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ptolemy wrote that the sun radiates most emphasis ages 20-40. during the 4th month of pregnancy, the unborn baby is ruled by the sun because this coincides with heart development. the sun is the right hand. so people with unusual aspects made to sun-uranus or sun-mercury can be left handed

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Peter Maximoff always drums his fingers absentmindedly on his pregnant s/o's belly. He doesn't even realize he does it. It used to be on her arm or hand, but without even realizing it, since he found out she was pregnant, he started doing it to her stomach. Then one day he feels the baby tap back. After the initial "whAT THE FUCK, WAS THAT THE BABY?? OH MY GOD," it becomes a little game between him and his unborn baby. He taps on her belly, and the baby taps back.

This is so fucking adorable i have no words what the hell

No Matter What - PART I

I know this is weird but can you write about Jiyong who fall in love with a pregnant girl? So he do his best to take care of that girl and start to act like a father toward the unborn baby because the real father leave them? And when the public know he simply just confess that the baby is his? Thank you so much

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So here’s part I. I’ll try to post part II later this week. I hope you’ll like it!


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“Did you think about a name yet?” Soomin asks. “Or did you guys thought about a godmother??” she smirks.

“Soomin, chill! There’s eight months left before the baby’s here. We have plenty of time to think about it. But as my best friend, you’re on the list for being its godmother don’t worry” I giggle.

“Ooooooh I feel special” she giggles. “What about this? That’s cute!” she asks, showing me baby clothes.

“Pink? Come on, we don’t even know if it’s a boy or a girl. Plus, we decided to get gender neutral colors” I smile, walking around the baby department. 

“That’s crazy!” Soomin suddenly says. “What are you talking about?”I frown, looking at her.

“In eight months, a baby will come out of you!!! Don’t you think human body is amazing?” she explains, giggling like a schoolgirl.

“Whatever” I laugh. “That’s good he decided to stick around. Not a lot of boyfriend would do it. A baby is a huge responsibility” she quietly says, smiling.

“I know. I was scared to tell him, but looks like he’s as happy and excited as I am” I answer, smiling to myself.

This pregnancy suddenly happened and when I discovered it I was lost and nervous. Especially because I didn’t know how to tell Jiseok. It wasn’t planned and we never talked about it before. 

So when I told him, I didn’t expect him to stay by my side. The only problem was his family. We both didn’t know how his parents were going to react.

“Do they know?” I suddenly hear Soomin ask. “Not yet.. He’s visiting his family this week end and I think he’s going to tell them” I quietly say, walking out of the store.

“And you’re not going?” she frowns. “I wanted to go but I have an important business meeting” I sigh, walking down the street.

“Hey, I’m sure it’s going to be alright” she quietly says. “If you’re trying to reassure me, that’s not gonna work” I chuckle.

“What did you do today?” Jiseok asks, sitting down next to me. “I went out with Soomin. What about you?” I ask, smiling at him.

“That’s nice. What did you guys do?” he adds. “She wanted to look for baby clothes. She’s seriously excited, you should see her” I giggle. 

“I can only imagine” he answers, chuckling. “You didn’t answer my question” I quietly say, stroking his cheek.

“Hum? Oh, normal day at work. A lot of complicated things to deal with. But it was a good day I guess” he smiles, gently kissing my lips.

“Movie night? I thought it was only for couples” Soomin chuckles.

“Jiseok is at his parents place and I didn’t want to be alone tonight” I giggle. 

“Don’t be nervous, I’m sure it’ll be alright” she smiles.

*Ting ting*

“Hey, is everything okay?” I ask, the second I picked up his call.

“Are you alone?” he asks. “No, Soomin’s here why?” I frown, looking at her.

“So hum.. I told my parents” he quietly says. 

“Oh you did” I whispers, sitting up. “I.. I’m sorry” I suddenly hear him say.

I didn’t need him to say it, I knew what he meant.

“Y/N? You’re still there?” he asks. “I- I’ll call you back okay? Have a good time with your parents” I answer, before ending the call.

“What happened?” Soomin frowns, looking at me with a concerned look.

“Hum.. His parents- I think we broke up” I whisper, looking back at the TV.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I thought his parents would understand” she says, gently stroking my back.

“I was stupid to think they would understand” I chuckle, drying my (now) wet cheeks. 

“No you’re not. You never know how people can react. If you’re stupid, then I’m as stupid as you” she quietly says. 

*Ting ting*

“Is he serious?” I angrily say. 

“What did he send?” Soomin asks, turning the TV off. “I’m really sorry, I mean it!” I sniff, looking at her.

“I’m sure he means it. You know how parents are in Korea, we have to respect their decision. Please don’t be angry at him” she quietly says.

“I’m not angry at him, I’m angry at me for believing it could work” I say, replying to Jiseok.

“Don’t be..” she whispers.

“Why did you turn the TV off?” I frown, looking at her.

“Oh.. I thought you didn’t want to watch TV anymore” she frown, turning it back on.

“Hey it’ll be alright okay? You’re not alone, as a godmother I need to be there for this little bean” she smiles.

“Little bean?” I giggle. “That’s the best you can do?” I raise my eyebrows.

“What? I didn’t call it ‘little peanut’ or something” she laughs.

“Thank you” I quietly answer, smiling at her.

*Ting ting*

“You!” I hear Soomin say. “I’m in the kitchen” I answer.

“YOU!” she repeats, pointing her finger at me.

“I didn’t expect you to be this early” I say, looking at my phone. 

“YOUUUUU!!!!!!” she repeats. “What me?? Are you okay?” I frown, looking at her face.

“You’ll never know who I saw in the lobby!!!” she says, following me to my living room.

“I won’t, but I know you’re going to tell me” I chuckle.

“G-dragon! I can’t believe I just saw him” she says.

“Oh yeah” I casually answer. “Oh yeah? That’s it??? We’re talking about G-dragon!!!!” she answers, crossing her arms.

“Yeah. Sometimes we share the elevator!” I smirk.

“You never told me!!” she raises her eyebrows, finally sitting down.

“I guess I forgot” I shrug, smiling at her. “But how?” she frowns, looking at my front door. 

“He and his sister are living on the same floor as me” I explain, turning the TV on.

“No wayyyyyyyy” she says, staring at me.

“Can you hold the doors please??” I say loud enough for the person inside the elevator to hear me.

“Thank you so much!” I say out of breathe.

“You’re welcome” I hear a male voice answer. “Running late for work?” the voice adds.

“Oh not exactly for work.. appointment” I say, stroking my non existent belly.

“It’s been awhile since we last shared a lift” I hear him chuckle. I looked up and it was Jiyong.

“Oh you remember me” I quietly giggle. “Of course. How can I forget a such beautiful face. Also, this is probably the seventh time you asked me to hold the doors” he gently smiles.

“Oh..You counted?” I blush, raising my eyebrows. “I.. Maybe” he wiggles his eyebrows, laughing.

“Is it a boy or a girl???” Soomin asks, walking into my lobby.

“Soomin how do I have to tell you? I don’t know it yet” I chuckle, pressing the button for the elevator.


“I’m sure you know!! I heard the doctor. Plus I wanna know if I’ll be the godmother to a boy or a girl” she smiles, walking inside the elevator.

“I don’t know it yet! Plus it doesn’t matter” I add, pressing my floor’s number.

“I’m pretty sure you’re lying” she pouts.

“Please hold the doors” we suddenly hear. “Thank you” the person immediately says.

“I’ll count this as the first time then” I giggle.

“Wha-” the person asks, looking up at me. “Ah it’s you” Jiyong laughs.

“You were complaining this morning because it’s been too long since we last shared a lift! Twice the same day, I guess that’s your lucky week” I smile, looking at him.

“I’ve been blessed” he chuckles.

“You really don’t wanna tell me if it’s a boy or a girl?” Soomin suddenly says.

“Soomin, I already told you. I have to wait another month” I chuckle, rolling my eyes. I could feel Jiyong’s eyes examining my belly, which made me little bit uncomfortable.

“You’re so annoying sometimes” she pouts, looking down at her phone.

“Congratulations to you and the future father” I hear Jiyong say. “Oh thank you but the future father left me. But congratulations to me I guess” I chuckle.

“I’m really sorry” he immediately apologizes. “That’s fine, don’t worry! You didn’t know about it” I answer, giggling.

“He’s stupid” he quietly says. “What?” I frown, looking up at him.

“The boy, he’s stupid. I wouldn’t have left you no matter what” he explains, looking into my eyes.


“Okay lovebirds, we arrived” Soomin says, walking out of the elevator. “Also, she’s single” Soomin suddenly says.

“Good to know” he whispers, thinking we wouldn’t hear.

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Lisa Marie Montgomery, (born February 27, 1968) is an American woman from Melvern, Kansas, who was convicted of the 2004 murder of Bobbie Jo Stinnett. Montgomery killed the pregnant Stinnett before cutting Stinnett’s unborn baby out from the womb and kidnapping her.

Montgomery met Stinnett online in a rat terrier chatroom called “Ratter Chatter.” Posing as “Darlene Fischer,” Montgomery told Stinnett that she, too, was pregnant. The two women chatted online and exchanged e-mails about their pregnancies. Montgomery then arranged a meeting at Stinnett’s home under the pretext of wanting to buy a rat terrier. On December 16, 2004, Montgomery strangled the pregnant woman with a pink neon rope in her home in Skidmore, Missouri, and cut the premature infant from her womb. She later attempted to pass the infant girl off as her own child.

Stinnett was discovered by her mother, Becky Harper, in a pool of blood about an hour after the assault. Harper immediately called 911, describing the wounds inflicted upon her daughter as appearing as if her “stomach had exploded”. Attempts by paramedics to revive Stinnett were unsuccessful, and she was pronounced dead at St. Francis Hospital in Maryville, Missouri.

The next day, December 17, 2004, Montgomery was at her farmhouse when she was arrested. After Montgomery’s capture by police, the day-old baby was recovered. Victoria Jo Stinnett was returned to the care of her father, Zeb Stinnett.

Summer, Natsu no Bara

    Summer was a servant and body guard of Mikado, the Emperor of Yamato Empire. Eventually, her close service and accompany ceased her menstruation, and soon the change was noticed by a female Karasu member who had the Emperor’s child as well yet somehow succeed to hide her unborn baby until was born, getting a glance of the Amaterasu……

Summer’s clothing: 

    Shiromuku was a Japanese custom used for holy occasions since  Muromachi period, for pure white is considered holy, innocent color for ancient Japanese. Shiromuku was used for several occasions, including weddings, funerals. childbirth, and seppuku.

For Mikado, the Shogunate, and the Karasu clan, please reference: https://rwbysengokujidai.tumblr.com/post/156997737178/rwby-sengoku-jidai-background-stories-1

I volunteer to be eaten alive by Beyoncé so that she and her unborn babies can absorb my power and one day become mankind’s greatest force

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Heya! May I ask for headcanons about Oikawa discovering his S/o is pregnant? How does he react? How does he take care of her? How is he during the labour? How is Oikawa as a dad? owo

| Gah! I’m sorry this is so late!!! T_T I hope you enjoy these headcanons tho! | 

During Pregnancy

  • Oikawa is shocked at first, his silence maybe even worrying his s/o a great deal, but once he actually understands the situation this boy is practically jumping up and down in happiness xD
  • Oikawa is always caring for his s/o and their unborn baby, if it was up to him she wouldn’t even walk for the next 9 months!
  • Oikawa is always saying the sweetest thing against his s/o’s stomach, smiling widely every time he feels a small kick
  • Oikawa comes rushing to every doctors appointment, whether it’s in the middle of practice or during school he will come rushing to make sure his s/o and baby are okay

During Labor

  • Oikawa is so supportive while his s/o is in labor, encouraging her and telling her that she could get through the pain.
  • Oikawa holds his s/o’s hand tight and stays in the room the whole time just so his s/o can see him there with her
  • OIkawa is so fidgety while waiting, this cutie just wants to hold his baby as soon as he can!
  • Oikawa is so mesmerized when he first gets to hold his baby, and can’t help but let a few happy tears come to his eyes

As A Dad (*screaming because this is so cute*)

  • Oikawa is the best dad ever! He always makes sure to encourage his son or daughter, making them feel special no matter what.
  • Oikawa loves being able to play volleyball with his child, teaching them the basics and watching with pride as they try their hardest to play
  • Oikawa also loves reading to his child, hugging them close on his lap as he reads them bedtime stories, smiling the whole time as his s/o and child curl up into his sides

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‘ Ben Solo’s birth is important enough to be the subject of a billion different rumors, told all over the galaxy.. Luke Skywalker might have been there, the stories differ. The stories also differ on whether it was a difficult or easy birth, and whether he was born with a full head of hair. One story mentions that Ben was born with a full set of teeth—which is an omen we’ve given Napoleon, Ceasar, and Henry VIII. That is a lot of speculation and expectation for one kid to grow up with.

Leia also described her unborn baby’s presence in the Force as “He is less a human-shaped thing and more a pulsing, living band of light. Light that sometimes dims, that sometimes is thrust through with a vein of darkness.” Some not-so-subtle foreshadowing, even though Leia admits that Luke told her everyone mixes Light and Dark like that. ’

Hi everyone update on my life I’m in a facebook argument with a guy I knew in high school who thinks that the only forms of oppression in America are: unborn babies not being given the right to live, Christians who are being forced to serve gay customers, and professors who have to call people by their preferred pronouns. anyway I’m ready to die

The Clinic. by victor francis williams.

Vanessa squeezed her eyes shut tightly and allowed herself to be guided through the parking lot toward the front doors of the clinic.
She had heard the cries of the angry people even before Gregor parked the car. The voices only grew louder as Gregor took her hand and they began the walk. The walk was the hardest part of the whole damn thing.
“Heaven don’t got no place for mamas that kill they babies, you godless slut!”
“There’s still time to turn back, to repent and beg His forgiveness. It’s not too late!”
“You stupid cow! The entire fucking planet is dying, all of the people are dying, and you want to kill an unborn baby?”
Vanessa heard Gregor. “You’d better back the fuck off, sir. I won’t hesitate at all-”
“To what, shoot me? Ha! Go ahead and do it, pal, you’d be doin me a big favor!”
Vanessa felt something cold and wet explode against her skull, drenching her hair, her face, her crinkled eyes. Someone had thrown a full beverage at her head; cola, by the sticky sweetness of what she inhaled through flared nostrils.
“Take that, you baby murderer!”
She felt Gregor let go of her hand; she heard the scraping struggle of people on pavement. She couldn’t help herself any longer, not with Gregor maybe being hurt. She opened her eyes and saw a dog pile of bodies, all scrambling about on the ground of the parking lot. Someone screamed in pain; someone else screeched in panic.
Gregor emerged from the melee, a cut over his left eye, and grabbed Vanessa’s hand once more.
“Come on! Let’s get the hell out of here!”
They ran the last twenty yards to the building. As they scrambled up the cement stairs, the glass doors swung open. A large man stood in the doorway; he was wearing a black suit and a blood-red tie.
“This way folks, hurry up now. Be careful, be careful now.”
Once the couple were safely inside, the big man closed the glass doors once more and reached up to grip a large metal handle; he pulled down a mighty steel gate as one would pull down a garage door; it slammed the floor loudly, automatically locking with a satisfying chunk.
“Are either of you hurt?” the big man asked as he looked them up and down.
“He is, he’s bleeding, there’s a  big cut, oh god there’s so much blooood!”
And Vanessa fainted.

“What  are we doin, Steve? Why we in a dumpster? They don‘t put the dead babies in here no more.”
”The hell they don’t! They only want you to think that. These people are fucking savages, through and fucking through, don’t you know?”
“Yeah, yeah, I know, man. But if there are dead babies in here, what if they…”
“What if they turned, you mean? I doubt it, my friend. I seriously fucking doubt                   it.”
“And why’s that.
The two men were waist deep in bags marked Hazardous Material/Medical Waste/CAUTION; the gigantic green dumpster sat behind the clinic, and could only be accessed by ladder. The two men had brought their own, a rusty painting ladder from younger days spent chasing dollars, twelve hours a day.
“You heard that chemist guy at the meeting last night, didn’t you?”
“No, I guess I fell asleep for that part…”
“Well, had you listened, you would know that the ones who’ve turned are all young adults or older, not younger. The chemist said that the creatures are full of hormones that, in theory, are only produced once a person begins puberty. I forget what the hormone is called, but. You know, fuck it, we’ll be fine.”
As they rummaged through the trash in search of the coveted bio- materials, it began to rain; lightly at first, then a downpour of ice-cold drops. The men groaned in anguish but continued to dig; they did not want to return empty-handed. Finally, pay-dirt was struck.
“Here, I got it!”
“Where? Show me, show me. Show it to me you fucker!”
The angry man looked through the cardboard box and rifled through the stack of papers bound in plastic; then he handed the items back to the idiot man and began to climb out of the dumpster. He was wearing a triumphant expression. Above him, the sky flashed, white and spectacular, and menacing. The angry man straddled the edge of the dumpster, turned back to yell at the idiot.
“Alright, dummy, alright! Let’s get the hell out of here. Unless you like crawling around in fucking dead baby goo.” he laughed at this.
“Yeah, right. No way, man.I’m coming, I just gotta find my backpack…”
“You lost your fucking pack? You fool! Well, shit, man, its probably a goner now. Leave it and come on.”
“wait! Here it is,” the fool shouted, reaching into the depths for something to grab hold of. “I can see it, I can…almost…reach it….”
Suddenly the idiot began shrieking, ear-splitting howls that were terrifying in their likeness to an animal caught in a hunter’s trap.
The angry man wasn’t angry any more; he was  scared. The blood had drained from his face and his eyes were wide as he called the man’s name over and again, while the other man flailed in the dumpster, sending up sprays of blood and cardboard and broken syringes. And there was another noise, just below the rapid screams. It sounded like…
The frightened man spun too fast for his own feet, and nearly toppled, but caught himself with the heel of his hand, scraping it against raw pavement, leaving several layers of skin and tissue and thin blood behind. Then he ran, yelling his head off, around the side of the building. He had gone to tell the others.
A minute or so passed. The man inside the dumpster died. He twitched once, twice. Then he came back to life. He crawled out of the dumpster, pack slung over one shoulder. When the others came running, they turned the corner to find the undead idiot licking the pavement with a swollen purple tongue, trying to get every last shred of his friend’s skin; he looked up when he sensed the others.
He began crawling on hands and knees towards the mob of protesters, some still holding poster board and picket signs. One woman fainted, splitting her face open upon the wet ground.
When the creature came within a yard or so from the group, the men and women began to hear the cries. The mothers in the crowd recognized the sounds first, but before they could utter anything intelligible, the things were upon them; dozens and dozens of undead, aborted fetuses, in various stages of growth and decomposition. Several of the creatures fell on them from above, an insane rain of mutilated babies, teeth sharp and minds ravenous for death.
The protesters barely stood a chance to begin with, and soon became utterly hopeless; the alley behind the clinic was teeming with the reanimated, the dead, the dying; it was an orgy of screams and moans and horrible gurgling giggles.
From a window high above the carnage, Vanessa looked on, hands pressed to the cold glass. Gregor stood behind her, nodding silently to the large man in the suit. A doctor stpped out into the carpeted hallway and looked up from his clipboard.
“Are you Vanessa?”
“yes, I am.”
“Wonderful. Shall we begin?”