unarmed skill


you know its a goddamn tragedy that unarmed isnt a skill tree because nothing is funnier to me than watching the dragonborn fucking suplex their enemies straight into the ground

medicalmurdersaurus  asked:

👊 🍼 💣

👊 — fighting

since this meme also has “explosives” and “long range weapons” and “melee weapons,” which are all fighting, I’m gonna treat this one as “unarmed combat.”

One of his strengths. I haven’t done enough research into different martial arts styles to pick one that he’s good at but it’s something kicky. He kicks. Not so punchy, but very kicky.

Recently his unarmed combat skills have taken a hit because of his Devastator reformat. He lost a lot of agility and picked up a lot of weight, and he’s still trying to adjust his combat style to compensate for/take advantage of the changes.

🍼 — taking care of children

He’s never dealt with a child in his life and children are foreign to his planet so he has no idea. Through sheer ignorance and the lack of inborn child-rearing instincts he’d initially be pretty sucky. He’d try to treat a child like an ignorant adult.

But with a bit of education he could probably be pretty good with kids. He wouldn’t be incredibly warm or fun, but he’d be extremely patient and unexpectedly understanding with kids. And although he wouldn’t ACT warm, he could probably grow to feel a decent amount of affection for these smol new people.

💣 — explosives

Not his speciality. If a situation calls for explosives, he’ll find a demolition expert to handle it.

lycannalla  asked:

[[ 6, 10, 17, 18, 21 ]]

  • 6: Who is your favorite Aedra?


  • 10: What is your usual playstyle?


  • 17: Favorite in-game location?


  • 18: If you were transported to Tamriel, what race and class would you be?

Ooooh. I would be an Imperial, and I would be Chef class (one handed, unarmed, and alchemy primary skills). I would go on precisely 0 adventures, and cook all the things.

  • 21: Do you role play while playing?

To start with. It’s how I develop my characters before I make a blog for them. As the levels go by, however, it always devolves into how much over 9000 I can make my characters’ power level go. Until the save corrupts and won’t load.