The actual 'The cursed child' .
  • <p> <b>Scorpius:</b> Dad, Albus' father won't let me see him-<p/><b>Draco:</b> WHAT?! I couldn't have Harry, so I won't let it happen again, you will date Potter no matter what! He can't be serious, he can't stop my dre- my son's dream, who does he think he is? like why would he do such a thing like that to a cinnamon roll like me- I mean my son. For Dumbledore's beard, unbelie-<p/><b>Scorpius:</b> ...Dad?<p/><b>Draco:</b> Emh... l-leave it to me.<p/></p>
BTS The Red Bullet 150731 - São Paulo/Brazil Concert Fan account

Okay, starting from the beginning, I won’t even waste my time talking about lines, and lack of organization and all the unnecessary pushing that happened during the ENTIRE concert (the boys asked us to stop pushing and during Just One Day Namjoon STOPPED singing just to tell us “please guys, don’t push people who are in the front cause it might hurt them”). I was the third row so I was REALLY REALLY close to the stage.

So during the concert, due to 5000 people there a lot of people were feeling sick because of the heat so they had to be taken to the nursery and everytime the firemen took a girl out, Jungkook made this very sad face??? and very concerned also.

the boys are unbelieably handsome. Seriously. All of them look like they were freaking dolls and when they got on stage Taehyung was very serious and he is ????????? perfect ???????????

And there were LOTS of skinship going on, during Miss Right Jungkook ran his hands from Taehyung’s shoulder to his ANKLE and i’m not joking. There were lots of vhope moments too and JIMIN CARRIED JIN ON HIS SHOULDERS AND JIN WAS ACTUALLY TERRIFIED (because once Jimin put him down he looked back and he laughed and he couldn’t sing for like a minute??? he was very afraid)

Hoseok noticed a friend of mine because she showed a gif of him dancing to Ice Cream Cake and he pointed at her and started dancing it while the guys were talking to us and stuff (she died btw), and he is so sweet, you have no idea.

All the boys are VERY VERY GOOD and they didn’t lip sync at all. Jungkook was very serious at first but then he started feeling more comfortable I guess and he started laughing and making jokes.


But he was ok, he actually slipped because Jungkook tried to knock him down and he kept laughing a lot.

During the show there was a aegyo contest, and they wanted to know who’d have to do it while they were singing I Like It and everybody was calling for Suga but he was hell nah and at the end Jungkook lost and he SKEPT LIKE A BUNNY FROM ONE SIDE TO THE OTHER AND IT WAS VERY CUTE. But at the end we convinced Suga to do aegyo and he did aegyo while rapping???? and it was amazing and he did it twice.

During cypher I literally prayed. They were very energetic and we rapped with Namjoon and he got so freaking happy he started jumping and we rapped with Hoseok too!! And Yoongi blessed us with holy water that he threw at us mortals. Also, once Cypher 3 was finished, they started Cypher 2 and the blessing kept on going.

They didn’t do anything different from the other concerts except for: WE NAILED MISS RIGHT’S LYRICS. Hoseok said he was very proud of us that he didn’t have to go through the lyrics again, and they went right away to the thing.

During the times they were talking I screamed Jungkook’s name very very loud and he looked at me very seriously and I made half a heart with my hands and he looked down smiling lmao goOD B YE. Also Taehyung waved at my overall direction and he is so so so so sweet. A friend of mine wrote a sign that said “Jin, me, you, two dogs and a house” and Jin read it and he said yes!!

We did a special chant for Jimin also, and he was so so so happy!! Also for Jin and for Hoseok and they felt very loved and this concert was amazing and I’m very very tired

Thousands sign a petition to cancel "19 Kids and Counting" because of anti-gay sentence

Like for real people? I guess it’s time to say “Good-bye” to our Freedom of Speech. 

People should no longer have the right to an opinion, we can only say and believe what the majority tells us, apparently. Maybe they should not only cancel the show, but also fine them and imprison them for offending someone’s feelings. 

FFS people, get your brains out of your back pockets and start using them the way you should, this is despicable 

Unbelievable (Fred x Reader)

Character: Fred Weasley

Fandom: Harry Potter

Title: Unbelievable

Requested by anon:

Fred Weasley oneshot please? Everyone thinks that Neither will admit their feelings so George and lee flirt with her openly to try and make Fred jealous to admit his feelings but they’ve actually been dating secretly for a while and Fred just gets super jealous and angry at his brother and lee and grabs her waist and kisses her to shut them up&they’re likeoooh&she’s all flustered cause they’re in the middle of the common room with all eyes on them&when he pulls away she hides her faceinhischest?

Fred snatched his hand away from mine and softly pushed me as we walked into the halls of the school. It was then when I noticed George and Lee walking towards us.

“Fred” George solemnly said. “Y/N”

I huffed and looked at the twins. I didn’t even glance at Lee because I was mad at him.

For the entirety of the week, Lee had been behaving really strangely, almost as if he were mocking me. And I didn’t know why, so I just started to ignore him instead.

“George” Fred imitated his brother. “Lee”

The two of them exchanged a complicity glare that I didn’t trust in the least. I looked at my boyfriend Fred –even if he was my secret boyfriend –and he just squinted as he looked back at me.

“Oi, Y/N” Lee told me, so I reluctantly looked at him. “You look really pretty today”

I noticed how George covered his mouth with his hands, not even trying to be subtle about the fact that he was laughing.

Lee was cheeky enough to take a step and put my hair behind my ear, smiling flirtatiously at me. Why was it that he paid so much attention to me all of a sudden?

I mean, Lee and I were friends. Just like George and I or even Fred before we started dating.

But why the change?

“She does look lovely today” The Weasley boy agreed, looking at his brother. “Doesn’t she, Fred?”

I felt the aforesaid heavily laying his arm over my shoulders protectively and angrily huffing.

“As a matter of fact, Y/N always looks lovely, because she is lovely” Fred said, leaving me in awe.

For a moment, the three of us gawked at the ginger, not believing he had just said those words.

“Fred” I sternly said as I felt contradictory feelings.

On the one hand, I was really nervous and I feared that Lee and George would find out about our secret relationship.

But on the other hand, I was melting inside because of the beautiful thing Fred had just said about me.

While George and Lee laughed under their breaths, earning a few looks from the other students that passed by, Fred finally looked at me.


“We need to go, remember the…” I thought of something that would serve as an excuse to leave at that very moment, but nothing came to mind.

“Yeah, I have to give you that thing” My boyfriend averted his gaze from me and glanced at his two friends instead, throwing daggers at them.

Not letting go of me, Fred walked away without saying goodbye. And he dragged me with him to the common room.

“This is bloody unbelievable…” Fred mumbled angrily as we walked.

I decided not to ask why he was so moody. Knowing Fred, he would only tell me why he got so annoyed when he would feel like it, no matter how much I asked.


We were in the Common Room of Gryffindor for a while, cuddling in silence while everyone was out of the room.

He was still in a mood, and I didn’t understand why.

“You know what gets on my bloody nerves, Y/N?” Fred finally pipped up, not moving from the position we were in.

I was reclining on his torso, leaning my head on his chest. So I looked up at him, slightly pulling away to get a better look at his face.

“What, Fred?”

“They think they’re so clever, flirting with you to make me confess” He let out a sarcastic laugh, but when he looked down at me he showed me a grin that screamt Fred Weasley in every way. Which meant that he was back to his usual cheerful, carefree and playful mood. “If only they knew we’re already dating”

“Wait…” Shocked, I pushed him away. “To make you confess?”

“You didn’t know about it?” Fred chuckled, giving me a heartfelt kiss on the head. “You’re so adorable”

“Fred…” I whined, pouting at him  for a second before getting serious again. “They know that we like each other?”

“Exactly” He nodded. “That’s why they were such twats before”

“Oh” It all made sense, including Lee’s previous behavior.

To be honest, George had been teasing me subtly about it too, but I was so used to him teasing me that I didn’t really realize it was because of that.

“Don’t let them get to you, Freddy” I playfully said, booping his nose and making him chuckle in an adorable way.

“That reminds me, I actually have something to give you” He casually said, raising his eyebrows and innocently smiling at me.

I usually didn’t fall for the innocent grin, but that day he tricked me.

“What is it?”

As an answer, Fred leaned closer to me and pecked my lips.

While I smiled at him in response, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me again, smirking on my lips.

“You little…” I began to say, but I was interrupted.

“Fred!” George’s voice startled us, making us jump a little in our seats. “What are you doing? Lee likes Y/N, remember?”

Well, it was a miracle they didn’t catch us kissing.

They had walked into the Common Room, a lot of other Gryffindors walking in behind them as the two lads stood there.

Again, they were trying to get on Fred’s nerves so he’d confess his feelings about me.

Scooting away from each other, we observed the crowd that settled around in the chairs and sofas of the room.

“Y/N” Lee gallantly took my hand and pulled me up.

Immediately, I felt Fred standing up, very tense.

They were trying to make him jealous. And it was working.

“What are you doing?” I asked Lee, annoyed, snatching my hand away from his.

Lee showed me a fake hurt expression.

“That was wicked cruel, Y/N” George shook his head in disapproval.

“I love you” Lee said, making me roll my eyes. “Please don’t reject me”

“Will you bloody stop it already?” Fred angrily exclaimed behind me.

I felt a few glares from the other people in the room directed towards us.

Very briefly, I turned to look at Fred and held up a hand to let him know that I would handle it.

“We get it, alright? We like each other and you want to ‘help us’” I said, crossing my arms over my chest and talking with determination. “But stop it already”

George and Lee stared at us, surprised by my reaction.

“Yeah” Fred stepped up until he was standing right next to me. “Because we’re together”

“Fred!” I guessed that it was about time that we told them, but it still felt kind of wrong to spill it out like that.

But Fred ignored my scandalized expression and wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me to his side fiercely.

I yelped in surprise in his mouth when he smacked his lips on mine.

But all the tension and uneasiness of the moment dissolved as I felt the touch of his lips, and I gave into the kiss just as he was sweetly placing his palm against my cheek, caressing my skin with his thumb.

“Bloody hell!” That was Ron’s voice that standed out from the murmuring voices that I had just realized formed in the room.

We pulled away and turned to look at the two boys. They stood there, with their mouths agape in astonishment.

“What?!” George yelled in shock.

“Oh” Lee’s voice sounded low, barely audible.

When I realized that every single person in the Common Room was staring at us, I blushed.

Well, everyone now knew that Fred Weasley and I were dating.

“Unbelievable” I couldn’t not believe Fred had just done that. “That’s just unbelievable”

Having the sudden urge to use a spell to apparate in any other place, I hid my face in Fred’s chest as his arms still were wrapped around me, daring anyone to try something with me again.

Anyone who says that older punk bands are better than modern day bands aren’t looking hard enough. There is so much good music out there right now, it’s unbelievable.