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If you ever wanted more proof that most men don't care about women my boyfriend of 4 years just told me in his "perfect world" I would have another man attempt to rape me every day just so he can come in at the last second and save me every time. When I asked why he would subject me to such traumatising events every day he said, "Babe, I would be saving you. I'm the hero & you'd love me more". We're not together any more. They just don't get it. Love your blog too.

While this is awful and appaling, it’s not at all uncommon. Your ex-boyfriend had a typical male power fantasy, where he gets to subjugate other males and win a woman as a prize. This kind of fantasy is spoon fed to them since they’re really young, by all kinds of media. Just look around and see how many movies and games, and even cartoons for young children, have plots based on a male defeating another male and taking a woman as a prize. It’s the classic “Damsel in Distress” trope.

Anita Sarkeesian, the scourge of doritos-covered sexist nerds everywhere, made three excellent videos covering specific iterations of this trope in video games. In these videos, she explains in detail how men are taught to see women not as peers, other human beings with a full range of emotions,  but as interactive objects that will provide them with rewards (sex, affection, domestic labor) once they secure them from other males. Still quoting Sarkeesian, “In the game of Patriarchy, women are not the other team. They are the ball”.

This is exactly the kind of mindset your ex-boyfriend had. In his fantasy, he would win the “game” by defeating another male, probably by inflicting physical violence on him, and take you as a prize. This would make him feel more masculine, because masculinity is based on constant competition between all men, and in his mind it would also make you be grateful to him, because he didn’t consider you as a human being capable of trauma and mental distress, but as a damsel he must rescue, a princess in the tower that he, the mighty knight in shining armor, would yank away from her captors.

I’m just glad you’re not with this delusional piece of shit anymore.

It’s not icecream; it’s meat. This meat paste is the remains of skin, meat, cartilage and bones that have been mechanically separated from the animal and ground through a sieve-looking thing. 

You can find this in: your McDonald’s chicken nuggets, some hotdogs, sausages and other products. I guess technically your nuggets are 100% chicken since they’re using every part of it.

this looks so unappetising but trust me, it’s good shit! boiled then fried potatoes in a mustard and honey dressing with a bed of salad on the side 😍 one of my favourite ways to cook potato and its so quick and easy! #vegan #tumblr #fitblr #food #fitspo


Back on track today!!


Watermelon, satsumas, strawberries (all free/speed), reduced fat sausage sandwich with reduced salt/sugar tomato sauce (bread Healthy Extra B, sausages 3 syns, tomato sauce 0.5 syns)

Afternoon snack:

Half of the fruit bowl above!


Chicken and mushroom pasta n sauce (free, milk (Healthy Extra A), carrots, yellow peppers and garlic (all free/speed) with chilli powder and garlic pepper. Looks really unappetising but oh well

Total syns: 3.5/15


I weighed the bracelet in my palm. Even in the poor light - far-off floodlights, dim camping lanterns both candle-powered and electric, the backlit glow of nearby smartphones - I could see the poor craftsmanship. Irregular, scarred turquoise stone, cheap aluminium beads, translucent, yellowing twine. A single bead of sweat down my neck. Pity kisses still burning on the curve of my lips. The bracelet’s twin was hanging, tantalisingly, around her wrist. The same wrist where shaking fingers had documented an offbeat, briefly quickening pulse not four hours before. I move the bracelet from palm to palm, hoping it might speak, but so far it tell only of jealous seven year holds, playground heartbreak, and barely heard whispers in eager ears. It tells of friendship. 

Stewart, with the deep hunger of recognition, glances up over the disposable grill and its unappetising breakfast of dead meat, frothing and spitting white foam. He reads the whats and the whys crawling up the back of my throat, not even at my molars, nowhere near my charred, dry lips. With a satisfied sigh, he holds up his hand, unbuttons a cuffed wrist, and reveals a simple red band, cotton strong, tied lovingly in a tiny knot. Its twin, plainly elsewhere, encircling the tiny wrist of another person’s love who, flotsam, jetsam, is lost at sea. Hah, he says. Twins. 

That Elephant Foot Yam - in the making
I kid you not, the first time I ever saw this, I was horrified 😱 I couldn’t believe this was edible!

In it’s uncleaned version, it has long fibrous “hair” & it’s brown cratered skin looks very unappetising. But over time, I’ve come to not only not judge it, I’ve grown to like it!😆 I’ve also learned, that looks are rarely what they seem.

Mise-en-place 💕 #TrueCooks #paleo #foodstarz  #veganfoodlovers #bestofvegan #veganfoodspot #fbai #tbie  #veganfoodshare #paleofriendly #foodporndaily1 #buzzfeedfood #paleofoodies #buzzfeast #paleochef #feedyoursoull #thekitchn #yahoofood #eatfamous #foodtalkindia #foodgawker #foodvsco #tastespotting #howissummer #sharefood #lifeandthyme #cleaneatz #top_food_of_instagram #dailyfoodfeed
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A crazy busy but weirdly organised chaos that is Hanoi.

We are staying in the old quarter of the city, surrounded by restaurants, markets, shops and not far from the famous city centre lake. Every time you step out on to the sidewalk you are putting your life at risk with the traffic of motorbikes! No sights are ‘too odd’ here. Whole families piled into scooters, everyone wearing face masks to protect their white skin from the sun and pollution, unappetising and appetising looking street food and shops bursting with merchandise.

HK 2015: Day 1 - Arriving in Hong Kong

HK 2015: Day 1 – Arriving in Hong Kong

The journey here has been good and bad. The first 7 hour plane journey to Dubai was great. I watched an average movie, played multiplayer Tetris with my brother, the food was more than acceptable and I slept for hours. The 7 hour journey after the layover was horrible. Food was unappetising and Tetris multiplayer didn’t work. Also I was awake for most of it despite trying to get some decent…

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