unbelievable look

when i was like 14, i once wore contact lenses instead of glasses to school bc i had just learned how to put them on and i wanted to show them to my friends right, and this one guy goes and tells me “i thought girls were supposed to become beautiful when they stopped wearing glasses. something obviously went wrong with you” and that was??? so incredibly rude i wanted to cry but i just stood there not knowing what to say bc i honestly thought we were friends

but the girl sitting in front of him (who was also his crush, mind u) hears him and turns around with the most disgusted expression on her face, and calls him out on it like “omg i cant believe you said that have you even seen yourself in a mirror you have no right to tell her shit” and then she turns to me and says “dont listen to him, you look gorgeous with or without glasses” and she probably already forgot about that but i always remember it whenever i feel self-conscious about myself

so the moral of the story is: if u see someone being a jerk to someone else, dont laugh along and call them out on it. stick together and bring all the fuckboys down


Viktor: Not exactly..

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She doesn’t know what was going on in Hannah’s life. 
                                 You don’t know what’s going on in hers.

omg yaaaassss I LOVE THIS!!! JYP artists need to collab with each other more and make amazing music. pls.

This is probably my most favourite picture of EXO (even though they’re incomplete). They don’t look inhumanly, unbelievably gorgeous. They don’t look like idols. They don’t look like triple million sellers.They don’t look like members from a highly successful and internationally known Kpop group. 

Jongdae’s smile looks real and genuine. Kyungsoo, for once, was abandoning his strict and stern facial expression. Baekhyun and Chanyeol looks a little high (XD). 

They just look like a normal group of friends that’s out to have a good time. This looks like a picture of four guys in their twenties, not a picture of four members from the famous South Korean-Chinese boygroup named EXO.

I love this a lot because I think we all need to remember that idols/celebrities/artists (Not just EXO), although they appear perfect, are still just humans too.