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Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For by evansrogerskitten

Dean x OFC Ash (me!)

The night before her 34th birthday, OFC Ash wishes her life was different. Suddenly she and the Winchester brothers are sent back in time as she figures out what, and who, she wants.

Warnings: Angst, Feels, Implied Smut, Promiscuity, Binge drinking, saying fuck a lot, Fluff, mentions of drug use, time travel. WC: 5704 On AO3

A/N: Why am I writing about myself? I’ve been going through a lot of shit lately, plus I was bummed about my birthday. So I decided to channel my stressors into this fanfic. I’m sharing this with a sensitive heart, so be nice. It’s my birthday anyways LOL This is for @jalove-wecallhimdean‘s Ghostbusters Challenge and this is my first attempt at crack fic for @trexrambling & @wheresthekillswitch Crack Challenge. Prompts are in bold.

I sighed as my elbows spread out across the shiny wood table in the middle of the library. Half a bottle of whiskey down, and I was getting sadder with each drink. I looked up as a whistle sounded from the bunker’s kitchen. Dean came around the corner, a beer in each hand. He stopped short when he saw me with the tall green bottle front of me.

With a tilt of his head, Dean walked up the short stairs to me.

“You okay?” He asked as he handed me a beer, and then moved the whiskey bottle to the other end of the table.

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I think the thing that kills me the most about ‘home’ is that the feeling is equal. It’s like 'yes you feel this way and it’s okay because I feel the same. We’re in this together, this is it, this is us. This will always be us. You’re my home and I’m yours. You’ve always got me.’ It’s that raw supportive absolutely /real/ relationship type of feeling, where you know that’s your other half that’s your love, your light, your home, and that’s the rest of your life and it’s okay because they see you the exact same way. And it’s so clear when Louis has his solo and shifts over to the pronoun “you” instead of 'her’, and then harry responds and his voice cracks the slightest bit and it’s like “I know, I feel the same way.” and it’s just.. they managed to make the song feel like coming home to that person and, like they managed to transcend that feeling into a song and just. It’s really, really special.