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We are all works in progress. As we struggle together to create a more just, loving world we are inevitably going to make mistakes. We’re going to hurt each other, say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, be unable to see past our privileges or our own hurts. But we can keep checking ourselves. Keep learning from our mistakes and committing to do better. #thebodyisnotanapology #unapologeticradicalselflove #tbinaa #t Ohio #toxic #growingup #growth #mistakes
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By @thebodyisnotanapology “The myth of the Strong Black Woman is a form of Body Terrorism that dehumanizes black women by denying them space for vulnerability and multidimensionality; by seeing their bodies as impervious to pain, stress, trauma, etc. Internalizing of this myth leads to, among other things, denial of access to proper care of black women’s physical, emotional, and mental health. Push back against this stereotype when you encounter it, in yourself and in others. Black women deserve space to express the fullness of their being, and they deserve tenderness and care just as much as anyone else.

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Quote pictured taken from the article "Human Being Here; Find Your "Strong Black Woman” Stereotype Elsewhere" on gradientlair.com.“ via @PhotoRepost_app

Day 245: I think it takes courage to be vulnerable in front of others. And that’s what we’re doing when we make our fat bodies visible, clothed or not. We lay ourselves bare before strangers so we can live and speak our truths for ourselves and for each other. We reach for each other, raw and exposed, through a tangle of angry voices and disgusted looks and condescension, and despite it all we reach each other. A hashtag here, a photoset there. We’re beacons to each other: “You are not alone.” And though we see each other, everyone else sees us too. And Everyone Else can be cruel. We are stalked, invaded, attacked, and still we rise. Still we put ourselves out there, naked, vulnerable–even if we’re fully clothed. I think that’s fucking courageous. #365FeministSelfie #selfcareseptember #courage #bodylove4all #effyourbeautystandards #unapologeticradicalselflove #pizzasisters4lyfe

Nasty comments about my weight no longer hurt me, they fuel me. They remind me why I go out of my way to be visible and unapologetic.
These people hide behind their private profiles & their anon accounts and they thrive on negativity. And I don’t mean they thrive on the ‘fuck you’ I might give them (though there are those). I mean they thrive on making whoever their target is feel bad about themselves. If I tell them in intentionally scathing terms to fuck right off, they haven’t succeeded. They’ve succeeded when I feel bad about myself.
People like that don’t deserve my compliance or my surrender. Some days they get my love, most days they get my pity or scorn, but they never get what they really want. They never succeed in shaming me into submission. Never again.
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I know it’s a little early in the week for a throwback but I just found these and I had to share. This was one of the very first photo shoots I did with myself for Tumblr when I first got into body positivity and definitely the first I did showing off so much of my body. I share them now in honor of @dealwithmyrolls’ burgeoning #fucktrollsdealwithmyrolls movement. Displaying this kind of joy in our bodies has power, and that scares the shit out of some people. Let them weep. Let them tremble. Let them gnash their teeth and lash out at us with all they’ve got. We’re not going anywhere, and we’re are not hiding. We are fat and we are glorious and we don’t give a shit about your negativity. #unapologeticradicalselflove #bodylove4all #pizzasisters4lyfe #notyourgoodfatty #fatvisibility

Today I want to share something I wrote for my health blog a year or so ago. It was a first step in making peace with myself. // TO MY PAST SELF // I spend so much time harping on the bad decisions you’ve made, the mistakes, the ways you’ve treated yourself like shit without a thought to how that would affect me and our future selves. So, I want to take a moment to do something I never do. Let you know how grateful I am for all the good decisions you’ve made. For all the things you’ve done for me. For the experiences you had that have made me who I am today. So, thank you for never fully giving up. For always finding a light and a way back. Thank you for deciding to say fuck you to diet culture and fat shame. Thank you for listening to the voice that says you’re beautiful and amazing and worth just as you are. Even if it’s still drowned out sometimes. Thank you for ever listening to it.  For ever believing. Thank you for walking topless under the Golden Gate bridge at 15. Thank you for the 1st time you ever had the nerve to kiss a girl. Thank you for conquering the 210 bridge. Thank you for teaching yourself to knit. Thank you for moving to New Orleans. Thank you for giving acting a chance. Thank you for going to movies by yourself. Thank you for starting a garden. Thank you for deciding to embrace your witchery. Thank you for conceiving of the cogs. Thank you for growing out your beard. And chronicling it. Thank you for writing, even when it’s hard. Thank you for all the chances you’ve taken. For all the exploration you’ve done. For the times you’ve put yourself out there. I’m here today, still breathing, because of you. I love you. And I’m sorry I so often have such a hard time showing it. #pizzasisters4lyfe #junephotochallenge #peace #365FeministSelfie #bonus #unapologeticradicalselflove