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Apparently this video got unblocked in the US so I’m gonna have to ask you all to go ahead and watch it while you can because I’ve felt so bad keeping this secret all to my british self you NEED to see this

gusthefarmer  asked:

How do you feel about the other issues people have with suckpencil? (ableism, exploitation, stealing ideas for merch, disrespect of ppl...)

i think she’s awful in every sense of the word.

ableism- I think her exploitation of mentally ill people is just gross. it makes my skin crawl that she sees nothing wrong with using mentally ill pople in crappy scary stories for a cheap thrill factor– because it turns out, oh, the deranged serial killer was mentally ill all along. she constantly demonizes people with ‘scary’ mental illnesses such as psychosis or schizophenia, and thus spreads the idea that people with those illnesses are all serial killers or something along the same lines, the same way the movie Split did with DID. heres a few sources of sixpenceee’s ableism. There’s also a weird stream of stories that contain child abuse in her tags, which is, you know… nasty. 

exploitation- I really think the biggest thing that’s popped up about sixpenceee’s explotative habits is the whole sixpenceeeheals bullshit. It astounds me that she sat down at her laptop, typed that out, made time to set it all up, read it all over and thought ‘yep, that’s good enough to post!’, then was.. confused? defensive? at the backlash. She issued a half assed apology that never really stated what she was doing was wrong, that she was trying to scam mentally ill kids who look up to her out of $30 in one of her pathetic get rich quick schemes she always seems to pop up with. That was just fucked up, man. Oh, and then she weirdlt started passive-aggresively reblogging posts that were defending her? She has like… no moral compass. (x) (x)

tshirts- When I found out about the fact that she was stealing t shirt designs. It’s as if we go, ‘wow, how can sixpenceee get any worse?’, and she sees it as a challenge. She’s even stolen things UNDER COPYRIGHT LAW and sold them to third parties for profit, which is illegal? and she could be sued– (correct me if i’m wrong, i’m no lawyer). There’s also the ‘stop human trafficing shirt’, ironic. It’s just constant money grabbing, constant note grabbing, for mediocre shirts or shirts with other people’s art on it. God, I hope she gets sued.

disrespect and general lack of human compassion- I’m just gonna say it– she’s like a badly programmed robot. Like, a one hellbent on attacking everyone and everything that calls her out. She often sends her followers to attack people who make callout posts, and then when people bite back, she acts the victim and whines that it isnt her fault. And she blocks, and blocks, and blocks… I’m actually pretty upset that she began sourcing her posts (good!) with the sources she’s went and gotten off of our blog without a thank you or a nod of the head or even unblocking us. It’s sort of like, ‘hey, don’t look at that blog who’s trying to help me out and credit original artists, look at ME! i sourced my posts, so stop making callout posts about me kthnxbye.’ It’s narcissism like i’ve never seen before.

tl;dr – sixpenceee? hate her

-Mod Vix

anonymous asked:

what is this t@gged thing and where do i watch it

OKKKKK IM SO GLAD U ASKED basically if you live in the us go to go90.com and search t@gged and all the eps are there in hd for FREE to watch!!! and if you don’t live in the us download hola unblocker (again for free) and change ur server to the us or use whatever unblocker you already may have and GO WATCH THIS SHOW there are 22 eps at the moment with the finale of s2 coming out next tuesday and i think season 3 is confirmed? not sure but either way!!!!! go watch!! the eps are only 22mins u can do the whole thing in one sitting!!!! amazing!!!! go watch PLEASE give this show some love!!! rundown: a better younger more on top of the times much more scary pretty little liars!!! beautiful cinematography!!! fantastic casting!! diversity!!! a woc main!!! drug problems!! grief being shown in various real ways!!! many girls and girl friendships!!!!!! hacking!!!! deals with bullying!!! and misplaced blame and aggression!!!! actually gives you real outcomes of crimes!!!!!!!!!! a blessing!!!! go watch t@gged on go90 and support the cast as well!!!!


Cast nece for two, twice for four, then after that you’re embalming for five between each cast! nice. “can’t be blocked” is a devastating line of text.

Even if you kill your clommander, just Embalm him for the token buff then swing away. We have nice static ways to make tokens out of real creatures too.

Works well with…

Lastly, be sure to use that unblockable to make use of this Cipher card and it’s friends.

Have fun with this sweet tech woo

Tumblr Settings Tuneup: Unblock Blog
To unblock a Tumblr blog, use the Desktop Dashboard

  1. From the Dashboard, click the person icon in the upper right.
  2. Select Settings from the menu.
  3. In the right column under “BLOGS,” click your blog by name.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page for “Blocked Tumblrs.”
  5. Click the pencil icon.
  6. Blogs you have blocked are listed by username. 
  7. Click the Unblock button for the blog you wish to unblock.
  8. The username disappears from the blocked list.

I’m about to go to sleep so this is funnier than it should be to me but I am trying to recall all of the times the Mishima family has attempted to murder one another unsuccessfully through the entire series. If I forget one fill in the blanks because it’s too damn funny. I teeter off and just start talking about characters at the end.

Hiehachi throws Kazuya off a cliff at the age of 12, I think it’s 12. Kazuya pledges his soul to the Devil because apparently Satan had nothing better to do for all eternity than be locked in to this dumb-ass ego battle.

Kazuya grows up to throw Heihachi back, this is the last time we see him genuinely smile and not his Mishima Smirk ™

Lee may or may not have tried to murder Kazuya and Heihachi but then helps one (Kaz) maybe? I’m tired, this part is fuzzy for me.

Jun gets her vagina murdered by Kaz, Jin is born angry.

Jin forsakes his Mishima name and uses his mom’s instead since he was a mama’s boy. Also turns out to have Devil energy. (D-Gene or whatever.)

Jin throws Heihachi through a billion year old stone temple wall by his bald-ass head and flies off. Heihachi still lives.

Mishima Zaibatsu is just a bunch of killers. Heihachi’s squad all got murked by Kaz, Jin, fucking Yoshimitsu, and maybe Nina.

“Heihachi Mishima *dramatic pause* is dead.”

A video showing Heihachi being blown into a river or something by explosions plays while Raven is like “This will definitely work.”

Heihachi is alive.

Jin’s old flaming pants get murdered for a flaming hoodie/jacket thing.

He eventually grows up and wears dress clothes to attempt to destroy his Satan father like any self-respecting adult would.

Bryan Fury has had an incurable disease since Tekken 3. We’re on 7 now. I don’t remember specifics and don’t tell me, I wanna just assume he can use his unblockable to get out of anything.

King 1 is dead because Ogre, but King 2 replaces King 1 and then King 3 replaces King 2 so King 2 becomes armored King but does a move only he and King 1 know and that makes King 3 go “Oh shit that’s King 2!” but then King 2 is killed by Craig on accident then is alive as armored King again and King 3 is the friend of Craig since it was all just a big misunderstanding?

Nina and Anna stay fighting. Nina kicks Anna in her whole entire back.

Eddy Gordo is a Brazilian hitman who runs an orphanage with Christie’s grandfather and he has a heart of gold but can’t for the life of him just sit down and talk to Christie at all. Currently may or may not be murdering.

Despite looking like the physical embodiment of menstrual cramps, Yoshimitsu is a good guy, Kuninitsu is a bad/evil-ish neutral guy who can’t seem to steal a sword from a dude who can dislodge his wrist and fly away using a sword. I wonder why .

Mokujin’s whole story revolves around him not being murdered by his big-tittied and much stronger wife. They are magical trees.

Gon is stuck in an infinite loop on Jurassic island just partying and flying with seagulls.

I am falling asleep. This is still funny though.

So apparently Mario’s description has been changed from being a plumber to “used to be a plumber” and some people don’t like this.

First of all you do realise he’s basically done no to little plumbing in the games (I thank Nintendo for never giving us an Unblock the toilet mini game)

And secondly don’t you see how great this is? In an old description it’s said that in their plumbing business Mario is the head plumber and Luigi is the assistant, it’s always been mentioned that Mario has been waiting for the right day to let Luigi take control of the family business.

And Luigi’s description hasn’t changed the fact that he’s a plumber

So what does this mean? It means Nintendo have actually given Mario a bit of character development.

…Now if he doesn’t put a ring on Peach I stg…

Most Common Commanders

1. Kaalia of the Vast

One of the most overpowered and overused generals. She makes an amazing commander because she can be used to cheat in some of the most expensive creatures with the most powerful abilities on the fifth turn. She is one of the most notorious legendary creatures though so it should be destroyed at the soonest possible opportunity. 

2. Rafiq of the Many 

Bant is one of the best combination of colours in EDH because it provides counter with blue removal and protection with white and the pump abilities of green. The best auras are also in these colours. Rafiq is used mainly as a finisher because giving a single creature Double Strike and multiple of triggers of exalted is potentially lethal. 

3. Ezuri, Renegade Leader or Rhys the Redeemed Elves 

Elves are one of the most common tribals in commander mainly because of their low costs, mana ramp and overpowered lord abilities. But which elf commander to use. I have seen a lot of swarming Elf decks with Ezuri and a fair few token decks around Rhys. Their secondary abilities become horrifying pretty quick as well so try and keep these two off the board.  

4. Marath, Will of the Wild 

I think all of the 2013 commander precons were extremely good, but this one of the most popular among them. I think mainly due to his versatility. He has a wide range of abilities and has cards like Dictate of the Twin Gods, Doubling Season and Parallel Lives to make his abilities even more powerful. Also, he’s quite difficult to keep off the board, because his ability improves each time he is cast from the command zone.

5. The Mimeoplasm 

I have seen a few mimeoplasm decks of late. Thanks to the graveborn and commander sets a lot of reanimate abilities have resurfaced, which has made such decks viable. This creature can also be used with Unblockable and Infect to finish off your opponents quickly, and it doesn’t discriminate between graveyards, which is always a bonus. 

6. Jelava, Nephalia’s Scourge 

Out of all the grixis decks I have seen recently, this commander is the most prevalent. Another of the 2013 precons and the most expensive because of the True-Name Nemesis. Her Exile/Steal Ability makes for a great control deck and since her ability improves with each cast it’s possible to run such a deck with no other creatures.  

7. Sliver Overlord 

Some EDH players don’t like the challenge of being limited to two or three colours so they use a five colour commander such as this one, which gives them access to pretty much any card and one of the most powerful tribals. There are three possible sliver commanders, but I think this one is the most common because of its ability to tutor for slivers and its potential to steal other people’s creatures. Sliver Players don’t usually last long.

8. Oloro, Ageless Ascetic 

This is my type of commander. Oloro can just sit on his lazy arse and do nothing if that’s what floats your boat. Oloro mixed with cards like Sphere of Safety and Glacial Chasm to pretty much shut down all damage coming your way make a hilariously fun commander deck. I think this one will be showing up on commander of the week soon enough. 

9. Animar Soul of Elements 

I freaking hate this guy. I don’t see him as much as I used to. But Temur is my least favourite combination of colours because I find it lacks protection and board wipes. I can never make this deck work, but I find that no one else has trouble doing so. He’s a solid enough commander and his protection ability makes him difficult to deal with and the fact that he can help bring out any creature for peanuts is nothing to shake at. 

10. Horde of Notions 

I’ve been seeing this one a lot recently too. He is very good, especially since you can make any creature an elemental with cards like Xenograft and Amoeboid Changeling. Elementals can make for a horrible tribal especially with creatures like Lord of Extinction and Maelstrom Wanderer. He can get pretty expensive though if he keeps getting killed off so this deck is going to be filled with lots of protection.

Hello to all our new followers!

Thank you for your interest in piczel.tv!

Our tumblr has been fairly quiet lately, but we are hard at work both hiring new developers, and working on the impending rewrite of the entire website.

Some bullet point improvements we’ve got planned:

  • More reliable streaming server for spotty incoming streams
  • More reliable stream player overall
  • Much cleaner UI
  • More HTML5 player options (HLS, MPEG-DASH)
  • Improved player tech picker
  • Upgrading from 6x multistream as our largest, to 9x
  • Low bandwidth stream view
  • Return of drag and drop stream placement
  • Customizable chat width

Among many other improvements! Look forward to that early next month.

In other news, unfortunately picarto.tv will not respond to us regarding their blocking of our restreaming feature, so we must assume that they are doing so intentionally. Until such a time as they unblock us, restreaming will not work to picarto. Restreaming still works to every other site we’ve been able to test though, so twitch/hitbox/etc users, you’re fine! 

Again, thank you to our new followers, we hope you enjoy our site!

Nivix Nonsense

Creatures (8)
4x Kiln Fiend
4x Nivix Cyclops

Non-Creature Spells (32)
4x Anticipate
4x Apostle’s Blessing
4x Artful Dodge
4x Assault Strobe
3x Distortion Strike
4x Sleight of Hand
3x Swan Song
4x Temur Battle Rage
2x Titan’s Strength

Land (20)
2x Shivan Reef
8x Mountain
10x Island

Hello there, Niv-Mizzle here with another triumph of technology in the name of the glorious Izzet League. I have experimented with this deck since I first got into the game around the RTR block, and it has always been a budget modern deck near my heart, so let’s dive in….with SCIENCE!

Up first is our wincons. These two guys get bigger every time we cast and instant or sorcery spell, and by a sizeable amount too. The overall idea is to make these guys really big and swing in for absurd amount of damage, doing all we can to protect them at the same time. At the same time, making them better at getting damage right to the opponent’s face.

These two cards give us unblockable, both of which can do it twice as well. This means if we can’t kill them in one turn, we have a second chance!

Now these two are the kicker. Double strike gives us the opportunity to just kill them in one turn. If you cast any 1 spell, one of our unblockable spells and either of these, that is 20 damage right there! 3 spells is the magic number. These two spells also have their own strengths. Temur Battle Rage is instant speed, so you don’t have to tap out before attacking and hoping they can’t stop you, it also gives the added bonus of trample, but it costs one more than assault strobe, making it slightly harder to cast at times. 

The rest of the spells are too numerous to put into one picture, but they are worth mentioning. Anticipate and Sleight of hand give you card selection, allowing you to sift through your deck to find your combo pieces, while also being cantrips to activate our creatures. Apostle’s Blessing is there as a means of protection. The cyclops can evade a lightning bolt with his 4 toughness, but kiln fiend isn’t so lucky, and they both die to a bunch of other kills spells, so protection is a great way to make those spells fall right off. Swan song is also a good secret weapon as it can counter a spell for 1 mana. They get a bird, but we don’t care because we are unblockable. Lastly Titan’s strength is just there because it acts as 2 spells in winning the game, and also scrys, which is nice. 

So if you ever wanted to dabble in some sweet scientific might and swing for 20+ damage, this is the modern deck for you! Have fun!