idk why but i always do this thing to myself where i purposefully make myself an outsider to groups of ppl and unapproachable meeting new ppl/getting to know ppl is stressful to me

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Can you describe the difference between entj and intj

Besides the obvious difference - that one is extroverted and one is introverted - there is a slight difference in function order as well.


  • Extroverted Thinking
  • Introverted Intuition
  • Extroverted Sensing
  • Introverted Feeling


  • Introverted Intuition
  • Extroverted Thinking
  • Introverted Feeling
  • Extroverted Sensing

ENTJ has Te as their dominant function, so they’re going to be more efficient, more decisive, more ‘brutal’ in that Te no-nonsense, practical way. If INTJ is willing to entertain a contrary opinion, ENTJ has no patience for it at all. ENTJ will be in their element managing people, projects, and experiments, making plans and being at the forefront of the operation. To them, calling the shots comes even more naturally than offering the ideas.

Additionally, Te-dom means Fi-inferior - ENTJ will be less practiced with their emotions, which they will naturally repress, and will come off as more unapproachable, cold, and bossy. In times of stress, they might ‘snap’ and release all of their pent-up anger.

INTJ has Ni as their dominant function, so they’re going to be more forward-thinking, prospecting, narrowing down their focus and attention to what’s absolutely necessary. INTJ’s Te is at least somewhat exhausting for them; they’re more comfortable making the plans and enacting them by themselves - if they have to, they will manage others, but they are naturally more solitary. To them, their ideal is most important: they want something and they will work to achieve it. Their action serves this ideal. An ENTJ’s ideal serves the end product and the usefulness of this product.

INTJ’s inferior Se means they have a hard time explaining how they arrived at conclusions, and might put it up to ‘intuition.’ (Ironically, Intuition with a capital N has little to do with intuition.) They are not consciously observant, and miss details of what’s happening around them so that they can’t articulate their observations. In times of stress, they overindulge in sensory pleasures (e.g. food, alcohol) or abstain from them completely (in an unhealthy way).

I am going to be honest now, and I have not felt good lately, neither mentally or physically and without going into depth of that, I have decided to make some changes to this blog (they will be added to my rules eventually):

  • I am now a selective blog
    (and yes I used to be non-selective up until now)

  • There will be max five threads per partner

  • Please ask before making an ask into a thread

It can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, and I just need to gain control again before I lose my muse. I am very sorry for the changes, and I am very sorry if I come off as an unapproachable and unfriendly dude now, but I have to set these changes.

Thank you for reading!
Sorry for interrupting your dashes!

these people doing the don’t judge me challenge think they have innocent good purpose behind what they’re doing but it’s kinda shitty that their “before” part (or the message they’re really trying to put out their ugly front) is always like ppl with unibrows and mustache hair and glasses and acne braces etc.. like my unibrow goes so hard and I have mustache hair and I wax that shit so much because of people like that viewing it as so unapproachable and ugly and taboo and people can’t help having facial hair/braces/glasses and acne is barely preventable to a certain extent n its just shitty that they would depict those things as something that’s ugly when that’s really offensive to people who actually look that way js….


ARIES: You’re loud and scary and it makes people uncomfortable
TAURUS: Will u ever love someone as much as food? no
GEMINI: People can’t seem to take you seriously
CANCER: You are way too guarded and isolate yourself
LEO: You’re looking for someone who will love you more than you love yourself which is hard to find
VIRGO: You’re shy as heck which sometimes gives off the wrong impression
LIBRA: You!!! flirt!!! with!!! everyone!!!
SCORPIO: You intimidate the shit out of people
SAGITTARIUS: You’re a player and people don’t wanna get seriously involved.
CAPRICORN: You never really smile and look scary a lot
AQUARIUS: Seem unapproachable
PISCES: You don’t know how to how to compose yourself and giggle too much which scares people. R u laughing at them?

first meeting the signs


Aries: bubbly, smiles a lot, gets caught up on their words sometimes but it’s aight bc they cute

Taurus: has a really good fashion sense, seems a little shy, total sweetheart

Gemini: good with words, giggly, looks unapproachable but actually is very approachable

Cancer: really shy at first and kinda awkward, cute clothes, just really cute

Leo: happy, loving and super social, legit becomes friends with everyone

Virgo: makes some puns at first and thinks that they are funny but they are rly embarrassing and it’s rly cute

Libra: gorgeous af and agrees with everything you say, conversation flows easily

Scorpio: a lil shy, accidentally flirts with them but doesn’t mean it, looks down a lot

Sagittarius: funny!! can say anything and get away with it. probably wants their own talk show

Capricorn: rly good looking and smart..can stick with anything and follow it through. rly good at making plans too

Aquarius: a bit unorthodox but they r super sweet and adorable too. can talk about anything in the world and make it interesting

Pisces: sike they aren’t shy at all and are super bubbly and kind when they meet someone. they make the person they meet feel rly special to them in a short amount of time

when men see me at starbucks sipping an americano in my big black hat and demure yet unapproachable demeanor furiously typing up hot new posts on my phone

Cristiano and Bahanas’ soccer player, Chris Godet
“I saw him with his son and I figured he was on vacation,” Christopher told The Tribune. “(He wasn’t unapproachable) but I did have to think for a second before I went over there. I swam out and spoke to him for a little while. It wasn’t a long conversation. I introduced myself, said who I was, said I played a little soccer for my national team and asked him about his stay in the Bahamas, to which he said he’s enjoying it and that he loved the water. He said the Bahamas is a very beautiful place.”

‪#‎As‬ if meeting his idol once wasn’t enough, the 17-year-old met Ronaldo again at the Ocean Club gym yesterday morning; and this time he brought a gift with him.

#“When I spoke to him (yesterday morning) he said he remembered me from Saturday and I thanked him for signing a ball and a shirt of mine by giving him one of our (national football team) shirts as a thank you gift for his time.”

‪#‎For‬ Christopher, Ronaldo represents the pinnacle of excellence in his sport. “Seeing him face-to-face is surreal,” he said. “You could always look online and see pictures of him shirtless and all that. But up and close you see the incredible work he puts into his body. “The way he plays, he’s so quick and powerful and I was able to see that this morning when he was in the gym working out. The effort that goes into being the best player in the world, like riding the bike for about six miles straight and finishing after about 24 minutes doing that is what I got to see. My goal is to try and get to that level.”

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The Capricorn Male

If a man behaves in a way typical of the personality associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn, he will have a tendency toward the characteristics listed below, unless there are influences in his personal birthchart that are stronger than that of his Capricorn sun sign.

The typical Capricorn man:
* is stocky
* has sharp, penetrating eyes
* rarely smiles
* has very strong white teeth
* is conscious of his appearance
* dislikes removing his clothes in public – for example, he will still be wearing a shirt during a heatwave when other men are bare-chested

Behavior and Personality Traits
* is dignified in his manner and very polite
* seems unapproachable and self-protective
* is totally reliable in pursuit of an aim
* takes his time sizing up other people before he will relax enough to share his inner warmth
* seeks honor but is not interested in becoming famous; on the contrary, he avoids publicity
* has strong opinions but is not at all vain

Part 1

This is dedicated to my favorite person in the whole world who I love dearly (tagged below)

Give me the reassurance I need- CALUM

Warning: not yetttttt

Au in which Cal pal tries to break you out of your shy shell

Since you were little you were always hiding behind the curtains, running away from the voices and isolating yourself. You never wanted the attention on you, if it was, your cheeks would blush a deep red and you’d stutter like English wasn’t your first language. It’s not like you could help it really, growing up as an only child had you quiet and seemingly unapproachable to some, others would mistake your shyness as weakness and that’s usually what you were unfortunately. Constantly in your life you were hiding behind your older cousin, in hopes she would give you a feel of the confidence you craved but hanging around her only seemed to put you more in the shadows and tucked away. Whenever at dinner with her, boys only talked to her and acted as if you literally were nonexistent, you sure did feel like it. You loved your cousin, really you did, but it annoyed you how she had everything you ever wanted without even trying. People who didn’t know her but met her from you would end up ditching you and becoming her best friend and it never ever failed that she got more attention than you ever got in your life altogether. Despite the situation, you sucked it up and closed the doors you hid behind, locking you in further more.

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ok but punk!cas with tons of piercings and crazy dyed hair and tattoos galore. he's got that tough reputation and everyone kind of sees him as unapproachable, including dean. that is until he sees him one night feeding the stray cats that liked to hang around one of the local restaurants, and he realizes cas is a lot more than piercings & ripped jeans. he invites him to join him for dinner, where they talk about everything from tattoos to star trek (▰˘◡˘▰)

oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh yes. sensitive!punk!cas is everything. and sweet little dean being intimidated by this stoic, angry-looking boy who cares so much for bees and cats and the earth and draws hearts and smiley faces in his little notes to dean u-u

We work to build the sky–
fantasies of the previous night
become prolific colors that crown the sun.
We awaken slowly like the sunrise,
and unknowing in the day
we create a motley dome
with our sweaty sacrifices.

But every night the sky dissipates–
the dome we created
shatters like thin, fragile glass
and reveals the unapproachable yet real stars.
Every night the sky falls over us
like a promise of eternity
made between blankets
and lulling breaths.

Every night the creatures
that burn in the daylight frenzy
poke their heads out from inside themselves
and wonder of the merit
behind the absence of light.
They straggle along the bridges and beaches
scavenging for inspiration or
romanticized freedom–
did the hundred winking eyes of god exist?
or did I mistake the real
for the supernatural?

With these thoughts,
we start the sky-dome again!
With these thoughts,
we pull a curtain over our eyes–
the stars’ time to impress us
has run out again.

The malice of Medusa’s monkeys

Tragic & hollow cavity
filled of indolence sat,
the machine lays dormant
no motive no one knows
her mythology, her death
poised on broken flesh,

she once lived hardened
to banish for silence, but
the monkeys are ardent


chiseled form vengeance
against unapproachable mystic
thus power stoned,

an awakening struck deep
neurological breakaway opens
the monkeys vice, a provider
of protection, to seize,

sprung from the pores volcanic
explosion of death risen from
the core of the machine, frantic
flailing simians siphon souls
release in stone coagulated veins
dried & frozen statues

emptiness lives now,

she is & always protection
for Athena at war,

no slither, just evil
a face imprinted, the mythic
monkeys stand guard for
the feminine shield still
remains set in stone.

californiacougar does this work?

  • I’m in a weird place in life right now and I 100% do not want to talk about it, but it’s kinda why I fell off the face of the planet the last few months. Sorry. 
  • My new septum ring came in today + I bought what my mother would call a “pocketbook” yesterday so I’m feeling pretty excited about that.

  • Oh, also. I know what I want to do with my life. Nbd. ((Details to come!))

  • Mylo has been an utter terror lately and I’m kinda over his shit a lot. 

  • August is hella smart and I feel like I can’t keep up with his milestones anymore.
  • Just scored a doll I’ve wanted to get Auggie 5eva on sale tonight! YAS!
  • We still need to get a few gifts for their birthdays, but wow. We picked out some cool shit this year. 
  • Been embracing my inner goth mom lately. I’m both beautiful and unapproachable. 10/10 would recommend. 
  • I’m atheist now. 

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Could you pls do another japril prompt?:)

April smashed into the cutting board with her knife, leaving scrapes across the wood. She moved so fast that she nipped her finger, and she drew back in the surprise of the sharpness. She flung it wildly, then pulled it to her mouth, trying to stop the bleeding before it really started.

“I told you that you were going to hurt yourself.”

“Thanks, I had forgotten you mentioned that,” April grimaced. Jackson looked at her, seemingly thinking about it, then pulled a towel out of a bottom drawer, dampened it with cold water, and wrapped it around her finger.

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