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THIS DAY in Evanescence’s history

Amy Lee basically bought us all an autographed Christmas present, just because she wanted us to have something under our trees. Let that sink in. She’s going to spend hours signing the posters she’s offering us to make it up for a delay which wasn’t her doing. And despite that unbelievable amount of generosity and genuine love for her fans, she still feels sorry we are not getting the vinyls on time. Your fav would never.

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omg can i just say how cute the bunny shifter fic was?? this au is like the most adorable thing ever im in love. it was definitely a piece of writing that i will go back to and reread when im feeling down, so thank you so much. the amount of fluff was unbelievable i loved it. also im glad you're back and i hope you have a lovely night c:

//>.<// goodness, you’re making me smile into my pillow <3 <3 <3 I’m glad that you loved it so much, it is kinda super fluffy XD hard to get more fluffy than first loves and bunnies. but I’m glad that you might come back to the story when you feel down :3 I hope, if the time comes, it will be enough to give you a smile again :)

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like our actual bunny Kook :3

In My Dreams

Thank you all so much for the unbelievable amount of love Daddy’s Lil Stark got! This is my first one shot request, hopefully I did it justice. Also, English is not my first language so if I make any mistakes feel free to notify me if you’ll like.

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request :  Hey love :) I hope I can send in a Steve request where you both fell in love but then during a fight at civil war you get hurt badly. [not posting the full request since it would spoil the story]

Warnings : Angst and like one cuss word

Words : 1710

Pairing : Steve Rogers x Reader 

Y/N: Your Name Y/L/N: Your Last Name

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It was not everyday that a family was forced to fight each other. That’s what the avengers were, a family. Up to this moment everyone in the team had each other’s back no matter what. After all, the majority of the team had no one else to count on, making their team mates the closest thing they each had to a family.

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I recently reached a amount of follower that is absolutely unbelievable. I love you all very much I hope you know that. This is just a small list of people that make me happy every single day - thank you guys. ♥

the cockles of my heart are bold (✿ ♥‿♥)

- d

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Okay, this pretty pointless but I have been laughing so hard for the past 10 minutes. This is the best post I’ve ever seen in my entire life. This is fucking wonderful. This is what I live for. This is what I wanted for my one year anniversary as the first Star Vs account on Instagram the amount of love I give for this post is unbelievable. This is so fucking hilarious. -cocky

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fun fact abt Tyler seguin he was wearing his captain's pants in that photo and walked around the shoot going I'M WEARING JAMIE BENNS PANTS also i love him he's so sad

oh my gooooooooooooooood

i have to publish this, upon hearing the news i had to take a stress walk and did a prayer squat in my hallway 


So it happened. By some grace of god it happened. I only had 4 minutes left before I had to leave and BAM there she was.

We only had literally like 45 seconds but she was so, so kind. I explained i drove 4 hours and she called me crazy and I gave her my gift. She took a step back and was like “good GOD I love that shirt” aND SHE WAS SO UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING. The amount of love and respect I have for her is unreal. Tonight was wonderful.

love is crazy.
love is imperfectly perfect.
love is seeing your child smile.
love is the sound of a heartbeat.
love is your hearts beating in unison when you’re swaying on the dance floor.
love is music.
love is waking up at three in the morning aching a presence.
love is being held when you’re at your worst.
love is what causes the blur when reading that name you haven’t forgotten.
love is having so many feelings for someone the time before these thought consuming emotions is unimaginable.
love is slowly losing your mind to someone who doesn’t give a fuck.
love is doing something you could not possibly enjoy more unless that person was standing right their next to you enjoying it with you.
love is smiling at absolutely nothing but your own mind.
love is respect.
love is trust.
love is standing behind someone you have an unbelievable amount of feelings for and never leaving them.
love is when you can’t sleep and you’re staring at the moon with your phone pressed to your ear, praying and wishing that they pick up and when they do they don’t reject you, they don’t neglect you and they listen to your struggles or your silly stories of how you tripped over your tiny shoelace, or about a new song that came out by your favorite band.
love is a luxury I can’t afford.
love is patient.
love is the only thing that endures through every circumstance.
love is looking into your future thinking worriedly about everything that has ever stressed you out, but quickly realizing the problems solve themselves.
love is when you kiss someone and you both smile.
love is getting that warm feeling in your heart when you see them.
love is indescribable.
love is when you would do anything in the world for the one person without hesitation.
love is the sun on a cloudy day.
love is having something to smile about on the worst of days.
love is the best feeling in the world but also the most heartbreaking, self damaging.
love is a lie.
love is love.
love is so many things, and everyone has a different definition for it; that’s what makes it such a beautiful thing.
—  Love is, Alexa Code
If you see this

You deserve the world, and you are loved by so many. The amount of love I have for you, is unbelievable. And the amount of love that is around you is unimaginable. You will get through this, and we will not let anything happen to you. You’re the most important thing in all of our lives, especially mine, and I will do whatever I can to make sure every bit of negativity is gone. Things will get better, and no matter what happens, I will love you more and more

The amount I love Tyler Oakley is just unbelievable at this point- I’m so proud of him and I just think it’s so amazing how someone who

1) I don’t know personally

2) Lives at the other side of the world

And 3) Didn’t even intend to change people’s lives the way he did

Has the ability to make me smile and basically be a better person because of his positivity and inspiring attitude.

I can’t really put it into words how much he means to me.