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Ignore my face because I messed up so bad but omfg. I asked if Jensen could like doodle over my face because I looked so stupid! But he looked at me, then looked down to the photo and drew a speech bubble. I was like “Oooooooh nooooo.” He started smiling and wrote “Who is this Person?” I was like oh my god nooooooo! And he was like “There you go,” and I couldn’t stop laughing! 

Also after everything had finished, I was exhausted and lying on the floor in the Boulevard of the Hilton and JENSEN ACKLES walks past, looks down at me and jokingly says “Don’t Get Up.” I reply with “I won’t! I won’t! ” He goes round the corner and i’m still on the floor. He then COMES BACK and says the same thing to me again and i reply with “I don’t think I can mate,” AND HE FRICKING LAUGHS AT ME!! What a way to end a perfect day!! (also i’ve been smelling like Jared’s aftershave for at least 8 hours…its so good.)


actual slides from a presentation i gave to a class of 35 people today. this is what my life has become. i feel like this terrible fate somehow could have been avoided if my parents had supervised my internet use as a child.


Nature against Civilization

  Plants are incredibly resilient, and can grow from the most unlikely places so long as they have a source of sun and water. These man-made objects, buildings, and entire cities are no match for the rapid growth of plant life. Check out these unbelievable photos of nature wining the battle against civilization. All mankind cannot fight the power of nature.

7 Reasons Blue Ivy Carter Will Be the Best Big Sister

After five years as Beyonce and Jay Z’s sole offspring, Blue Ivy is finally getting a little sister, or brother, or BOTH (twins, y'all).

We could not be more excited for Baby Blue. She must be over the moon–I mean, two extra playmates?! Naturally, we’re already imagining the onslaught of unbelievably adorable Instagram photos of the Carter kids. BEY x THREE.

Blue will finally have someone(s) to relate to–a sibling to share child-sized evening gowns with, penthouse playdates, and, of course, jam out to mom’s best hits.

While we anxiously await their birth, we’ll be thinking about all the many ways Blue Ivy is destined to be an incredible big sis.

VIDEO: 7 Reasons Blue Ivy Carter Will Be the Best Big Sister

We hope that 30 years from now, Blue’s sibs speak of her the way Auntie Solange talks about Beyonce: “You were the most patient, loving, wonderful sister ever.” We think Blue’s up for the challenge.

She knows what it’s like to grow up in the spotlight

As the sole heir to Beyonce and Jay Z’s collective legacy, Blue has experienced things very few 5-year-olds will ever understand. Lucky for the Bey-Beys on the way, their big sis will be there to show them the ropes–from dealing with the paparazzi to sitting through costume fittings, Blue has it handled.

Source: InStyle

She’ll Never Make Fun of Her Siblings for Wearing Matching Outfits

Blue and Bey have publically twinned so many times–her right to make fun of her twin siblings’ matching outfits has officially been revoked.

Source: InStyle

She Could Teach a Master Class on the Art of Making an Entrance

Blue is a diva through and through. Clearly, she got it from her mama, but the 5-year-old knows how to slay a red carpet like no other kindergartener. With Blue around to share her wisdom, the twins shouldn’t have a problem getting their #swag on.

Source: InStyle

She’s the Ultimate Dress-Up Partner

Unsurprisingly, Queen Bey’s daughter is at the top of her dress-up game. She’ll be ready to indulge her little sibs’ every sartorial desire–bring on the sequins, Bey-offsprings!

Source: InStyle

She’s a Natural Born Leader

Big sis is the role Blue was born to play. I mean, look how believable she is as the King of Pop to mom’s Janet Jackson. She’ll get her rowdy siblings in line without a snag.

Source: InStyle

She Plays well with others

Look how sweet Blue is with that lil’ pup! We can already imagine her lovingly cradling her baby siblings.

Source: InStyle

She Has the best hand-me-downs

Those lucky twins will surely have their pick of Blue’s designer cast-offs. Honestly, that might be even better than having access to Beyonce’s closet. #SheSlayyyy

Source: InStyle

A magical moonrise over Yosemite National Park in California. Matt Walker captured this night shot – yes, it’s a night shot – on Thanksgiving week. It had snowed all day and began clearing around sunset. An hour later, the full moon rose with an intense glow as fog and clouds swirled around Yosemite Valley. “It was an amazing experience having my 10-year-old son next to me watching this unbelievable moonrise,” says Walker. Photo courtesy of Matt Walker.