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The Garde and their phones
  • John: cheapest, most ecological smartphone that does everything it needs to do. Currently has an htc, but his old models have always been Androids. He likes to customize his phone. Whenever he gets a new phone, he spends hours up to days to get the layout exactly how he wants it to be.
  • Sarah: Newest iPhone with the prettiest and girliest case. Wallpaper and app organization constantly changes. Includes many emojis for contact names. Out of all the Garde, she posts the most snapchat stories. Also has "feed goals" on Instagram
  • Six: Older version of iPhone. Cracked screen and a kickass home button sticker. Various emo stickers stuck on a simple clear case. Mostly uses to listen to music; always brings headphones everywhere
  • Marina: Not the newest iPhone, but not as old as Six's. Backgrounds are always selfies of her and another Garde, mostly Eight, Six, Ella, and sometimes Sarah. Has a pretty floral case which she never changes. Always careful to keep phone in good condition
  • Eight: Switches between Apple and Samsung. Is always breaking his phone one way or another, and constantly replacing it. Each year he has to go through at least two phones. One year he broke five phones and Marina got mad at him for being so clumsy. Isn't the most tech-savy, so his layouts/backgrounds are quite basic as well as his social media.
  • Nine: Likes Samsung because he claims Apple is too mainstream. Has S6 and loves the camera quality, as its great for taking gym workout pictures. However he isn't the best at picture taking and his lighting and filters make his photos unattractive but shh he doesn't know that yet
  • Ella: Older hand-me-down Samsung phone from John, who helps her recustomize the phone to fit her preferences. Usually uses it to play many games or stalk people on social media.
  • Sam: Newest iPhone to keep updated with current technology. Likes to take the phone apart to study the insides. His phones are jail broken and has many security features installed.
  • Adam: flip phone.

<b>THIS makes me very sad for this girl<b> (and possibly others like her)

Okay… This is a young lady’s profile that I found this on SA.com. Her title is “BROKE GIRL LOOKING FOR MAN”💆

Now, I have been a SB for a year and I understand that this poor girl is very new (joined on the 14th of this month just four days ago) but <b>COME ON<b>!! Can someone PLEASE help this poor 20 year old!? (I wanted to message her thAts how strongly I feel about this!)

Her profile… It is possibly the worst written profile I have seen, to date! I can’t imagine that she is receiving replies from ANY <b>gentleman<b>. The gentlemen I know would <i>never in a million years<i> write to or respond to something like this.

Newbies, you should really do a thorough research of what a SB is, how a SB composes herself (her profile included of course since it IS the first impression to a POT SD) and if the lifestyle is right for you. I know I studied and stalked and researched for at least a month before I took the plunge and created my profile on SA!!

It saddens me that she would cheapen herself like that on a website where you are looking to find a distinguished and refined gentleman. Ugh.

Newbies, please don’t make this unattractive mistake. Having a well written profile and tasteful photos has gotten me wonderful gentlemen! (Not all of course we’re wonderful, some were bad apples out of the bunch, but more good than not, that’s for sure!) <b>Do your research newbie-girls