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Early October, Gotham City

Early October. Sunday morning.

It happens a few times a year, mostly in the summer and fall. He’ll send Clark out to patrol in his place and go to bed early so he can wake up in the morning, ready to go.

“You’ve taken in a baseball team,” Barry once commented, years ago. “I don’t know why you don’t take advantage of that.”

So he started to.

He doesn’t bother showering. He pulls on a pair of faded blue jeans and a t-shirt, and the black hoodie Damian had given him as a birthday gift that year.

“This is for days off, Father,” his son had ordered. “Do not take this undercover.”

Sometimes Bruce listens to his children.


Amongst the dozens of pairs of shoes in his closet, amidst the soft leather and suede, are a pair of old cleats. He grabs them and pulls them on,

“Good morning, Master Bruce,” Alfred says as he steps into the room. “Up already, I see.”

Bruce grins. “It’s baseball day.”

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ksycolor  asked:

What do you think the best arc in Fairy Tail is? Like, the most decent one Mashima ever did.

The best arc is easily the Fantasia arc.

Yes, it does have some of the problems other arcs will present–Erza’s fight with Evergreen is bullshit in the extreme, and Freed’s brutal torture of and attempt to kill Elfman warrant rather more than the slap on the wrist he received. 

But those aside, this arc has a lot to give and keeps on giving.

The situation starts off disastrously in the very beginning, with all of the ladies turned to stone, and half of the powerful players lost as a result. What’s more, Natsu and Gajeel are prevented from leaving by the same barrier holding Makarov in, so they’re out of the fight too.

We get a good focus on Elfman as he tries to save his sister, and Gray’s loss to Bickslow doesn’t feel too cheap nor forced. This is also where the AlBis action takes off, with us getting to see that, when you remove the star players, not only does Fairy Tail still have some formidable people in its ranks, but they can be pretty deep as well. Hurt my heart when Alzack berated Freed for making him go through his friends to save Bisca. 

Not to mention the Thunder Legion are played as at their most powerful here. Every one of them feels like the dangerous foe we’ve come to expect from Fairy Tail, but in a much darker light. Freed’s powers in particular are just scary, and watching Mirajane come undone and break her two-year refrain from combat was amazing. Lucy and Leo defeating Bickslow was also pretty nice to watch.

Putting Evergreen to one side, Bickslow is taken out with an appropriate application of logic combined with well-timed force, despite presenting a seemingly unbeatable combo assault. Freed loses badly when he provokes Mirajane, and not for lack of trying when it comes to trying to take her out. We were hinted several times that Mirajane had that power within her, and it paid off. 

Which just leaves Laxus.

You guys don’t understand how beautiful Laxus vs. Everyone Else is. In sharp contrast to the Jellal boss fight at the end of the previous arc (which was rather underwhelming on a rewatch), Laxus’ fight is incredible. Nobody, not even Makarov, had any idea of just how utterly, monstrously powerful Laxus really was–he has every right to be confident in his ability to take over the guild by force. And despite his obsession with power, there’s hints that he’s pretty damn smart, too. Aside from planning that hijack and hostage situation, he also rounds off perfect answers to Erza’s remarks on battle, and happens to have mastered fucking Fairy Law, which was later revealed takes ten years. Mystogan, his only rival, doesn’t even manage to hurt him.

And Fairy Law was an excellent way to yank Laxus’ collar and make sure he didn’t cross that final moral event horizon. It was very powerful, because even though he was borderline insane and volatile and trying to shitkick everyone, he still didn’t have it in his heart to really kill his guildmates and hometown. 

I’ve also said that Natsu defeating him at the end of the arc is one of the only believable wins for Natsu, because Laxus pretty much defeated himself. He wasted massive reserves of energy casting Raging Bolt, Fairy Law, and Heavenward Halberd, and had nothing left while Natsu had just enough. Gajeel doesn’t let anyone think for a second that Natsu’s on par. 

And yes, the scenes at the end made me cry actual tears. They still do. 

I love the Fantasia arc. 

anonymous asked:

I'd bang captain phasma

Originally posted by starwarsvillains

Lawful evil and lawful butch, the unbeatable combo. Oh, Phasma. I would lie face down in a trash compactor all day for the privilege of licking your boots.

I think that people are attracted to Captain Phasma because they want to be dominated, but what they don’t know is that beneath that hard chrome exterior … is an even harder, punishing, merciless core! She is beautiful and terrible as the dawn! Treacherous as the sea! Stronger than the foundations of star killer base!

Takarazuka Ask Meme
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  • 2: Who’s your favourite top star?
  • 3: What is your most treasured piece of merchandise you own?
  • 4: What’s your favourite production?
  • 5: What’s your least favourite production?
  • 6: Post your favourite Zuka gif.
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  • 8: If you were a sienne, what type of sienne do you think you’d be? What kind of fans do you think you’d have?
  • 9: If you could combine any number of past and present siennes to make a superstar, who would you choose and why?
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  • 15: Which troupe is your favourite?
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