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You're beautiful my love, don't listen to someone who can't even show their face and hide behind a screen sending someone hate. They are pathetic. Take care love. <3

Thank you. <3 You are beautiful too, and you take care as well.

Turkish Dusk

Gulls soar just above a river
in eventide Istanbul,
Warm water, warmer skies,
a gust of aromatic breeze
blowing forth from bread ovens,
Fishermen coming to shore,
city buses rolling past house doors,
Hovering atop and passing
beyond the anxieties of politics
and commerce
Simple souls only desire dinner
and soft beds,
Nestling themselves in the
unarguably human. 

Your Own Literary Tastes


I seem to hate almost all articles in mainstream media these days.

Ok, this video is almost entirely a response to an article entitled, ‘Get Real. Terry Pratchett is not a literary genius’ written by Jonathan Jones and published in the Guardian. I will quote it extensively as I go along but you might have want to click through and have a quick read first so as to ground yourself in what on earth I’m jibbering about.

This video is not unlike many, many, others that I have made before. It is a continuing cry at the ridiculousness that is the assurance that some literature out there is just better than the rest.

Let’s deconstruct Jones’ argument that Pratchett’s work is unarguably of the ‘ordinary potboilers’ variety and that /his/ life is ‘too short’ for such trash.

It’s always a good start when a writer proclaims that they’re going to decry an author’s entire canon on the back of never having read a single element of it. Yes, this discredits you. No ifs, no buts, literally no legs to stand on.

Jones cites that a flick through though, revealed the prose to be, ‘seemingly very ordinary’. So let’s start by considering the idea that all good literature is /technically/ very good, measured in complex prose or highfalutin poetics. But wait, I’m sure I can name at least one or two works that would be awarded canonical status by even the fustiest of oxford dons, that are written in slang, written in dialect, written completely ignoring conventional concepts of grammar. But if I throw enough syllables in, plumb the depths of the most antiquarian of dictionaries, then it’ll definitely be good writing. That must by why every good poet still writes in the exact, unadulterated style of Keats!

Ok, let’s go on to Jones’ accusation that, ‘A middlebrow cult of the popular is holding literature to ransom’.

This I actually laughed out loud at, because this has definitely never been my experience. It is in fact the exact opposite of my experience. My reading life has felt like bashing my head, over and over, against a brick wall constructed by a cult of the elite. Throughout all my studies I have been looked down on for going anywhere near the edges of the traditional western canon, throughout my reading life I have had numerous comments made against my intelligence for even the idea that I might read something that is not capital “l” Literature. And what are these works that are conclusively better than all else? Why, predominantly white, cis-gendered-male, heterosexual, and Western. Yes, you can definitely name exceptions, but they are, unarguably, the exceptions.

Jones’ definition of ‘genius’ is books that ‘can change your life, your beliefs, your perceptions’ and for him this is limited to the likes of Gunter Grass and Garcia Marquez. And that’s great for him, I’m glad they work for him, I myself quite like Love in the Time of Cholera. But you know what? Personally, Pratchett has had much more of an effect on my life. It’s what Jones’ article unwittingly highlighted for me, more than anything, that Pratchett’s accessibility has had a huge, far-reaching effect on peoples, plural. And why shouldn’t that be considered a type of greatness, a type of genius?

You know what? It’s in 1984, which the majority have read, rather than Proust, which the ivory towers have locked-down, that we find what has informed and shaped a social conscience.

‘Everyone reads trash sometimes, but why are we now pretending, as a culture, that it is the same thing as literature?’

Am I wrong in finding literature to be the most snobby of all art forms? Is that just because I spend most of my time in it? I feel like this kind of thing happens less in music. I mean, who these days proclaims jazz, to be a quintessentially worse genre of music than anything produced by Brahms.

Within Terry Pratchett I found complex considerations of the question of ‘what is a nationality?’ Of gender, of the acceptance of being a strong, worthy female only by taking on masculine traits. Of postmodern Baudrillardian ideas, of story and narrativisation actually being what constructs our realities.

But Jones accuses it of ‘mental laziness’ without considering that this might actually be nothing more than a point of perspective.

If you have been raised in a childhood of Crusoe and a discourse of Dickens, then there is nothing stretching in continuing on into the names touted by Leavis. But there are many other backgrounds out there for which the language and experiences of what is held up to be the ‘The Best Which has Been Thought and Said’ will simply be irrelevant and inaccessible.

I am fed up of seeing the writing that resonates with me, called trash, called fluff, and called unworthy. I paid my dues like many gender and class and racial minorities before me, I did my fancy degree at my lauded university and read these names so people would deign to consider me literate. And I’m glad I have, but mostly because it gives me some experience to stand on in attacking these views and shouting from the rooftops, or in my case bedroom floors of east London, that these works are often not the greatest literature to me not because I myself am lesser - which is the way that articles like this definitely intend to make people feel when this literature doesn’t resonant with them, doesn’t flow for them, doesn’t mean anything to them - but because my priorities and experience lie elsewhere.

Yes, I like some classic literature, but I have learned it doesn’t make me ignorant to love literature that isn’t studied in red brick buildings. Weirdly enough, there’s a reason why there’s no definitive list of what good literature is. Let’s go back to Woolf asking which Shakespeare play is better.

Good literature is entirely a matter of perspective, and often that is socially and history constructed. If a book affects you, that is all that matters. What is one person’s good literature, won’t necessarily be yours. And a book doesn’t have to be technically good, well written, or even conform to conventional grammar, to be the most life changing thing you have ever read.

Weirdly enough, our author finishes his article by mentioning Mansfield Park. I’m a great Jane Austen fan, I’ve sought out even her little unfinished half-works now to the extent where I think I’ve read almost everything by her. And like Jones, I loved Mansfield Park. But I honestly read it in the way our author decries reading. It was completely un-life-altering for me. It was a fun little story, some nice escapism and pretty turns of phrase, but that’s really all I came away from Fanny Price with.

Ultimately we are all different people. And books cannot be objectively categoried as good or bad by any person because books, as they sit there as writing on a page, are half formed things. It is in reading a book that we create a book. And being different people, we will all read the same book slightly differently. One person’s prose will be lazy, another’s over-worked, for a third this style is perfectly representative of the inescapable drudgery of their own particular circumstances.

We need to stop demonising mass market literature and respect the fact that there is something special in a work that can appeal to a huge group of people, for whatever reasons those might be. Accessibility does not instantly equal trash, that is literally the definition of snobbery that Jones looks to distance himself from.

Finally, it is not OK to keep holding these opinions and to keep publishing these articles of restrictive literary greatness. Because the myth that there is this objectively better literature, which happens to be horribly exclusive, means loads of people think literature is not for them. In doing this we are depriving would-be readers of their solace and of complex considerations of the world. We are depriving that world of many writers who don’t chose to study literature at school, who don’t read in their spare time, because these stories they’re told they should read, don’t work for them. Of course, love your own own personal reads, but consider that that love is probably the product of your own personal self. Don’t raise up what you like to read as better than everything else, and in turn put down those people who don’t agree with, what is, entirely, /your/ literary tastes.

Jones, I will finish by reworking your clickbaity turn of phrase and telling you to get real. It’s time we stopped this pretence that elitism is equal to genius.

why I ship Rinharu over Makoharu

So now that the Free! fandom is dying down a bit, I wanted to address something because I’m less likely to be attacked. I still ship Rinharu at the end of it all. Allow me to explain. 

When I first started this show, I immediately understood just how pivotal Rin was going to be. After all, he was partly the reason the protagonist (unarguably Haru) stopped following his passion. Because of the fight they had as children, their lives were dramatically changed by one another. Due to their young minds and immaturity it seems they didn’t get over one another entirely even years later. Haru was still in a slump because the one person he felt alive with when swimming was so far away, and they were no longer on good terms. Haru was in a numb state. Nothing was really making him feel normal and that was his endgame - to be normal so people would stop paying attention to him. He was a prodigy but he was a prodigy with no drive. He stopped pushing himself. 

Meanwhile, Rin was in Australia coming to terms with his own insecurities. He was never going to be able to beat Haru without all of his effort poured in, and then some. Instead of losing his drive like Haru, his desperation to keep up and eventually surpass Haru and other prodigies increased incredibly. He spent his time talking about Haru in a nice light - even to his host family who would have never met Haru if it hadn’t been for their spontaneous trip to Australia. Even after that fight, and all the tough times - Rin still greatly admired Haru. 

Fash Forward: 

Once they finally meet up again - their eyes do the anime flashy thing. Yes, I acknowledged the anime eye flashy thing. That’s a typical symbol of a spark of something, whether it’s love, friendship, an idea - or hell, murderous rage. However, this was one of the first two. They seem to flow with one another, always pushing the other to and past their limits to the point of success.Haru admires Rin’s hard work and Rin is impressed greatly by Haru’s natural prowess. 

As the series progresses, you start to see a pattern. When they’re in the same room they look at one another. Rin is always charged with his emotions, but Haru stays muted and quiet - that is, until he gets expressive. Rin is able to coax the feelings Haru has masked for so many years like that *snaps fingers*. They just…explode near one another. Not just the locker room scene where Haru went batshit about not having a dream, but even the little things. The small glances still carry a lot of emotion. 

In regards to MakoHaru (I’m not a hater of this ship), go ship whatever. :) It’s your option and I’m not in charge. However I feel like it’s something that would’ve happened already. I’m willing to bet that if they were a thing and Haru really cared for Makoto (and at least reacted to him like he does with Rin) then Haru would still be swimming and totally over his fight with Rin. But like I said - you guys go ship what you want! :) 

Then, (oh the Free!lings are coming back with this one) there’s the final episodes. At the end of season two, we are presented with some of the most emotional anime I’ve ever seen (and believe me, I’ve seen some pretty intense shit) and so much is revealed. You finally see Rin and Haru expressing themselves and adapting to their mistakes. So much shit is happening, and as soon as (spoilers) Rin chokes in his race and all his hard work goes to waste - not only does Haru stand the fuck up, but he fucking sprints to get to Rin first. I dunno about you single people, but that’s some partner-level loving shit. Especially for someone who keeps his emotions mostly bottled. For Haru to bolt like that shows so much. It’s not as much what Haru says, it’s what he does. Even when he and Rin fight, Haru is still there for him and still caring. They just go through so much but as they go - they help one another. In the long run, Haru and Rin helped one another grow so much in ways that I don’t think MakoHaru could hope to compare to. (Not to offend anyone!) At the end of the day, Haru wants to swim with Rin and with the anime eye-sparkle stuff, in tears no less - he admits it to Rei. He’s dissatisfied by swimming with everyone else. Haru and Rin power one another (like Yin and Yang) and they knowingly acknowledge this. Haru chases after Rin and gets SO MOTHERFUCKING CLOSE TO A CONFESSION and we’re essentially confirmed that the reason Haru swims is Rin. Once they swim together, they reach a resolution and accept how they feel - not only about the sport, but about one another. Rin straight-up hugs Haru and smiles, saying “You showed me the best sight I could’ve asked for…” and…then you learn they swim together in the future in (what is assumed to be college/professional competitions). Hell, if that’s not endgame then I don’t know what is. <3 <3 <3 

i love x-men but also no offense every single one of these goddamn movies should’ve had kitty as a main character and the fact that they only brought her out during unarguably the WORST movie in the franchise when she’s literally the best character is…… i dont even wanna talk aboot it

i can’t believe this.  i really needed this today.  i was already having an absolutely wretched day and was basically depending on the finale to salvage it.  i am so angry and disappointed i actually feel sick, but there is nothing i can do about it.  it’s unarguably the right thing to do.  so i guess i’m just angry that a thing happened and there’s nothing i can do about it.

i need to go lie down.


And the theme for today is duos. Sort of. This counts…

Daniel Montesinos-Donaghy: If there is a vanguard of modern pop music from South Korea, Western press usually determines it over an act’s tweaking of American or European music, from Hyuna’s wobbly dubstep through to the “Korean Migos.” Mixed with a country’s distinct thread of pop history and lyrical content, the best of these tweaks can feel wholly original; sometimes, they’re exciting in spite of an incredibly Xeroxed feel. Crush – one of the most promising R&B artists currently working, full stop – has been called a plagiarist with “Oasis,” which has unarguable melodic similarities to Eric Bellinger’s “Awkward.” The Korean song is uptempo, the American one mid-; the former is full of energy, the latter dour. That “Oasis” is a great song doesn’t excuse or do away with such accusations, but by God this is a great song: an amalgamation of this decade’s entire R&Bass movement into a tight four minutes of sunbeam sonics. Block B’s Zico understands the smooth/rough equation of the best singer/rapper duets, and Crush’s military-precision harmonies sweeten his transition from thinly-veiled innuendo to loverman persona with ease. The difference between a tweak and a copy is hard to call, and harder still to know when it should affect your listening pleasure and how. When it’s something as joyous as “Oasis”, it’s up to you whether to shut out the question: Do you care to find out where your pop music comes from? And does it matter?

Alfred Soto: The Nelly of “Ride wit Me” would join in the chants.

Patrick St. Michel: Oh, was I bracing myself for Zico’s entrance, because up to the part where he swings in “Oasis” is a breezy bit of summer pop, perfect for walking around aimlessly while the sun beats down. But a rap interlude posed the possibility of introducing some rain storms to this song – it could work, sure, but K-pop rap can also turn awkward really fast, and that’s before considering Zico has had his fair bit of controversy in the past year. Thankfully, his verse here fits just right and adds a weird charm to the warm weather jam (even if the part about a “drinking battle” should have used another layer of PR inspection).

Thomas Inskeep: Crush is absolutely killing the R&B game right now. His 2014 album Crush on You was one of the year’s best, and this one-off single featuring Block B’s Zico keeps the heat up. The gorgeous, smooth production is accented with a “boomin’ system” bass and topped with Crush’s perfect-world-boyband vocals. No complaints here.

Madeleine Lee: There is no denying that Crush has a gorgeous voice, but it’s not enough to lift the overall flatness of this song. The brief appearance of Zion.T (former funky jazz weirdo, now café ballad singer) at the end makes me wish they’d split the whole song between them. They did this live one time, and you can hear how Zion.T’s peculiar vocal styling works to decorate the melody. I’m baffled and intrigued by Zico’s decision to put his audition for the “It G Ma” remix in the middle, as I am by all of Zico’s decisions, but as a centrepiece for the diet trap production, it shakes up what would otherwise be a pleasant café ballad at a faster BPM.

Maxwell Cavaseno: Crush make the kind of League Of Starz-style softcore ratchet roller that would sound perfect next to any Eric Bellinger- or Rossi-assisted second stringer in a club set, while Zico comes in with the Chance The Rapper honks and kazooing to perfect peaks and valleys of show-offery. Whatever comes after this would be hard-pressed to keep the party rocking.

Ramzi Awn: The soundbite uncannily resembling the “like” vocal sample from Tinashe’s “All Hands on Deck” does not fall on deaf ears, but the vibes are right and the beat is on point. Definitely a back porch song at a bar with smoking allowed and cute boys around. There isn’t much to complain about on “Oasis” – the concept is pretty basic: put your hands in the air, and feel the love. They may be rudimentary lessons, but they’re not old. Yet.

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Also! You can not like a person and still be respectful! That means no complaining about their habits, no gossiping about how they do things, and no deliberate lies and slander.

Make a complaint if there is definite and unarguable evidence and proof, and if it is something that is completely detrimental to the fabric of society, not your personal interests.

People are people. They are flawed. Everyone makes mistakes. Think about the circumstances that lead to different decisions and actions. Please be wise about making conclusions about other people, Mark included.

Why can’t this tag go back to being a good place? I’d even accept herb lore again.

I’m done here.

speaking of unarguably shit but enjoyable classic australian music ive gotta talk my dad into coming to the screaming jets with me over at acacia ridge hotel its the perfect recipe for a classic father-son pissup

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You obviously ship Xarry but why? How about Larry? I don't get why you want Harry to be gay.

1.  I don’t want Harry to be gay.  Last we heard from him on the subject, he said gender wasn’t important.  I want that to be what we all listen to.

2.  I don’t ship current larry… I just don’t see it.  

3.  Harry is so happy right now.  I’m not saying it’s because of Xander, but he’s unarguably incredibly happy when Xander’s around.  That’s what I ship right now… that happiness.  Plus they’re unbelievably cute.  Like even as a friendship, Harry is SO happy with Xander and they’re unbelievably cute together.  

Only on this fucking site would someone seriously rather watch a banal film targeted at basically six year olds made with no other intent than to sell CDs and miscellaneous merchandise over a film saga that is unarguably one of cinema’s most enduring and heartfelt masterpieces.

It only comes to show how shallow and pathetic people on here are. Oh, the characters aren’t girls, so I can’t relate to them because I don’t have their set of genitalia, says Tumblirna Geller.

Well, someone with such piss poor intellect wouldn’t be able to appreciate TGF anyway, so it shouldn’t be wasted on them. Better that they keep to the Disney Channel films, where they doubtlessly feel more at home.

27 & 46

as asked by the awesome amazingspaceship, here they are: 

27) I use littlemapleaf, warkittyz36 and amazingspaceship frequently cause I want you all to see stuff I reblog that I think you’d like/laugh at :) 

46) omg, I have to research this. crap there are so many great drarry fanfictions but my favorite is probably “two sides of the same coin”, rinharu is unarguably “gone with the water” even though I personally found the ending super half assed - but she’s updating a second part to the story so I’ll stop complaining! :) and…My Immprtal because my god you need to read that fucking hot mess, it will make you feel so much better. It’s so bad that it just makes life seem…better. bye~~~~~