I am so disappointed in the people that are voting right now. How in THE HELL is Kim Samuel not in the top 11. The utter annoyance and disappointment is eating me alive. The nonsense that this is, is unbelievable. So done with this show.

i took my little brother to his tutor today and she had some children’s books for sale in the front room and one of them was a flipbook on sealife so of course i had to check it out

first page was ur basic ‘What Early Life Was Like’ info including

dunkleosteus, good.

jellies, alright alright

trilobite; a classic

and thennnnnnnnn we get to this guy and i just. i fuckgin

this one is the icing on the cake because under the flap……



봄날 / spring day - bts (lyrics)


Viktor: Not exactly..

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ok but kara thinking “i can’t do this” and shaking her head at alex, and alex putting her hand on the glass “you got this” and kara trying again with this newfound determination?? the two of them looking directly at each other and kara finding all of this strength inside her bc alex is in this ship and alex believes in her and alex thinks she can do this so she definitely can, and then the ship is stopped and kara slumps against the window and both of their hands are reaching toward each other without them even thinking about it, and i’m so glad the writers remembered what the heart of this show is