club penguin dies today…

here’s to the unadopted pookies
here’s to the spambots for the club penguin army
here’s to the pretentious members
here’s to those that have played for years
here’s to the newbies
here’s to the frozen-obsessed roleplayers
here’s to the members begging for likes
here’s to the people who sent random friend requests
here’s to herbert
here’s to klutzy
here’s to aunt arctic
here’s to gary
here’s to rookie and jet pack guy
here’s to rockhopper
here’s to all the penguins that helped us along the way

here’s to club penguin

Shitty and Lardo with Kids
  • Once Shitty and Lardo get married they decide that they want kids
  • Only they don’t want to deal with babies
  • Young children are also lots of work
  • So, they decide to adopt the ‘unadoptable’ preteens and teenagers that the system has all but given up on
  • The ‘unadoptable’ kids finish growing up in a loving, supportive household with the most chill parents who encourage them to be their best
  • maybe a few years later Lardo accidentally gets pregnant
  • They keep the kid (obviously)
  • Baby Duan-Knight is basically raised by an army of adults
  • when Baby Duan-Knight gets to school they keep getting picked up by random adults
  • ‘adults’ consist of both Samwell and Duan-Knight crew
  • the teacher is really confused as to who’s Baby Duan-Knight’s real parents 
  • (parent-teacher conferences are not helpful because there’s only a 10% both Lardo and Shitty will be there and a 40% chance that one of them will be there either alone or with another adult)
  • Teacher gets even more confused when Baby Duan-Knight starts introducing their siblings, who are full grown adults (possibly starting their own families) at this point
  • Long story short, the whole Duan-Knight clan grows up loved and supported by a wide variety of people
I don’t normally ask for help, but I think I should ask for help

This is my Handsome Nice Boy, the Creamy Boy, Spice

I’ve had him for ten years.  He loves hanging out with people and being brushed and sleeping on the cleanest, darkest clothes he can get his sheddy little white butt on.  He’ll sit and sleep near you (usually above you) all the time.  He has the loudest purr I know and will purr with reckless abandon.

And I have to give him up.

I have another cat, Pepper.  Spice cannot handle being in a house with another cat.  It makes him anxious and results in territorial spraying behavior which, despite multiple vet visits, medications, cleanings, pheromones, all manner of solutions, will not stop.  

My parents are fed up with his behavior.  They believe that euthanizing him is the most humane thing to do, rather than abandoning him.  The only reason they haven’t put him down yet is because I have been begging them not to, stalling, and trying desperately to find another place for him.  I attempted to have him brought to my apartment, but this has become impossible and unhealthy for him.  All no-kill shelters I have contacted so far have been unwilling to take an ‘unadoptable’ cat.  

I know for sure Spice would stop this behavior and would be happier in an environment where he’s the only cat.  I’m making this post after months of doing everything I can to keep him alive, and I’m running out of options fast, in the slim hopes that someone might be willing to take him.  He’s happy, healthy, still full of life, and absolutely doesn’t deserve to die.  

If there’s anyone out there who might want to take him, or know someone who might like a boy like him, or even has recommendations for shelters, please let me know.


What A Black Woman Wishes Her Adoptive White Parents Knew
Your love alone does not protect me from the fact of my black skin.
By Mariama Lockington

“A few months ago, in therapy, I found myself uttering the following words: “But if I’m not a good girl, who will want to keep me?” I am 31 years old and I still feel as though I owe this picture, my white parents, something impossible: my silent gratitude. I still feel that if I dare to question, challenge, or speak truth to my snapshots as a black transracial adoptee, I will be “sent back” or “unadopted” for being ungrateful. What happens if I say to them:

Look, I have often felt unseen in your home, your home in which I was in many ways expected to live up to the myth of colorblindness. Your love alone does not protect me from the fact of my black skin.”

Necessary Reading. Required reading. Especially if you plan to transracially adopt or foster. Get uncomfortable. Have the conversations. Reposting and will post again. Please share. 


This adorable Australian Shepherd is Toby and while at first glance he may appear to look like any other Australian Shepherd but Toby is special - he has two noses! He was discovered wandering the streets of Fresno, California, and was picked up by a rescue group. However, the so-called rescue group considered him unadoptable and were ready to put him to sleep. That was until Todd Ray, a man who owns a number of animals with birth defects, adopted him and made him a member of his family. 

We’re talking in Skype about Domestic!AU BNHA stuff. So Kirishima and Bakugou “Guys Being Dudes” buying their first house together and setting up their life and deciding they need a nice manly dog to be as manly as possible.

And Kirishima wants a medium-sized type all-American loyal dog. Bakugou wants a “how much of a wolf can it be until it’s literally just a wolf?” dog. But when they get to the shelter, Kirishima is taken by this rinky-dink little ratty dog that’s missing both its back legs. And Bakugou hates it because it is the opposite of everything he came here to get. But Kirishima wins and they take unadoptable lil ratty dog home. 

Kirishima has this childhood talent for whittling (knife-hardened fingers hello) so he crafts this little back-leg wheelchair out of wood and attaches wheels to it and hooks it up to the dog, who can now trot around using its front legs as peddling source.

Kirishima is pretty thrilled with his work, leaves the dog to get used to its new mobility and heads to the living room with a book to relax a little. About 10 minutes pass when there’s an explosion from the kitchen—extremely normal when living with Bakugou. Kirishima doesn’t so much as flinch at this.

What does get a second take out of him is the now rocket-powered dog that suddenly blasts into the living room at 50 mph, spiraling then lodging into the cushion beside Kirishima’s head with a little yip. Kirishima stares at the dog, baffled for a moment, until his attention drifts to the doorway. Bakugou’s standing there, halfway in pajamas, neutral expression as the whole living room smolders and announces, “I made it better.”

ribbonfly  asked:

I finally watched the LEGO Batman Movie and I want to adopt Robin.

(*joking* ) Yeah. Robin was the most unrealistic part of the movie. Why?

How could this cinnamon go unadopted for so long?????


So I decided to show you all of my current foster babies! (bc everyone needs a daily dose of cute kittens)
First up is sherlock! He’s our oldest at a little bit over a year old, he’s the black fuzz ball stalking my sketchbook. He was found by my uncle last June and is a result from people dumping their cats who happen to not be spayed/neutered. Unfortunately after a year this little guy has not been fully tamed and is unadoptable, but! That doesn’t mean he won’t get a home! He will be put into the barn cat program and be adopted to live in someone’s barn

Second is our second oldest kirby, the little grey tabby with the big eyes. This poor baby has had quite a rough start, he was found on the side of the road limping along and was brought to a vet, the vet was told he had been hit by a car and needed to be put down, but the vet was so in love with the little guy she just couldnt! So we got him, he lived in my bed room for a few weeks and one day I went to feed him and notice he had lost the ability to use his hind legs, he was rushed to the hospital and it turns out he had a major infection in his spine, and after months of therapy and treatment he was able to use his legs again! And he continued to get better at walking every day :)

The third litter you’ve already seen! Socks and her two curently nameless sisters. We don’t know their story but their doing good and are becoming more social each day

Finaly there is Avalon, she was a single kitten with no littermates, so she was given to us so she could play with socks and her sisters, she’s super tiny and super shy, but she’s such a cuddle bug, she’ll sit in your lap for hours!

That’s all we have for fosters! A little chaotic with our 5 other cats, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love watching these babies grow up and overcome everything from being abandoned to life threatening injuries and illnesses

Is Brallie incest/endgame?

I’m quite new to the fandom. I’ve caught up with The Fosters just a couple of weeks ago, so I’m sorry if this post is repetitive (and long as fuck). 

I’m a Brallie shipper. I wasn’t at the beginning. In season 1A I thought they were cute but I actually kinda liked Wyatt too - I know, don’t even mention it - so it didn’t really matter to me if Brallie happened or didn’t. I wasn’t particularly into Brandon either. Brallie grew on me slowly, but inexorably, especially after they broke up the first time. Why? Because Brandon gave up on Callie, even though he wanted her for himself. 

I see a lot of Brallie shippers saying that Callie shouldn’t have been adopted on one side, and Brallie haters saying that their relationship is incest on the other.

I disagree with both.

I disagree with Brallie shippers because we know how much Callie needed a family. And yes, she had Robert at some point, but Robert honestly kept making mistakes with her. Trust is earned slowly, and season 1 was all about Lena and Stef earning Callie’s trust. By supporting her and her brother. She liked Stef and Lena better and I can’t blame her. She probably harbored some unconscious hatred towards this new random father that popped out of nowhere and didn’t allow her to get adopted. Also, lingering issues with male authority figures, everyone? Not to mention the fact that Jude had already been adopted by the Fosters and - at least at the time - it was important for her to be with him. I don’t blame Callie for being naive and the needy teenager she was at the time. I do believe that the whole Brallie issue should have been investigated more thoroughly by Stef and Lena, but that’s another issue. It was all a matter of timing. It was too late for Robert and too soon for Brallie.

Think about it. If Callie had never been adopted by the Fosters to stay with Brandon, sooner or later she would have resented him for it (at least if it had happened in season two. By season 3 I was starting to believe that they could have made it). Because when their relationship started they were just kids, guys. With a lot of dreams and good intentions, sure; they probably believed they would love each other forever or something, but they were sixteen. How many of you know couples that are together and still love each other since they were sixteen?

Brallie is a good couple from the start, because they always completed each other, but they wouldn’t be half as beautiful if they hadn’t given up on being together so many times. Why? Because distance makes the heart grow fonder. And when I say distance I mean their self-imposed distance. Trying not to think about something is the same as thinking about it. So Brandon and Callie trying not to think about each other romantically is the same as them constantly thinking about each other as more than siblings. You ever wondered why when they are in a room together everyone gets tense? The reason why haters yell “incest” from the top of their lungs every time they have a scene together, even those where they are literally doing nothing romantic? Because they keep thinking of their romance, like shippers do. And they can’t stand not being able to unthink it. So they hate. They are all mini-Stefs going around screaming “WHAT IF SHE’S PREGNANT WITH BRANDON’S CHILD”. They don’t want to acknowledge it but they can’t unsee it. 

Also, the incest argument makes zero sense. Incest has become a taboo - and I say that it has become because there are more than a few cases of incest in history, in royal families for example - because inbreeding can result in children with health problems. Now, some countries, have extended the taboo to legal relatives that aren’t consanguineous because it would be a mess otherwise, with papers and everything. If you think it’s because of ethical reasons you’re so mistaken. Incest isn’t like, let’s say, murdering someone. In some places it’s legal if it’s between consensual adults, even biologically related ones! So going around using the incest card like it’s a mortal sin or something honestly makes me facepalm.

There are cases and cases. In this one, specifically, we are speaking about two teenagers that fell in love and HAD - consensual - SEX before they became siblings. Was it wrong of them to have sex? To get involved romantically with each other at all? Maybe. Does it matter? No. Because, hello? Feelings can’t just disappear because you will them to. Actually, as I said in the previous paragraph, the more you try to make them disappear the more you end up thinking about them and getting frustrated because you can’t get rid of them. And they grow and grow and grow. Which is exactly what happened to Brandon and Callie. Forbidden love, you know? It’s called the best kind of love because the fact that you can’t live it properly also means that you can never actually get tired of it, it can’t burn out because you can’t give it the time and space to burn in the first place.

What is wrong here isn’t Callie and Brandon falling in love. What is wrong is that they were forced in a dynamic that isn’t theirs. They were forced to be siblings legally, but that doesn’t mean that they will ever be in their hearts. Is it incest legally (for the state of California)? Apparently. Call it however you want (though they didn’t do anything since the adoption, so, legally, there’s no incest there). Is it incest in truth? No. Because they were never siblings to begin with. You can’t accuse the writers of forcing Brallie’s romantic relationship even now that they are adopted, because it’s not forcing it! That’s literally the relationship they had from the start. On the contrary, it would be weird if a piece of paper that states that they are siblings could magically erase their feelings for each other. We would have solved half of the problems in the world if that was the case. The romance still lingering between them is called continuity and coherence, everybody. You don’t like it because you feel like it reflects badly on foster children? Legit. You don’t like it because you hate Brandon (which seems to be the case with most Brallie haters)? Fine (though I really don’t see how anyone could hate him). But let’s be real, you don’t hate it because it’s incest. The incest card is just easy. And cheap. You hate them because you recognize that their romance is strong even if you don’t want to. And you can’t unthink it. And it frustrates you.

Do I believe that Brallie will be endgame? I’m not sure. I feel like they put too much effort into their relationship for them not to be endgame. Brandon and Callie aren’t like all their other love interests, which basically disappeared once B or Cal broke up with them; they are both main characters and, like them or not, it’s only natural that they are the most beautiful couple in the show. They will never disappear from each other’s lives. I don’t know how you get over your feelings when you can’t physically distance yourself from the source. It makes sense for them to be endgame because that’s the path the story has taken. Do I trust the writers to keep writing things properly? No. Because they are human and they are influenced by opinions and ratings and whatnot and not all stories end as they naturally would. The Fosters isn’t real life, it’s still a show, and it’s written by someone that can chose to fuck it up if they want. Brallie would be endgame if they were real people, though. I strongly believe this.

Anything can happen at this point, but I’m glad Callie - almost - and Brandon are finally 18. It would be even better if there was a time jump. If the writers decide to make Brallie happen romantically again, you can bet they won’t let each other go ever again. But it can still go both way depending on the writers, so we can only wait and see. 

I just want to remind everyone that if Callie turns 18 and chooses to be unadopted, she can do it. Are you going to scream incest even then? Seems pretty stupid to me to use the word in the first place, since this adoption is clearly kind of rickety. 

Also, she can marry her way back into the family. Just saying. 

Prompt: Eyes

The rattle of the plexiglass made you jump. You’d been up for a while and were eating the rations they gave you the previous night when a giant finger rapped against the see through barrier.
“Morning y/n” came a gruff voice from behind you. You knew it well, it belonged to one of the shopkeepers. He was the friendliest out of the three giants who worked in the building. You gulped down the food and stood up.
“M-morning, sir” you stuttered. You had been here for two months but still hadn’t got used to the giants who ran the shop
“Ready for today?” Asked the giant as he lifted the top off your tank.
“I- I guess” You mumbled as you watched him take off the lid off your container. He made it look like it was nothing. Their strength was something you could never come to grips with. It made you scared that these beings could literally have your life in their hands.
The gruff giant laid his hand down next you. You appreciated that he did that. The other two would just grab you but this one was a little more patient and gentle. You stepped onto his hand and held on to his thumb as he started to walk to the next room.

He put you down on the counter which you had stepped on many times during your time here. There was a tiny chair which you were allowed to sit on but they insisted you stood when a customer came in. You weren’t going to argue with them, being surrounded by giants who could crush you made you one comply to their request. You sat down and sighed. You didn’t have much hope of being adopted. The giants said that the right person come soon. They said that you’d see it in their eyes and you’d know they’d be the one to adopt you. So far everyone you looked at didn’t give you that certainty.
The giant flipped the sign on the door to indicate they were open.
Your thoughts turned to your friend as you waited. They got adopted by a black haired giant who had a deep voice and a friendly smile. He wanted to adopt you too and while you smiled and liked his friendliness, when he looked at you with his soft, brown eyes, it didn’t feel right. Your friend said goodbye and went happily to their new home.
The bell ringing at the door snapped you back to reality. A female giant enquired at the counter and the giant pointed to the counter you were sitting on. You stood up and the process began.

Seven female and four male giants later, you were still on the counter with your heart getting heavier every time you shook your head. You apologised to every giant who came to you. Most were polite and wished you luck, a couple huffed and grumbled under their breath but left without saying any more.
The gruff giant looked at the time. There were twenty minute left before the shop shut. He shook his head.
“Sorry y/n, looks like today’s not your day”
Your let your head drop as you sat back down.
“It’s ok” you said, staring at the wooden floor underneath you. You felt tears forming. You had been the longest tiny they ever had stay in their shop. It was a title you didn’t want. You let a quiet sob, you were becoming sure you were just unadoptable. The doorbell tinkled once more and you quickly wiped the tears away and stood up, sniffing a little as you straightened your t-shirt.
“Good evenin’” said the giant who came to the till. “I wanna see if any of the tinies ya have here wanna come home with me.”
The gruff giant chuckled and gestured to you.
“Let’s see, eh?”
You saw a green fringe poking out of the giant’s beanie hat. He had a neat beard lining his mouth and he smiled widely at the shopkeeper.
“I hope so, I’ve been to a few shops now and none are right” sighed the green haired giant. He stepped towards you and you took a deep breath.

You didn’t immediately look up to his face, instead you took in his clothing. He wore black skinny jeans, bright blue and green trainers, a red hoodie that was open to reveal a bright patterned t-shirt. Then you watched as he crouched down. You stepped back in shock. Not one giant had done that. They all towered over you and you had to crane your neck to look at them. You looked at the counter before his face was level to the edge, not wanting the disappointment of not being adopted again.
“Hello” said the giant in a soft voice. There was a twang to his tone which you weren’t familiar with. “I’m Jack”
There was silence. You still didn’t look at him.
“Bare with them a little” said the shopkeeper “they’ve been here a while”
Jack nodded and waited.
You wished Jack would just go, he wouldn’t be the one either, you weren’t even going to try.
“What’s yer name?” Asked Jack
“Y/n” you mumbled, still keeping your head down.
“Been here fer a while, huh?”
You nodded
“Y'know, I’ve been to every tiny shop in this city. I haven’t found the tiny who wanted to adopt me”
That sentence made you look up, that’s when you saw his eyes.

They were the brightest blue you had ever seen and they seem to pierce your very soul. As a tiny you had the ability to see the true person when you looked into their eyes. Jack’s sparkled with kindness and a wisdom that was extraordinary for his age. You heart lightened. This giant was the one who would be getting you out of here.
“You want to be adopted?” You asked
“Yeah” said Jack “I think adoption works both ways, y'know?”
You said nothing, still awed by his words.
“Y/n?” Said the shopkeeper “what do think?”
You looked back into Jack’s eyes, seeing the sparkle in the blue orbs.
“I wanna go home with him” you whispered. “I see it in his eyes. He’s the giant I’ve been waiting for”
The shopkeeper clapped his hands with joy.
“Ah, I’m so happy for you y/n!”
Jack couldn’t help himself, he scooped you up quickly but gently and held you in his chest.
“Thank you y/n” he said “I promise you’ll never regret it”
You chuckled and let your head rest on his chest.
“Thank you for finding me, Jack”

How to Take Care of Children by Sugamama and Dadchi
  • Suga: Don't forget to always feed them before yourself. Schedule play dates for the younger ones so they can make new friends. Make sure they always get an ample amount of sleep or it will be hell in the morning. There will always be one child that wants to watch the world burn, don't let him do that.
  • Daichi:
  • Step 1: Deny that you have children
  • Step 2: Be angry that your husband persuaded you to have children
  • Step 3: Try to unadopt your children
  • Step 4: Cry
  • Step 5: Accept that they're all idiots

There is a meerkat that has been living at this pet store here for like 3 years now. It is technically legal to sell here as long as you have the proper papers

People have been debating on whether to adopt it to give it a better life, or let it go unadopted as a messege that selling meerkats isnt profitable, leading them to stop.