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Pickup Limes

Based on this tumblr post. Was supposed to be a drabble, but it didn’t cooperate. Though I guess it’s still a drabble by my standards, yeah?

Summary: Lily loves to blow off steam in Waitrose. Tonight, she spots an unbelievably gorgeous man in the bakery. Modern AU, Muggle AU, Grocery Store AU (still def not a thing)

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It was probably ridiculous (no, it was definitely ridiculous), but she loved, really, really loved, a good trip to Waitrose.

Yes, it was posh, and yes, if she was coming from home, she had to take the tube past basically a dozen Tescos to get there, but sometimes she really needed to wander around and think about the kinds of people that would genuinely buy goose eggs.

She never really came here to buy food (she was not going to pay an extra £3 for muesli for fucks’ sake), but there was something soothing about walking around, looking at all the fancy cheeses and wines, wandering around the bakery bar and trying not to drool at the baskets of baguettes and shelves and shelves of bread and cakes.

Her head was still pounding from what had ended up being an incredibly stressful workday when she walked through the glass doors, and she headed straight towards the back of the shop. She’d just walked into the bakery when she spotted what had to be the world’s most attractive man standing in front of the artisan bread rack.

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Korvira Week Day 1 - Healing / Troubled 

I will heal your troubled body… heart… spirit… if you’d allow me to.

Entry for the first day of Korvira Week! My submissions will be late, as usual but I’ll do my best to make them quality trash. This is my favorite pairing, after all! Nothing beats an under-spirit-water healing session~ you may download this image as a wallpaper, I think I made it big enough? =D 

Mean Queens Ch.9 (Group Fic) - NymphCAMP

Nymph’s A/N: Enjoy this offering for I have no idea when the next will be up. It’s a good one though, we’re getting to the good stuff now. (it keeps getting longer and running away from us though, god knows how many more chapter’s there’ll be. Hope you still enjoy it in fifty years when we’ve still not finished).  Love to you all, double to anyone who has ever liked or left us feedback <3

Purewank’s A/N: if nymph sneaks wank into my AN again, send her more hate on AQC, thanks. Anyway, hope you enjoy this chapter, they’re getting progressively longer and it’s great. Let us know what you think with feedback! <3

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Sprace- Astraphobia

TW- Panic Attack and implied child abuse

Race ran into his apartment complex as a flash of light flickered across the sky, followed by a delayed rumble. Race sighed as he tried to find a dry spot on his shirt to clean his glasses. He swung the door open to his apartment expecting to see the familiar Friday-night-sight of his boyfriend waiting on the couch with popcorn, but was met with darkness.

He flicked on the lights, “Spot?”

The only reply was another bang of thunder.

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So here are my reactions to the first episode of Channel Zero for anyone interested in that sort of thing.

  • It is more than a little surreal hearing actors in a professionally filmed television program talk about Candle Cove. It’s just such an internet thing for me. It’s like when CNN tries to use a meme.
  • It has some weak areas for sure, particularly in acting. Mike’s mother is excellent and the child actors so far are surprisingly good, but a lot of the characters are a little lackluster. Including Mike, the protagonist. 
  • The dialogue can also be a little ham-fisted at times. 
  • All this was enough of an issue to take me out of the story a couple times.
  • THAT SAID, I really appreciate the sense of the creepy this show has. It’s good enough to make me overlook the problems. It has a good sense for what makes an unsettling image and it usually knows where and when to cut.
  • The little segments we see of Candle Cove itself are unbelievably spot on. They perfectly captured the creepy look implied by the original creepypasta.
  • I guess “Jawbone” is a more realistic name than “the Skin Taker” for something that people might plausibly believe aired on television. It still bugged me a little.
  • I might have a fear of television static so this show is really doin’ it for me with the creepy static stuff.
  • All in all, they’ve set up an intriguing enough mystery in this first episode that I’m curious to see more, despite the weak areas.

If you’re thinking of watching it, be aware it contains child endangerment/murder, self harm and a few jumpscares (it’s not totally dependent on jumpscares though, and when it uses them it actually uses them pretty well.)

なんでもないや Nandemonaiya (Never Mind) | RADWIMPS -- English Translation

– because i love the original song and kona milk did a wonderful wonderful cover ;-;
also, I’ll probably be doing a translations for all of RADWIMP’s songs for Kimi no Na wa, because why not??? everything is beautiful. I’ll set up a masterpost once all of them are done!

The flowing breeze that passed by the both of us, carried with it a loneliness from someplace far

The sky after it has cried its heart out, looks unbelievably clear that I can’t believe my eyes

Papa’s words which always seems to prick me at my sore spots, felt unbelievably warm and kind today

My kindness, my smile and even the ways I speak of my dreams, before I knew it I tried to copy your every quirk

Just a little more, I promise just a little more,

Please just a little more

Just a little more, I promise just a little more

Just a little more, let’s stay huddled together like this

We are time fliers, climbing up the mountain of time,

I don’t wanna play the Hide and Seek of time anymore, I don’t wanna lose sight of you

Happy till the point of tears, and sad till the point of laughing,

All that’s because your heart has overcome yourself

Wishing upon the stars so fervently, even the toy I wanted so badly is now lying in a corner of my room

Right now there are a hundred dreams I want to be granted, but one day I hope I can exchange all of them for just one wish

After classes ended today, I approached the girl who never says a word, I told her “see you tomorrow” before heading home

I think it’s good to do things you’re not used to occasionally, especially if you’re there, right by my side

Just a little more, I promise just a little more,

Please just a little more

Just a little more, I promise just a little more

Just a little more, let’s stay huddled together like this

We are time-fliers, I’m sure you knew of it long ago,

Long before I could even remember my own name

I’m sure there’s some sort of meaning to a world without you,

But a world without you is just like an August without summer vacation

A world without you is just a like Santa who doesn’t laugh

A world without you

We are time fliers, climbing up the mountain of time,

I don’t wanna play the Hide and Seek of time anymore, I don’t wanna lose sight of you

Never mind, just forget it, it’s nothing

I’ll go to where you are right now

We are time fliers, climbing up the mountain of time,

I done with the Hide and Seek of time, I’m done with losing sight of you

You’re such a messy crier, I wanna try stopping those tears

But you refused to let me, I knew once I saw those overflowing tears

Happy till the point of tears, and sad till the point of laughing,

All that’s because my heart has overcome myself

二人の間 通り過ぎた風は どこから寂しさを運んできたの
泣いたりしたそのあとの空は やけに透き通っていたりしたんだ
いつもは尖ってた父の言葉が 今日は暖かく感じました
優しさも笑顔も夢の語り方も 知らなくて全部 君を真似たよ

もう少しだけでいい あと少しだけでいい もう少しだけでいいから
もう少しだけでいい あと少しだけでいい
もう少しだけ くっついていようか

僕らタイムフライヤー 時を駆け上がるクライマー
時のかくれんぼ はぐれっこはもういやなんだ

嬉しくて泣くのは 悲しくて笑うのは
君の心が 君を追い越したんだよ

星にまで願って 手にいれたオモチャも 部屋の隅っこに今 転がってる
叶えたい夢も 今日で100個できたよ たった一つといつか 交換こしよう
いつもは喋らないあの子に今日は 放課後「また明日」と声をかけた
慣れないこともたまにならいいね 特にあなたが 隣にいたら

もう少しだけでいい あと少しだけでいい もう少しだけでいいから
もう少しだけでいい あと少しだけでいい

僕らタイムフライヤー 君を知っていたんだ
僕が 僕の名前を 覚えるよりずっと前に

君のいない 世界にも 何かの意味はきっとあって
でも君のいない 世界など 夏休みのない 八月のよう
君のいない 世界など 笑うことない サンタのよう
君のいない 世界など

僕らタイムフライヤー 時を駆け上がるクライマー
時のかくれんぼ はぐれっこはもういやなんだ

なんでもないや やっぱりなんでもないや


僕らタイムフライヤー 時を駆け上がるクライマー
時のかくれんぼ はぐれっこ はもういいよ
君は派手なクライヤー その涙 止めてみたいな
だけど 君は拒んだ 零れるままの涙を見てわかった

嬉しくて泣くのは 悲しくて 笑うのは
僕の心が 僕を追い越したんだよ


Clarinets: Mush and Sarah

Drumline: Spot and Snoddy

Flutes: Pie Eater and Bumlets

Pit: Racetrack, Crutchy, and Itey

Saxophones: Jack, Skittery, and Jake

Sousaphones: Snitch and Specs

Trombones: Swifty and Dutchy

Trumpets: David and Blink

Title:  Into the Wild

Author:  Maaneskin

Pairing: Kaisoo (Kyungsoo / Jongin)

Genres: tribe au, soulmate au, supernatural, adventure, smut, romance, violence 

Rated: NC-17

Length: 3 chapters, complete

Summary:  Kyungsoo’s wrist budges a bit and a quaver surges through his fingers. Just as he is about to release the strain of the bow, he sees something behind the cougar. He spots the unbelievable. Wild brown eyes, mussed hair – decoration feathers attached here and there and red painting streaked on tanned cheeks. A boy.

Fic Taken Down

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rin those tags on the bloodborne/tv stand post are so unbelievably spot on

Where do they come from? I think I’ve seen them at Wal-Mart but I also think they just…..appear…they come into our lives when we need them the most.

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May I request a headcanon of rfa members comforting mc after she has to repeat a college course(s)

i’m currently in high school but failing classes is so sad for me T_T i hope I depicted this right!


- he definitely feels your pain
- when you first tell him he immediately overwhelms you with encouragement
- “just keep your head up mc, I’m cheering for you!”
- because he knows what it’s like to just want to give up on school and never wants you to feel that way
- sets up special study dates so that you can understand the material better
- asks you every day how your classes are doing and if you’re attending regularly, just to make sure
- when you finally pass the class he puts a bouquet of roses on your nightstand (too shy to give you them face-to-face)
- all around supportive and encouraging

- doesn’t really understand why you failed the class because you’re one of the smartest people he knows
- is really angry at your teacher and basically blames it all on them
- “it’s because of that jerk of a teacher!!! mc, you really should send a complaint to that school”
- you explain to him that you just never understood the subject and when you fall asleep he researches everything about the class
- determined to become ur lil tutor but also still knows nothing about the subject
- helps you w some basics and makes sure that you’re starting to get it
- “you’re going to do so great next time, princess. don’t worry about the tiny mistakes.”
- gives you a good luck kiss every day you go to school
- makes it up to you when you’re upset over it with lots of cuddles and neck kisses


- really worried about you and had no idea that you were struggling
- when you start to cry about it she holds you and strokes your hair
- “it’s nothing to cry about! you’re just not applying your best self to this class. i know you can do it.”
- sends you links to tutoring videos about the subject at least 3 times a day
- tries to help you study when you have free time
- in the middle of conversations she’ll just ask you a question about the subject. it honestly feels like a pop quiz to you
- she’s so caring it’s unbelievable
- “everybody has rough spots in school, mc. this is just an experience to learn from, so please don’t be sad.”


- doesn’t see it as a big deal at all and can’t imagine why you’re upset about it
- but he tries his best to be understanding and really gets you the best education prep that money can buy
- tutors, teachers, experts, you name it and he’ll get one for you
- sadly he can barely help you because he doesn’t really want to waste his time on college work that he can barely remember how to do
- instead he offers his support through telling you encouraging things throughout your day
- “today is a new day. you have endless potential in that pretty head of yours, so make me proud.”

- he’s really sad that you’re feeling sad over it but BOY IS HE HELPFUL
- knows exactly how to explain the subject in a way you’ll understand
- will drop everything just to answer questions you have about it
- really good at making you feel determined to reach your goals
- “college sucks but you swallow. dont give up just yet! keep powering through it and you’ll be done in no time!”
- when you pass it he is so overjoyed and happy, he wants to buy confetti to throw everywhere but holds himself back

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Pick five of your favourite YouTubers. If they were actors/actresses what roles would they most likely be cast for?

HA HA HA HA HA HA as if I have more than five

Okay we’ll start with Mark. Like specific roles in a specific movie? Or a kind of trope? I like tropes, because I never fucking watch movies. 

Mark Fischbach

Best Friend Rival.
It took me a long time to think about this one, but Mark is definitely The Guy You Wanna Beat. He’s got the looks, the voice, the brain, but he’s got too many good skills to be Action Hero, and besides, irl he plays support in team games too much, yet charges ahead with the Gnome of Healing regardless of what’s happening. So I think he’s the Too Perfect Guy, but not antagonistically so. Perfect hair, perfect voice, perfect humor, everybody loves him, including the audience. 

He’d be cast as the Cool/Successful Guy or Talented Mentor in a scrappy underdog story that the protagonist wants to gain the approval of. He’s the measure of success that the protagonist must meet or surpass before he knows he’s Finally Made It. 

Dan Avidan

Eyes of the Audience.
Dan would be the main character in a story about discovering yourself while escaping a life of hardship. A struggling artist who wants to make it, but a relatable person. Sweet, trusting, he’d be the kind of protagonist with self-esteem issues who’s being exploited for his natural talent and looks, but doesn’t believe he has either. 

He needs someone, like a certain Best Friend Arin Hanson or Caustic but Fair Mentor Brian Wecht (or both) to fight back against the Forces That Be and show us all that we, too, can conquer our demons and defeat the things that are holding us back from What We Can Truly Become. 

Ethan Nestor

Crazy Best Friend. Ethan would be the catalyst of a fast-paced comedy or action movie. He’d get in trouble, or cause trouble, or push the main character into the office of the executive in the middle of a meeting and then shut the door behind him. 

Ethan would be the guy to accidentally or purposefully kickstart the plot of a Wrong-Time-Wrong-Place-Wrong-Person story. And he’d be the one holding a secret to resolving it, too. Scrappy, resourceful, boundless energy, but three quarters of the way through he’d reveal something earth-shattering that makes his character the deepest and most prone to speculation in the entire cast. 

Wade Barnes/Bob Muyskens

I’m torn between the cliched Buddy Comedy Duo and Professional Goofball and Sick-of-His-Shit Handler.
I think I like the latter. Wade Barnes would be the practical joker of a heist or spy crew that everybody loves until the joke is on them, but they’d join in on the fun whenever it’s NOT them. He’s the guy who disappears halfway through the plan and you think he’s dead, but he comes back in a blaze of triumph and everybody cheers that he’d made it through. He’s the guy who glues everyone together, and reminds them to keep their chin up. 

Bob, on the other hand, is the one guy in the crew who doesn’t join in on the fun. He doesn’t play jokes, and the last time he had a joke played on him, someone got a brand-new leg cast. But it wasn’t Wade. Bob is the Information Feeder/Team Coordinator, the guy who seems serious because he hates Wade’s disruptions, but he’s always making sarcastic commentary over the headset and his wit is fan favorite. He’s the level-headed guy who keeps everyone focused and on track. He’s not Top Dog, but he’s 100% the Guy Who Knows Everything. And in the end, he understands the necessity of Wade’s antics in keeping group cohesion. 

Sean McLoughlin

Guy With Something to Prove.
He’s another Eyes of the Audience type, but he’s not being held down by money or power like Dan Avidan’s character would be. He’s the guy with no opportunities, the real pull-myself-up-by-the-bootstraps type. He’s another boundless energy type like Ethan, who throws himself into his passion and work and lives off scraps while everyone tells him he’s crazy and he won’t amount to anything. Genius Inventor/Artist type

And then, unbelievably, somebody spots him in a crowd, or he has the Right Conversation with the Right Person in a Random Coffee Shop, or some crazy exec trips over a piece of his work and Loves It, and gets the kid a contract doing the big time for something he loves. His story is the exact opposite of Dan Avidan’s - he gets his happily ever after by getting the big break he always hoped for. The movie gets a sequel, but the focus is on a new character, either someone he has to convince will be the Next Big Thing, or someone who reminds him of Where He Came From. 

How’d I do? What do you think? That was really fun!



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alright... soma "you and your girlfriend pull up in the drive way for your meal but you're really hot and I purposefully keep them with me so I can go outside to the car and give it to you" ....I'm so sorry 😂

Don’t apologize anon!  I’m not 100% sure if I understood exactly what you were asking for, but I hope you like this regardless.  This is what popped into my brain so it is what it is.

The small grainy image of the girl on the monitor was somehow enough to get his heart racing.

She was slender and small, sitting in the passenger’s seat of the convertible and gazing pleasantly at the speaker, waiting for him to speak.  The driver, a tall blonde who was drumming perfectly manicured nails against the steering wheel, looked much less patient, lips curled into a sneer.

Soul cleared his throat.  “Welcome to McMortimer’s, home of the Death Burger, may I take your order?”

“Finally,” he heard the driver say.  “We’ll have the number 4, two number 7s…”  She rattled off a number of other items off the menu, Soul frantically pounding buttons on the ancient cash register in an attempt to keep up.  After she finished, he said into the microphone, “Is that all?”


“Okay, drive around.”

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