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Chart Overlay Series (Pt. 2)

Moon in your Partner’s Houses 

Other than synastry compatibility based off aspects, and of course planets and asteroids, astrology has much more depth in compatibility. In a synastry chart overlay, one person’s natal birth chart is layered on top of another person’s chart to show how your signs, planets, and houses work together. Especially where their planets are in your chart. It’s this that explains why rising signs are so important, you can still use this if you don’t know their time, but you’ll need to know at least one person’s time. You of course will have more understanding with both rising signs. The point is to see where their/your planet falls in your/their chart and the specific house, to see the influence it has on your relationship and bond. Remember to take both combinations of yours and theirs together. If you don’t know their rising and therefore their houses, look at their planets in your houses for now. These are the characteristic of their/your moon, in your/their house (it’s where you guys are emotional invested):

Your moon in their First

Both of you become blended together like the finest paints on a canvas, as you guys have a intuitive bond. Both of you emotionally click really well and often feel “bonded” because you both can feel out each other’s emotions. It’s so strong that your moods can affect each other, it almost acts likes a Pisces moon (receptiveness). Due to these similarities and that connection, you guys may often want to spend time together because of the familiarities present between you two. The house person feels very at home with the moon person, and often finds emotional security together. Home life and daily life plays well for you two. This is usually common overlay amongst married couples. Not only will their be a nice bond, but if the moon person is the man, they’ll be a strong connection for him. 

Your moon in their Second 

Having this overlay indicates a deep feeling of emotional security and safety for the house person. The house person will still be helpful towards the moon person, but it’s really the moon person who wants to provide security. Even with financial security. Both of you share many values and interest, but can be jealous and possessive about each other. You can build the house person’s self-esteem and they may need you so much or love you so, they’ll become protective. Ambition grows here as does sensuality. 

Your moon in their Third 

This kind of acts like if your mercury signs were to conjunct; you both share same ideals and understand what the other is thinking. You guys will have an array of conversations; you may tend to converse about things associating with the sign of the moon and the sign ruling their 3rd. The mental stimulation is strong here, but make sure you have overlays, aspects, or/and planet compatibly that helps build romantic dynamic. Nonetheless, the house person will be able to talk about their emotions with them and even get along with the people in the moon person’s life. The moon person knows how to use their words to coax the emotions of the house person. The moon person may also become emotional vulnerable, as they’ll be sensitive as to what the house person can say or even do. 

Your moon in their Fourth 

Just like the sun with this overlay, you guys feel at home with each other. Both of you are supportive and nurturing towards each other. There may be a chance of connecting to the sense that you guys had the same type of childhood, or one that can make you guys relate to each other. This overlay is really good for marriages, and amazing in friendships. The moon person knows how to make the house person feel emotionally safe, therefore it builds trust. While the house person feels so close, they can even imagine a future with kids together. It makes a strong bond that usually doesn’t want to separate; it feels like home and reminds each other about family. 

Your moon in their Fifth 

This is a very romantic partnership when other aspects allow, as this overlay allows sparks of romance and playfulness. Everything that the fifth house represents is enjoyed greatly between you two; romance, dating, creativity, self-expression, and even children. You guys can actually want children together. It’s an extremely colorful and vibrant overlay, because it’s very supportive when it comes to expressing yourself creatively but intimate even one on one. This is another indicator of long-lasting romance and emotional attachment. The house person’s want for pleasure is stimulated and often depends on the moon person for emotional support, they love being at the center of their attention. While the moon person can be protective of the house person, only wanting to be the one to please the house person. To make them happy and to be the one by their side, not to watch another by the house person. 

Your moon in their Sixth 

This acts a lot like the overlay of their sun being in the sixth, of course with a lot more emotional depth. The problem with this house is there isn’t much focus on romance, but just the daily chores, health, and work routine. Love can still blossom here but it’s almost acts like a late bloomer at times. If you have a weak natal sixth house with no planets and/or a iffy sign to have it in, your partner’s planets can really help you. It’s really supportive and gets you on your feet and that emotional help can create a bond of gratefulness. If it helps, it adds a sense of maturity to a relationship, which can help trine relationships between fire signs since the passion and excitement can be blinding. 

Your moon in their Seventh 

This is another overlay common in marriages, as the house person sees you as their ideal mate and loves how you carry out your emotions. It’s a very intuitive bond between you guys and since it’s so strong, you guys can have emotional ups and downs. A long term relationship can happen but if it goes wrong, it can get nasty. This is also good for business partnerships and creating work together. After all partnership isn’t necessarily always a romantic aspect. Both of you can be sensitive towards each other, but the beautiful thing is you both feel attractive around each other. It’s a very emotionally tuned match where you guys always know what the other feels, having experienced this I feel like the house person can have the ability to do this more. 

Your moon in their Eighth 

The eighth house is about extremes and when the moon is here, well it’s nothing but extreme, and this is not to be taken lightly. The house person can feel suffocated or flattered. The moon person begins acting like a Scorpio moon; they have strong desires for the house person, they want to dig deeper, control, become jealous, and become intensely attached. The moon person deeply and intensely, is attracted and magnetized to the house person. In fact when things get shaky, the displays of their relationship can be dramatic and scenic. It will always be a bond of tight-knitted lovers or toxic enemies. It’s blinding, challenging, but sweetly and painfully intoxicating. If handled well, it can work but you have to be careful with this overlay. Just being friends might not even work, you guys are hauntingly attracted to each other. 

Your moon in their Ninth 

Both of you have the same ideas, strengths, and beliefs. Since the ninth house is home of Jupiter, optimism, happiness, and expansion blossoms between you guys. This is another indication of someone who can be your traveling partner but at the same time you need other aspects for something more romantic and sizzling to blossom. The beautiful and unbeatable thing? Your values, interest, and goals will compliment each other in the long run. Both of you feel good together and experience life together with everything it offers, the moon person is very supportive and the house person helps the moon person expand their horizons. Both of you will have fun together in life and create some sort of intellectual rapport as well. 

Your moon in their Tenth 

Admiration blossoms here, often the moon person can idealize the house person a lot, as they often feel proud when they’re seen in public. There’s a lot of mutual respect here and at some point, you guys can even work together. This is more prominent if the moon person is the girl, as the moon person is extremely supportive and helps the moon person with their career. Of course this is just as sweet when the moon person is the guy. The problem with this is that their relationship, including their downfalls and crisis, can become very public. The moon person may also feel like their image is protected by the house person. It makes you two very supportive of each other. 

Your moon in their Eleventh 

This is actually a very nice place for the moon to be in for synastry. You guys view each other as equals and hit it off right away; you guys instantly like each other and merge groups together. Both of you are very supportive of each other and become great friends; it’s like dating your best friend. Both of you are accepting to each other and love spending time together, blossoming a sense of familiarity. You guys even encourage each other to reach goals and grow socially. This can actually create a long-term relationship despite this being the house of friendship.  

Your moon in their Twelfth 

The intensity of emotional connection is strong here, as you guys always know what the other is feeling. Since it’s so eerily strong and potent, the house person can feel uncomfortable and fearful they’ll get hurt. Since the 12th house ties with karma, it can bring out a “soulmate” or an “enemy” feeling. One of them could feel the need to confine in each other or save each other, but the saving part comes more strongly for the moon person. The moon person can deeply hurt the house person, or they can live together like if they were in a fairytale. There’s a deep connection residing here. 

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