As a Muslim, I will never ever apologise for terrorist acts carried out by other ‘Muslims’. It really fucking pisses me off when such events occur and people expect Muslims to publicly condemn the terrorists and prove our humanity. Why the fuck should we have to apologise for an incident we are not affiliated to politically or religiously? Why should we be held responsible for the actions of a few fanatical individuals? Muslims are the only people of religion who are collectively blamed for the actions of a few. Buddhists are not collectively held accountable for the genocide currently occurring in Rohingya. Christians are never expected to condemn the actions of paedophiles within the church or the KKK. People also forget that it’s mostly Muslims that are the victims of these terrorist organisations but let’s just dismiss that though, right? 

She courageously and unapologetically walked away from everyone and everything that meant her no good.
—  Lalah Delia

Boys: “Hey girl, what’s your sign?”

Me: “I’m a Scorpio.”

Boys: “Oh, so you’re freaky?”

Me: “No. I’m assertive and aggressive, opinionated and unapologetic, driven and focused, proud and confident, strong and fearless, intelligent and sassy. I’m everything you could never handle in a woman. You’re dismissed.”