Wake Me Up When We Get To The 21st Century ?

Sometimes it seems like a bad dream.

I thought all of this silliness had been settled long ago, didn’t you ? That we understood it isn’t okay for robber barons to feast in castles while the poor and homeless go hungry on the streets and that gross inequalities of wealth and opportunity cripple a society rather than improve it.

I thought we knew that affordable, universal healthcare is unarguably right in any sane society and that a strong welfare safety-net is a non-negotiable necessity because the success of a society is rightly judged by how well it treats its weakest and poorest.

I thought bitter and bloody recent experience had taught us that diplomacy and co-operation, rather than military might, must always be the preferred solution to international problems, and that aggressive actions towards other nations will inevitably result in resistance and retaliation.

I thought we understood that it isn’t okay for people with odd religious beliefs, however strongly felt, to have the power to restrict the choices or control the lives of others who don’t share their faith and that, while people can believe what they choose, you don’t teach kids mumbo-jumbo and pseudo-science in school and pass it off as fact.

I thought we were fully aware that the choices consenting adults make regarding their sexuality have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with anyone else and that people have a right to privacy, safety, and respect from those they employ to run and police the country for them.

I thought we realized that society exists, and must be run, for the benefit of all and not just a privileged few and that equality of opportunity and human rights, regardless of race, gender, or religion, is not up for debate any more. 

And there’s a whole lot more like that I thought was understood a long time ago. Stuff where the right answer is so blindingly obvious that there was nothing left to say but here I am, still seeing crazy arguments about these things in the media and hearing weaselly, self-serving, right-wing politicians say unbelievably stupid things about them and reading ‘news’ that’s more like bad satire.

It’s like I’m living in some weird, time-warp past where basic concepts of civilized living have yet to be understood and acknowledged. It’s not like a real world of grown-up, rational, 21st century people at all. The backward-looking nonsense spouted by some supposedly educated politicians is truly mind-boggling. It’s a bizarre place where even Alice in Wonderland would roll her eyes in disbelief.

Perhaps it really is just a bad dream ? Maybe I’ll wake up soon and everything will be okay and all this silliness will be gone ? Let’s hope so. If not, do you think you could wake me up when we finally get to the 21st century ? Thank you.

Internet Writer

unarguable asked:

You're beautiful my love, don't listen to someone who can't even show their face and hide behind a screen sending someone hate. They are pathetic. Take care love. <3

Thank you. <3 You are beautiful too, and you take care as well.

like yea mapbreaking is unarguably an exploit but people do that shit all the time (voidjumping vids are all over the place and aren’t hard to find) and i don’t think i’ve ever actually seen anyone use it for game-breaking purposes. exploring maps and getting cool screenshots is really all it ever amounts to, and i’d like to hear why anet all of a sudden decided it wasn’t cool anymore :s

What on earth will we do with ourselves when John and Sherlock are kissing each other for the first time, fierce and gentle and desperate and beautiful?

That it’s right there, unequivocal, unarguable, for all the world to see. No meta, no subtext. Just two people in love, and kissing, and laughing, and crying with the relief of it all. So simple.

That we’ll never have to argue their love for each other with anyone again. That there’s no way we can be mistaken, no room for anyone to question us. I can’t honestly imagine how I will feel in that moment.

Crewniverse/ Steven Bomb 3.0

I feel like this week of episodes is really trying to shove a lot of stuff down our throats

Pearl and Garnet fuse! are we happy now!?

Ruby and Sapphire have personalities and are unarguably romantically involved! are we happy now!?

Onion is not a Gem and Vadalia is indeed his mother and Sour Cream is his half brother! are we happy now!?

EVERY ONE HAS FLAWS!!!! SO LEAVE PEARL ALONE!! Well that is what I got from this episode anyways.

like IDK I feel like they are trying to get some old fan-theories/ things we wanted to see out of the way while also trying to get us to understand that their characters have flaws on purpose and will continue to have flaws because that is what makes characters interesting. 

anonymous asked:

Who would you say is your favorite fanfic writer on here? Love your stories!

Thank you so much <3  And oooh, there are so many great writers I can’t pick just one, but I’ll give you my faves (there are quite a few): my incredible bff, blueforjudeandconnor (aka Rafay) who is an incredible storyteller and pretty much everything he writes is amazing (though my favorite is Out of My League), we-are-all-of-legend-now who has unarguably the best fic in the whole fandom (NSG), gavinmacintrash who’s fic Definitely Not a Cliche High School Love Story just slays me, trippinoverlandmines who to me owns the title “Queen of Jonnor Fanfiction”, mistakesandwarpaint whose fic I’m a Goner is just the perfect mix of dark, angsty, and cute, and warpaintstarlight who is probably one of the best prompt writers in the fandom.  I know I likely left a lot of names off but these are my top 6 writers :)

To My Audience: My Apology

I have admittedly have started to approach my rationality limit. I acknowledge that my arguments are becoming more emotional than they are stable.

I appreciate that there are wonderful people in this community who are concerned. People who tell me to stop and move on. Your intentions are admirable. And I intend to. But I have stepped forward with this ultimatum now, and I feel I would be a hypocrite not to see it through. But please, if you notice my temper, call me out. As long as you have proof, I appreciate it always. I don’t intend to come after anyone. I don’t like that I have now with Colette.

I want answers. That is the start of this. Colette make a targeted attack to smear my image. I felt attacked and defensive, which has unarguably made me offensive, in both senses of the word. I was confused, as I considered Colette a reasonable member of this community. She has repeatedly expressed interest in speaking and repairing herself with stormy, but not with me, who stormy and I agree was far more targeted.

I want resolution. I felt being drastic might encourage Colette to actually talk. Beyond the NSCS ban, this was wrong of me. Since she had blocked all private conversation though, I have no other option but to use the public sphere that it started in. I tried encouraging her to speak to me through friends, but this has yet to work.

I am incredibly ashamed though that I asked you all to get involved. The pit in my stomach for that request kept me up nearly all night. I can’t believe I let myself do that. I should never have asked that.

I want this to end. Please believe I want this to end. I want the tension to subside and things to at least return to a normal point. I want to speak to Colette so we can end this, whatever the result. Please, my audience, I beg your forgiveness. I have no other options here than to be public about this matter until she speaks to me, but that does not excuse my rage.

Please, for the sake of resolution, encourage Colette to speak with me. I want this to be over. I want to move on, and I am prepared to with or without this knowledge. It is the stability of this community that has kept me from losing myself until now, and it will be the same that makes me walk away. But I would like to give Colette a chance to speak with me. I’m waiting a week until I get home, then I’m done.

I am sorry for this drama and its effects, but infinitely more so for myself and my actions towards all of you bystanders. Please believe I have always wanted an end to this. I don’t want to paint Colette as a villain, but I want a chance for her to keep from painting herself that way by ignoring me.

Please, I’m sorry, help end this.

~ Echo

I’m hoping the whole #ToriesForCorbyn thing is largely overinflated and there hasn’t really been a huge surge in Conservatives joining Labour to vote for him. Anyone who perverts the democratic system like that is unarguably a terrible person.

It would be priceless if he was elected leader then won the 2020 election though. Can you imagine their faces?

Sneak Behind the Scenes at Karlie Kloss's Kate Spade Campaign Shoot
The supermodel returns to the brand for another beautiful campaign.

Sneak Behind the Scenes at Karlie Kloss’s Kate Spade Campaign Shoot

July 21, 2015 @ 7:30 PM

BY: Jonathan Borge

We presume it’s because she cracked the code for endless energy, but whatever her secret is, Karlie Kloss sure never seems to take a break. Between early-morning strength training workouts and late-night appearances on BFF Taylor Swift’s 1989 world tour stage, the soon-to-be 23-year-old model unarguably has a jam-packed schedule. Now, Kloss has once more taken a seat in Kate Spade New York’s hair and makeup chair to return as the face of the brand’s fall 2015 campaign.

Photographed by Emma Summerton and styled by Elin Svahn inside New York’s Pierre Hotel, the model turns her feline stare into the camera while sporting a crisp white shirt along with a plaid trench coat and matching top-handle bag in the above solo image.

Photographed by Emma Summerton and styled by Elin Svahn inside New York’s Pierre Hotel, the model turns her feline stare into the camera while sporting a crisp white shirt along with a plaid trench coat and matching top-handle bag in the above solo image.

The multi-hyphenate talent stars alongside other creative professionals like artist Anh Duong, writer Karley Sciortino, singer Alice Smith, twins Juliet and Elise Marold, Jon Batiste, and Alireza Niroomand—a solid crew of what the brand describes as “heroines” and “leading men.” Watch the behind-the-scenes video below.


Headcanon: Power and Control

Harkon is not a fool; while the progenitor of his line and unarguably the most powerful Vampire Lord in Skyrim, he knows there are very many ancient vampires in his company, all of who boast significant power. He employs various methods for controlling them and keeping their power fragmented.

The easiest to discern is the rivalry between Vingalmo and Orthjolf. They would present a considerable threat to his reign if they were united, but their thirst for power and easily-stoked ambition keeps them at each others’ throats. Harkon has little to fear while they squabble among themselves.

Merta is not ignored in this. One of the oldest vampires in the castle, Harkon knows she can be intimidated and controlled through fear. His tactics are physical, mental, and emotional, often enacting punishments that allow other, younger vampires to take advantage of her. She is often punished for fabricated or exacerbated crimes, or singled out for transgressions other vampires get away with easily.

This has gone on for centuries and contributes to Merta’s relative helplessness in comparison to other vampires she could, in most circumstances, most likely overpower. She fractures under pressure and is, in Harkon’s eyes, a non-threat to his control over the other vampires, one who might have been disposed of long ago if she did not manage to create a use for herself through the hounds.

Single Review- “Drag Me Down”  by One Direction

How do you hit no. 1 on the  charts? By dropping a new single in the middle of the night and letting the fans take over. That’s exactly what One Direction did last night with the release of “Drag Me Down”, a funky and edgy mix that is the first track to not feature Zayn Malik.

After Malik’s departure in March much distress followed. Many believed the success of the now foursome was shot. But with this new single proves they are a force to be reckon with and will carry on just fine. Although Malik is unarguably a powerhouse who could hit those high notes like no other, the other four sound just as good but in fact even better than before. “Drag Me Down” also seems like a stab at Malik, who this week announced his solo career through twitter, claiming his plans to produce “real” music. 

Ultimately,this hit seemingly foreshadows an exciting new sound for the band, who in interviews earlier this year said that we would be expecting to hear. “Old School” styles and influence came up a lot in the new albums discussion, which can be heard in “Drag Me Down”. Overall, the instrumentals are cool and simple: a vibe reminiscent of Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker”. 

The anticipation for the fifth album will be tenser than it already was before. I think we all can agree that we can’t wait to hear it! 

Check out Billboard’s Review here and listen to the new single on Spotify