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If you ever wanted more proof that most men don't care about women my boyfriend of 4 years just told me in his "perfect world" I would have another man attempt to rape me every day just so he can come in at the last second and save me every time. When I asked why he would subject me to such traumatising events every day he said, "Babe, I would be saving you. I'm the hero & you'd love me more". We're not together any more. They just don't get it. Love your blog too.

While this is awful and appaling, it’s not at all uncommon. Your ex-boyfriend had a typical male power fantasy, where he gets to subjugate other males and win a woman as a prize. This kind of fantasy is spoon fed to them since they’re really young, by all kinds of media. Just look around and see how many movies and games, and even cartoons for young children, have plots based on a male defeating another male and taking a woman as a prize. It’s the classic “Damsel in Distress” trope.

Anita Sarkeesian, the scourge of doritos-covered sexist nerds everywhere, made three excellent videos covering specific iterations of this trope in video games. In these videos, she explains in detail how men are taught to see women not as peers, other human beings with a full range of emotions,  but as interactive objects that will provide them with rewards (sex, affection, domestic labor) once they secure them from other males. Still quoting Sarkeesian, “In the game of Patriarchy, women are not the other team. They are the ball”.

This is exactly the kind of mindset your ex-boyfriend had. In his fantasy, he would win the “game” by defeating another male, probably by inflicting physical violence on him, and take you as a prize. This would make him feel more masculine, because masculinity is based on constant competition between all men, and in his mind it would also make you be grateful to him, because he didn’t consider you as a human being capable of trauma and mental distress, but as a damsel he must rescue, a princess in the tower that he, the mighty knight in shining armor, would yank away from her captors.

I’m just glad you’re not with this delusional piece of shit anymore.

It’s not icecream; it’s meat. This meat paste is the remains of skin, meat, cartilage and bones that have been mechanically separated from the animal and ground through a sieve-looking thing. 

You can find this in: your McDonald’s chicken nuggets, some hotdogs, sausages and other products. I guess technically your nuggets are 100% chicken since they’re using every part of it.

I want to design an amazing car with a gorgeous interior and impressive speeds and fuel economy and a distinctive appearance and I want it to have many seats and plenty of storage space and most importantly I want to make it affordable and available to everyone

and then I want to call it something completely unappetising and unnerving and then see how comfortable everyone is making the decision between self esteem and the option of driving around in a Dribble

Saying goodbye is not just leaving a person, nor is it simply disconnecting two lives. Saying goodbye is leaving a lifetime, it’s wishing away a future that you envisioned so immensely it was almost destined. Every second of every day is no longer full, it’s empty. It’s like spending days, months and years building and filling a house, so perfectly, so articulately, and then one day pulling it all down. He becomes your home and when he’s gone you have to start again, and with no satin sheets or sweet fair-wells. One day you flow so closely you weave in and out of each other like the swift twine of a hairs braid, and the next you are stark strangers, with unappetising memories and drab fallouts. When you let someone go, you let go of a version of yourself, the one with them, the one you made together; and you never truly see it again. And that has got to be why it is so damn hard.
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JS&MN Craft Month

For the delight of the Society and its friends, I present my contribution to the JSAMN Craft Month: the JSAMN Cookbook!

Inspired by Lobscouse and Spotted Dog, the cookbook created by fans of the Patrick O’Brian Aubrey-Maturin books, I have gone right through the brick, and found every meal described; fortunately, there are 27 of these, enough to post one for each day of February, plus an introduction.

The recipes themselves are modern, but in choosing them, I have referred to three contemporary cook books, so that the ingredients, methods and finished dishes bear as close a resemblance to the originals as possible (modern palates will find some of the original dishes unappetising).  I will make as many of them as I can, too.

The cookbooks I am using are all available online.  They are:

The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy by Hannah Glasse (1748)

The Experienced English Housekeeper by Elizabeth Raffald (1769)

A New System of Domestic Cookery by Maria Eliza Rundell (1806)

I’ll start tomorrow with the kippers served by Mrs Pleasance to the lovely but permanently undernourished John Segundus.

AU: One cannot see the colour of their soulmates eyes until they see them

Ao3 Link: Here

Sam woke up every morning to a grey room. No matter how wide open he left the curtains the night before, he could ever embrace the colour of the morning. His brother told him it was stupid, but Sam didn’t care. He knew why he couldn’t see the light, or why he saw Dean drizzling the most unappetising grey liquid onto his pancakes on a Saturday morning, and he knew why he and Dean would sit in the Roadhouse every Friday night chucking back shot after shot of grey alcohol that stung his throat. It was because that was the colour of his soulmates eyes.

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*tries to cook* *tries not to poison self*

Bullet journal ft my very unappetising lunch (I know it’s breakfast food so shush). Don’t use whole meal bread to make French toast. It just tastes weird.


January is traditionally detox month, with magazines and websites attempting to outdo themselves with recommendations of the most unappetising and calorie-deficient diets imaginable. We decided to challenge ourselves in a different manner, by filling our stomachs rather than depriving them. We put five of the city’s most notorious food and drink challenges to the test.

Read our verdict here, in this week’s 48 Hours Magazine

Can we stop shaming those “#wife material” posts where the food looks unappetising? Like those people are so happy, and they’re so proud of the food they made and idk a lot of them probably don’t have any culinary expertise so
it’s like when an artist draws something at age 12 when they have little practice, and people make fun of them and they never share their work again and their world is like, destroyed
Don’t do that to people it’s not cool

Oh alright @olivieblake SINCE IT’S YOU

Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag 10 of your favourite authors!

1. Harry’s hand: sweaty, grimy, bones clearly visible under the scarred flesh. {Nyctophilia}

2. She’d been caught sneaking in again, her white dress torn and dirty and her knees scraped from climbing trees. {How Do You Solve a Problem Like Ginevra?}

3. “I have to what?” Sirius’s jaw hung open, offering up an unappetising view of his half-chewed mouthful of sandwich. {A Marauders’ Night’s Dream}

4. It is a good time to have the feel of yew in your hands and the stretch of sky above you, and so you kiss her neck before you move the tent flap aside and slip into the darkness that holds its breath for morning {Peace}

5. Lily wondered for the umpteenth time why she had opted to NEWT Potions as she let her feet carry her to the Astronomy Tower. {Brave}

6. “’Mione please just listen.” Ron ran his thumb over her knuckles, his fingers gripping hers tightly. It was as much to keep her from fleeing the conversation as to provide comfort, she knew. {Repotting}

7. Draco Malfoy woke up with his head pillowed on something soft that smelt of freesias, and the melodic flavour of elf-made champagne still on his tongue. {Insufferable}

8. A cellar for three days. Table scraps and brackish water and and the scrabbling noises of rats in the dark. {Volchitsa}

9. “Of course,” the official gave a condescending simper, “We are ‘onoured to ‘ave you ‘ere, Monsieur Potter, but ah -” {Ghost}

10. She came back in high summer, tripping merrily across the wards, smiling and winking and filled to the brim with trouble. {Gambit}

11. He was at Gringotts for his annual meeting to go over the Estate accounts. It was usually deathly boring; the profits varied little from year to year, though the running costs had dropped significantly since the forced conscription for land work of Muggleborn witches and wizards. {Love is Murder}

12. It was a dark joke, a throwback to the days when they had needed to wear masks. {Flowers}

13. “Well,” Harry muttered, “that was different.” {Hypnotist}

14. They’d come to him in the darkness of the cells, voices sweet and lilting. Don’t bargain with the fey. They cannot lie, but they will not tell the truth. {Smart Mouth}

15. “You were in love with him,” she said. Not a question. {Unsaid}

16. “Look out!” Ginny yelled, as the ball went sailing over the crossbar towards the stands, where a dark-haired man sat with his head bent over a book. {Soccer}

17. Harry and Ginny were in the library at 17 Diagon Alley, sifting through the collection of banned and arcane books, when the afternoon peace was shattered by an unearthly scream. {Kitchen}

18. Think of it as a game - if that, then what? {A River, Winding}

19. Mary woke to the sigh of rain upon thatch and the bleed of lavender-pale light through the casement, hinting at the nearness of dawn. {This Lightness}

20. It started, as these things often do, with a gift of silver, counted quickly, gloved palm to gloved palm, the coins flashing in the light of a half moon. {Twist}

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How to Care for Your Shiro: Ah! I see you've adopted your very own space dad! Please, be sure to let him inspect his new home in his own time-- though he seems very calm, he needs a small adjustment period due to past trauma. You'll have to also insist that he eats three meals a day, bathe, and gets PLENTY of rest (as he often forgets to take care of himself)! Lots of patience and love are required for your space dad, but the companionship is well worth it all<3

“Keith….. I’m a grown man, not a pet.” Shiro grumbled indignantly as he busied himself with the plate of food goo that was heaped ina slightly unappetising manner in front of him. However he was more annoyed that Keith’s description was pretty much right on the money.

“Also, why are you all calling me ‘dad’ lately. Have I missed something?”