True story!

I just want to tell you all a little story. Well, the fact is, my family owns a sailboat that we used to take out for family trips. But since all of us kids are pretty much grown up and moved out, my parents tend to travel alone these days, and they like sometimes going out in the summer to travel for a week or two around the neighbouring islands to the one we live on. Well, once, my father told me, they were at sea, up an about early in the morning. It was very quiet no birds nearby to make any sounds, so all they could hear was the soft trickling of the water against the side of the boat. Peace and no danger all around put them in a relaxed mood, not really paying attention to their surroundings. My mother, who wasn´t steering the boat at the moment, was sitting up front on the boat just looking around at the sky and the water. Suddenly, she noticed something. As we all know the ocean reflects the sky above, and I can´t remember if they said it was clouded or sunny, but anyhow, it was not as dark as to make the ocean become THAT dark all of a sudden. She looked around on all sides of the boat noticing how there was a large area surrounding them completely, and extending outwards, with the unnaturally dark water. She told me father to take a look also. It was dead silent all around, and she kept watching it as the darkness suddenly seemed to sink down and dissapear.  The boat might have waddled a little bit at that point.
It had been a whale. A whale that had come up for air right underneath their boat! When it noticed the boat however, it had simply turned and dove down again, and it must have just managed to miss the underside of the boat with it´s tail in the process. That is the coolest story my parents have ever told me about their boat trips, basically.

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Louis' twitter is like when you start lying on the spot and at first you kinda get away with it, but then your mouth keeps going on and on and blurting out shit that's unbelievable, and by the time you've finished you've dug your own grave.

you’re right lol 

Could Jaune have saved Amber?

Okay, so we aren’t doing a “conspiracy” theory this week. I’ve noticed a lot of hate (once again) directed towards my favorite gun-less Huntsman-in-training, so let’s talk about this whole Amber fiasco instead.

To start off; no, I do not believe Jaune or Ozpin could have saved Amber, even if Jaune hadn’t been focused on, you know, his girlfriend being in unbelievable agony. First of all, Ozpin likely had to stay at his machine. If that wasn’t the case, he probably would’ve been standing guard as well. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Jaune.

Jaune is one of…what, three, four characters in RWBY whose weapon is not also a gun, (for those keeping score, that’s Jaune, Cardin, Yatsuhashi, and possibly Fox. Glynda uses a magic based Semblence so I won’t count her.) and Cinder is a sniper with her bow. So, assuming Jaune somehow manages to ignore Pyrrha’s agonized wailing and stand guard, he’s already at a massive disadvantage. 

His shield probably wouldn’t have done much good either. Cinder shot from the other end of the Vault and her arrow still broke the (likely) reinforced glass of the transfer pod and pierced Amber’s heart (throat? It was unclear.) So, yeah, if he threw his shield in the way there’s a good chance we’d currently have two blond leads with missing left arms. And I highly doubt he has the reflexes to cut it out of the air. This is Jaune we’re talking about, not Guts or Haru Glory.

So, he can’t shoot back, he can’t block the arrow, Ozpin can’t step away from the machine, Pyrrha is inside the machine, and Cinder’s got the bow to end all bows. Charge? Ummm, no. Given what happened to Amber in one shot we’d have a very, VERY dead Jaune. And also an incredibly depressed and vengeful Pyrrha. Some of you may think “that isn’t so bad”, but I for one am getting secondhand anxiety from Pyrrha as it is.  I don’t want her going on the warpath.

Throw his sword? No. Just…bad idea. Even if by some unholy demon magic Jaune was somehow stupid enough to throw Crocea Mors, there is no way that thing would hit Cinder. Swords, believe or not, are heavy. Without Pyrrha’s help (which, friendly reminder, she is in too much pain to give!), Crocea Mors is not making it to Cinder. Even if by some miracle it did, Cinder could just block it or take a few steps to the right. Or, you know, shoot it down.

In the end, there’s nothing Jaune, or really anyone else, could have done differently. We all knew this plan was doomed to fail somehow. Cinder is too smart and too powerful for even Goodwitch to best, so what chance would Jaune actually have? Qrow, Ironwood, Ruby, Glynda, it doesn’t matter. My point is, stop trying to pin this on Jaune. He may have made a mistake, but it was for a good reason. He was scared, stressed, and worried.

And this is Jaune we’re talking about. Not Guts or Haru Glory.

I always thought there was a special kind
of heartbreak reserved for those who 
could have loved each other and been 
good to each other but, through a cruel
sleight of hand, never made it past polite
hellos and glances that last too long.

I thought only love could find such joy
in causing pain to those who seek it, but
then I saw the way his face lit up so brightly
it could have never survived the dark.

I knew you meant well when you said they
looked like they were really good friends -
like they’ve known each other all their lives
and were just waiting to finally meet.

“Yeah, we could have been best friends,”
he said, and even I could see the smile on
his face start to falter and fade.

I have never experienced heartbreak, but in that
moment I swear I felt it in the way his words drifted
away in soft and strained resignation.

I hear people say that the love between friends
can never surpass the one between lovers -
perhaps it can’t, but there is a sort of pain
among dying friendships that twists itself into
a knot that no breakup song can ever unravel.

“We could have been best friends.”
“I thought I knew him.”

Maybe if I was a better friend I could have seen it sooner.

Week 3 of 52 - The Alternative to Heartbreak is More of It | Kanika L.

Pig Wk 13 Sunday

Another unbelievable “winter” day here in Chicago in the low 40s. I ran 12 miles on the Salt Creek trail in 1:31:39 (7:38/mi). I was there a few weeks ago and suffered on the yet unmelted ice. Today was smooth sailing over the paved bike path.

I tried to slow myself down, but it’s so easy to run faster there. I might have had a little help from the GPS today as my turnaround didn’t seem quite as far as usual, but I did have to fight 15mph headwind on the way back, so maybe that made up for it.

I’m one-third of the way through my marathon plan already. It’s going really fast. Not having to battle the snow and ice much this year (so far) has made it more enjoyable and productive than previous years. Let’s keep it rolling!

22 Unbelievable Places that are Hard to Believe Really Exist
Our world is so full of wonders that new and amazing places are discovered every day, be that by professional photographers or amateurs. Different geographical locations, climatic conditions and even seasons offer the widest variety of natural wonders: pink lakes, stunning lavender or tulip fields, breath-taking canyons and mountains, and other places you can hardly believe actually exist!

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The ladies reacting to the SS telling them they're unbelievably proud of them and that they love them. Give dem ladies some love and happiness ffs.

Cait - If anyone needs to hear that, it’s Cait. She’s had to make a lot of tough decisions and do a lot of terrible things in her life, and she’s never been sure if she’s doing the right thing. She gets so happy when Sole tells her that they’re proud of her and all the choices she’s made. She smiles brightly backs at them and loves them ever more now.

Curie - She gets a huge smile on her face and asks them if they really meant it. She gives them a big hug and doesn’t pull away for a long time.

Piper - She gets a little embarrassed and flustered, it’s adorable. She gives them a hug and tells them she loves them too.

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Handle with Care by Jodi Picoult is one of my literal favorite books. I read it so so often. Picoult is such a great author.

I totally agree! I’ve read so many of her books, and it gets to the point that you become familiar with her writing style do you kinda know there’s gonna be a twist at the end, but despite that it’s never a predictable twist, and the ending of Handle with Care was just so sad. Like, it literally hurt my heart! It’s definitely one of her best books - I prefer the poignant ending to some of the more unbelievable, bizarre endings to some of her books. x