchy face* Sorry to add to finale angst, but Luci is clearly on a killing spree. I’m a little excited to see him back and powerful again. But my money is on TFW. If the boys can manage to assemble, that is…)

Thanks for the ask, margarittet!! xx

signs as Mumford & Sons lyrics

aries: It seems that all my bridges have been burnt, but you say that’s exactly how this grace thing works.
taurus: in these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die. where you invest your love, you invest your life.
gemini: oh babe, can you tell what’s on my tongue? can you guess that I’ll be gone with the twilight? 
cancer: present all your pretty feelings, may they comfort you tonight.  
leo: flawed by pride, I miss my sanguine eyes. so hold my hands up, breathe in and breathe out.
virgo: spare me your judgements and spare me your dreams, cause recently mine have been tearing my seams.
libra: if only things were black and white, cause I just want to hold you tight without holding back my mind.
scorpio: you can be every little thing you want nobody to know, and you can try to drown out the street below. and you can call it love, if you want. 
sagittarius: hold my gaze love, you know I want to let it go. we will stare down at the wonder of it all.
capricorn: my ears hear the call of my unborn sons, and I know that choices color all I’ve done.
aquarius: lend me your eyes, I can change what you see. but your soul you must keep totally free. 
pisces: and there will come a time, you’ll see, with no more tears. and love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.

My Baby Boy

Pairing: Kenny Omega x Reader

Summary: Kenny’s excited to find out the gender of your unborn baby.

Words: 407

Warnings: None

A/N: just a little drabble based on a thing kenny said in a “on the road” video on njpwworld. “We want to make this world a better place, for you and for me. For my son, my unborn son.” i went back to that one line like 100 times and decided to write this. sorry if its a little awful, i havent written in a long time lmao

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He watched the fire department extinguish the flames, realization beginning to settle over him. He was so shocked at seeing his daughter running from the side of the house, her words really didn’t registrar.

He kept waiting to see (Y/N) following behind her, when she never did it hit him, that he’d lost the love of his life and his unborn son. Knowing that Fiona was responsible left him speechless.

He glanced back at the vehicle that Kerrianne was asleep in, she was devastated at the loss. She blamed herself for not getting here fast enough, it took some time to calm her down. Opie was sending the van and a couple of Prospects, so one of them could drive her back.

He leaned against his bike, wiping away his own tears. “We’ve got a body here!” It was near the front door, he knew who it was, secretly he had hopes that (Y/N) was still alive.

 He looked up as a bike and a van pulled up. Opie got off his bike hugging him. “I’m sorry Chibs.” 

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